First labels, became hits later!!

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FIRST LABELS , became hits later!!

These songs, ON LATER RELEASES, charted on Billboard - pop/Hot 100, Country, Soul, or Bubbling Under. THIS MAY BE THE LARGEST SALES LIST FOR THESE IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!! I’M SELLING MY COLLECTION. For those of you researching these records, there ARE some items added into the parts of the alphabet listed last year that somehow weren’t in my collection before, so read around and you might see things you “missed” (but you didn’t miss)

JOHNNY ADAMS watch 1906—release me vg- 4

ELTON ANDERSON [TEST PRESSING handwritten label no number]—secret of love m- BID//MIN:20 Writing includes:

“Another hit soon to be on Mercury – you got it first.” this is probably unique.

LEE ANDREWS AND THE HEARTS main line 101—try the impossible m- sol 4 REPRODUCTION PRESSING early 70s

ANNETTE buena vista 336 dj—lonely guitar/jo-jo the dog… vg- much wol 3 (Lonely… later charted 339. Rare flip for 336.)

RAY ANTHONY capitol F859—count every star m- 12 EARLIER 1950 pressing for this which charted on F979!!

THE ARBORS carney 1011—a symphony for susan m- 8

LOUIS ARMSTRONG amsterdam 85021 dj—what a wonderful world m- 3 (Earlier label , charted later in 1980’s)

EDDY ARNOLD rca victor 48 0136 [from box set WP 260] the cattle call vg+ 5 precursor to 47-6139 which charted in 1955

CLARENCE ASHE J & S 1466—trouble I’ve had [[true original vg 9]] [[yellow late 60s pressing vg+ 3]]

THE ASSEMBVLED MULTITUDE eric 5002 dj—overture from tommy/same m- 10

THE ATLANTA DISCO BAND scorpio 5000—bad luck m- 6

BACHMAN-TURNER OVERDRIVE mercury 73383—gimme your money please/stayed… [[vg+ 4]] [[DJ m- 4]] (chart 73843)

RAZZY BAILEY [as “RAZZY”] aquarius 601—I hate hate vg+ 4

JOE BARRY jin 144—I’m a fool to care/I got… vg #ol 6

THE BEACH BOYS brother reprise 1015dj—long promised road/deirdre (cleans to m-) 16 DIFFERENT flip, too

THE BEATLES [CANADA capitol 72076] love me do/p.s. I love you vg 4 [30% label rips on flip] 1963 release up there…

THE BEGINNING OF THE END v.p.m. 4621—funky Nassau G 3 looks like a Florida pressing. Is this a Bahamas label?

HARRY BELAFONTE rca victor 47 5617—hold ‘em joe m- 7 1954 release, charted later in 50s

BENNY BELL [as “PAUL WYNN”] hep 0118—shaving cream vg- 3 looks like a 60s pressing, before the song was “found”

[as “PAUL WYNN Benny Bell”] madison 75—shaving cream vg+ 5 I think this is also pre-1975

BIRDLEGS AND HIS VERSATILITY BIRDS cuca 1125—spring/so many ways vg 6 HIT ON VEEJAY

DEBBY BOONE warner bros. 8446—you light up my life/he’s a rebel m- 4 chart on slightly later number

DAVID BOWIE mercury 72949—space oddity/wild eyed boy… vg+ coh 8

THE BOX TOPS sphere sound 77001—the letter/ vg+ 5

BRANDY arista 12929—sittin’ up in my room m- 4 (charted on 12972, a bit later)

GARY BURBANK e. v. i. 1023 dj—who shot J. R.? m- 7

RICHARD BURTON [paper record, Show Presents, no #] a married man m- 11 oddball promo giveaway, or something…

JERRY BUTLER abner 1024 dj—lost m- 15 (charted in Mercury in 1967)

JOHN CAFFERTY coastline 01—tender years m- 6 [as BEAVER BROWN, 1980 release, SAME master as Cafferty ‘84]

J. J. CALE liberty 55931 dj—after midnight/slow motion POOR 2

J. J. CALE shelter 7306—magnolia/CRAZY MAMA m- 5 (flip charted on #7314)

THE CAPTAIN & TENNILLE joyce 101—the way I want to touch you vg+ 8

a&m 1624dj—the way I want to touch you/same m- 3 (charted on later number)

KIM CARNES a&m 1767—you’re a part of me [[m- 6]] [[DJ m- #ol 3]] (1975) chart on Ariola America in 1978

AL CASEY COMBO ramco 3705—cookin’ vg 10

BRUCE CHANNEL le cam 963—number one man vg wol 9

shalimar 107—going back to louisiana m- 13

CHEAP TRICK epic 50435 dj—I want you to want me/same m- 4 TIME: 3:07

50625 dj—I want you to want me/same m- 4 TIME: 3:38 finally, this charted on #50680

CHICAGO columbia 45011dj—beginnings/poem 58 m- 8 earlier number and different flip

ERIC CLAPTON AND HIS BAND rso 928 dj—tulsa time/same m- wol 8 (charted on RSO 1039) how did I even notice this??

THE CLASH epic 14 03006 dj—should I stay or should I go/same m- 7 (charted on 03061)

CLIMAX carousel 30055—precious and few m- 9

NAT “KING” COLE capitol F90036—the Christmas song (merry Christmas to you)/my two front teeth vg- 4 ’49 issue no hit yet

capitol “45-16308” dj—stardust/ vg+ sol 8 Charted on an EP #824. I really don’t know WHAT this is…

CHRIS COLUMBO QUINTET [REPRODUCTION OR REISSUE] casino 1305—summertime m- 4 (WAS it on this first?)

PERRY COMO rca victor 47-2972 (from Box WP 161)—jingle bells vg+ 6 (never charted before EPA-920 much later)

COOL HEAT life 200—groovin’ with mr. bloe vg- 3 [ actually FLIP of “make believe” credited as WIND. Same master!]

d j m 70017 dj—groovin’ with mr. bloe [[m- 6]] [[DJ m- 6]] THIS shows as MR. BLOE. Still the same as Cool Heat!

KEN COPELAND lin 5007—pledge of love/ m- sol 14 original Texas label for Fifties hit

DAVE “BABY” CORTEZ clock 1009 dj—the whistling organ POOR (bad edge warp) 3 (charted on 1012)

this is rare alternate flip of Happy Organ on the other side. “Special promotion copy from the new LP…”

julia 452—rinky-dink/ g+ wol 4

GENE COTTON ariola 7675—like a sunday in salem m- 4 (FLIP “before my…” did chart this #. Like…charted later on 7723.)

COVEN warner bros. BJS 0101dj—one tin soldier, the…/ m- 8 ODDBALL number!! Could this be pre-7509?

BILLY “CRASH” CRADDOCK abc 114370—rub it in vg+ 4 (Hot 100 and c&w charted on #12013)

CRAZY ELEPHANT sphere sound 77005—gimme gimme good lovin’ m- 8

BOB CREWE GENER’N [PLASTIC ACETATE “bob crewe productions” no #] the girl watchers (theme) m- wol 8 Music to…

JIM CROCE abc 11346—it doesn’t have to be that way/one less set of footsteps vg+ 3 was hit on #11413

BING CROSBY decca 30120—around the world/ m- 3 charted on #30262

[paper record, Bing Crosby phonocords] how lovely is Christmas vg+ 10 “Bing’s new Golden LP album…”

RICK CUNHA: CUNHA & DAWSON records by pete 709 dj—yo yo man/weary blues [[vg 6]] [[m- 12]] different flip, too

DALE & GRACE michelle 921—I’m leaving it up to you m- 7

923—stop and think it over vg+ 4 928—the loneliest (cleans to m-) 4

LIZ DAMON’S ORIENT EXPRESS makaha 503—1900 yesterday m- 9 original Hawaiian label!

THE DANDLEERS amp-3 2115—one summer night vg+ small sol definite original 37

THE DANLEERS amp 3 1005—one summer night vg- 4 (NO Mercury Distrib.)

THE DARTELLS arlen 509—hot pastrami [[red label m- 9]] [[yellow label, ORANGE WAX vg 7]]

arlen 513—dance, everybody, dance vg+ 7

TYRONE DAVIS dakar *1452*--can I change my mind vg 5 first release # as local (Chicago?) label

DEE JAY AND THE RUNAWAYS igl 103—peter rabbit (cleans to vg-) 4 rare local Iowa label, garage

DEEP PURPLE warner bros. 7672—woman from tokyo/super trouper vg 5 (charted on 7737)

RICK DEES & HIS CAST OF IDIOTS fretone 040—disco duck (part 1)/(part 11) vg flip #ol 6

DEF LEPPARD mercury 76127 dj—bringin’ on the heartbreak/same m- 6 (finally charted on #818 779 later Mercury)

THE DELLS vee jay 338—oh what a nite/I wanna go home vg 8 (later than Original; I consider this first label for later Cadet.)

THE DELL VIKINGS fee bee 205 [SEVENTIES PRESSING, REPRO] come go with me vg 3

JOHN DENVER rca 74 0955—sunshine on my shoulders m- 3 (This charted later. Flip “I’d rather…” did chart on this #.)

THE DEVOTIONS delta 1001 dj—rip van winkle m- 96 (Seen this once in my lifetime…)

roulette 4406—rip van winkle [[m- coh 18]] [[DJ vg+ 11]] finally charted on #4541

NEIL DIAMOND bang 561dj—shilo/la bamba m- 7

MANU DIBANGO african 90.571—soul makoosa vg+ wol 4 actually appears to be an African label, not USA?? Can’t tell.

DIESEL regency 96001—sausalito summernight vg+ 3 (charted on #7339, this is also from 1981)

THOMAS DOLBY harvest 5155 dj—europa and the pirate twins/same m- 5 (charted on 5238)

PLACIDO DOMINGO AND JOHN DENVER cherry lane music 110 dj—perhaps love [[m- wol 4]] [[m-, with m- PS, DJ wol 7]]

IS THIS KNOWN? Chart on Columbia in 1982. This was found in with 1981 promos. ALSO M- PS with this.

FATS DOMINO imperial 5272—you done me wrong/LITTLE SCHOOL GIRL vg 17

THE DOOBIE BROTHERS warner bros. 7492 dj—nobody/nobody m- 4 (charted on #8041)

7795—black water m- 5 (charted on #8062)

DOOLITTLE BAND: HILKA & THE DooLITTLE BAND ibc 0007 dj—who were you thinkin’ of/same m- 5

DEBBIE DOVALE ricky 105—this world we love in m- 26 rare soul first release, Pittsburgh label

GUY DRAKE g w s 3103 dj—welfare cadillac [S. GREENBURG big bruce, flip] vg 5 NOTE SURE if this precedes or not!

DURAN DURAN harvest 5134dj—hungry like the wolf/same [[m-/WARP, PLAYS OK 3]] [[TEST PRESS m- 8]] earlier #

harvest 5175dj—rio/rio m- #ol 4 charted on #5215

THE DYNATONES st. clair 117—the fife piper/ vg 5

EARTH, WIND & FIRE columbia 11-11434 dj—and love goes on/same m- 5 actually belongs on ARC #11434!!

EDDIE & BETTY (COLE) six thousand 602—sweet someone [[vg 6]] [[m- #ol 15]]

THE EDSELS dub 2843, gold top—LAMA RAMA ding dong m- 79

JONATHAN EDWARDS atco 8021—sunshine/ m- coh 6 U.S. pressing, strange, I would expect this on Canadian or…

TOMMY EDWARDS mgm 10989—the morningside of the mountain vg+ sol 7 (charted much later, 1959)

DONNIE ELBERT elbert 800—can’t get over losing you vg+ 8

up state 829—can’t get over losing you m- coh 15

EL CHICANO gordo 703—viva tirade part one/part two [[vg+ 4]] [[DJ vg+ 4]]

THE ELECTRIC INDIAN marmaduke inc. keem-o-sabe vg+ 6

ELMO ‘N’ PATSY kim pat 2984—grandma got run over by a reindeer m- 6

oink 2984—grandma got run over by a reindeer m- 6 second California release, to chart TWO releases later!!!

SCOTT ENGLISH sultan 4003—high on a hill vg+ sol 8

EXECUTIVE SUITE north bay 309—I’m a winner now/ vg+ 4 (great midslow/midt soul group)

TOMMY FACENDA legrand 1001—high school U. S. A. virginia [[m- 16]] [[1980’s pressing, National/Boston versions m- 4]]

FAITH BAND village 202—dancin’ shoes/desire m- 4 local Indianapolis label

FANTASTIC FOUR ric tic 144—I love you madly m- 9 (Hot 100 on Soul label)

JOSE FELICIANO rca 76 8032—feliz navidad m- 7 actually no idea if this was “first” – pressing intended for foreign markets!

FELONY [cbx 1003, and M- Title Sleeve] the fanatic m- 8 ’82 local Malibu, Calif. release

FREDDIE FENDER crazy cajun 2002—before the next teardrop falls vg+ #ol 4

pacemaker 1973—wasted days and wasted nights m- wol 6

crazy cajun 2011—dias y noches perdidas (wasted days and wasted nights – in SPANISH) vg+ 4

THE FIVE AMERICANS abnak 109dj—I see the light/the outcast vg wol 4

THE FIVE EMPREES [GOLD WAX] gold standard 262dj—little miss sad m- 7 actually, NO IDEA if this was “first” or not…Tenn.

FLASH AND THE PAN midland international 10934 dj—hey st. peter 3:31 and 4:20 versions m- 4

LESTER FLATT & EARL SCRUGGS columbia 43412 dj—foggy mountain breakdown m- 5 (charted on 44380)

THE FLIRTATIONS deram 85036dj—nothing but a heartache/CHRISTMAS time is here again vg+ 12 alternate flip, earlier #

EDDIE FONTAINE sunbeam 105—nothin’ shakin’ (but the…) m- 17

WAYNE FONTANA & THE MINDBENDERS fontana 1503—game of love [[m- #ol 7]] [[vg+ DJ sol 5]]

THE FORUM penthouse 504dj—the river is wide/same [[vg 4]] [[m- 8]]

PETER FRAMPTON [with m- PS] a&m 1693 dj—show me the way 3:18 both sides m- 5

a&m 1738dj—baby I love your way/same m- 5 charted on #1832

FREDDIE AND THE DREAMERS capitol 5137—you were made for me m- 13

DAVE GARDNER o j 1002—white silver sands vg+ 11

DAVID GEDDES atco 7028—run joey run m- wol 7 I would have never expected this…

GEILS [atlantic 3454 dj, and M- PS] I do/I do m- 5 (charted later on EMI america]

THE GENTRYS hit 229—keep on dancing [[vg 9]] [[m- coh 16]] took me a LONG TIME to ascertain this preceded mgm!!

GEORGIO picture perfect 3563—sexappeal/same m- sol 4 (but, NOT indicated as DJ copy?)

DANYEL GERRARD columbia 45468—butterfly [[m- 4]] [[DJ butterfly/same m- 3]]

[CANADA la compagnie 127] butterfly/le petit ours en peluche vg+ sol 5

[CANADA columbia 45468] butterfly/one white rose m- 4 Not sure, it may have charted on THIS in Canada??

MICKEY GILLEY astro 10003—room full of roses vg+ 5 (Hot 100 on Playboy)

JAMES GILREATH statue 600—little band of gold vg+ 11 original Memphis label

FRANKIE GOLDE big tree 16058 dj—save me (I’m falling in love again)/same vg+ 5 [1976 chart as Here I go (fallin in…)]

THE GRADUATES: JOHNNY HOLLIDAY AND THE GRADUATES lawn 208 dj—ballad of a girl and boy [[vg+ 12]] [[DJ vg+ 12]]

BARBARA GREEN vivid 105—young boy/ vg (WILL CLEAN TO VG+ MAYBE EVEN M-) 8

STEVE GREENBERG trip 104—big bruce m- 6 (National chart was on trip 3000. This is local Florida release.)

GEORGE HAMILTON IV colonial 420—a rose and a baby ruth [[vg+ glossy label TRUE first 14]] [[m- matte label 5]]

STEVE HARLEY AND COCKNEY REBEL emi 4070 dj—make me smile/same m- sol 5 (charted on 4201)

ROLF HARRIS 20th fox 207—tie me kangaroo down sport [[vg 6]] [[DJ vg 6]] [[DJ m- 14]]

WILBERT HARRISON fury 1055 dj—my heart is yours/drafted vg+ 9 (earlier version, 1961 or thereabouts)

1063—my heart is yours/let’s stick together vg 5 flip early version of “let’s work together”

ROD HART little richie 1010—c. b. savage m- 4

ROY HEAD: ROY – SARAH & THE TRAITS lori 9551—get back/you’ll never make me blue vg 7 Texas label

THE HEARTBEATS hull 720, red, outer ring—a thousand miles away vg+ 29

WILLIE HENDERSON now sound 101—dance master, i/ii m- 8 rare local label, charted Playboy

AL HIBBLER original 1006—after the lights go down low vg #ol 11 RARE local New Jersey label

BERTIE HIGGINS [with Promo Sheet] southern tracks 2010—key largo m- 10 FLIP: “LEAH” DUET with Roy Orbison!

Z. Z. HILL kent 416—someone to love me m- 7 early version of what charted on Kent 4547!!

HOT CHOCOLATE bell 45,466 dj—emma/emma m- 5

[with m- Title Sleeve] atlantic disco DSKO 51—disco queen (I don’t REALLY know if this was first, or contemporaneous)

DON HOWARD triple A 2503—oh happy day/ m- 8 RARE, before Essex, 1953

FREDDIE HUGHES wee 1096—send my baby back vg- 8 RARE, charted Hot 100 on Wand

T. K. HULIN L.K. 1112—I’m not a fool anymore vg 5 *rocker*

FRANK IFIELD vee jay 553dj—I’m confessin’ (that I love you) vg+ 4 charted later on Capitol

THE INCREDIBLE BONGO BAND pride 1015—bongo rock vg+ 3

TERRY JACKS [CANADA] goldfish 101—seasons in the sun m- 5 I think in Canada it charted big on a major like London…

CHUCK JACKSON: CHARLES JACKSON clock 1027—mr. pride vg+ wol 10 (charted on Beltone)

MAHALIA JACKSON apollo 235—silent night, hold night/go tell it on a mountain vg+ 10 rare, long before 1962 chart

columbia 40777 dj—silent night, holy night /mary’s little boy chile m- #ol 6 long before initial 1962 charting

apollo 539—silent night, holy night /LLord’s prayer m- 8 and so does this! About ‘60 for this I think. Charted in ’62 JAMUL ampex 10018—tobacco road vg 4 charted Lizard label

JIGSAW chelsea 3022—brand new love affair m- 3 (Other side SKY HIGH was a big hit. But this didn’t chart until 3043.)

BILLY JOEL columbia 10624 dj—movin’ out (anthony’s song)/same, 3:30 length m- 4 (chart on 10708!)

ELTON JOHN congress 6022 dj—border song/same m- 22 (chart on Uni of course)

[CANADA uni 55351] crocodile rock vg+ 4 (Maybe the normal label for this, if MCA started a bit later there?)

JOHNNY AND THE HURRICANES twirl 1001—crossfire vg wol 10% label rip 8 LOCAL DETROIT 1958

SAMMY JOHNS grc 2046—chevy van m- 5 charted later on Warner Brothers

GEORGE JONES [“Promotional Copies” no number] the race is on/same vg 4 what is this??

JUMP ‘N THE SADDLE BAND acme 416—the curly shuffle [[m- 3]] [[empty PS for this m- 3]]

JUST US minuteman 203—I can’t grow peaches on a cherry tree m- 8

BERT KAEMPFERT AND HIS ORCHESTRA decca 30866—cerveza m- 5 Correct #, but 50s style label before it charted 60s

MARTIN LUTHER KING casino 100—I have a dream (speech in…)/top of the mountain m- 5 may or may not precede Gordy

DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING [with m- PS] melrose 2—I have a dream/top of the mountain m- 5

united in love (no number) I have a dream/top of… m- 5 I don’t know WHICH of these, if any, precede gordy…

THE KINGS elektra 47006—switchin’ to glide m- 4 (charted on 47052)

KLAATU capitol 4377 dj—calling occupants/same m- 8 (charted on 4412)

JEAN KNIGHT soulin’ 956—my toot toot m- 5 charted Hot 100 on Mirage label

SONNY KNIGHT vita 137—confidential vg+ 15 before Dot

PATTI LABELLE & THE BLUE BELLES nicetown 5020—you’ll never walk alone m- 3 *SALE* (charted on Parkway)

king 5777—you’ll never walk alone vg+ 4 (also charted on Parkway)

DAVID LA FLAMME [as IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY] columbia 45788 dj—white bird/same m- 4 (Amherst 1975 Hot 100)

LIBERACE advance 4513—12th street rag vg+ 6 (charted Columbia 40217 in 1953)

ART LINKLETTER word 1101—we love you, call collect [[m- 3]] [[with M- PIC COVER m- 6]]

HANK LOCKLIN king 5283—send me the pillow (you dream on) [[vg+ 6]] [[DJ m- 9]]

LOGGINS AND MESSINA: DAVE LOGGINS vanguard 35167 dj—think’n of you/pieces… m- #ol 4

LOLITA [GERMANY] polydor 24 177—“seemann…”/la luna vg tol 4 ORIGINAL RELEASE of “sailor”

THE LOVE SOCIETY tee pee 3878—do you wanna dance? vg+ 6

MATT LUCAS renay 304—I’m movin’ on (cleans to m-) 20 local Memphis label

THE MAGIC LANTERNS atlantic 2715dj—one night stand m- 4 this is 1970 release, chart on Big Tree 1971

MALO warner bros. PRO 514 dj [and VG+ PS] suavecito m- 5 [EP WITH SMALL CENTER HOLE]

CHUCK MANGIONE g r c 9003—hill where the Lord hides vg+ 8 I don’t think this is really “known about”

mercury 73635 dj—land of make believe/as long… m- wol 4 (charted on 73920)

BARRY MANILOW bell 45,422dj—could it be magic/cloudburst m- 4 (7:17 version, longer than charted version)

MANFRED MANN’S EARTH BAND warner bros. 8152 dj—spirit in the night/same m- 4 (charted on 8176)

MARATHONS argo 5389—peanut butter [[vg 8]] [[DJ cleans to m- 14]]

THE MAR-KETS union 501—surfer’s stomp vg+ sol 9 504—balboa blue m- 10

JOHNNY MATHIS columbia 44517dj—don’t go breakin’ my heart m- #ol 4 ALSO, original VERSION…from 1968

C. W. McCALL american gramophone 351—old home fill-er-up an’ keep-on-truckin’ café m- 3 local Omaha label

RONNIE McDOWELL scorpion 0543—the king is gone vg+ 3 (charted on #GRT-135)

THE McGUIRE SISTERS coral 61239—lonesome polecat [[vg+ 4]] [[DJ vg+ 4]] chart on later #

61258—muskrat ramble vg+ 3 chart on 61278!!

TOMMY McLAIN jin 197—sweet dreams vg+ 4

MEAT LOAF cleveland epic 50467 dj—you took the words right out of my mouth (hot…)/same vg+ #ol 4 (chart #50634)

MECO m & m 604—star wars title theme m- 6

GLENN MEDEIROS hot I-94 FM, #1986—notrhing’s gonna change my love for you m- 8 local 1986 Hawaiian release!

THE MEGATONS dodge 808—shimmy, shimmy walk, part 1/part 2 m- 9

NED MILLER dot 15601—from a jack to a king m- 6 original 50s release [WARP, PLAYS OK]

THE MIRACLES tamla 54028 [STRIPES] way over there/depend on me [with STRINGS] vg- wol 11 (charted 54069)

54028—way over there [NO STRINGS] vg 19

MOCEDADES [PUERTO RICO borinquen 409] eres tu vg 4 ORIGINAL? Well this is still officially U. S. territory…

DOMENICO MODUGNO [BLUE WAX, ITALY fonit 30223] nel blu, dipinto di blu vg 6

BOBBY MOORE hot line 2312—(call me your) anything man, i/ii m- 5

TIM MOORE a small record company 0601—second avenue m- 4

MOTT THE HOOPLE columbia 45673—one of the boys (“Young Dudes” other side DID chart, but this didn’t until #45754) m- 5

WALTER MURPHY [major TJV-CS] a fifth of beethoven vg+ 7

ALANNAH MYLES [atlantic 88918, and M- PS] love is/rock this joint m- 4 (charted a year later on 87945)

JOHNNY NASH epic 10873 dj—stir it up/same m- 5 (chart on 10949!)

THE NEW HOPE: THE KIT-KATS jamie 1321 dj—won’t find better than me m- 8 (chart on 1381, they became New Hope)

NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK columbia 38 06619 dj—didn’t I (blow your mind)/same m- 4 (1986; charted on #68960 in 1989)

WAYNE NEWTON george 7777 [as THE NEWTON BROTHERS, featuring…] the little white cloud that cried m- xol 7

NILSSON rca 47 9544—everybody’s talkin’ vg+ 4 (charted on #74-0261)

[united artists 70043 DJ, and vg PS] “everybody’s talkin’” sung by Nilsson, +3 other Midnight Cowboy soundtrack m- 8

THE NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND liberty 56134—some of shelly’s [[vg+ sol slight wol 3]] [[DJ m- 5]]

NICK NOBLE wing 90045—to you, my love/ vg+ sol 4 (charted on Mercury)

mercury 71117—a fallen star m- sol 5 (charted on 71124) still not sure how I even noticed a lot of these type…

NORTHERN LIGHT glacier 4501—minnesota m- 4

NU SHOOZ [poolside 1001, and M- PS, # on it – this is a foldout Poster PS] I can’t wait m- 15

ONE WAY joke-box 1010—cutie pie vg+ 10 charted on MCA, this local label very rare

THE OSMOND BROTHERS uni 55015—I can’t stop [[vg+ “djsol” 6]] [[DJ m- 6]] 1968 release before people knew them

DAN PEEK songbird 41123—all things are possible m- 4 (charted later on Lamb & Lion)

THE PENTAGONS fleet international 100—to be loved [white label] vg 23

FRANK PETTY TRIO mgm 8016—rain/ vg+ 5 (charted on an early 10000’s number)

THE NORMAN PETTY TRIO nor-va-jak 1313—mood indigo vg+ 7

PHILLY DEVOTIONS don de 127—I just can’t say goodbye m- 10 (chart on columbia)

THE PLIMSOULS [with m- PS] shaky city 134—a million miles away m- 8

GARY PORTNOY [with vg+ PS] earthtone 7004—theme from the tv show CHEERS (where everybody…) m- 5

THE PREMIERS faro 615 [PHOTO LABEL] farmer john [[VG, orange label 7]] [[M- blue label 16]]

BILLY PRESTON & SYREETA [motown 1460] with you I’m born again [INSTR.]/go for it m- 4 [as “FEATURING Billy Preston”]

[motown 1460 dj] with you I’m born again (vocal)/same m- 4 [yes, “BILLY PRESTON &…”] what’s going on here?

PURPLE REIGN go-rilla 4594—this old man [VOCAL/INSTR] m- 3

THE PYRAMIDS best 102—penetration vg- 6 RARE local California release, different number

SUZI QUATRO bell 45,418—can the can/ain’t ya… [[m- 5]] [[DJ can the can/same m- 3]]

THE RAINY DAZE chicory 404—that acapulco gold vg 10% label rip on flip side 10

BOOTS RANDOLPH: RANDY RANDOLPH rca 47 7395—yakety sax vg+ sol 4

BOOTS RANDOLPH rca 47 7611—temptation G 2 (charted a decade later on Monument)

JOHNNIE RAY columbia 39703—all of me vg 3 (charted on 39788!)

THE REBELS marlee 0094—wild weekend vg- wol sol 2

JERRY REED [EP with m- Title Cover] mca 533 1961—west bound and down +3 m- 4 (assume this is earlier)

RENE & RENE “angelito” [[jox 017 vg+ 5]] [[falcon 1843 m- 6]]

falcon 1774—lo mucho que te quiero m- 6 arv international 5011—lo mucho que te quiero vg+ 4

PROMOTIONAL SHORT LETTER for ARV 5011 m- 2 (forecasting a bigger hit than “angelito” was…)

REO SPEEDWAGON epic 11078 dj—ridin’ the storm out/same m- 4 charted on #50367 in 1977

CHARLIE RICH rca 8536—there won’t be anymore [[m- 4]] [[DJ m- sol 4]]

JOHNNY RIVERS: soul city 008 DJ—slow dancin’/same m- 4 NOTE: no subtitle, this is full title

ROSCO ROBINSON gerri 001—that’s enough m- 26 rare first label for northern soul

THE RON-DELS brownfield 18—if you really want me to, I’ll go m- 7 original Texas label (also, early Delbert McClinton)

LINDA RONSTADT capitol 2438dj—the long way around/the dolphins m- #ol 5 charted on #3021

asylum 45271—love is a rose m- 3 (charted on 45282)

ROSE ROYCE [EP, mca 1947 dj, and VG+ Cover] I wanna get next to you +3 more cuts m- 4 assume this is first…

THE ROYAL GUARDSMEN laurie 3359dj—baby let’s wait m- 5 earlier number

ROYAL TEENS power 215—short shorts vg 38

ROY “C” uptown 731 dj—shotgun wedding/ m- 14

SAILOR epic 8 50557dj—runaway/runaway m- 4

KYU SAKAMOTO [JAPAN Toshiba 5083, RED WAX] sukiyaki m- 21 apparently this is from 1961! info letter enclosed

BILLY SANS impresario 129—solo/I don’t want… vg+ 4

BOB SEGER capitol 4116dj—katmandu/same m- 7

4183 dj—nutbush city limits/same m- 5 (charted on 4269)

DEE DEE SHARP fairmount 1004—willyam, willyam/(it’s wonderful) the love I feel for you m- 12 A-side charted on Cameo

THE SHARPEES khnockout 04—make up your mind vg 18 rare first label

SHEP AND THE LIMELITES hull 841—daddy’s home vg- wol 7

SHIRLEY AND SQUIRRELY mabel 1001—hey shirley (this is squirrely) m- 4

TROY SHONDELL goldcrest 161—this time vg+ 8 still pre-hit, but Liberty-distributed pressing

RED SKELTON: [paper record, Burger King, no #] the pledge of allegiance vg+ 3 really I don’t know if this was first…

SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE: BILLY PRESTON capitol 5660—advice m- 13 EARLY version “I want to take you higher”

Or, at least I’ve been told SLY STONE is part of this group, therefore I consider it a first label…

FRANKIE SMITH p.b.i. 359—double dutch bus vg 6 rare local label

O. C. SMITH columbia 45863 dj—la la peace song/same m- 3 (chart later, on #10031!)

SAMMI SMITH house of sound 0015—help me make it through the night vg+ 4 assume this is first label? – became Mega?

THE SMOKE RING gold dust 317—no not much (cleans to m-) 4

SONNY AND CHER reprise 0309dj—baby don’t go m- 11 rare 1964 initial release

atco 6486 dj—it’s the little things m- 4 (charted on 6507; Plastic Man which did chart this #, is on flip)

JOE SOUTH capitol 2060—birds of a feather [[vg+ 4]] [[DJ vg+ 4]] (chart later capitol)

STEELERS: WES WELLS & THE STEELERS torrid 101—from the top of my heart vg+ 10 (get it from the bottom)

RAY STEVENS joy’s limited editions 74—the streak [BLANK FLIP] m- 5

SHAKIN’ STEVENS epic AE7 1866 dj—I cry just a little bit (2 versions) m- 4 1983 copyright; charted April 1984.

DONNA SUMMER Geffen GGEF 0409—the wanderer m- 4 (Should be 49563. What KIND of number is this??)

SUNDOWN COMPANY stirling gold 1676—norma jean wants to be a movie star [BLANK FLIP] m- 7 movie ad record, or?

THE SUNGLOWS disco grande 1021—peanuts (la cacahuata) vg+ 5

SUNNY AND THE SUNLINERS: THE SUNGLOWS sunglow 111 [**BLUE WAX]—rags to riches m- 14

SUPERTRAMP a&m 1660—dreamer/bloody well right m- 4 usually don’t see Stock copy; charted #2269

FOSTER SYLVERS pride 1031—misdemeanor vg+ 4

B. E. TAYLOR GROUP breaker 15670—karen m- 4 (chart on Epic)

GLORIA TAYLOR glo-whiz 1—you got to pay the price vg+ 6

R. DEAN TAYLOR v.i.p. 25045 dj—gotta see jane/don’t fool around m- 14

TEEGARDEN & VANWINKLE plumm 68102—god, love and rock & roll (we believe) m- 9 orig. Detroit area label

NINO TEMPO & APRIL STEVENS white whale 236—I can’t go on living baby without you m- 4 (charted #252)

THE MIDNIGHTERS chattahoochee 666—land of a thousand dances part I/II m- 15 note wrong group name (in a way…)

B. J. THOMAS AND THE TRIUMPHS pacemaker 227—I’m so lonesome I could cry vg+ 7

bragg 103—billy and sue vg 4 warner bros. 5491 dj—billy and sue [[m- 4]] [[DJ m- 6]]

pacemaker 231—mama (cleans to m-) 6 pacemaker 239—tomorrow never comes vg 4

GENE THOMAS sometime (cleans to vg) 3

TASHA THOMAS orbit 2668—shoot me (with your love) m- 4 Hot 100 on Atlantic

THE 3 DEGREES swan 4245—maybe [[m- 8]] [[DJ vg 4]] (charted on roulette, later)

McKINLEY TRAVIS soultown 109—baby is there something on your mind m- 10

THE 21ST CENTURY golden tone 500—remember the rain? Poor 2 (charted on RCA)

CONWAY TWITTY mca 60180—hello darlini’ (russian version)/(english version) m- 3 reissue, but still best place to list this

THE VANILLA FUDGE atco 6495—you keep me hanging on [[m- 5]] [[DJ m- 5]] charted on #6590

BOBBY VEE soma 1110—suzie baby vg- 11 still f….ing rare

THE VELOURS orbit 9001 dj—remember vg+ 18

JIMMY VELVET: [as JIMMY VELVIT] velvet 201—we belong together vg+ 12

[as JIMMY VELVIT] cub 9105 dj—we belong together m- 9

THE VOXPOPPERS amp3 #1004—wishing for your love vg 6

THE WAIKIKI’s palette 5091 dj—hawaii tattoo m- wol 11

THE WAITRESSES antilles 4504—I know what boys like/no guilt [[m- 6]] [[DJ m- 6]]

BOB WELCH: FLEETWOOD MAC reprise 1093 —sentimental lady m- 5 (with “after market” KQV Pittsburgh promo insert

WET WILLIE [capricorn 0031 dj, and M- PS] country side of life/same m- 6 (charted on #0212)

THE EDGAR WINTER GROUP epic 10945dj—hangin’ around/same [[m- 4]] [[hangin…/frankenstein 10945 DJ m- 9]]

DEL WOOD republic 775—down yonder m- 5

TAMMY WYNETTE fanfare film productions sss 101dj—run, angel, run! m- 6 ORIGINAL PROMO from movie company

THE YARDBIRDS epic 9891—shapes of things/I’m not talking vg+ 5 earlier number than chart

RUSTY YORK note 10021—sugaree vg 11 great rockabilly that happened to chart! (later)

THE YOU-KNOW-WHO GROUP: THE LORDS casual 84621—roses are red my love vg xol 9 RARE!!

THE YOU-KNOW-WHO GROUP casual 84621—roses are red my love m- 11

THE YOUNGBLOODS rca 74 0129 dj—darkness, darkness m- 5 (chart on 74-0342)

PAT ZILL sand 336—pick me up on your way down vg 3


THE ACCENTS commerce 5012—better watch out boy vg+ 11 BUBB

ROY ACUFF…BOYS columbia hall of fame 52033 dj—freight train blues m- wol 4 C&W (hickory 1291)

JOHNNY ADAMS ric 961—I won’t cry [[vg+ 6]] [[DJ m- 13]] R&B (earlier version of song that charted on SSS 809)

hep’ me 10-137 dj—after all the good is gone m- 5 R&B (ariola, 1978)

A. D. C. BAND fee detroit 0004—long stroke m- 7 BUBB R&B

northern 0015—long stroke vg+ xol 8

ALABAMA sonny limbo 7906—I wanna come over m- 4 C&W

rca jb 13358 dj—christmas in dixie m- 3 (on Billboard Christmas chart in 1983, #13664)

CHAD ALLEN lama 7779—little lonely vg+ 7 BUBBLED UNDER

JUDY ARGO mdj 92078—night time music man m- 3 C&W/asi 1019

ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION decca 33051—back up against the wall [[vg+ 3]] [[DJ m- 4]] BUBB/polydor

BOBBY AUSTIN triune 7201 dj—knoxville station m- 3 C&W atlantic

DONALD AUSTIN woody 105—crazy legs [[vg sol 5]] [[M- 10]] Detroit label? BUBBLED UNDER

HOYT AXTON capitol 3259 dj—speed trap/hey, mr… vg+ 4 BUBB/a&m

BAMA BAND oasis 2 dj—tijuana sunrise vg #ol 2 C&W/soundwaves

MOE BANDY footprint 1006—I just started hatin’ cheatin’ songs today m- 5 C&W

PHIL BAUGH brookhurst 0009—country guitar vg+ sol 4 country chart

BEVERLY AND DUANE fee detroit 001—glad I gotcha baby m- 4 R&B/ariola

MARION BLACK capsoul 20—go on fool [[vg- much label damage 3]] [[m- 22]] rare local Ohio release

JOHNNY BOND columbia 21222—ten little bottles m- 5 many years later, on Starday, C&W

EDDIE BOYD oriole 1316—five long years vg+ 15 (if not a first label, at least this is “way back” Fifties)

THE BUDDY BRENNAN QUARTET thunder 103—the chase m- 9 BUBB

BROWN SUGAR bullet 711—loneliness m- 4 R&B/chelsea

GARY BUCK kash 1007—happy to be unhappy vg+ wol 24 C&W/petal

FIDDLIN’ FRENCHIE BURKE…OUTLAWS music creek 560—big mamou m- 4 C&W/20th century

RAFAEL CAMERON salsoul 2151—boogie’s gonna get ya m- 4 R&B/on 2157

ARCHIE CAMPBELL rebel 102—trouble in the amen corner vg- 3 C&W on rca

JERRY CARR cherie 2002—heaven 4 R&B on different number (3872) – national distrib.?

CATCH variety international 1108 dj—get on freak/same m- 4 R&B/columbia

CATFISH gonad 12—dear prudence m- 7

RAY CHARLES atlantic 1008—feelin’ sad/heartbreaker (2nd press, red, no pinwheel) m- coh 4 BUBB on #2174

JIMMY (SOUL) CLARK moira 101—do it right now vg wol 10 rare Detroit soul,

THE CLASSICS dart 1024—life’s but a dream, sweetheart vg+ 11 BUBB

PATSY CLINE decca 25732 dj—always m- 4 didn’t chart Country, until on mca 41303

THE CLIQUE cinema 3370 splash 1/stay by me vg sol 11 Texas 60s – garage

THE COACHMEN mmc 010 dj—mr. moon m- [PERFECT] xol 17 BUB

DON AND ALLYNE COLE son-ray 101—something got a hold on me m- 13

JERRY COLE & TRINITY midget 102—susanna’s song m- xol 4 (ADULT chart on warner brothers)

NATALIE COLE capitol 5045—nothin’ but a fool m- 3 chart book shows #5053 for this?

ALBERT COLEMAN’S ATLANTA POPS southern tracks 1004—hooked on country, (part I/II) vg+ sol 3 C&W

JOHN CONLEE dot 17671 dj—back side of thirty/same m- 3 C&W (chart in 1979, on ABC 12455)

STEVEN LEE COOK excalibur no number—please play more kenny rogers m- 4 C&W charted on grinderswitch

RANDY CORNOR music creek 590—sometimes I cry in my sleep vg+ 3 C&W, dot 17592

ORVILLE COUCH custom 101—hello trouble vg 3 country chart

LOU COURTNEY rags 100—what do you want me to do m- 5 R&B on epic 11062

BILLY “CRASH” CRADDOCK cartwheel 222—afraid I’ll want to love her one more time m- 3 C&W chart on abc

CRAZY JOE…SPEED BAND payola 12345—Eugene vg+ 3 BUBB on casablanca

DICK CURLESS event 4266—china nights vg+ 3 C&W, Maine label, charted Capitol

DALE & GRACE michelle 930—darling it’s wonderful m- 4 BUBB

guyden 6002—darling it’s wonderful m- 4 bubb montel

LACY J. DALTON universal 53487—hard luck ace m- 3 C&W later charted this label #66015

SUGARPIE DE SANTO check 103—I want to know vg xol 6

THE DILLARDS anthem 51010—one a. m./redbone hound m- 5 Bubbled Under on #101, different flip. Is this first?

TONY DOUGLAS custom 102—his and hers m- 6 before veejay 481

cochise 100—thank you for touching my life m- 3 country-charted on Dot

paula 1220dj—his and hers m- 3 consider as original (earlier) label prior to cochise label re-chart in 1982…

DAVE DUDLEY new star 6420—under cover of the night m- sol wol 6 c&w chart on Jubilee 5436

DYKE AND THE BOAZERS original sound 83 dj—uhh/funky bull m- 10 Bubbled Under slightly later #

MUNDO EARWOOD mpb 102dj—when I get you alone m- 3 assume original label for c&w chart GMC 102

EAST COAST family 10001—the rock 4:30 and 3:29 versions m- 4 soulchart on RSO

EDDIE AND ERNIE tomorrow 5105—time waits for no one vg 13 rare South Carolina local, chart Soul on Eastern

BARBARA EVANS pioneer 7002—charlie wasn’t there vg+ 8 good teener; Original # for this, no Mercury distrib., BUBBLED

THE FALCONS anna 1110—just for your love vg 12

THE FASTEST GROUP ALIVE teem 100—the bears/ vg 8 original label for Garage Bubbling Under

FREDDIE FENDER duncan 1000—holy one/mean woman vg 10 bubbling under on Imperial 5659 – his best??

FREDDY FENDER duncan 1002—wild side of life/crazy baby vg 10 A-side Country chart 1976 on GRT

talent scout [no number] wild side of life//crazy baby m- REPRODUCTION?? 5

THE FLAKES magic disc 222—hey there lonely girl/flakes-reprise m- 8 SOUL on salsoul

THE FLAMINGOS parrot 812—ko ko mo vg- 16 very rare, only copy I’ve ever seen, Chicago label

SYLVIA FORREST arena forest 6913—the nights a re never long enough with you (spanish version flip) C&W doorknob 1989

CLEVE FRANCIS playback 1334—lovelight m- 3 C&W chart 1992 on Liberty, this is Miami label

DOUG E. FRESH AND THE GET FRESH CREW reality 988—keep risin’ to the top m- 4 local NJ release, SOUL on #3101

LOWELL FULSON hollywood 1022 [red glossy 50s PRESS] lonesome Christmas (part 1)/(part 2) vg 11 charted 1964 on this #

GANGSTERS [as: CHICAGO GANGSTERS] red coach 809—I choose you m- 8 1974 (SOUL chart 1976 on gold plate)

GLORIA GAYNOR columbia 45909dj—honeybee/same m- #ol 4 1974 B/U, SOUL on mgm

THE GIANT SUNFLOWER take 6 inc. 1000—february sunshine vg+ 10 #106 on Ode

THE JOHNNY GIBSON TRIO twirl 2012—beachcomber/swanky [[vg+ 9]] [[DJ vg+ 9]] BUBB on Laurie, then hit on Big Top!

twirl 1023 [gold label] beachcomber/swanky m- 7 is this some kind of reissue? good ROCK & ROLL instrumentals!!

MICKEY GILLEY astro 10003—room full of roses vg+ 4 C&W playboy

JIMMY GILMER warwick 547dj—wishing/true love ways vg- 3 BUBB dot

RAY GODFREY j j 001—the picture /overall song m- 17 RARE Atlanta release C&W savoy 3021

R. B. GREAVES sunflower 128dj—margie, who’s watching the baby/same m- 7 1972; BUBB-SOUL bareback in 1977!

JOHNNY GRIFFITH, INC. GeNEVA 502—the grand central shuffle vg+ 6 SOUL rca 1973

HARMONICA FATS skylark 600—tore up/I get… vg+ 24 BUBB darcey—R&B SCREAMER midfast

BILLY HARNER o r 1253—she’s almost you vg 4 BUBB open 1253; though these turn up almost interchangeably…

LEE HAZLEWOOD mgm 13490—sand/my autumn’s… vg+ 6 BUBB as duet with Nancy Sinatra on Reprise in 1967

BOBBY HILL calla 2305—the children/I wanna be with you vg+ 6 SOUL, assume this predates Lolo 2305 where it charted?

J. HINES & THE FELLOWS de luxe 150dj—camelot time/same SOUL, 1973, before # changed to 109

LOUIS HOBBS music mill 1002 [with crude small Promo Sheet] loving you was all I ever needed m- 4 1975; C&W KiK in 1981

CHICO HOLIDAY new phoenix 6190—god, country and my baby m- 14 (includes Company Sleeve!!) BUBB; was it coral?

HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS u.c.r.c. 108—boobs a lot/mr. bojangles (Jerry Jeff Walker) m- 3 BUBB, no idea, is this a reissue?

BOBBY HOOD johnny dollar 125—come on in m- 3 1977; c&w plantation 1978

HOSANNA l.h.m.a. 10001—hipit/any dance will do vg #ol 5 SOUL calla 12078

CINDY HURT churchill 7780—don’t come knockin’ m- 3 C&W on #94000 later

BILLY IDOL AND GEN X chrysalis 2488dj—dancing with myself/same m- 6 GREAT!! BUBB on later number

THE INTRUDERS gamble 4019—(win, place or show) she’s a winner vg+ 5 SOUL, on later number

IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY san francisco 7—white bird/girl with no eyes m- wol 28 RARE, seen once! BUBB columbia

STRANGE ERROR ON LABEL: Apparently the Co. issued this as though WHITE BIRD was the name of the band!!!

EARNEST JACKSON stone 001—love and happiness m- 6 (Louisiana address) SOUL on Stone 200 with no local address

STONEWALL JACKSON columbia 40883dj—don’t be angry/knock off your naggin’ (clean to vg+) wol 7 C&W later #

GARLAND JEFFREYS a&m 13934dj—wild in the streets/same 1973 vg+ 4 ABUBB atlantic 1974

JENKINS AND SOUTHERN MAGIC silver moon 6002—me and margarita m- sol 4 1979 Pasadena CA; C&W zone 7 in 1985

JOHNNIE AND JACK rca victor 47 4765—slow poison/heart trouble m- 8 ’53; C&W decca in 1962

LOIS JOHNSON whitehorse 065—it won’t be easy m- 3 1981; c&w EMH in 1984

SYL JOHNSON e.p.i. 101—goodie goodie good times/love baby m- 5 SOUL, shama 1235

epi 13240—goodie goodie good times/love baby m- 5 same comment of course…

hi 2201—the love you left behind m- 4 SOUL, on #2208 9I’m still wondering how I even noticed some of these…)

HARRISON JONES triune 7212—but tonight I’m gonna love you m- 4 ’73? – C&W on GRT in 1974

THE JORDAN BROTHERS [as JORDAN] golden chariot 73134—gimme some lovin [[vg 6]] [[m- 14]] BUBB phillips

BRENDA JOYCE 2nd generation 2113—don’t touch me m- 3 year unknown – C&W 1979 on Western Pac.

KANE’S COUSINS [as: COUSINS] shove love 0069—take your love and shove it/national anthem [[vg 3]] [[m-,Title Sleeve 26]]

shove love 0069—take your love and shove it/GOOD LOVEN WOMEN OF BISMARCK… vg+ 14 never saw before!

ALL of these are precursors to BUBB on shove love #500

HERMAN KELLY & LIFE electric cat 1700—dance to the drummer beat m- BID//MIN:15 SOUL, alston; Funk-Northern

PAUL KELLY lloyd 007—chills and fever vg wol sol BID//MIN:40 BUBB on Dial; northern soul

DONNY KINGA american pla-boy 1983—mathilda vg+ 6 local Texas release ’74; C&W w. b. 8074

KIT AND THE OUTLAWS black knight 902—midnight hour vg 17 BUBB philips 40420

KLAATU [CANADA] grt 1216 1073—sir bodsworth rugglesby III /calling occupants m- 7 CANADIAN charts on GRT 1275

PATTI LABELLE epic 9 50852dj—release/release m- 4 SOUL charted same number, but as “release (the tension)”

CHRISTY LANE l s 172—simple little words m- 3 C&W united artists 1304

175—one day at a time /same [YELLOW WAX] m- 4 C&W on united artists 1342

BETTY LAVETTE karen 1547—let me down easy vg+ 11 SOUL on calla

CALV9IN LEAVY soul beat ltd. 100—cummins prison vg 10 (local Stuttgart, Arkansas release) SOUL on blue fox #100

soul beat 102—cummins prison m- 6 no local address, but still earlier

JOHNNY LEE astro 0279—cherokee fiddle vg+ 4 1979; C&W in 1982 on Full Moon

j m s 1004—sometimes/get off my back vg+ 3 local Texas label for C&W

ROBIE LESTERE finer arts 1004—the miracle of life [BAD CRACK INTO GROOVES, POPS] vg+ 3 BUBB on Lute

JERRY LEE LEWIS sun 367—save the last dance for me vg- wol 4 C&W didn’t chart until finally in 1979 (sun 1139)

RAMSEY LEWIS TRIO argo 5377—winter wonderland/santa claus is… m- coh 5 CHRISTMAS chart much later Cadet

BETTY LOGAN academy 102—are you sure/teen age party vg+ 10 BUBB on abc

JOE LONDON dynamo 1004—lonesome whistle vg 4 BUBB liberty 55209, this is Milwaukee label

MARY LOVE hill 430—the hurt is just beginning vg 14 SOUL on josie 999

PATTY LOVELESS mca 52787dj [BLUE WAX] I did/I did m- 5 C&W on #53040

BARBARA LYNN JETstream 804—(until then) I’ll suffer/take your love and run vg+ 17 SOUL on atlantic

GINIE LYNN misty 101—I love the way you love m- 5 1977; SOUL on abc 12386 in 1978

JAIME LYNN & GENE CHANDLER nyny 001dj—you’re the one/same m- 5 SOUL salsoul in 1983

LORETTA LYNN mca 51226dj—I lie/I lie m- 3 C&W on #52005 (again I’m not sure how I noticed some of these…)

BOBBY MACKEY “your challenge of the 80s” Pepsi 001—pepsi man m- 4 C&W chart Moonshine. Company promo item!

BARBARA MASON west end 1264—another man vg+ 3 SOUL on west end 22164 (12-inch) in 1984; this dated 1983…

RONNIE McNEIR setting sun 101—wendy is gone/give me a sign vg+ 4 SOUL on prodigal

SHAMUS M’COOL [as DINGO THE FIVE LITTLE ELVES] santa’s little helper dingo vg xol BID//MIN:100

This is a late 60s/early 70s Los Angeles original label…Billboard Christmas chart in 80s on Perspective, one of rarest

THE METERS sansu 1014—hey pocky a-way m- 18 never saw before, SOUL chart Reprise

THE MIGHTY HANNIBAL josie 964—hymn no. 5 m- 8 this is 1965 release, SOUL/BUBB on shurfine in 1966

McKINLEY MITCHELL midas 000—the town I love in/no love… vg xxol 16 Chicago label, can’t tell if before One-Derful

one-derful! 4804—the town I live in/no love like my love vg 11 earlier number than SOUL chart #2030

PRICE MITCHELL prize 98 10dj—mr. and mrs. untrue m- 4 70s; C&W on sunbird in 1980

WILLIE NELSON united artists 641dj—night life/rainy day blues [[vg 3]] m- 8]]

american gold 7601—the original night life/rainy day blues vg+ 4 Texas label late 60s

BOTH ABOVE: This C&W CHART in 1980 by “Danny davis & the Nashville Brass with Willie Nelson”

rca pb 10429—I’m a memory m- 3 C&W chart on RCA 10969 (it also previously charted on #9951)

JIM NESBITT rally 569—livin’ offa credit/I’m a married man m- 13 rare local label

MICKEY NEWBURY elektra 45329—an american trilogy m- 3 Hot 100 in 1973, but this predates C&W on airborne in 1988…

FRANKIE NEWSOM & THE SOUL INVADERS sagport 202—my lucky day parts 1 & 2 vg+ 15 SOUL on gwp

NICK NIXON mercury 73772—I’ll get over you/rockin’ in… m- 3 C&W on mercury 55010

NU ROMANCE CREW [as NU ROMANTICS] emi america 8376—tonight/tonight m- 4 SOUL on #8387

MAYF NUTTER straight 107dj—hey there johnny/same (cleans to m-) 5 novelty, c&w on reprise 0882

OAK RIDGE BOYS columbia 10083dj—rhythm guitar/same C&W on #11009

abc 12463—sail away m- sol #ol 3 C&W usually on MCA same number???

THE O’JAYS world peace 102—peace/wisdom of a child m- 14 SOUL on astroscope #110

astroscope 106—peace/wisdom of a child m- 6 SOUL chart on #110

ONE G PLUS THREE gordo 705—summertime m- 6 BUBB on paramount

THE ONES spirit 0001—you haven’t seen my love vg tol wol 5 BUBB motown; also see Nonchart for FENTON copy of this

THE OSBORNE BROTHERS AND RED ALLEN mgm 12308dj—ruby, are you mad? vg sol wol 4 C&W much later Decca!

SHAD O’SHEA fraternity 3381—colorado call vg+ 4 NOVELTY, C&W CHART local cincinnati release

OSIRIS tom dog 101—consistency m- 11 SOUL, on warner brothers

TONY OWENS soulin 148—confessin’ a feeling got’a get my baby back home (cleans to m-) 15 SOUL on cotillion

PANIC BUTTONS chalom 102—“o-wow”/lisa vg+ 24 SOUL on Gamble

BILLY PARKER decca 32462—I’ll drink to that/the pillow m- 4 C&W on soundwaves in 1981, this is late 60s

JAMES PASTELL rusty nail 1002—hell yes I cheated m- 4 C&W on paula 425

PATIENCE sounds on solid grounds 1002dj—shame on you/same m- 7 local Los Angeles; SOUL on columbia 11334

LUCKY PETERSON yambo 77703—1, 2, 3, 4/good old candy vg 8 Chicago local label; SOUL on today label

WILSON PICKETT correc-tone 501dj—my heart belongs to you/let me be your boy vg+ sol BID//MIN:40 SOUL on verve 10378

WEBB PIERCE sss international golden treasure 427—in the jailhouse now m- 3 precedes his C&W reissue columbia in ‘82

THE PLAYBOYS OF EDINBURG pharaoh 142—look at me girl vg 10% label rip 15 BUBB on Columbia; seen this ONCE

LINDA PLOWMAN ambertone 103—I’m so lonesome I could cry (3:10 and 2:40) vg+ 5 Texas; C&W janus in 1971

PATTI POWELL & BOB GALLION nugget 107—love by appointment/if you… m- 4 C&W metromedia country in 1973

LUTHER RANDOLPH & JOHNNY STILES harthon 424—cross roads (part 1)/(part 2) vg 5 BUBB on cameo

READY FOR THE WORLD blue lake 405025—tonight/same m- 10 BUBB/SOUL on mca

ROBB REDMOND scorpion 0516dj—lunch time lovers m- 3 C&W on nbc label

BEN REECE phono 2607—mirror, mirror/she’s winning m- 3 C&W on lifesong

RENE & RENE east bend 511—las cosas/mendocino vg+ 5 BUBB on white whale label

falcon 1801—las cosas/relampago m- 5 arv international 5015—las cosas/lloraras vg+ 3

DON RENO & BENNY MARTIN antenna 6436—soldier’s prayer in viet nam m- (with juke title strip) 5 C&W on Monument

PAUL REVERE AND THE RAIDERS sande 101—louie louie/night train m- 63 BUBB columbia

R. J.’s LATEST ARRIVAL stand-by 2503—wind me up m- 8 SOUL buddah

JIMMY ROBINS impression 108dj—I just can’t please you/I made… vg+ BID//MIN:40 RARE, from 1965 (was hit in 1967)

mica 2016—I can’t please you/hook line & sinker m- 14 not sure of year on this

ED ROBINSON gm 711—he blackman side I/side II vg+ 12 SOUL cotillion

ROME AND PARIS 20th century fox 423 because of you vg- EDGE CHIP to second revolution in groove 3 BUBB roulette

NINO ROSSO [ITALY] sprint 5550—il silenzio/via caraccilio vg 4 [ITALY] durium 26101—il silenzio/ho bisogno… vg- 3

ONE of these is the “original label” in *ITALY* where this charted; no idea which! BUBB on Columbia here…

ROUNDTREE omni 5502—get on up (get on down)/ocho rios m- 4 SOUL on w. b. – island

BILLY JOE ROYAL southern tracks 1037—burns like a rocket m- 3 C&W on atlantic 99599

TOM RUSH elektra 45604dj—who do you love/on the road again m- 9 BUBB on #45718

JOHN WESLEY RYLES music mill 1001—run right back m- 4 dated 1975; C&W on #214 in 1976

SAILOR epic 50557dj—runaway/same m- 4 1978…BUBB caribou 9035 in 1980

BOZ SCAGGS columbia 46025—you make it so hard (to say no)/there is… m- wol 4 BUBB on #10124

DON SCHLITZ crazy mama 2005—the gambler vg 3 C&W capitol

BOB SEGER capitol 4062—beautiful loser/fine memory m- 4 BUBB on #4300

SEVENTH WONDER southbound 104—for the good times (part I/II) vg+ 12 SOUL, this is rare Alabama label first press

BILLY SHA-RAE hour glass 007—do it/I found the one m- 9 SOUL on spectrum #114

THE SHEIKS [as GEOFF GILMORE AND THE FRANCS] pattern 601—tres chic/little french doll m- 26 incredibly rare…

SILK pye 7l084—party – pt. 1/pt. 2 vg+ 4 1976 - SOUL, listed on PRELUDE 71084, not this, in 1977

JOE SIMON gee bee 077—say (that you’re…)/my adorable one vg+ 10 BUBB on veejay

RED SIMPSON portland 1002—I’m a truck vg+ sol 3 C&W capitol

EFFIE SMITH aladdin 3202—dial that telephone/don’t cha love me? vg- 10 RARE fifties release

spot 103—dial that telephone part I/II vg+ sol 12 SOUL, on duo disc in late 60s

LOGAN SMITH astro 6003—little man vg+ 3 C&W on brand X

SOPHISTICATED LADIES [as THE SOPHISTICATED FOUR] mayhew 78—check it out – part I/II m- 6 SOUL, mayhew #532

SOUL TORNADOES magic city 008—go for yourself/funky thang vg- #ol 3 SOUL, on brut

RED SOVINE chart 7505dj—phantom 309/forever julie m- sol 3 C&W (original for Starday 101 chart REISSUE in 1976)

RED SOVINE AND WEBB PIERCE decca 29739dj—why baby why/sixteen tons vg+ sol 5 C&W hit was #29755

THE SPANIELS north american 001—fairy tales/jealous heart m- 10 SOUL, on calla

SPIRIT [with vg+ PS] potato 1722—nature’s way/rock and roll planet m- 8 BUBB epic; this has different/rare flip

KEITH STEGALL capitol 4874—anything that hurts you m- 3 C&W charted on capitol 4967!

RAY STEVENS trumpet 1400—sergeant preston of the yukon/who do you love (cleans to vg-) EDGE CRACK play OK 3

rare label, BUBB on nrc 057 which is another Atlanta label like this is…

THE STORYTELLERS ramarca 501—when two people (are in love)/time will tell vg+ 14 BUBB on dimension, this is rare

MEL STREET tandem 005—borrowed angel [[vg+ 3]] [[DJ m- 3]] first label C&W chart hit

THE STUDENTS checker 902dj—I’m so young/every day… m- 19 RARE 1958 press, SOUL on argo in 1961…DOOWOP

THE SUPERLATIVES dynamics 1016—“DON’T WALK AWAY i don’t know how (to say I love you)”/lonely… vg 8

1016—“I don’t know how (to say I love you)”/lonely in a crowd m- 17 SOUL on westbound, note variant titles

ISAAC PEYTON SWEAT phonograph records… 1001dj—shed so many tears vg+ 3 C&W on gusto

SWEET CREAM bareback 538dj—I don’t know what I’d do (if you ever left me)/same m- 4 SOUL on Sandy Beach

GLORIA TAYLOR selector sound 0349—deep inside of you/world that’s not real vg xol 16 SOUL on columbia 45986

TEDDY AND THE PANDAS coristine 474—once upon a time/…window vg- 4 BUBB on musicor

T. F. O. three G’s 003—I come here to party m- 5 SOUL on Venture a year later

THE THIRD BOOTH thunder 3271—sound inc. [SAME as I Need Love]/mysteries vg [BAD WARP, UNPLAYABLE] 3 BUBB

THE THREE DEGREES ariola 7721—woman in love/giving up… m- 4 SOUL, charted on #7742

TIDAL WAVES svr 1986—farmer john/she… vg- 5 Detroit garage 1966; BUBB on hbr label

TIERRA asi 201—together/zoot… vg 3 SOUL, boardwalk

PAM TILLIS warner bros. 28984—one of those things m- 3 1985; C&W on arista in 1991

DICK TODD WITH…WILDCATS peer-southern (no number)—big wheel cannonball/return of… m- sol 3 C&W, decca 32168

TOM & JERRY big 618dj—that’s my story/don’t say goodbye vg+ 10 this actually isn’t AS rare as the below item…

hunt 319—that’s my story/don’t say goodbye m- 23 BUBB in Sixties on ABC

TOM TOM CLUB sire 49813—wordy rappinghood/(you don’t stop) wordy… m- 4 BUBB on #50067

TRAVIS TRITT warner bros. 18984—bible belt m- 3 C&W on #18965, which is AFTER this (because series ran backwards!)

ERNEST TUBB decca 46006—walking the floor over you m- 12 1950; ODDLY never charted c&w until Cachet in 1979!!

[UNKNOWN] L S 53—spelling on the stone m- 4 C&W on curb 10522 (and, yes, listed in Whitburn chart book as “Unknown”)

VALENTINO gaiee 7640—I was born this way m- 3 SOUL; this is earlier # before Motown distributed it…GAY pride!!

VICE VANCE AND THE VALIANTS [with YELLOW WAX] valiant 102687—bomb iran/jackie… m- 12 BUBB on paid 109!

valiant 6580—bomb iran/bye-bye, baby m- 8

VANGUARDS L&M 90497—somebody please/I can’t… G 13 SOUL chart on Whiz (too bad about condition, this is rare)

THE WAILERS etiquette 24—it’s you alone/tears m- 27 garage 60s from Seattle; BUBB on united artists

THE WANTED detroit sound 223—in the midnight hour/here to stay m- xxol 26 rare GARAGE, Detroit: BUBB on a&m

223 [with BAND INSTRU. top of label; ABOVE is red label]—in the midnight hour/here… vg+ 13

STEVE WARINER arista 12349—like a river to the sea vg+ 3 C&W chart on #12510

DOUG WARREN sonico 1001—if the world don’t end tomorrow/around midnight vg+ 16 BUBB on Image in 1960

GINO WASHINGTON AND THE ROCHELLES WITH… amon 90580—out of this world (cleans to VG) 11 BUBB on Wand

GINO WASHINGTON correc-tone 503dj—I’m a coward/puppet… m- 38 BUBB on ric tic. THIS IS EARLIER VERSION!!

WAS (NOT WAS) ze 202014dj—tell me that I’m dreaming/same m- 8 (LOCAL, NOT columbia distr.) - SOUL, on Ze #1000

GENE WATSON resco 634—love in the hot afternoon vg+ 3 C&W charted on capitol

JOHNNY “GUITAR” WATSON keen 34005 (black label)—gangster of love (cleans to vg) 7 SOUL, finally 1978 on DJM…

keen 3-4005 (multicolor label) vg- 4 note slightly different numbers

WEE GEE ju-par 535—you’ve been a part of me/remember the love m- 5 SOUL, juney 533, this is Detroit local label

ju-par 536—hold on (to your dreams) 4:20 and 4:17 versions m- 3 SOUL, cotillion 45012 charted

KIM WESTON mgm 13927dj—lift ev’ry voice and sing/this is america m- 8 SOUL, on Pride

LEWIE WICKHAM mother lode 1325—60 dollar ducktruckers lament vg+ 3 C&W charted on MCA

RUSTY WIER longhorn 101—other side of the hill m- 3 1985 – c&w chart black hat in 1987

LITTLE JERRY WILLIAMS southern sound 118—I’m the lover man/the push… m- 14 BUBB on loma in 1964

TIMMY WILLIS sidra 9013—mr soul satisfaction/I’m wondering vg+ 15 SOUL/BUBB on veep

THE WILLIES blue river 211—the willy/willie m- 12 BUBB on co & ce

WINDY CITY kelli-arts 1981—I still love you/just for you m- 8 slow/midt souls SOUL, on #4501

DANNY WOOD pantego 3950—if this is freedom m- 3 C&W london 242

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