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Go to website Within each habitat listed below, pick two fish from each and provide the following information. Family name, scientific name, one A.K.A. name, brief physical description/unique characteristic, diet, and a simple sketch.
open ocean water bay/tributary bottom feeder
american shad gizzard shad black sea bass

atlantic croaker black drum atlantic sturgeon

bluefish white perch summer flounder

spring dogfish shark weakfish striped burrfish

hickory shad longnose gar monkfish

red drum menhaden

white marlin rockfish


lake, ponds, rivers fresh streams rivers
bluegill brook trout channel catfish

chain pickerel brown trout blue catfish

yellow perch walleye white catfish

spotted sea trout rainbow trout common carp

smallmouth bass largemouth bass

tiger muskie

Go to

1. What are the basics of freshwater fisheries management and tidal and coastal fisheries

management in Maryland?

2. Under the migratory species management which states are different in the ASFMC and

the MAFMC? Use and for


3. What is the primary goal of each of the above acronyms? and

for this

Go to and read the pdf on the Magnuson-Stevens Act.

1. Write a brief overview of the main ideas of the MSA.

2. Which two government agencies are responsible for the MSA?

3. List two other federal laws that work in conjunction with the MSA.

4. Out of the ten listed summarized goals of the MSA, pick three that you think are the

most important in maintaining sustainable fisheries and list the rationale for your

Go to Click on the individual pictures for the enlarged pictures of the organism or item and a description.

1. List the common name and scientific name of a commercially important mollusk and

list 3 facts about the mollusk.

2. Do the same for an arthropod.

3. Click on the five types of fishing vessels and provide a one sentence description of

each vessel type and its fishing technique.

4. Click on the Walleye pollock and describe its importance to fisheries worldwide.

What happens to most Pollack caught?

5. Find and click on the Northern Right Whale and describe how it got its name. Then,

list the common scientific and common names for the other 5 whales and dolphins

in the picture.

6. Find and click on the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna. What specific events have led to a

dramatic reduction in Bluefin tuna stocks worldwide?

Go to

1. List all the non-aquaculture fisheries harvesting techniques listed on the web site.

2. Describe the dredging technique and its environmental impact.

3. Describe purse-seining fishing. What type of fish is the technique used for?

4. How is purse seining related to dolphins?

5. List the 5 types of aquaculture techniques and describe one in detail.

Go to and click on the Use Our Consumer Guides Section. Download the Maryland Guide. The fish species are listed according to their sustainable harvesting. List the classification categories in terms of sustainability and list two species from each category.

Download 13.84 Kb.

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