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2009 - 2010

Mount Saint Mary’s University Emmitsburg, Maryland

NCAA Division I

Northeast Conference

Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference

Faith ~ Discovery ~ Leadership ~ Community

Athletics Department Mission Statement

The Mount Saint Mary's University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics contributes to the complete development of students. To this end, its programs in intercollegiate athletics are designed to enable students to grow spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and athletically; to obtain a liberal arts education and complete their degrees; to develop leadership, citizenship, and sports skills; and to embrace sportmanship and ethical conduct in their daily lives.

The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics offers extensive and equitable opportunities for participation in sports for men and women, and is committed to diversity throughout the department. The department has a role in University enrollment, public relations and revenue generation. The coaches and administrators provide opportunities where students, staff, and alumni come together to foster and express loyalty and support for the University.

Administrators, faculty, coaches, and student-athletes all contribute to student development, and the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics promotes cooperation and communication among those constituencies of the University in athletic matters. The department strictly adheres to the letter and spirit of all rules and regulations of the University, all conference affiliations, and the NCAA.

A Message From The Athletics Director:

On behalf of the Mount Saint Mary's University Intercollegiate Athletics Administration, Coaches and Staff, I welcome all of our student-athletes to the Mount. We look forward to getting to know you as you strive for academic and athletic success in your career at the Mount.

Participating in our athletics program is a privilege granted to those students who conduct themselves with pride and integrity in the classroom as well as on the playing field or court. As a student-athlete, you are an official representative of Mount Saint Mary's at all times, and we trust you with this role.

The entire Athletics Department is committed to your academic and athletic success. But we cannot help you if you do not ask. Please communicate with us; this handbook is one of our ways of communicating with you about our available services. We look forward to working with you in your pursuit of excellence as a student-athlete at Mount Saint Mary's University.

Lynne Robinson, Director of Athletics

Mount Athletics – An Overview

The Mount Saint Mary's University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is located in the Knott Athletic Recreation Convocation Center (ARCC), which opened in the fall of 1987. Mount Saint Mary's is a Division I member of the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) as well as a member of the Northeast Conference (NEC), the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conferenc (MAAC) for men’s lacrosse, and the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference (ECAC). Mount Saint Mary's currently sponsors a total of 19 varsity intercollegiate athletic teams. There are nine sports for men (baseball, baskeball, soccer, cross country, indoor track, outdoor track, lacrosse, golf, and tennis) and ten sports for women (basketball, soccer, cross country, indoor track, outdoor track, lacrosse, softball, golf, tennis, and swimming).

After many years as a highly successful NCAA Division II member, Mount Saint Mary's moved to Division I in 1988-89. The Mount joined the Northeast Conference in 1989, and has enjoyed much success in the NEC since then. In 2008, both the men’s basketball team and the baseball team won their respective Northeast Conference Championships and advanced to the NCAA tournament! In 2008-09, the men’s soccer team and the men’s basketball team both advanced to their respective NEC Championship games. The 2009 men’s basketball team was invited to play in their second straight post-season tournament, the College Insider Tournament.

There have been many other highlights throughout the years. The women’s tennis team won seven consecutive NEC championships from 1989 – 1995. The women’s cross country, indoor/outdoor track and field squads set records in 1994-95, 1995-96, and 1996-97, by sweeping the NEC titles in all three seasons.The women’s basketball team has won three NEC titles (1993, 1994,1995); and the men’s basketball team has won two additional titles (1995 and 1999). In 2007 the baseball team was the regular season co-champion of the Northeast Conference. In addition, the men’s and women’s lacrosse teams have each won MAAC championships. The women were MAAC champs in 1997 and 1998; the men in 1999, 2001, and 2003. In 2003, the men’s lacrosse team advanced to the NCAA Division I tournament for the first time in school history. In 2004 and 2005, the women’s lacrosse team accomplished this same feat by winning the Northeast Conference championship and advancing to the NCAA tournament. The Northeast Conference Commissioner’s Cup, which is awarded annually to the conference institution that fares best in the league’s championship sports was won by Mount Saint Mary's for three consecutive years (1995, 1996, and 1997).

Academically, Mount Saint Mary's student-athletes have excelled as well. Many Mount student-athletes have been honored throughout the years for their academic achievements, earning awards such as NCAA Post-Graduate Scholarships, GTE CoSIDA Academic All-America Awards, NEC and ECAC Scholar-Athlete Awards, NEC SAAC Leadership positions, and NEC and MAAC Honor Rolls. In addition, Mount Saint Mary's is proud of the outstanding graduation-rate of our student-athletes, usually ranking the Mount in the top twenty among NCAA Division I institutions. Excellence in academics and athletics is a tradition that Mount Saint Mary's University seeks to continue.
Department of Intercollegiate Athletics Staff Directory

Lynne Robinson Athletics Director x3808

Dr. Robert Keefer Faculty Athletics Representative x4251

Mike Hardisky Associate Athletics Director x5227

Doug White Assistant AD. for Operations x5385

Jennifer Wivell Director of Compliance x6782

Eric Hansen Head Athletic Trainer x5386

Michelle Mallett Assistant Athletic Trainer x4089

Mark Vandergrift Sports Information Director x5384

David Musil Asst. Sports Information Director x5384

Pete Kerwin Student-Athlete Support Services x5006

Susan Baumgardner Administrative Assistant x5296

Connie Barnes Administrative Assistant x4805

Judy Strike Adminstrative Assistant x5346

Wayne Ferrebee Athletic Fields Maintenance x5385
Staff Directory – Head Coaches

Scott Thomson, Baseball Coach x3806

Milan Brown, Men’s Basketball Coach x5388

Bryan Whitten, Women’s Basketball Coach x5390

James Stevenson, Cross Country/Track Coach x5391

Kevin Farrell, Men’s Golf Coach x3804

Scott Keller, Women’s Golf Coach x3804

Tom Gravante, Men’s Lacrosse Coach x5356

Denise Wescott, Women’s Lacrosse Coach x3802

Rob Ryerson, Men’s Soccer Coach x5383

Tom Gosselin, Women’s Soccer Coach x3803

Larry Alvis, Softball Coach x3807

Phil Hammond, Tennis Coach x3805

Neil Yost, Swimming Coach x5816

Cheerleading Coach, TBA x5296

TJ Burns, Strength and Conditioning Coach x6781

Where to Go For….

Student-Athlete Support Services (Academic Support; Champs Lifeskills; Student-Athlete Advisory Committee) Pete Kerwin, Coordinator x5006

Health Services/Counseling/Drug&Alcohol Education Wellness Center x5288

Sports Medicine Services Eric Hansen, Head Athletic Trainer, ARCC x5386

NCAA Rules Compliance Jennifer Wivell, Director of Compliance,ARCC x6782

Marketing/Promotions/Fundraising Mike Hardisky, Asso. Athletics Director, ARCC x5227

Operations/Facilities/Equipment Doug White, Asst. Athletics Director, ARCC x5385

Sports Information Mark Vandergrift, Director, ARCC x5384

Recreation/Intramurals/Club Sports Matt Grimm, Intramural Sports Coordinator x5904

Any Other Athletics Question Lynne Robinson, Athletics Director Knott ARCC x3808

Student-Athlete Code of Conduct

It is a privilege to be a member of an athletics team at Mount Saint Mary's University. All student-athletes involved with Mount sports shall be expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship, honesty, integrity, and abide by all University rules and regulations as stated in the Student Handbook, as well as team rules and the Student-Athlete Code of Conduct.

Inappropriate activities, such as appearing on a website (see policy below) that brings embarrassment or a violation of institutional or team policies to you the student-athlete, any team, or the University, or its employees shall subject themselves or others to possible disciplinary action.

It is the responsibility of each student-athlete, coach, or administrator to report any alleged violation of this code or University policy as it relates to the operation and conduct of the Intercollegiate Athletics Department programs.

If a violation of this code occurs, there are many forms of penalties, including a reprimand, suspension, loss of athletics scholarship aid, etc. All persons have the right to appeal in any action before the Athletics Appeal Committee.

Social Networking Websites Policy Student-athletes, as members of the Mount Saint Mary’s Community, are permitted to have profiles on social networking websites such as Facebook and MySpace. Mount St. Mary’s student-athletes are advised to exercise extreme caution in their use of social networking websites. Listed below are important guidelines and reminders.

  • Before participating in any online community, understand that anything posted online is available to anyone on the planet. Any text or photo placed online is completely out of your control the moment it is placed online – even if you limit access to your site.

  • Do not post information, photos, or other items online that could embarrass you, your team or the University. This includes information, photos and items that may be posted by others on your page.

  • Be aware of who you add as a friend to your site – many people are looking to take advantage of student-athletes, while others want to get close to student-athletes to give them a sense of membership in the team.

  • Exercise caution as to what information you post on your website about your whereabouts or plans. You could be opening yourself up to predators such as stalkers, rapists and thieves.

  • In addition to the unfortunate reality of online predators, potential employers and internship supervisors also use these sites to screen applicants.

  • The University, including coaches and administrators, has the right to monitor these web sites.

  • Student-athletes may face discipline and even dismissal for violation of the standards or philosophies of the University, the Athletics Department and/or the NCAA.

Questions regarding acceptable content should be directed to the head coach; the Coordinator of Student-Athlete Support Services; the Associate Athletics Director; or Director of Athletics.

Commitment to Diversity Mount Saint Mary's University is committed to creating an educational environment that is free from intolerance. Intolerance refers to an attitude, feeling or belief wherein an individual shows contempt for other individuals or groups based on characteristics such as race,color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or political or religious beliefs. Respect for diversity is a fundamental goal of the University, which clearly expresses this goal and emphasizes its importance through the mission statement and all its curricular and co-curricular activities.

Sexual Conduct Mount Saint Mary's University will not tolerate sexual assault or abuse such as rape or other forms of non-consensual sexual activity, such as sexual solicitation, physical advances, sexual harassment, verbal and non-verbal conduct that are unwelcome.These acts degrade the victims, our campus community, and society in general.

Academic Integrity Academic integrity is the pursuit of scholarly activity free from fraud and deception and is an educational objective of the University. Academic dishonesty includes: cheating, plagiarizing, fabricating of information, and facilitating acts of academic dishonesty by others. Your obligation as a student-athlete is to make satisfactory progress towards a degree and graduate from the University. Failure to demonstrate satisfactory progress can lead to a reduction or removal of athletically related financial aid and/or academically related financial aid, in addition to jeopardizing eligibility for participation in intercollegiate athletics.

Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco Student-athletes are responsible for following all Federal, State, University, and NCAA guidelines pertaining to the use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. The abuse guidelines are to be considered minimums and each coach may set higher standards for his or her team. However, certains actions are unacceptable and will be dealt with by the Director of Athletics. Included are the following:

  • Use of alcohol or drugs while driving.

  • Use of alcohol before or during athletic events.

  • Irresponsible use of alcohol or public intoxication

  • Use of alcohol or drugs while in the University athletic team uniform or equipment.

  • Use of alcohol or drugs when hosting a prospective student-athlete.

  • Use of alcohol or drugs that interferes with academic success, athletic performance, personal relationships, and finances.

  • Engaging in any form of activity that resembles hazing.

Sportsmanship It is expected that all Mount Saint Mary's University student-athletes conduct themselves with the highest level of sportsmanship. This applies to all activities during practice, competition, and team travel. This applies to all participants, as well as the spectators at athletic events. The Northeast Conference addresses the subject of sportsmanship with the following announcement that is read prior to all NEC competition: “The Northeast Conference promotes good sportmanship by student-athletes, coaches and spectators. Profanity, racial or sexist comments or other intimidating actions directed at officials, student-athletes, coaches or team representatives will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from the site of competition.”

Hazing The University will enforce a prohibition against any form of hazing by Mount Saint Mary's University student-athletes. Any individual or group of individuals taking any action intentionally to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule, which is not consistent with University regulations or policies, shall be subject to disciplinary action from the University and the Athletics Department, as well as civil action by the state of Maryland. Any teams and/or student-athletes participating in hazing activities may be temporarily, or permanently, suspended from athletics participation.

Communication Each sports program will develop and communicate policies for student-athletes, including conduct and language in the locker room, during team travel, at practice and competition, and at other appropriate times. Coaches and student-athletes should communicate information to parents about team rules, strategies, saftey, schedules, travel plans, etc. that might be useful in understanding the program in which their son or daughter participates.

Gambling The NCAA opposes all forms of legal and illegal sports wagering, which has the potential to undermine the integrity of sports contests and jeopardizes the welfare of student-athletes and the intercollegiate athletics community. Per NCAA regulations, student-athletes shall not participate in any gambling activity that involves intercollegiate athletics through a bookmaker, parlay card, solicit or accepting a wager or by providing information to individuals about intercollegiate athletics.

Team Travel All members of the official team travel party should display appropriate conduct that reflects favorably when traveling. Student-athletes are expected to adhere to team dress codes, curfew, and good behavior. All student-athletes are expected to depart and return with their team unless officially released to their parent(s), by the coach, with the proper documentation if necessary.

Class Attendance The value of attending every scheduled class cannot be over-emphasized. Intercollegiate athletic coaches and administrators strongly support the University policy on this subject. Faculty members are willing to assist all students, however it is the responsibility of the student-athlete to communicate effectively with their professors. The first priority of a student-athlete is to be a student, and the second is be an athlete. Classes may not be missed to participate in practice activities.

Health/Safety/Welfare All persons should embrace a primary concern for the health, safety, and welfare of every participant in the Mount Saint Mary’s University intercollegiate athletics program. Participation in athletics is contingent upon the medical approval by the team physicians and the athletic trainers. Student-athletes must show evidence of proper medical insurance and provide an authentic medical history. Student-athletes are expected to keep themselves in good physical condition and are responsible for continued training program prescribed by the coaches and medical staff.

Commitment to Rules Compliance Mount Saint Mary's University administrators, coaches, staff, and student-athletes are expected to adhere to all University, conference, and NCAA rules and regulations. As a part of this commitment to rules compliance, the Director of Compliance conducts monthly rules reviews with the coaching staff. In addition, student-athletes are given an NCAA rules summary presentation at each pre-season team meeting. If a student-athlete has any questions regarding NCAA regulations or concerns pertaining to possible rules violations, please contact the Director of Compliance as soon as possible.

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