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Facedroid Facebook for Android

User Guide

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User Guide
In order for anyone to use the facedroid application, you need to:

  1. Install the facedroid application on your cell phone.

  2. Add the facebook application called: Android Mobile Phone Application, to your facebook account http://apps.facebook.com/android_app/.

Next we will explain about using the program, and the different features it offers.

1.Login Page
This is the entrance screen of the program. The user has to fill in his facebook account details (email and password), and press login, or exit to exit the application. Now we attempt to connect with the facebook server. If wrong details were entered, user will be asked to enter them once again.

Figure 1.1(Login) Figure1.2(Connecting)

2. The Main Page

This is the main page of the application. It features personal details of the user (connected now), shows news regarding number of wall messages, pokes, upcoming events, and profile picture. All this information is fetched and parsed from facebook. This page is also scrollable depending on the amount of information showing (which can differ between users, and depends a users personal details and the amount of information he has added to his facebook account). From this page a user can navigate using the menu, to the following options:

- Update status

- Upload picture

- Change the application settings

- Look at the list of friends

- Update the page (refresh)

Also, at the top of this page we show different notifications for the user, such as his status, or events happening now.

Figure 2.1(MainPage) Figure 2.2(Menu)

3.Update status
Navigating to the 'update status' option in the menu, you reach a page where the user is able to change his status, as seen in his facebook account. There are different icons to choose from, provided to give a convenient way to express his mood. Once update button is pressed, the user's facebook account is updated, and a notification is sent to the header of the cell phone indicating his new status. It is possible to remove this notification by pressing 'stop notifications'.

Figure 3.1(status selection) Figure 3.2(updating status)

Figure 3.4(Facebook update Status)

Figure 3.3(notification)

4.Upload Pictures
Navigating to the 'upload pictures' menu option, you reach a page where you can choose from a variety of pictures placed under /data/pictures folder in the cell phone. Upon choice, it is possible to give the picture a name, which will be added to the users facebook account, into an album called: 'Android Facebook App Photos'.

Figure 4.1(upload selecting)

Figure 4.2(Selecting pic) Figure 4.3(tagging the pic)

5.App Settings

Navigating to the 'App settings' menu option, you reach a setting page for the facedroid application. The purpose of these settings is to configure, and personally custom facedroid. It is possible to decide to get these kinds of services:

  • change status while on call (on call service)

  • get notified of events happening now (on event take place)

  • get notified of friends in your geographical area (a service no yet avaliable)

These services will be elaborated on later.

In addition, it is possible to choose the background color of the application, from a given variety of colors. All the settings can be saved (even for the next time the application will be used), by pressing save.

Figure 5.1(Selecting Settings) Figure 5.2(Settings Page)

Navigating to the 'refresh' menu option, a user can refresh the page. This option is intended in order to update the user information on the page, for changes in messages, pokes, events and so on. The update will cause the relevant change in the page.

Figure 6.2 (Refreshing) Figure 6.1(Selecting Refreshing)

7.Friends List

Navigating to the 'view friends' menu option, you reach the list of friends. The page title indicates the number of total friends in the list. The list of friends includes the friends' full name, sex and picture. From this page the user can scroll through the list of his friends and choose to enter a page with more of the friend details, and more actions on this friend (by pressing on the friend).

Figure 7.1(Selecting View Friends) Figure 7.2(Friends List)

Figure 7.3(selecting friend)

8.Friend Page
In this page you can see more personal details on a friend such as birthday, country, book he loves, information the friend entered about himself, movies and more (depending on what the friend entered in his facebook account). This page is also scrollable if all the information doesn't fit in one page. From this page there are several options to navigate to through the menu:

  • call this friend (if appears in the cell phone address book)

  • send the friend a message

  • look at pictures from the friends albums

  • view his location (option no implemented yet in the current version).

Figure 8.1(Friend Page) Figure 8.2(Friend Menu)

9.Call Friend

This menu option allows a user to call a friend in the case he is in the address-book of the cell phone. In this case a call is initiated, and if not, a message appears on the screen notifying the friend is not in the contact list.

Figure 9.1(Selecting call Friend)

Friend was Friend wasn't

found in the found in the

contact list contact list

Figure 9.2(In Contact List) Figure 9.3(Not in Contact List)

10.Send MSG
This menu option lets the user send a personal message to a friend, which is sent to his personal facebook account as a notification.

Figure 10.1(Selecting MSG) Figure 10.2(Sending a MSG)

Figure 10.3(Facebook Notification1)

Figure 10.4(Facebook Notification 3)


With this option in the menu, a user can access the photo albums of the friend and look at his pictures. If there are no albums, an appropriate message is shown. In the first screen shown, it is possible to flip through the different album covers and their names, and to choose a desired album. Once chosen, it is possible to flip through the pictures in the album, each shown with the date.

Figure 11.1(Selecting photos) Figure 11.2(Selecting Album)

Figure 11.3(Flipping Photos)


In this application we implemented two Services which can be turned On/Off from the "App Settings". These services connect between the abilities of the phone and the facedroid application, and give the user unique options which are not supported in the facebook.

12.1 On Call Service

Changes the user status on facebook when the user is on a phone call, so all his friends will know not to interrupt him in the middle of the call. Once the call is finished the status changes again to notify that he is free to talk.

Figure 12.1.1(Setting On Call Mode) Figure 12.1.2( Calling)

Figure 12.1.3(User Status changes)

12.2 On Events Takes place
When this option is selected the user gets notified about events on facebook which are taking place right now.

The notification regarding the event will appear on the top of the phone at the status bar section. At the beginning it says the name of the event and its location. Later on it just leaves an icon reminding the event is now. As soon as the event finishes the icon at the status bar disappears. This service checks every once in a while for a new events which has started from the last time that the Service was turned on so it is always up to date.

Figure 12.2.1(Setting OnEvent) Figure 12.2.2(Alert Pop-up)

Figure 12.2.3(Event Icon )
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