F. O. G. H. A. T. 2006: Rock and/or Roll

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F.O.G.H.A.T. 2006: Rock and/or Roll

Packet #10

1. Auf ihrem Weg zum Horizont, Hielt man fuer UFOs aus dem All. Darum schickte ein General, 'ne Fliegerstaffel hinterher. Alarm zu geben, wenn's so waer. Dabei war'n da am Horizont. Jeder war ein grosser Krieger, Hielten sich fuer Captain Kirk. Das gab ein grosses Feuerwerk, Die Nachbarn haben nichts gerafft. Fuer zehn Punkte nennen Sie diesen Schlager von Nena aus dem Jahr Neunzehn-hundert-vier-und-achtzig.

Answer: 99 Luftballons or 99 Red Balloons
2. Formed from a merger in 1935, their leading man, Will Rogers, died in a plane crash two weeks later. The studio responsible for the Shirley Temple movies, they were the first to use CinemaScope in The Robe. After nearly going bankrupt producing Cleopatra, they came back to life with The Sound of Music. Current productions include the X-Men series and the distribution deal for all of the Star Wars movies. For ten points, name this studio that was purchased by Rupert Murdoch in 1984.

Answer: 20th Century Fox
3. The Spheroids produce extra Enforcers if not shot quickly, while the Quarks produce Tanks. The hulks can only be contained, they cannot be destroyed. The screen is full of mothers in Round 5, which is also the first screen the Brains will try to turn family members into Progs. Developed by Eugene Jarvis and Larry Demar, it was licensed to Williams Electronics in 1982. For ten points, name this video game that employed two joysticks, one for moving and one for firing.

Answer: Robotron: 2084

4. In its final episode, Gina can’t make the wedding because she got a job as a sportscaster in New York. Ryan hires a stripper who is actually a transvestite, while maid of honor Kelly and best man Dylan read poetry selections. Brandon sends a videotaped message, while Noah decides to commit to Ellen. For ten points, name this 1990s FOX drama whose final episode featured the marriage of David played by Brian Austin Green to Donna played by Tori Spelling.

Answer: Beverly Hills 90210

5. This starts with the nose tackle directly against the center flanked closely by the two defensive tackles. One defensive end and one safety line up against the stronger offensive tackle, while a cornerback may occasionally blitz. The formation was first named for Bears safety Doug Plank, who wore the number of this defense. For ten points, name this defense created by Buddy Ryan which was a key component to Chicago shuffling off with Super Bowl XX (twenty).

Answer: 46 defense

6. They only released three studio albums during their heyday, not including the 1983 singles collection Babes in Arms. The three surviving members – Michael Davis, Dennis Thompson and Wayne Kramer – reunited in 2003 and since 2005 have been fronted by Handsome Dick Manitoba. Once managed by 60s radical John Sinclair, their one “hit” has been covered by Rage Against the Machine, Jeff Buckley and Blue Öyster Cult. For ten points, name this proto-punk band famous for the 1969 single and album Kick Out the Jams.

Answer: MC5

7. The urban legend about a dead child that can be seen behind a curtain was actually a cardboard cutout of one of the actors. Directed by Leonard Nimoy, both Dave Foley and Colin Quinn played store clerks. The movie features architect Peter, artist Michael and actor Jack sharing an apartment in Manhattan. For no apparent reason a drug dealer subplot is thrown in while the trio are trying to take care of a package left on their doorstep. For ten points – name this 1987 movie featuring TV stars Steve Guttenberg, Ted Danson and Tom Selleck.

Answer: Three Men and a Baby

8. As a child, Charley “Chick” Benetto is told by his father that you can either be a mama’s boy or a daddy’s boy. Choosing daddy ends up being a poor decision, since daddy bolts the family. After becoming a despondent alcoholic, he decides to return to his hometown to commit suicide, only to be talked out of it by the ghost of his mother. For ten points, name this latest work by a once great sportswriter turned sugary novelist Mitch Albom.

Answer: For One More Day

9. Raised 40 miles north of Twin Falls, Idaho, she had fraternal twins including a boy named Zachary and eventually became a Congresswoman. An accomplished harp and violin player and a three time winner of the Lamont Cranston Award given for shadowing prowess, she was once engaged to Victor Royal. Although one episode says her name is Susan Hilton, it is later revealed to be a cover and is not her real name. For ten points, name this talented agent of CONTROL played by Barbara Feldon.

Answer: Agent 99

10. Warning: Year and Team Required. William Daley was the majority owner at 47% while Tommy Harper doubled to open the season, followed by a Mike Hegan homer. Gene Brabender had 13 of their 64 wins, but as the season wore on, stadium troubles became major problems as Sicks Stadium usually lost water pressure by the seventh inning. Many details of this team would be lost if Jim Bouton hadn’t chronicled the team’s one year in Ball Four. For ten points – name this one year AL wonder who left during spring training of 1970 to become the Milwaukee Brewers.

Answer: 1969 Seattle Pilots (either Seattle or Pilots is acceptable)

11. This album shares its name with a set of Peavey guitar amplifiers and a California code allowing involuntary psychiatric confinement for a 72 hour period. The album’s first track, “Good Enough was used in the movie Spaceballs while lesser hits include “Best of Both Worlds and “Summer Nights.” Named for Eddie Van Halen’s studio, it also featured the hits “Love Walks In and
”Dreams.” For ten points, name this first Van Halen album featuring Sammy Hagar and the number 1 hit “Why Can’t This Be Love?”

Answer: 5150

12. Lady Eleanor has passed away and has willed her sprawling estate Carlyle Castle to her cat Prince. The cat doesn’t want to handle those duties despite the help of the butler Smithee played by Ian Abercrombie, so he arranges for a doppelganger that has just arrived from the states. The replacement cat has his whiskers in a heap of trouble as the evil Lord Dargis, played by Billy Connolly, wants Carlyle Castle for himself. For ten points, name this 2006 sequel that reunites Jennifer Love Hewitt, Breckin Meyer and the voice of Bill Murray.

Answer: Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties

13. The recently introduced Zesty version includes jalapeños, onions and green peppers, while the food service version switched from sugar to high-fructose corn syrup in 1999. Developed by H.W. Brand in 1824, it won its title at the 1862 International Exposition in London. Other versions include Bold & Spicy, Thick & Hearty and Low Carb. Still containing pureéd raisins but no longer containing anchovies, name, for 10 points, this sauce currently produced by Kraft Foods that proclaims ‘It’s How Steak is Done.’

Answer: A-1 Steak Sauce

14. Secondary characters on this series include Buffy Ziegenhagen, who is the love interest of Kenny Fowler, and an androgynous large retail clerk named Cubby. Episodes included parodies of The Brady Bunch, Freaky Friday and The Price is Right, while the interior segment of the show was taken by Super Secret Secret Squirrel. Voiced by Mark Schiff and Brad Garrett, this is, for 10 points, what 1990s TBS cartoon series about a small tan colored canine and a larger gray one.

Answer: Two Stupid Dogs

15. His second professional season was cut short by two incidents, first an ankle sprain in December against Sacramento then a re-injury during his first game back against Houston. His first season saw him finishing 4th in rebounding after a stint with the bronze winning 2004 U.S. Olympic Team. His college days included an Academic All-American and a national title while at Connecticut. For 10 points, name this power forward who was the first ever draft pick of the Charlotte Bobcats.

Answer: Chukwuemeka Noubuisi “Emeka” Okafor

16. Before a rule change in 1999, glaring omissions from this included Don’t Speak, Lovefool and Iris. The recurrence rule drops tracks that have spent at least twenty weeks on this list and would currently rank in the bottom half. While airplay was the dominant factor in the 80s and 90s, sales returned in the 2000s due to online purchases. For ten points – name this chart used by American Top 40 until 1995 that produced its first number one with Ricky Nelson’s Poor Little Fool in 1958, compiled by Billboard Magazine.

Answer: Billboard Hot 100

17. Producer Rob Cohen passed on the chance for this sequel, so John Singleton stepped in. The main holdover character enlists Roman Pierce and fellow agent Monica Clemente to help bring down a drug operation headed by Cole Hauser’s character Carter Verone. Joining the cast are hip-hoppers Ludacris and Fabulous, while the main venue changes from L.A. to Miami. For ten points, name this 2003 movie about undercover agent Brian O’Connor, played by Paul Walker, as he learns the ropes of undercover street racing.

Answer: 2 Fast 2 Furious

18. In this year, Rick Mears wins his first Indianapolis 500, while Spectacular Bid wins the Kentucky Derby. The infamous Who concert where 11 fans are killed in Cincinnati is held on December 3, while November 5 saw the first ever Morning Edition on NPR. Real People graced the airwaves for the first time on April 18, while Kramer vs. Kramer was the only 100 million dollar movie. For ten points, name this year which also saw Disco Demolition Night and was the title of a Smashing Pumpkins song.

Answer: 1979

19. Mr. Bauer can only seem to communicate in movie quotes. The final episode had four different endings filmed, one each with either Sharon, Ashley or Irene getting pregnant, or a fourth which had no pregnancy. Ryan Reynolds, who played Berg, once tried to find the real Beacon Street Pizza, despite the fact it was fictional and modeled on a pizza place near the campus of Tufts. For ten points, name this three year ABC sitcom which shortened its title after one year and starred Richard Ruccolo and Traylor Howard.

Answer: Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place or Two Guys and a Girl

20. The tournament was unique that the two teams who played in the opening match also played in the final. The eventual champion would only squeak into the knockout round due to a higher goals scored vis-à-vis Spain, while group winners included Portugal, France, Sweden and the Czech Republic. The only goal in the finals was scored by Angelos Charisteas (kar-us-TEE-ahs). For ten points, name this particular running of a quadrennial competition among member nations of UEFA, held in Portugal.

Answer: Euro 2004 or 2004 UEFA European Football Championship

21. It was built in Urbana, Illinois and became functional on January 12, 1992. Able to give pharmaceutical advice, it was believed to be foolproof and incapable of error, normal features included speech and facial recognition, but an undocumented feature of lip reading led to the death of Frank Poole. Other capabilities included chess playing and the ability to sing Daisy Bell. For ten points, name this computer voiced by Douglas Rain in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Answer: HAL 9000

22. The first chapter begins with the quasi-title character winning a turtle at a birthday party. Later in the book, that turtle is accidentally ingested. Other scenes in this book sees the turtle ingester working in a TV ad, losing teeth in a jungle gym accident, a strange desire to eat a burned omelet and destroying the poster his older brother Peter had been working on for school. For 10 points – name this first book in the series of Fudge books by Judy Blume.

Answer: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

FOGHAT 2006: Packet 10

1. Given character names and the network, name the show that was on TV at the start of the 2006-07 season for 10 each.

(10) Harriet Hayes, Matt Albie, Danny Tripp, Simon Stiles on NBC

Answer: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

(10) Don Eppes, Charlie Eppes, Dr. Larry Fleinhardt, Megan Reeves on CBS

Answer: Numb3rs

(10) Malcom Jones, Kathryn Hale, Egan Foote, Eva Rios on ABC

Answer: The Nine

2. Given a sport or game scoring possibility, give the number of points awarded. You will get the same amount of points. Answers will not be given until the end. (Moderator: make sure you DO NOT SAY how much each part is worth until the end).
(X) A try in rugby union.

Answer: 5 points

(X) A touchdown and a successful action point in the World Football League.

Answer: 8 points

(X) The bonus given in NASCAR for leading at least one lap.

Answer: 5 points

(X) The outer blue ring in archery.

Answer: 5 points

(X) A goal in Australian Rules Football.

Answer: 6 points

(X) A behind in Australian Rules Football.

Answer: 1 point

3. Given lyric snippets from a song written by Prince, name the song for 10 each.
(10) If you didn't come to party, don't bother knockin' on my door. I got a lion in my pocket, and baby, he's ready to roar.

Answer: 1999

(10) It's been so lonely without you here. Like a bird without a song. Nothing can stop these lonely tears from falling. Tell me baby where did I go wrong.

Answer: Nothing Compares 2 U

(10) And we'll watch them fall. They stand in the way of love, and we will smoke them all with an intellect and a savoir-faire. No one else in the whole universe will ever compare.

Answer: 7

4. Given a gambling betting scenario, give the generally accepted payout for 10 each.
(10) Betting $10 on red in roulette.

Answer: Wins original bet plus $10 (pays 1:1)

(10) Betting $100 for an initial snake eyes in Craps.

Answer: Wins original bet plus $3,000 (pays 30:1)

(10) Betting $50 for a blackjack.

Answer: Wins original bet plus $75 (pays 3:2)

5. Given a plot description, name the thriller for 10 each.
(10) The old black cop, Morgan Freeman and the young white cop, Brad Pitt must stop a serial killer who is forcing people to eat and self-mutilate.

Answer: Se7en

(10) The old white cop, Anthony Quinn and the young black cop, Yaphet Kotto have to find $300,000 that was stolen from the mob. It’s theme was used in Jackie Brown.

Answer: Across 110th Street

(10) Walter Matthau plays a policeman trying to get ransom to subway hijackers Robert Shaw, Martin Balsam, Earl Hindeman and Hector Elizondo in this 1974 release.

Answer: The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3

6. Given a TV household give the street address: 5 for the street, 5 for the house number.
(5,5) The Simpsons

Answer: 742 Evergreen Terrace (accept 724)

(5,5) The Munsters

Answer: 1313 Mockingbird Lane

(5,5) The Bundy Family of Married: With Children

Answer: 9674 Jeopardy Lane

7. Given a historic hockey record, give the total associated with that record for 10 each. If you are within 10%, you will receive 5.
(10) Wayne Gretzky’s career regular-season single season goal record, set during the 1981-82 season.

Answer: 92 (accept 83 through 101 for 5)

(10) Wayne Gretzky’s career regular-season career assist total.

Answer: 1,963 (accept 1,767 through 2,159 for 5)

(10) The number of Stanley Cups won by the Montréal Canadiens.

Answer: 24 (accept 22 through 26 for 5)

8. Hop down the purple line and answer these questions about the musical group Chicago for 10 each.
(10) First a hit on Chicago II, and re-released in 1986, this song mentions two possible times of day that the songwriter sees while staring at an upside down clock.

Answer: 25 or 6 to 4

(10) Their biggest selling studio album, and the last featuring Peter Cetera, songs included Hard Habit to Break, You’re the Inspiration and Stay the Night.

Answer: Chicago 17

(10) Produced by Rascal Flatts member Jay Demarcus, this is Chicago’s latest studio album, the first to use roman numerals since Chicago XIV.

Answer: Chicago XXX (Chicago 30)

9. Let your fingers do the walking and provide these non-555 phone numbers used in music and TV for 10 each. You do not need the area code.
(10) Fans of Scrubs can call this number, which was stated on the show to be a character’s cell phone number. If it is dialed in real life, you get a message from the cast. The letters of the phone number are acceptable for this part.

Answer: (916) CALL-TURK or 225-8875

(10) The 1991 rap single Ring Ring Ring by De La Soul offers this easy to remember phone number that has an answering machine.

Answer: 222-2222

(10) It is still the phone number of a New York City hotel made famous in a 1940 song.

Answer: Pennsylvania 6-5000

10. Given the post-colon title of a Police Academy movie, give the number in the series for 10 each.
(10) Assignment Miami Beach

Answer: 5

(10) Back in Training

Answer: 3

(10) Mission to Moscow

Answer: 7

11. Come on down and answer these questions about The Price is Right for 10 each.
(10) Each episode of The Price Is Right requires how many contestants?

answer: nine (the six called on stage plus the three who never make it)

(10) As of 2006, if your bid for the Showcase is within this amount, you win both showcases.

answer: $250

(10) Since 1998, how much money could be won on Plinko?

answer: $50,000 (five chips at $10,000 each)

12. Given a college or university, give the last time they won an NCAA Men’s Basketball Division I Championship for 10 each.
(10) Duke

Answer: 2001

(10) UCLA

Answer: 1995

(10) UNLV

Answer: 1990

13. Given band members, name the 21st century music group for 10 each.
(10) Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker

Answer: blink-182

(10) Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden, Adam Levine, Ryan Dusick and James Valentine.

Answer: Maroon 5

(10) Bizarre, Proof, Kon Artis, Swift, Kuniva.

Answer: D12

14. Name the comic strip from a brief description for 10 each.
(10) Edda recently moved to New York City, leaving behind her mother Juliette, Elliott and Gran at the title location.

Answer: 9 Chickweed Lane

(10) Three single women share space – Margo the agent, Tommie the nurse and Lu Ann the widowed art teacher.

Answer: Apartment 3-G

(10) Drawn by Rick Detorie, six-year-old Ruthie is the main focus. She lives with her older brother Joe and her parents Frank and Ellen.

Answer: One Big Happy

15. Name the 50s movie from clues for 10 each.
(10) I could give you a plot description, but Marilyn Monroe’s skirt should be enough.

Answer: Seven Year Itch

(10) Adapted from a 1954 Studio One episode, only Joseph Sweeney and George Voskovec were in both the TV episode and the 1957 Sidney Lumet directed theatrical version.

Answer: Twelve Angry Men

(10) François Truffaut’s feature-film debut, it involves a teenager who is thrown out of school for plagiarism, steals a typewriter and ends up in prison.

Answer: The 400 Blows or Les 400 Coups

16. Give just the facts and answer these questions about the career of Jack Webb for 10 each.
(10) To ease confusion between the prime time and syndicated reruns of Dragnet, the latter was sometimes given this title, referring to Sgt. Friday’s identification.

Answer: Badge 714

(10) This show, featuring Martin Milner and Kent McCord was spun off of Dragnet in 1967 and ran until 1975, referred to their radio call of their squad car.

Answer: Adam-12

(10) Emergency!, a spin-off of Adam-12, actually had a Saturday morning cartoon version from 1973 through 1976. Name it for a final 10.

Answer: Emergency Plus 4

17. Given a list of players or team personnel whose number has been retired by a sports team, name the number for 10 each.
(10) Ted Turner by the Atlanta Hawks and John Havlicek by the Boston Celtics.

Answer: 17

(10) Ryne Sandberg by the Chicago Cubs, Don Mattingly by the New York Yankees and Willie Horton by the Detroit Tigers.

Answer: 23

(10) Pat Tillman by the Arizona Cardinals, Gayle Sayers by the Chicago Bears and Mike Haynes by the New England Patriots.

Answer: 40

18. Given the one hit wonder, name the group responsible for 10 each.
(10) The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

Answer: Timbuk 3

(10) Love Plus One

Answer: Haircut 100

(10) Cantaloop

Answer: US3

19. Identify these singularly unique people for 10 each.
(10) She was Blossom’s best friend and played by Jenna Von Oÿ.

Answer: Six LeMeure

(10) The dancing kid in A Charlie Brown Christmas, his last name is the ZIP code for Sebastopol, California.

Answer: Five (full name: 555 95472)

(10) Erykah Badu decided to make the son she had with André 3000’s life difficult, since his first name is this.

Answer: Seven

20. Prehistoric chick flicks for 10 each.
(10) Julie Newmar, Jane Powell and Howard Keel star in this movie that legitimizes false imprisonment and forced marriage as long as it can be done with song and dance.

Answer: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

(10) Sissy Spacek, Shelley Duvall and Janice Rule work in a western desert town. This 1977 film was directed by Robert Altman without a script and his based on his dreams.

Answer: Three Women

(10) Hoping to raise money for his National Theatre, Lawrence Olivier filmed a performance of this Chekov play featuring Joan Plowright in 1967. It was released in 1970.

Answer: The Three Sisters

21. Name the album from clues and knowledge of the theme for 10 each.
(10) Inspired from Ayn Rand’s Anthem, this fourth album from Rush features a 20 minute title track broken into seven movements, including The Temples of Syrinx

Answer: 2112

(10) This 1981 Foreigner release featured the big hits Waiting For a Girl Like You and Urgent.

Answer: 4

(10) Sugar Ray’s third album, whose title is a winking reference to the probable near-end of their career, features Every Morning and a cover of Steve Miller’s Abracadabra.

Answer: 14:59

22. Given the NASCAR driver, give the car number he drove for the same number of points. Answers will not be given until the end. (Moderator: make sure you DO NOT SAY how much each part is worth until the end).
(X) Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Answer: 8

(X) Greg Biffle

Answer: 16

(X) Mark Martin

Answer: 6

23. We could ask you about the numbers from Lost, but that would be lazy question writing. Since this is near the end of the packet, lazy question writing is what you get.
(10) Before the hatch blew up at the end of Season 2, the sequence of the six numbers had to be entered at intervals of how many minutes?

Answer: 108

(10) This is the Oceanic flight number of the doomed flight.

Answer: 815

(10) This is the number of initial survivors of the tail section of the crash. It is one of the six numbers.

Answer: 23

F.O.G.H.A.T. 2005 Packet #10 Page

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