Porter’s five forces in the delivery industry

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In this paper, two companies in the same industry will be compared to each other on the basis of their information systems. The chosen industry is a service industry, the delivery industry and the two companies chosen are FedEx and DHL.

DHL - Overview

DHL was founded in Bonn, Germany in 1969 and is of today the world’s largest logistics company. Their focus is on international transportation and a globally connected systems enabled through modern information technology. They special services include air delivery and sea delivery services for e-commerce businesses, while also offering door-to door delivery[ CITATION DHL20 \l 1033 ].

FedEx - Overview

FedEx was founded in Memphis, Tennessee in 1971 and is known as the first delivery company to implement real-time updates on package locations. As their founding city suggests they are based on the United States, which enabled them to be the direct subcontractor of the its government. They offer delivery services in more than 220 countries in the world are however mostly focused on the North American market, special service they include or home deliveries above 150lbs and weekend deliveries[ CITATION Fed20 \l 1033 ].

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