Follow-Up Checklist

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Follow Up Checklist

Follow-Up Checklist

Keep these questions in mind as you are scheduling ongoing follow-up contacts. The following are some of the critical events that require contact between you and the beneficiary.


Start or end of employment

☐ Changes in earned or unearned income

☐ Transition to 1619(b) status

☐ Identification and use of IRWE or BWE (Remember it is one or the other, not both)

☐ Changes in student status or attainment of age 22 for Student Earned Income Exclusion (SEIE)

☐ Attainment of age 18

☐ Changes in living arrangement, marital status, or resources

☐ SSI is accurately and timely reduced due to new or different earnings.

☐ Follow up on enrolling in reporting through phone, application or My Social Security account.

Title II

☐ Start or end of employment

☐ Completion of the TWP

☐ Beginning and end of the EPE

☐ Identification and use of IRWE

☐ Identification and use of Subsidy or Special Condition

☐ Identification and use of Un-incurred Business Expenses and Unpaid Help (if self-employed)

☐ Work CDRs and SGA determinations

☐ Reminder to follow up on Marriage status if CDB.

☐ Beginning and end of Extended Period of Medicare Coverage

☐ Attainment of dual entitlement (CDB becomes insured on own record)

☐ Transition to retirement benefits (early retirement or Full Retirement Age)

☐ Follow up on enrolling in reporting through My Social Security account.


☐ Start or end of the Medicare Savings Program – Ongoing Reporting

☐ Eligibility for the State Medicaid Buy-In – Apply and Ongoing Reporting

☐ Eligibility for Low Income Subsidy – Application process when applicable

☐ Change in Category of Medicaid Eligibility (i.e. Medically Need Medicaid to Medicaid Buy In)

☐ Identify or follow up on employer Insurance offer

Employment Services

☐ Check in on VR referral and status

Check Ticket Status

☐ Identify and transfer Ticket to an Employment Network

☐ Identify long term employment supports (i.e. Waiver Services, Ticket to Work)
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