For immediate release january 29, 2015 Three New Smartphone Options from the last Year: Alcatel One Touch Flash Triumphs

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Three New Smartphone Options from the last Year: Alcatel One Touch Flash Triumphs

The online technology and start-ups magazine,, features Alcatel One Touch Flash as the leading smartphone released in 2014.

BANGALORE, India – Last year saw the release of three top quality and affordable smartphones in India: the Redmi Note 4G, the Micromax Yureka, and the Alcatel One Touch Flash. While the new phones incorporate many similar features,, a press company featuring news about start-ups and gadgets, confirms that the Alcatel One Touch Flash takes the lead.

The Alcatel One Touch Flash, the Redmi Note 4G, and the Micromax Yureka run on Android OS. The Redmi Note 4G was released in March 2014, the Alcatel One Touch Flash was released in September 2014, and the Micromax Yureka was released in December 2014. The devices are of similar size. Each phone also has a 5.5 inch LED display with a resolution of 720x1280 pixels, which means the screen quality for each device is comparable. Screen color is also relatively equal with all three devices also integrating a quality touchscreen. All smartphones feature a 5-megapixel front-facing camera and a 13-megapixel rear camera that includes auto-focus and an LED flash. Expandable storage up to 32 GB is available for all three devices with two slots for SIM cards incorporated in the phones' design. Standard features, such as WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth are available on all three devices. So, the question is, which phone stands apart from the others?

Though all three devices are very alike and are of comparable prices, consumers would like to discover which one will perform the best for everyday use. The Micromax Yureka features more storage than the other two phones, but it has received poor reviews on its battery life. Redmi Note has also received poor reviews on battery life, design, and performance. Many phone users are looking for a phone that will have a long lasting battery and one that delivers reliable performance. The Alcatel One Touch Flash provides it, with battery life lasting seven to eleven hours and up to 19 hours of talk time with 465 hours of standby time while using 2G. The phone comes with a power saving mode, enabling users to conserve battery life.

Alcatel One Touch Flash proves to be the most easy-to-use device of all three offered at a price most can afford. Debleena Bose, a representative at, describes, “Alcatel FLASH is a silent killer and is winning accolades galore from users,” Many users have raved about the phone's features, claiming the phone fits their everyday lifestyle, and that it consistently performs to their needs. It uses the latest Android OS, Android 4.4.2 KitKat, which offers numerous new features compared to the previous system. The user-friendly camera captures photos and videos clearly due to its image stabilization features. Digital zoom up to 4x and face tracking helps the consumer to take the best mobile photos. Full HD video recording gives individuals the ability to take quality videos, and users are very pleased with the outcome.

The new Alcatel One Touch Flash incorporates smart features like the smart wake feature. Phone users are able to draw letters on the display to launch applications and wake the phone from sleep. Gamers will be pleased with the device's performance, as it provides the most realistic 3D gaming experience. With sensors integrated in the device, it will adjust the display's brightness based on external light to save battery and provide comfortable viewing. eCompass is a feature included for navigation, and a proximity sensor detects the presence of nearby objects. It also comes with Gyroscope and G-Sensor, a full package which gives the consumer the most up to date smartphone technology.

Alcatel One Touch prides itself in delivering high quality and affordable phones and tablets. The new Alcatel One Touch Flash offers style and comfort, which surpasses its competition. The smartphone has a large and comfortable body with a texture that gives a unique look and excellent grip with no sharp edges. The attractive device comes in black, gray, and white in a sleek and modern design. It comes with two mics, one near the rear-facing camera and a traditional one located at the bottom of the device. Users can utilize audio share to connect with other WiFi enabled gadgets and share audio files. The new phone comes with a free screen guard, a travel charger, data cable, and good quality headphones with a microphone.

The international mobile technology brand, Alcatel One Touch, has been designing, developing, and marketing a large range of mobile and internet devices for over 20 years. It is a sub-company of Hong Kong based, TCL Communication. Because of its commitment to delivering high-quality devices, the company is one of the fastest growing mobile phone manufacturers. In the United States, Alcatel One Touch devices are compatible with most tier one mobile device carriers, including Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, Bell, and TELUS. North American headquarters are located in Orange County, California. In 2015, Alcatel One Touch proudly announced it is the presenting sponsor for The Color Run in North America. To view more about Alcatel One Touch, visit the company's website at

Smartphone seekers can perform additional research on the three new devices. The Redmi Note 4G can be found on at Features of the Micromax Yureka can be reviewed on NDTV Gadgets at The high quality and top consumer product, Alcatel One Touch Flash may be purchased on at

Consumers may research new gadgets and start-up companies at The online publisher is dedicated to keeping the public informed of all current technology news. The Startups Channel is available for viewing and browsing at

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