Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival: American Roots Village Tour

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Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival: American Roots Village Tour

Emily Anderson

Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival




The Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival presents the American Roots Village Tour, May 31-June 6, 2015. Harmonica virtuoso and 300-time Grand Ole Opry performer, Mike Stevens, will be joined by bluegrass guitarist Jeff Getty in Fairbanks, Tanana, Bethel, Hooper Bay, and Akiak. The purpose of this tour is to empower Alaskan youth through music to express the inexpressible and experience the healing power of the arts.

Stevens and Getty will distribute instruments (harmonicas, ukuleles) to youth in communities visited and give them the resources and instruction to create their very own compositions.

Mike Stevens is hailed as an innovative musician and author who transcends the perceived limitations of his instrument, and is a master of virtually every musical genre. His aggressive, soulful approach to the harmonica takes audiences on an incredible journey. Stevens founded ArtsCan Circle, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing artists and indigenous Canadian youth together in creative expression. Stevens has been working with youth in indigenous communities for the past 15 years, using music as a way to connect with youth in communities struggling with substance abuse and epidemic suicide rates, giving them tools (instruments) to express their deepest emotions.
Jeff Getty's experiences as a guitarist/singer include festivals, radio and television appearances, clubs, lounges, pubs, and recording sessions at venues across the United States, Canada, and Europe both as a solo performer, band member, and as accompanist with his sibling, singer-songwriter, Romney Getty. Jeff is a practitioner of North Americana musical stylings spanning blues, rock, jazz, country and bluegrass.
FSAF has partnered with the Young Native Fiddlers, My Grandma’s House, UAF KuC, Tanana Chiefs Conference, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, TOTE, Rasmuson Foundation through Arts in Education and Harper Touring Fund by ASCA, AMHTA and tribal leaders to make this tour a reality. Successful past visits to Bethel, Hooper Bay, and Akiak have prompted invitations for repeat visits, nurturing relationships in these communities. FSAF is thrilled to be visiting Tanana and working with youth in the Tanana/Minto/Manley communities for the first time this year.
For more information, contact the FSAF office at 907.474.8869, info@fsaf.org or visit our website at www.fsaf.org.

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