Faculty of Technology imat5314 msc Project Project Guide msc Information Technology msc Computing msc Information Systems Management msc Software Engineering

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Faculty of Technology

IMAT5314 MSc Project
Project Guide
MSc Information Technology

MSc Computing

MSc Information Systems Management

MSc Software Engineering

MSc Computer Security

MSc Forensic Computing

MSc Intelligent Systems & Robotics

MSc Intelligent Systems

MSc Computer Games Programming

MSc Business Intelligence Systems & Data Mining

July 2015

1Introduction 4

1.1Project Aims 5

1.2Types of Project 6

1.2.1Development Projects 7

1.2.2Research Projects 8

1.2.3Literature Study Projects 9

1.2.4Consultancy Projects 10

1.2.5Data Analysis Projects 11

1.2.6Conceptual Analysis Projects 12

1.3BCS Standards 13

1.3.1Requirements for projects in BCS accredited degree programmes 14

1.3.2Standards for professional conduct 15

2Submission Deadlines 16

2.1Full-Time Students 17

2.2Part-Time Students 18

2.3Resit projects 19

2.4The Standard Project Submission Deadlines 20

2.5The Viva Date 21

2.6Allowing for resits of taught modules 22

2.7Extensions, Deferrals and Interruptions of Study 23

2.7.1Extensions 24

2.7.2Deferrals 25

2.7.3Interruptions of Study 26

2.8Absences Abroad 27

3Project Submission 28

3.1Terms of Reference and Ethical Review Form 29

3.2Project Report 30

3.3Project Files 31

4Project Management 32

4.1Supervision 33

4.1.1Meetings with the Supervisor 34

4.1.2Progress Reports 35

4.1.3PMP Meetings 36

4.2Selecting a Project 37

4.2.1Sources of Project Proposals 38

4.2.2Part-Time and Distance Learning Students 39

4.3Agreeing a plan: Terms of Reference and Ethical Review 40

5The Terms Of Reference and Ethical Review Form 41

5.1Structure of the Terms of Reference document 42

5.2Risk Assessment 44

5.3Ethical Review 45

5.3.1University policies and good practice for ethical research 46

5.3.2Ethical review procedure 47

5.3.3Completing the Ethical Review Form 48

6Working On The Project 49

6.1Literature Survey or Fact Finding 50

6.2Presenting your Fact Finding 51

6.3Implementation Issues 52

6.4SVN Repository for code 53

7Writing The Project Report 54

7.1Avoiding plagiarism and giving credit for other people’s work 55

7.1.1Plagiarism and Turnitin 56

7.1.2A note about quoting explanations 57

7.2Writing the Report 58

7.3The Deliverables 59

7.4Evidence of Research and Critical Analysis 60

7.5Critical Review 61

7.6Structure and Readability 62

7.6.1Style 63

7.6.2Sections 64

7.6.3Appendices 65

7.6.4Paragraphs 66

7.6.5English Language: Some Suggestions 67

7.7Abstract 68

7.8Quoting References 69

7.8.1Applying a standard reference format 70

7.8.2Choosing a standard reference format 71

7.8.3Citations in text 72

7.8.4References in the reference list 73

7.9Acknowledgements 75

7.10Presentation 76

7.11Copyright Protection 77

7.12Document Versioning under SVN 78

8The Viva Voce 79

8.1Purposes of the viva voce examination 80

8.2The viva voce examination is mandatory 81

8.3Conducting the viva voce examination 82

8.4Preparing for the viva voce examination 83

9Project Assessment 84

9.1The Assessment Process 85

9.2Assessment Criteria 86

9.3Audit Trail 87

10Distribution of Project Reports 88

10.1Distribution by the student 89

10.2Distribution by De Montfort University 90

10.3Original copies 91

Demonstration / viva 111


This document describes the operation of MSc projects, undertaken during the academic year 2014-2015, for the IMAT5314 project module.

The project forms an important element of the MSc course, and must be passed to obtain the degree. Further, the project must be passed at distinction level before an overall MSc with distinction award will be made, and similarly must be passed at merit level before an overall MSc with merit award will be made.

Note – the project is worth 60 credits, which makes it a third of your degree – this means that a good mark in this will have the same weight as 4 of the taught modules!

This document contains the following:

Information for staff and students with regard to the supervision process

Notes for guidance on the planning, preparation and submission of a MSc project report

Requirements for postgraduate projects

An explanation of what is expected from students and staff during the whole project life cycle.

This guide should be read in conjunction with the current version of the “Modular Scheme for Taught Postgraduate Courses: Handbook and Regulations” and any supplementary notes issued by the Course Leader or Project Co-ordinator.

Download 338.33 Kb.

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