Flash t-mobile Training

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Flash T-Mobile Training

  1. Customers can choose to either keep their existing phone number (regardless of what carrier they’re currently on) or get a brand new number.

  2. Customers can buy a phone through Flash or bring their own device (BYOD).


  1. Flash supports both 3G and 4G phones, but does not support tablets.

  2. If the customer chooses to BYOD, he/she must pay off contract/fees before coming to Flash. If there is any debt on the phone, it will be blocked.

  3. If the customer chooses to BYOD a T-Mobile phone, a SIM card is needed. There is one universal SIM card for Flash T-Mobile.

Enrollment Process

  1. The customer will need the account number of their current cell phone provider as well as the account PIN.

  2. For BYOD, the customer will need the MEID number from each device. To obtain the MEID number on any smartphone type: *#06#. On a 3G phone remove the battery and you will find the MEID number underneath.

  3. The customer will need a debit/credit card when enrolling. The customer will pay upfront for the activation fee(s) and first month’s bill.

Download 3.66 Kb.

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