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University of Virginia Athletics


Compliance Office

This form is required by the NCAA and all student-athletes must complete it prior to the start of employment if they wish to be employed during the academic year.
Name: _______________________________________________ University ID #: ____________ Sport: _______________________
Employer’s Name: _____________________________________ Address: _________________________________________
City: ________________________________________________ State: _________________ Zip: ______________________
Employer Contact Name & Title: ___________________________________________________ Phone: ____________________
Job Title & Duties: ___________________________________________________________________________________________
Employment Period:  Academic Year Job Starts: _________ Job Ends: _________

(Date) (Date)

Hourly or Weekly Rate: $______________ Hours Per Week: _________ Paid on Commission?:  Yes  No

Payment Will Be Made By (Check all that apply):  Check  Cash  Tips  Other: _____________________________

How Often Will Payment Be Made:  Weekly  Bi-Weekly  Semi-Monthly  Monthly  Other: _____________________
Describe Any Benefits Above Salary: ____________________________________________________________________________
Who Helped the Student-Athlete Arrange This Employment? _________________________________________________________
What Is the Employer’s Relationship with UVA? ___________________________________________________________________


  • The student-athlete may not receive any remuneration for the value or utility that the student-athlete may have for the employer because of the publicity, reputation, fame, or personal following he or she has obtained because of athletic ability.

  • The student-athlete is to be compensated only for work actually performed.

  • The student-athlete is to be compensated at a rate commensurate with the going rate in this locality for similar services.

  • The employer and student-athlete will make copies of all documents, earnings statements, and other records related to this employment available for review and inspection by an authorized representative of the NCAA, the Atlantic Coast Conference, or the University of Virginia.

____________________________________________ ______________________

Signature of Student-Athlete Date

____________________________________________ ________________________

Signature of Employer Contact Date

EMPLOYER: Return this original signed form to the Student-Athlete.
STUDENT-ATHLETE: Return this completed, signed form to the UVA Athletics Compliance Office,

3rd Floor, McCue Center. If you need more information, please call 434-982-5018. Thank you. – Continue To Page 2.


__________________________________ __________________________ __________________

Student-Athlete Name University ID Sport
Rules covering student-athlete employment can be found in the “Employment’ section of the UVA Student-Athlete Handbook, page 35.
As a student-athlete of the University of Virginia desiring employment, I agree to comply with the following procedures, as well as all NCAA rules and regulations:

  1. I have received permission from the head coach of my sport to work during the academic year.

  2. I am obliged to represent myself and my university by diligent work habits, honest communication and respectful conduct toward my employer at all times.

  3. I understand that I will be paid only for actual hours worked and that my pay is based on a rate that is the same rate paid to other employees doing similar work in the area.

  4. I will not accept any benefits or privileges that are not available to other employees doing similar work, including transportation provided or arranged by my employer to or from my place of employment.

  5. I will immediately report any improper privileges or benefits offered to me or received by me, and any NCAA rules violations of which I am aware, to the UVA ATHLETICS COMPLIANCE OFFICE.

  6. I understand that my work will be supervised and that if my work is not satisfactory, or if I fail to appear on time and regularly, my job may be terminated.

  7. By signing this employment agreement, I give my permission for my employer to release any and all employment records or documents to the University, the Atlantic Coast Conference, or the NCAA.

  8. If either I, or my employer, wish to end my employment, I will immediately communicate with the UVA ATHLETICS COMPLIANCE OFFICE before such action is taken.

  9. I have been provided with the information detailing the NCAA rules related to student-athlete employment and agree to strictly adhere to them.

  10. I understand that failure to abide by the Employment Program procedures and NCAA rules and regulations could be contrary to NCAA unethical conduct legislation. Further, I understand that any violation of NCAA rules could seriously affect my athletic eligibility and financial aid.

___________________________________ ______________________

Student-Athlete Signature Date
COMMENTS: _____________________________________________________________________________

COMPLIANCE OFFICE APPROVAL: _____________________________________ __________________


NOTIFIED STUDENT-ATHLETE: ________________ NOTIFIED COACH: ____________________


Download 133.82 Kb.

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