Florida Bay Standard Data Set Peter Ortner, Joseph A. Pica

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Florida Bay Standard Data Set

Peter Ortner, Joseph A. Pica

NOAA / Atlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological Laboratory, Miami, FL
Out of the past evaluation of hydrodynamic and water quality models of Florida Bay, the necessity arose for being able to judge model quality based on how each performs over a standard time frame with common input and target data. In addition, this data must capture the variations and characteristics of Florida Bay. In March, 2000, this necessity for a Standard Data Set was discussed at a Florida Bay workshop in Homestead, Florida. The results of that workshop were to establish the functions of the standard data set, to designate a period of record, and to determine the types of data to be obtained.

Functions of the Standard Data Set

  1. Validate hydrodynamic and water quality models.

  2. Define “normal”, “wet”, and “dry” water years.

  3. Assemble data on water quality and hydrology needed to investigate linkages between Everglades hydrology and the surrounding coastal area.

Time Frame


Data Types

  1. Oceanographic – Hydrography, Tides, Currents

  2. Climate – Precipitation, Air Temperature, Dewpoint, Wind Direction and Speed, Solar Radiation, Pan Evaporation

  3. Water Quality – Salinity, Water Temperature

Oceanographic, climate, and selected water quality data have been assembled from the various cooperating agencies that collect data in Florida Bay and Adjacent Marine Systems. This Standard Data Set, including metadata, can be accessed through the Florida Bay and Adjacent Marine Systems Science Program website: http://www.aoml.noaa.gov/flbay/.

Pica, Joseph, NOAA/AOML, 4301 Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami, FL, 33149

Phone: 305-361-4544, Fax: 305-361-4449, Joseph.A.Pica@noaa.gov,

Question 1 – Physical Processes

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flabay -> Leigh G. Torres and Andrew J. Read

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