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APC Smart - UPS 400

We hope to provide you with some information on the Smart - UPS 400

DataSure Services is an American Power Conversion Authorized Service Centre.


Full sine wave output

All the protection of Smart-UPS v/s plus..

SmartSlots for SNMP manageability means wide-area reliability and uptime.

Rackmountable and Extended Runtime configurations available.

SmartSlots provide for accessories such as

UPS Interface Expander card for multiple OS unattended, graceful shutdown. Provides two additional ports to facilitate safe system shutdown of up to three different operating system servers from one UPS

Remote UPS Management Device: Remotely manage your UPS via modem. Get complete UPS information, automatic pager calls on power power problems,and remote safe reboot of servers via user supplied modem.

PowerNet SNMP Adapter - 10 Base-T card makes your UPS "SNMP" manageable from your NMS. Server connections are also maintained for local management.

Capacity 400VA , 250W

Software Configurable features

The Smart-UPS series feature offers software configurable features that allow users to "customize" the operation of a Smart-UPS to their environment and needs. Through software such as Power Doctor or PowerChute plus as well as the SNMP Adapter users may change the factory default settings and store these changes in Smart-UPS's permanent memory (EEPROM). The following parameters are adjustable:


User may assign any 8 character string to assist in UPS identification. For example, UPS ID may be server name or UPS location

Low Transfer

Low transfer voltage may be moved downward to extend brownout range, or upward to protect sensitive equipment.

High Transfer

High transfer voltage may be moved lower to protect sensitive equipment, or higher to to conserve battery during extended high line conditions.


Sensitivity to line noise may be adjusted for fuel powered AC generator applications.

Self Test

Smart - UPS now automatically performs self test every two weeks. This ensures a weakening battery will be detected prior to total failure. Users can opt for weekly testing, testing at start-up only, or no automatic self test.


The audible alarm may be supressed or delayed to eliminate nuisance alarms.

Low Battery Capacity

The low battery warning may be moved from 2 minutes up tp 10 minutes before battery exhaustion. This allows plenty of time to safely shut down Unix and other complex applications.

Minimum Battery Capacity

When utility line returns after a shutdown, Smart - Ups can insure the batteries first recharge to allow for susequent safe shutdown of file servers and CPUs. For telecom or hub applications, Smart - UPS can be set to reboot immediately.

Shutdown Delay

The delay between when the "shutdown signal" is sent from the CPU to UPS and when the UPS "shuts down" can be adjusted for special occasions.

Return Delay

Allows multiple Smart-UPSs on the same power grid or circuit to stagger/sequence their return from Shutdown once the utility line returns.

Output Voltage

For 230 Volt Models only.On-battery output voltage may be adjusted between 225 and 240 volts to match local voltage.


Physical Dimensions

2.25 X 11.9 X 15.5 inches

5.7 X 30.2 X 39.4 cm

17 lbs. Net, 20 lbs. Shipping

7.7 kg Net, 9.1kg Shipping

Typical Run Times

System Load(VA) Minutes Runtime

IBM PS/2 30 w/ VGA monitor 150 33

IBM PS/2 55sx w/ VGA monitor 200 22

Compaq 386/25e w/ VGA monitor 250 15

Compaq 386/33 w/ VGA monitor 300 11

IBM PS/2 80 server w/ VGA 350 8

IBM PS/2 95 server w / VGA 375 7

Compaq 386/33 w/ 19" monitor 400 5


Two year Warranty, with up to $50,000.00 Lifetime Protected Equipment Protection.

For further information contact DataSure Services at (604)598-6831,

American Power Conversion 1-800-800-4APC or FaxBack 1-800-347-FAXX.

Comments or Problems

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