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Media Release

St Johns, MI

January 5, 2016


Abraham & Gaffney, P.C. Audit Department Accomplishments
Abraham & Gaffney, P.C., Certified Public Accountants is pleased to announce the accomplishments of three of our audit team members and adds three new team members to their audit department.
Erica Bills, CFE and Jordan Conway were promoted to Senior Auditor on January 1, 2016. Erica, a 2013 Davenport University graduate, was hired in November 2013. Jordan, a 2013 Michigan State University graduate, was hired in March 2014. Their new responsibilities with Abraham & Gaffney will be supervising, reviewing and assisting paraprofessional and staff accountants in the process of governmental and non-profit engagements for clients. Their promotion to Senior Auditor is a major accomplishment.
Stephen Stratton and Andrew Zelinski started January 4th as Audit Interns. They are assigned to the East Lansing office to work on governmental and nonprofit clients.
Michael Elias hired into the firm in October of 2015 as a full-time Audit Accountant. He graduated from Ferris State University in May 2014 then attended Walsh College until being hired by Abraham & Gaffney, P.C. He is also assigned to the East Lansing office.

Abraham & Gaffney, P.C. is a group of highly skilled professionals committed to providing invaluable audit, consulting, financial, tax and accounting services since 1991. A&G started in St. Johns, Michigan and has expanded to additional locations in East Lansing, Auburn Hills and Grand Rapids. The firm consists of 43 highly qualified team members, of which 19 are CPA’s and 8 more are working toward earning their licenses as CPA’s.

For further information, contact:

Tara Bozung

Assistant Firm Administrator

Abraham & Gaffney, P.C.

Phone: 989-224-6836

Fax: 989-224-6837


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