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Frank Merrill/Saturday Night Records, p.o. box 669, Macomb IL 61455 USA

ALL of my available PUNK & MODERN MUSIC currently for sale…is listed here!


*NEEDED* in order to quote proper shipping costs, AND/OR PREVENT HORRIFIC MISTAKES when shipping.

THIS DOCUMENT can be referred to as punk records for sale. AT THIS POINT, ALL CURRENTLY-FOR-SALE RECORDS HAVE BEEN MERGED INTO THIS UNIFIED DOCUMENT. THIS LIST is entirely current as of 14 November 2015.

*PLEASE* go to WWW.SATURDAYNIGHTRECORDS.COM, to ASSURE that you have the most up-to-date document. (If you see this in November 2015, this IS the up to date list.) If you find this on Google after 2015, it may be months/years out of date.

ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: PLEASE MAKE SURE I ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR EMAIL WITHIN THREE DAYS. Sometimes (though not often) emails disappear, and a non-reply may mean your email was never received (I ALWAYS reply).


ITEM DESCRIPTIONS: Sometimes, to save time, I relied on descriptions I saw on Popsike and other internet sites, when I felt I had enough information. If you see some description in “quotation marks” it is a description from the Internet. The quote is sometimes a COMPOSITE of two or more descriptions – “KBD hardcore punk” could have been gleaned from three different sales. I played many so I could describe in my own terms. If you do NOT see a TEMPO/SPEED (slow, ms, midt, mf, fast) in the description, that almost certainly means I didn’t play the record.

ALL ITEMS **ALWAYS MUST** HAVE TWO GRADES: Second grade is the picture sleeve or equivalent, or it will say (no PS). If only one grade, I goofed – & probably has no PS. If you see anything with just one grade, can you tell me please, so I can fix it? Thanks!!!


 EMAIL (THIS IS NOT A LINK!...REMOVE *ALL* “44”s first): fme 44 rrill 44 jr@ 44 yah 44 44 m

COMMONLY USED ABBREVIATIONS: (** items appear BEFORE the price. The price appears after the PHYSICAL conditions of the record, & BEFORE music descriptions, origin, etc.)

a l t - Alternative

** D J - promotional copy (usually sent to radio stations as “freebies” back in the day)

** f o l d o v e r - Instead of a true GLUED Pic Sleeve, this is usually a 7 inch x 14 inch piece of paper folded in half, which

functions as a picture sleeve. This is done quite commonly with punk and independent records.

** G : -[RECORD GRADING] Record, or the PS or foldover, or something else, is “Good” condition. May be + or – as well.

(I know this sounds weird, but it means “NOT in good condition.” This practice is universal among record sellers!!)

GRADING RANGES, best to worst: m-, vg+, vg, vg-, G+, G.

f a s t - the music is FAST tempo. (Note that fast, slow are always spelled out. Also see mid/midt, mf, ms)

H C - hardcore punk

I., Inst., Instr., Instru. - INSTRUMENTAL song, one or both sides, as indicated.

** lyrics - This has a sheet with song lyrics. (** lyrics PS = the picture sleeve itself has the lyrics, usually on the back.)

** m- : [RECORD GRADING] record is “NEAR MINT” condition. I don’t grade anything “MINT” so the m- allows for some

amounts of dust, very minimal amounts of playing, possibly an entirely inaudible scuff, and the like.

m f - MIDFAST (almost fast) tempo m i d (or m i d t) - MIDDLE tempo music m s - MIDSLOW music tempo .

N W - New Wave

P P = Powerpop

s l o w = music is SLOW tempo. (Note that slow, fast are always spelled out. Also see mid/midt, mf, ms)

** s o c c = sticker on cover, foldover, or PS ** s o l - sticker on label

** v g : [RECORD GRADING] Record is in “average used condition. May be + or -, to show variations within the range.

“vg” is generally acceptable to casual collectors, “vg+” is generally acceptable for serious collectors.

** w o c - writing on cover or PS ** w o l - writing on label

ALSO, note that I sometimes use STATE abbreviations, common city abbreviations like NYC, L. A. or Chi.; also UK, etc.

Also, I **OFTEN** avoid some of these abbreviations, and instead spell out what I’m trying to say.

FIRST SECTION: ITEMS SEPARATED “SPECIAL” (I’ve separated this for bookkeeping purposes)

THIS SECTION, AND ONLY THIS SECTION, IS DISCOUNTED 50% FROM ALL PRICES THAT ARE LISTED HERE! **EXTREMELY IMPORTANT** - if you ask for anything from here, you MUST tell me that it is from this section. If you don’t tell me, I will NEVER find it. I just now (on 25 Feb. 2016) removed Flamin’ Groovies [France] after 5 or 6 people ordered it unsuccessfully, NEVER telling me it was in this section, and therefore I was never able to find it for them. So, without that information, I guarantee I can’t find it. Thank you!!

80s BIG CRUNCH: CZECH REPUBLIC big crunch no #--red animal war/sand which is +1 m-/[no PS] 4 mf to fast punks, Nineties

85 "BROKEN SAMPLES" [broken 001] UNDERCOVER--talk to God/CRUMBACHER--jamie/ALTAR BOYS--...rebel +1 m-/m- 12 mf


88 CORRUPTED MORALS [lookout] be all you can be/peer pressure +2 m-/[NO PS] 4.50 Calif. hardcore

80? THE CREEK: beaver 861—arthur whiteside/institute of rock & roll m-/[NO PS] 7 mid. hard rock (metalish A-side)


m-/foldover m- 6 growling Detroit area hardcores, 4 songs total

77 DOCTORS OF MADNESS: [UK, M- PS, 3 inch rip] polydor 2958 921—bulletin/waiting m- 5 punk/powerpop ‘77

90s FIRING SQUAD: mass media no #--declare civil war/days of the past m-/m- 3.50 punk Calif.

82 HAWKLORDS: FRANCE flickknife 209 [M- PS]—who’s gonna win the war/time of… m- 4.50 antiwar/flip mid. Psych instr.

82 THE HOOTERS [eighty percent 82] all you zombies/rescue me m-/m- 4.50


stuff.]—JONESTOWN, LOS CRUDOS, CHARRED REMAINS, etc. 8 “Mohawk Nation benefit” punk, HC protest etc.

79 JOHNNY AND THE DISTRACTIONS: [no #, m- PS]—guys like me/rock me… m- 5 mid. new wave/rock

79 LEYTON BUZZARDS: [GREEN WAX, UK, M- PS] chrysalis 2328—I’m hanging around/I don’t want…+1 m- 9 powerpop

80? LYNYRD’S INNARDS///THE LARRY BRRRDS: [RED WAX] what else NO #—(2 songs)///(4 songs) m-/[NO PS] 4 hardcore, fast

70s BOB MARLEY [JAMAICA, tuff gong no #] a jah jah [with Rita Marley]/jah (version) vg/[NO PS] 3.50 midtempo reggae

79 NEW ADVENTURES: [EUROPE] polydor 2050 857—come on/back to the pit m-/m- 11 fast power pops

95 POEM ROCKET [ PCP entertainment 021] small white animal/milky white entropy m-/m- 4.50 mf/slow New York City label

79 SEX BEATLES: [ENGLAND] charly 1061—well you never…/fatal fascination vg/[NO PS] 3 midfast r&roll/rock

81 THE THROBS: hib-tone 0002 [M- PS]—just one dance/girl don’t waste your tears m- 9 mid. rock, Athens GA

82 WASTED YOUTH: bridge house 1 [ENGLAND]—(do the) caveman [FLIP IS BLANK] m-/[NO PS] 6 mf punk-powerpop

77 JO JO ZEP AND THE FALCONS [celestial 104] beating around the bush [flip is by Ross Wilson] m-/[NO PS] 7 midfast, DEBUT??


78 THE CADS: CANADA Bi-R 001—do the crabwalk/…born yesterday +2 m-/m- 5 punk, toronto label (orange “Cads”)

80 THE CRETONES [PLANET, DJ] real love/ways of the heart m-/[no ps] 3.50

78 THE DISHES [THE DISHES] hot property/summer reaction/secret storm m/m- 6

80? DUB RIFLES [NOTOWN] stand/testify vg+/(no PS) 5 their EP went for $43 on the internet

80 FM [PASSPORT] power/riding the thunder m-/(no PS) 3 mf alternative—synth/mid punk

82 THE F-TONES [SHAKE] lonesome/cleo’s back/too tired/whammer…m-/foldover m- 5 boogie-horn rocks, vocal & inst

80 BB GABOR [ANTHEM]nyet nyet soviet (soviet jewellery)/Moscow drug club m-/vg+ 6.50 mf punk/”Russian”rock

83 MOON JOYCE///PAT BUCKNA: CANADA jamadam no # [M- PS]—the infinite edge///bombs over heaven m- 8

protest songs about U. S. testing bombs in the Arctic, A-side GREAT bleak ballad, label is from Yellowknife, N.W.T.!!

84 MOVING TARGETS: CANADA elevator 458043—christine/outta town boogie man m-/[no PS] 3.50 mid/mf new waves


83? ROAD: lardan inc. 001—rock’n rollin/something together vg+/[no PS] 6 Canadian?? mid to mf alternative rock

83 SAILCATS [THE LABEL] living in a movie/bad luck m-/woc m- 5 mf/slow new waves, Calgary


79 ACCELERATORS [wide open] itty bitty baby/it’s cool to rock +2 m-/foldover m- 62 “PP-punk KBD” **rare**

79 ACE & THE EIGHTS [FIT] face in the fire/explosion m-/(no PS) 7 ms/mid alt-NW, rare “pre-release” Fit sleeve, too

82 ACRYLIX chi chi 100—waiting in the car (for you)/dancing in… m-/foldover m- 8 mf synth/midt, rock-alternative

83 AK47 [RED WAX, delron no #] baby come back to me/foolin’ yourself m-/NO PS 7 midt alt. synth/ms rock-reggae

80 JO ALLEN & THE SHAPES [415] crying over you/lowlife m-/m- 4.50 fast/mf NW-alt

?? G. G. ALLIN [black & blue, unknown #] xmas song/afterbirth [SEALED IN ORIGINAL PLASTIC with PS] 23

84 jettison no #--violence now/cock on the loose m-/foldover m- (also press kit? with comments) 29

87 [GRAY MARBLED WAX repo 007]—“carolina in my ass” EP: diarrhea blues/drink, fight & fuck +2 m-/foldover m- 16

87 [blue 608068] ”public animal #1” EP (7 cuts) [[m-/NO PS 19 BUT Sticker-SEALED never opened]] [[m-/m- 42]]

88 homestead 099—expose yourself to kids/I’m a gypsy motherfucker +1 m-/m- 41 one of his rarer ones

89 [RED WAX, bitter boy] “live at stache’s bar Columbus OH ‘89” m-/(no PS, 3 inserts) 27

89 [red wax, bitter boy?] “live at stache’s bar…columbus OH” m-/(PARTIAL foldover – torn??, m-) 10

Since this is G. G. Allin, I can say that it’s a FUCKING nightmare trying to find the actual titles for this record…

90 G. G. ALLIN AND BULGE [BLUE WAX fudgeworthy 2]—legalize murder/suck my ass (it smells) +1 m-/m- 15

97 tpos 114—out for blood/sixty nine/nuke attack +2 m-/foldover m- 13 green label, orange sleeve “4th press”??

93 …and THE…SHITKICKERS toos (no #)—I wanna fuck the shit out of you/layin’… m-/foldover m- 14 black wax 3rd press?

79 THE ALL-PRO SHAKERS [rebob] DIA/saturday night m-/[[(seams glue has dried out, now is foldover]] *OR* [[Different PS

actually designed as foldover]] m- 13 mid/ms alternative Chi., band details back of sleeve either copy

90 ALL SYSTEMS GONE [system “first press of 1000”] earth rape/their ways +2 m-/foldover m- 6

lyrics inside foldover PS, midfast Tustin CA punks

80 AMA-DOTS hunky 001—hit girls/the cease is increase m-/foldover m- 33 mf punk-alternative

82 AMERICAN NOISE kriminal 45003—statutory sue/another girl like you [[m- “PROMO” wol/NO PS 9]]

[[m-/foldover m- 26]] fast alternative-punkish, about JAIL BAIT girl

81 LAURIE ANDERSON w. b. 49786—o superman/walk the dog m-/vg+ (hard cover) 5 her debut, GREAT avant-garde vocal

80 ANDY AND THE RATTLESNAKES: fellaheen 1980—solitary man/anaesthesia m-/m- 12 mid rock/mf punk

83 ANGRY RED PLANET angry red no #--apathy/mummy from hollywood +2 vg/NO PS 10 mf-fast Punks-Hardcore

81 ANGRY YOUNG BEES: beeswax 1234—square one/you’re not talking to me vg+/NO PS 4 Mass. mid. punkish/fast punk-new W.

83 ANGRY YOUNG BEES [beeswax] crossfire/watching the sharks/can’t…m-/m- 9 mf NW/mf alt/slow alt, Bos.

85? ANIMAL LOGIC: animal beat 4501—motion/happy girl m-/foldover m- 4.50 mid-80s midtempo rock, Wash. DC

80 ANONYMOUS: flat 666—snake attack/corporate food m-/m- 17 GREAT avant-garde horror-rock/fast punk

83 ANTI-MATTER prehistoric 3533—digital dance/infatuation vg+/vg (water stain 5 square inches) 11 rare midt synth

80 ANY TROUBLE: stiff #own 3 [USA PRESSING]—second choice/turning up the heat m-/NO PS 3.50 mid/new wave fast

89? [GREEN WAX, a.p.p.l.e.] “a sensitive fascist…rare” EP m-/three foldovers m- 6.50 punk-HC’s

86 APPLE MAGGOT… [A.M.Q.A.] subcore 0004—nice truck/cats are neat +5 m-/foldover m- 21 Hardcores mf to fast

80 THE APPLIANCES (private label no #)—danger zone/living in america/unease +1 m-/foldover m- 19 midt to mf punk-Alt.

80s “ARIZONA DISEASE” (SELDOMS/JR. CHEMISTS) [subterranean] split EP 2 songs each m-/foldover m- 12 punk, etc.

83 ARKANSAW MAN: subterranean 41—every job/mark twain m-/foldover m- 5.50 midt avant-garde punk talker/odd mid. Inst.

83 ARMS AKIMBO [urban dance disques] start/yield to me m-/vg+ 5 mid/mf Atlanta alternative

79 ART BEARS: ralph 7904 --rats & monkeys/collapse m-/vg+ 6.50 FAST avant-garde falsetto talker/midslow avant-garde

79 ARTHURS DILEMMA [cuntagious no #] up to you/kicks m-/[NO PS] 11 rare fast punks

83 ARTLESS [SEALED NEVER OPENED, label unknown] I am a rock/how much puck rock… SEALED with foldover 10

91? ATOMIC 61 s.f.t.r.i. 198 [WHITE WAX] white Christmas/blue Christmas m-/foldover m- 10 slow Metal-Alternative

90 AXEL GRINDERS: dionysus 74517 [PURPLE WAX]—apparatus…/don’t worry be sappy m-/foldover m- 5 grunge

81 BABY AND THE PACIFIERS [RED WAX, pacifier] after u jump/planet rangers m-/m- 7 mid ska-rock/mf punk, Atlanta

81 BABY BUDDHA [415] stand by your man/(part 2) m-/foldover m- 8 mid to mf Residents type redo, very fucked up

91 BABYLAND [F S] “1991” EP (4 songs, logan’s run/mask +2) m-/foldover m- 5.50 mf-fast punks, +pic/lyrics/etc

80 BACK ROAD [Jupiter] jokes on you/rackin’ up the tears m-/m- 10 mid/fast rocks, much guitar, +lyrics-factsheet, Napa CA.

80 HENRY BADOWSKI: i.r.s. 9902dj—my face/my face [[m-/NO PS 3]] [[STOCK: my face/making love… m- #ol/m- 12]] midt new wave

91 BAD RELIGION: s. f. t. r. i. 158—atomic garden/[etched flip no song] m-/foldover m- 5

82 BANANARAMA: london 201—he was really sayin’ somethin’/give us back our cheap fares m-/NO PS 3

83 mercury 810 115—na na hey hey kiss him goodbye/tell tale signs m-/m- 3

80 THE BANGS [east west] don’t cha know?/why’d ya take yer luv? m-/m- 28 mid NW/mf punk, New Jersey

84 TONY BARCA [recordamatt] sweet lady/bye-bye baby m-/m- 4 Long Island, mid rock-NW/slow rock

81 BAS CLAS serfdom 101—serfin USA/physical world [[m-/NO PS 8]] [[m-/m- 20]] mf/midt heavy new wave – alternative

84 BATTERIES [DJ, bop o’ bay] waiting on angel/do what you will m-/m- (PS "card" w/lyrics) 8 mf NW-alt

82 BAUHAUS: a&m 2524dj—third uncle/ziggy…+1 m-/NO PS 4 GREAT, fast alternative-avant garde redo of Eno song

83? THE BEAKERS: mr. brown 668—red towel/football season is… m-/m- 11 mf/mid punks, Washington State

87 THE BEAT FARMERS [BLUE WAX, mca 53115 dj] make it last/same m-/NO PS 3.50 mf new wave

94 BECK [bong load] motherfuher [*sic*]/steve threw up m-/sticker m- 19 mf to fast punk heavy screamer, his debut!

85 THE BEEF PEOPLE: zub 101—nothing you can do/fragile m-/m- 6 south Carolina fast/mf rocks

79 THE BEES: obey-my-brain 22--stunt man/TV mentality m-/vg 10 mid, rock/punk New Jersey

81 BEEX [zero degree] butch/empty house m-/m- 26 “punk-PP KBD” Richmond VA

80 BOB BELAND [deli platters] stealing cars/I can walk away m- sol/m- 4.50 fast/mid powerpops

80 BELL HEIRS: visa 501—california sun/shaking it down m-/m- 5.50 mf rock-powerpop redo/mid rock

81 BEN WAH TORPEDOS dead stan 2951—fingerprints (love addict)/debbie’s like london m-/m- 31 fast altern-Powerpops

83 “BETHEL” [CASSETTE, compilation BOX SET no number] NWW, Coil, Meat Puppets “Soup”, Pure, Foetus, etc. m-/m- 16

87 THE BIG THING [the big thing] “the johnny onetime tapes” EP m-/m-, lyric sheet 5 Phila. punk 5 songs

84 BITTER SWEET ALLEY track 122—stop spinnin me round/same (though marked A/B) m-/m- 12 midt indie rock

76 THE BIZARROS [gorilla 7639] lady doubonette/I bizarro +2 m-/NO PS 17 **FIRST LABEL FOR THIS**

78 [clone 000] lady doubonette/I bizarro + m-/NO PS 5 THREE VOCALS, one Instr, mf to fast

78 003—it hurts, honey/laser boys/a new order m-/vg+ small sticker 16

81 BLACK FLAG: [sst 95006] TV party/I’ve got to run/my rules [[m-/NO PS 5.50]] [[m-/m- (PS frayed along top) 15]] blue on PS flip

81 BLACKFOOT: atco 7338dj—searchin’/searchin’ m-/NO PS 3

78 MICHAEL BLAISE & CHEATER [BLUE WAX, apb] scoring power/it’s a lie m-/m- 4.50 mf punk, etc. – lyric sheet

81 THE BLASTERS: slash 110—I’m shakin’/no other girl m- /[NO PS] 4 mf rock/fast neo-rockabilly

83 BLIND DATES [savage] don’t/hold on m-/m- 15 mid. NW’s, Rhode Island

94 BLOOD ON THE SADDLE [kill rock stars] please stop calling me from jail/ m-/m- 5.50 mf to fast “cowpunks”

91 BLOODY MESS & THE SKABS black & blue 837—empty/gay party favorite +3 m-/foldover m- (and art insert) 9

various alternative – punk – hardcores [[2 letters handwritten to me by “Bloody” about gigs, in 1992?? m- 7]]

81 BLOTTO [blotto] when the second feature starts/the B side m-/m-, lyric sheet 5 mf/mid NW,. New York

82 THE B-MINORS ikon 123—prom night/letters from home m-/foldover m- 19 “punk-powerpop” northeastern Ohio

includes press kit, which has folds on edge and is vg+

91 [BOBO RECORDS] COMPILATION (5 bands…GLEE CLUB, GOODGRIEF, FILTH +2) m-/m- 5 hardcore, with lyrics

82 BOHEMIA: VU no #--empty room/I wanna cigarette [[m-/NO PS 4]] [[m-/m- 10]] ms rock/mf punk from Chicago

79 THE BOLIVIANS [private] spy in the house of love/pretender +2 m-/m- 11 mid to fast alternative, punkish

90 THE BOLSHEVIKS[dr. strange] wild kingdom/disneyland/fine print +1 m- /foldover m- 4.50 Long Beach CA punk

79 BONE: rumble 215145—pirate the islands/the headlines… [[m-/NO PS 6]] [[m-/vg+ 23]] rare florida

88? BOOM AND THE LEEJUN OF DUME! [depression] “hate to love…” EP (10 hardcore songs, Mich.) m-/m- 6.50

88? THE BOONDOCKS: the boondocks no #--in the dark/at 23 m-/NO PS 3.50 ms/mid rockish Minnesota 80s or 90s

89 BOOTBEAST [noiseville] doris day’s doorstep/heart head m-/m- 5 Arizona, mf punk/altern.

80 MARK BOSNIAN…BOMBERS [curmudgeon] coconut girl/don’t stop now m-/m- 5.50 mf/midt rock-alternative

80 THE BOUNCE [RR] so excited/mama says/t. v. monster/jenny’s… m-/soc m- 5.50 three are fast altern.-NW, from NJ

80 DAVID BOWIE [mainman…Boot of some kind?] “1980 floor show” three songs m-/(no PS) 5

78 BOYFRIENDS: bomp! 117—I don’t want nobody (I want you)/you’re the one m-/m- 7 midfast punk

79 THE BOYS: titan 1421—(baby) it’s you/bad little girl vg+/small sticker m- 15 kansas city label, mid rock/mf punk

82 BOYS BAND [elektra, DJ] don’t stop me baby (I’m on fire)/same m- / [[m- /NO PS]] 3.50

[[please don’t…/we’re lovers Stock Copy m-/m- 6]] midtempo rock

83 BOYS BRIGADE [capitol, DJ] melody/melody m-/m- 3 midtempo rock

78 THE BOYZZ [epic-cleveland, DJ] wake it up, shake it up/same vg+/vg+ 3.50 metal—midfast hard rock

79 THE BRAINIACS [YELLOW WAX mental health no number] suzies so unsure/stunned +2 m-/foldover m- 17 “KBD punk”

80 THE BRAINS [mercury] money changes everything/girl in a magazine m-/(no PS) 3.50 mid Alt/mf punk-Alt

79 BRAM TCHAIKOVSKY [polydor 2016] lady from the U.S.A./turn on the light m-/(no PS) 3

81 [arista, DJ] stand and deliver/together my love m-/(no PS) 3

80 BRIDGE independent project 002—assault on base 4 +2 more m-/foldover m- 19 Instr, midt avant-garde, surf hint! flip

81 BRODOFF [yip and yap] down in laboomba/he who slaps back m-/m- 7 ms alt-ska/slow alt, recorded 1980

84 BROKEN EDGE: polydor 817 281 dj—time for a change/same m-/[no PS] 3 mid. (midtempo) rock

82 B TEAM [b team] the kill/caught/what is this? m- WARP PLAYS OK/m- 9 (also has picture-lyric sheet with) mid to mf punks, private S. F.

79 THE BUGGLES island 99871 dj—video killed the radio star/same m-/NO PS 3 first song ever played on MTV…

90 BULLETS FOR PUSSY [noiseville] punched/enemy/pointed stick/one day m-/soc m- 6 wall-of-guitar avant punks

83? BUNNYDRUMS: [label not stated]—little room/win m-/foldover m- 11 mf punk/mid avant garde, Philadelphia

80 BUSH TETRAS [99] too many creeps/snakes crawl/the tropics m-/m- 26 FEM punk vocals, and an Instr.

89 BUSTED STATUES: arf arf 025 (Mint Pred clouds/the bo tree m-/NO PS 3 now scarce rock

82 THE BUTCHERS: notown 1—heroine/furor poeticus/to you [[m-/m- (PS with X-Ray on back) 6]] *NOTE DIFFERENT SLEEVES

[[m-/m- (PS with “Recommended For Radio” on the back, and crude/punky titles layout) 15]] Calif. midfast, lyric sheet

94 BUTTHOLE SURFERS [PICTURE DISC trance 30/gag 94] good king wencenslaus/the Lord is a monkey m- [NO PS] 11

81 KEVIN CALHOUN u.n.i. international 101—stop killin’ those kids/my turn… vg+ much wol/NO PS 5.50 ms/midt

79 CANE & ABLE [congealed] citizen of Babylon/le vice anglais m-/NO PS 3.50 mid ska/alternative/ms instr.

81 CARDIAC KIDS sudden 10005—little lies/tonight’s the night m-/m- 19 “western Mass. power pop”

86 CASHMERE JUNGLE LORDS: mppa 7186—my brother Humphrey +3 m-/vg+ 6 Virginia, various vocals punk to c&w!

88 CHEAP TRICK epic 34 07965—don’t be cruel/I know what… [[m-/m- 3]] [[DJ, “don’t be cruel”/same m-/m- 3]]

80 CHEEK [voxx] do you have a soul? +3 m-/m- (small rip top of PS) 9 various PowerPop, BOMP subsid.

78 CHEETAH [long] stop breakin’ down +3 m-/(oversize PS) soc m- 4.50 ms to mid rock-Alt, Wausau WI

85? “CHEMICAL IMBALANCE #4” [COMP., free record from magazine] 4 bands SONIC YOUTH, THE CHANT +2 m-/(no PS) 5

79 CHINAS COMIDAS [exquisite corpse] “lover/lover” & ”peasant/slave”+2 m-/foldover m- 12 fast/mf punks, seattle, Avant flip

79 [exquisite corpse] snaps/for the rich m-/foldover m- 13 “punk-powerpop”

95 CHINESE MILLIONAIRES punkcity rockcity no number—door-to-door maniac/glendora +2 vg+/NO PS 6

fast punk-hardcore, includes using feedback as an additional musical instrument…

81 CHINESE RELIGION perchance 001—my motive/music box m-/m- 16 mf Alt. with cool Instr. in it/midt Experm’l vocal

78 CHI-PIG [chi pig] ring around the collar/bountiful living m-/gatefold PS m- 22 Akron HO, mf punk-Alt sides

78 CINECYDE: tremor 0003—rock meat (and...)/underground/I don't want nothin'... +1 m-/m- 21 mid to fast punk, lyrics sheet

79 005—radiation sickness/phosphorus and napalm +2 m-/m- 28 mf to fast punks, lyrics sheet Detroit-area group

90s? CLEVELAND C. CLEVELAND: angel boy no #--stadium/swingsets m-/foldover m- 4 N. Carolina avant-garde rocks

82 CODE OF HONOR [private] what are we gonna do?/what price… m-/foldover m- 58 fast/mid “punk KBD”

80s COFFIN BREAK: CZ 030—saddam/bush (OR: kill the president/stop art) m-/foldover m- 5 fast hardcore/mf punk

81 THE COLD top pop 002—mesmerized/wake up m-/vg+ 11 same band as above

88 THE COLORBLIND JAMES EXPERIENCE [afm] sophisticated/the havoc theme m-/m- 4.50 mf/mid NW

82 COMMON DENOMINATOR (private label no #)—social carnivore/at the beach m-/NO PS 10 mf altern. “D.I.Y.” west IL.

80 THE CONTRACTIONS [Q ‘n D] rules and regulations/you touched me m-/foldover [[m-/NO PS 4]] [[m- 11]] Fem. fast/mf punks

82 [Q ‘n D] don’t blame it on me/breaking up is not hard to do m-/foldover m- 10 mf to fast punk

85 CONVENIENS [convenience 44108] barney klark/commercial…m- wol/(no PS) 5 ms/fast Instr. AVANT-G synth

88 TOMMY CONWELL…RUMBLERS: columbia 37 07980—I’m not your man/workout m-/m- 3.50 mid/mf

81 THE COOTIES: [RED WAX] whup-em 2225—dinosaurs/waitin for the fisherman [[vg+/NO PS 4.50]] [[m-/sticker m- 16]]

ms rock/mf ska rock, NY City

82 [whup-em 1985] patch it up/big fun [[m-/m- 21]] [[m-/NO PS 8]] mf/mid alt—punk

88 CORRUPTED MORALS [lookout 2] be all you can be 4 m-/P& & lyrics foldover m- 7 Northern CA. hardcore

82 ELVIS COSTELLO [ONE SIDED SINGLE, columbia] man out of time m-/(no PS) 3

76 COUNT VIGLIONE/JOSEPH… [warulven] the morn of the confrontation/whiskey mama +2 m-/sticker m- (+lyric sheet) 16

mid to mf rock Boston

76 WAYNE COUNTY & THE BACK STREET BOYS [max] max’s kansas city, i/ii m-/(no PS) 8 mf punk-Powerpop

81 CRACKED ACTOR [death]nazi school/judy… [[m-/m- 235 FIRST ISSUE, cover art goes all the way to border on the PS]]

[[SECOND PRESS, STILL RARE, bordered PS cover art m-/m- $168]] “punk KBD (multiple sales $200 to $300+)”

80 CRAMPS ilegal/I.R.S. 090124—garbageman/drug train m-/m- 29

81 [i. r. s.] goo goo muck/she said m-/m- 18

?? [no label on black vinyl record] love rubbed off/is elvis dead? m-/foldover m- (blue print) 12

94 medicine 18045—let’s get f*cked up/how come you do me? m-/NO PS (company sleeve) 14 (and Jukebox Strips)

80 THE CRAWDADDYS: voxx 1002—why don’t you smile now/there she goes again m-/m- 8 midtempo “garage 60s type”

87 CRAZY 8s: red rum no #--courage and conviction/luv’ll find you m-/m- 4 mid danceish-rock-alternative, Oregon

82? CRAZY HEARTS: R. 21—4 minutes to midnight/adrenalin control/L-I-G-H-T m-/foldover m- 31 New York City fast punks

80 THE CRETONES planet 45911—real love/ways of… [[m-/m- 3.50]] [[DJ copy real love/real love m-/m- 3]]

78 CRIMINALS [sing sing] the kids are back/the cops are coming m-/m- 15 punk, mid vocal/mf Instr.

80s CRINGER [vinyl commun.] perversion/ed’s song +4 vg+/”busy” foldover m- 6 Hardcores

90? [vinyl commun.] Petrograd/triangle part 2/stump/signals m-/foldover m- 5 ms to mf punks, lyric sheet

81 CROCKETT [friendly snake] you can take me easy/ku Klux klan NO RECORD, FOLDOVER ONLY m- (with sticker) 4.50

81 THE CRONICS cronic (“Prisom Bars” EP, no #)—bird of prey/high on you +2 m-/foldover m- 16 m to fast rock-punk-etc

89 CROWBAR SALVATION [s.f.t.r.i., RED WAX] sack lunch/shotgun blues +2 m-/m- 5.50 heavy guitar rocks-punks

85 CRUZADOS: arista 9436dj—motorcycle girl (3:44 and 3:58 versions) m-/m- 3 midfast rock

87 9554dj—time for waiting/same m-/m- 3

81 C’ STREAT [alpfa] rockin’ pub/I don’t know why (I love you) m-/sticker m- 13 mf punk-NW/ms Alt, Boston

80 BRIAN CULLMAN & SCATTERED… [silent] waiting for the cavalry/when love comes m-/vg+ 4.50 mid/mf Alt-NW, NYC

80 FELIX CULPA [hacienda] terrorist love tourist/we don’t sleep together m-/foldover m- 14 mid punk-Alt

78 THE CUNTS [disturbing] chemicals in the mail/why do you live on my block [[m-/(red) foldover m- 14]] [[with vg foldover 9]]

with BLACK foldover m-/vg+ (first release???) 30

82 CUNTS: disturbing 112281—a date with disaster/there are electrical filaments on my hamburger m-/foldover m- 32 mf punks

98 CYPHER IN THE SNOW: bad monkey no #--the madness…light/scabies/regression m-/foldover (has lyrics) m- 4 odd horn punk

81 DA autumn 1—dark rooms/white castles m-/m- 28 Chicago “post punk” – “dark wave”

79 THE DADISTICS: quark 2—paranoia perception/cry for yourself m-/foldover m- 4 fast/mid female rocks, Bomp distr.

79 3—modern girl/later baby m-/m- 4 fast female rocks

88 DAS DAMEN [sst] reverse into tomorrow/bug m-/(no PS) 4.50 midfast punks

80 THE DAWGS [greenline] shot of your love/main street u.s.a./paper moon m-/foldover m- 20 Boston “PP-punk”

81 D-DAY: moment productions no #--right to know/your history complete m-/m- (hard cover) 3.50 fast synth new wave/midt rock, Austin TX

81 THE DARK dark world 2023—judy/houses R falling +1 m-/foldover m- 8 midfasts, also includes Ordering sheet

77 DEAD BOYS sire 1004 dj—sonic reducer/same m-/m- 31 GREAT, early powerpop-punk (I see a lot of sales over $50???)

95 DEAD C (siltbreeze, no #) metal heart/heartpunch REISSUE m-/(gray title foldover) m- 4.50 I needed help on finding titles!!!

79 DEAD KENNEDYS optional music 02—california uber alles/man with the dogs m-/(b & white) foldover m- (lyrics, etc. inside) 23

80 I. R. S. 9016—police truck/holiday in Cambodia m-/m- (+lyrics sheet) 29 “Cambodia” was the B-SIDE? Who knew?!

81 [i.r.s./faulty…] too drunk to fuck/the prey m-/m- 14 fast punk, great!/strange slow avant flip

82 faulty products 23—bleed for me/life sentence vg/m- 6.50

82 alternative tentacles/subterranean (sub 24/virus 8)—nazi punks fuck off!/moral majority important early 80s political punk,

great…scarce, with the arm band m-/[plastic sleeve m-] HAS NEVER BEEN OPENED 14

82 alternative tentacles #virus 28—halloween/saturday night holocaust m-/m- 13 (lyrics on back of PS)

89 ANGEL DEAN &… [sol] walkin’ talkin’/spider’s web m-/m- 4 mid/ms alternative

81 DECODERS decoders 12585—classics/decoder/the dagger underneath m-/m- 9 “Boston KBD”

82 DECORUM [long view] Spanish bars/hold on tight m-/has NEVER BEEN OPENED in plastic, + business card, and handwritten message 20

80 LIGHTNIN’ HARRY DEE [private] green machine/I’m an alcoholic m-/(no PS, has PRESS KIT) 10 fast punk/mf Alt

86 DEHUMANIZERS subcore 0001—everybody fight/sing through me/kill lou guzzo +2 m-/(pink foldover with TV, black background)

foldover m- 17 various Hardcore, etc. SEATTLE, also picture-lyrics sheet, also copy of cease-and-desist letter from KIRO-TV

79 DELINQUENTS [rock of 80s] it’s down to you/vice president m-/m- 23 mf punk-PP

79 THE DELINQUENTS live wire 1—alien beach party/motivation complex +1 m-/m- 26 Austin TX “punk KBD”

83 DEPECHE MODE sire 29482 dj—everything counts/same m-/NO PS 3 GREAT midt synth new wave

87 27991 dj—behind the wheel/route 66 & behind the wheel m-/m- 3.50

90 sire 19842—policy of truth/kaleid m-/NO PS 3

83 DEPROGRAMMERS [cryptovision] grim reaper/midas touch m-/m- 5 mf alternative-New Waves

79 DERBY Czech (no #)—chicken love/don’t bee m-/vg+ 5 mf rock-r&roll/slow rock

80? THE DETONATORS [boom dance!] don’t talk/opening…/restless kids/passé m-/sticker m- 12 mf Alt to punk songs

85 emergency… (no #)—yer child’s war/just another reason m-/m- 15 “KBD hardcore” both fast

80 THE DETROIT BLUES BAND [get down] friday the 13th/it should of been me m-/m- 5 mid Boogie-ALT/mid r&roll

77 DEVO [booji boy] (I can’t get no) satisfaction/sloppy (I saw…) m-/(no PS) 18 mid punkish/mf punk-NW, DEBUT!

79 w.b. 49028dj—secret agent man/same m-/NO PS 3 mf new wave

94 warner brothers 29133—are you experienced?/growing pains m-/m- 5 (WONDERFUL psychedelic sleeve!)

84 DICKS radical 2—no fuckin’ war/nobody ask me +1 m-/m- 28 (with lyric sheet, also)

80 DIDUS X tinct #XEG6A1—these boots are…/so & so m-/m- (+band information card) 12 mf, altern.-punk/new wave

93 DIG [wasteland, WHITE WAX] fuck you/fuck you (SAME) m-/(heavy title cover) m- 7 mid. heavy-guitar punk

85 DIRT HEROES: propulsion 101—how to act/thinking of you/white lies +1 m-/m- 5 midfast Alternatives Queens NY

85 DISTRACTION BOYS: cryptovision 600—have a nice day/home on the (missile) range +1 m-/foldover m- 6 NYC fast HC-punks

79 DIZZY & THE ROMILARS [jimboco #UB1K-2x] elizabeth’s lover/star time m-/m- 7 midt Alt. New Wave/mf altern.

83 D. O. A.: cd 005—burn it down!/fuck you [“right to be wild” single] m-/m- 14 fast Hardcore screamer, big Info sheet

82 DOGMA PROBE arachnid (no #)—thirteen/a word of warning m-/m- 33 “KBD, synth punk, cold wave”

81 THOMAS DOLBY [harvest, DJ] europa and the pirate twins/same m-/(no PS) 3.50 great midfast dance-alt synth vocal

82 [capitol] she blinded me with science/flying north m-/(no PS) 3 Though a HIT, great vocal w/Synth

90 DON’T MEAN MAYBE [BLUE WAX, dr. dream] buff and tan/petty m-/foldover m- 4.50 mf-fast punks, much guitar

81? THE DOO.: VVV 10 (doesn’t look like Dallas label, but IS)—trash/soho m-/m- [+lyric sheet, DOO sticker] 21 new wave/avant

85 THE DOUBLE “O” ZEROS: mountain 001―be a zero/show me/hose ‘em down +2 m-/m- 7.50 New Jersey ’85, guys in drag!

81 DREAM’R triad 929—stranger/what the hell m-/NO PS 5.50 midt, rock/punkish sides, where is this from?

82 THE DRONGOS (private label, no #)—halloween/don’t touch me m-/m- 10 midt new wave – rock/mf rock-altern.

77 DUKE AND THE DRIVERS: jelly 004—youre love is such a wonderful love/lookin’ for…m-/m- 10 Boston mid/mf punks

74 EARTH QUAKE beserkley 5736—friday on my mind/tall order…guy m-/NO PS 4.50 good me REDO/midt heavy rock

89 THE EASY GOINGS [bee-fast] most of all there’s you/hoboes need lovin’ +1 m-/foldover m- 3 mid Alt. Santa Fe

81 THE EGGS: varulven 105033—changes/be on my side m-/m- (gatefold PS, with lyrics) 12 fast powerpop-punk/mf

81 THE 88’s engram 008—money can’t buy the best of you/real gone over you m-/m- 18 “SCARCE”!!

Seattle label ROCK AND ROLL: fast with bo diddley influence/midfast rockabilly with guitar break

81 THE ELECTRIC EELS: mustard 107—spin age blasters/bunnies m-/m- 27 NYC ’81 release (recorded 1975) “proto punk KBD”

80 THE ELEVATORS [arista, DJ] stickball kids/same m-/[no ps] 3 mid rock-Alt

83 ELEVENTH EPISODE playtime (# unknown)—in broken (sometimes..)/excuses SEALED, envelope PS 8

listed as “Min. synth KBD goth” but I haven’t played to confirm, never opened – Boston label

80 THE EMBARRASSMENT [big time] patio set/sex drive m-/NO PS 62 “KBD” has sold $200+ with the sleeve

82 THE ENGLISH BEAT i.r.s. 9909 dj—save it for later/save it for later m-/NO PS 3 midt synth-new wave

82 9913 dj—I confess/I confess m-/NO PS 3

81 STEVE ERICKSON Deanne 1015—journeys to forever/I’m a genius m-/m- 7 LEWISTON, IDAHO:

midt moody light garage 60s type/slow guitar rock

82 ERRATIC SENSATION [mansong] dimestore/beginning of the end m-/m- 7 ms Punk-Alt/mid Alt, Queens NYC

79? ETHER [M-92] ya gotta killa me/in and out m-/vg+ sticker on sleeve 15 mf Power Pop-punk/slow

82 EVEN WORSE worst 0001—mouse or rat??/1984 vg+ (much label damage)/NO PS 8 Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth

79 EXTREMES test tube 002 (band name stamped on label)—bloody yellow/animals part III/mr. moto m-/NO PS 16

midt to fast alternative-experimental cuts, flip are great Instrumentals

81? [evbeat] physics/s. o. s. m-/m- 10 mid Alt-rock, cool! label BILLINGS, MONTANA! but NJ group. Huh?

77 THE FABULOUS POODLES: epic 50720dj—work shy/same m-/[no PS] 3

84 FACE TO FACE [epic, DJ] “10-9-8”/same m-/m- 2.50 mid synth new wave

82 FACTUAL faction 01—your way/think to the beat RED WAX m-/foldover m- 10 “minimal synth” – rare Nashville

79 THE FAD [the fad] run on back to you/think m-/foldover m- 270 “powerpop” has sold for $382

79 FASHION: i.r.s. fashion 9502—the innocent/ red green & gold/sodium… m-/vg+, writing on PS 4 mf p-pop/mid punk

80 THE FAST sounds interesting 004—cars crash/”b” movies [[M-/no ps 8]] [[m-/m- sticker 20]] mid. rock/mf powerpop-rock

83 [recca] moontan/love is like an itching in my heart m-/foldover m- (also inner foldover PS m-, and bio. sheet) 10

mid/fast Alt-Avant garde, FLIP IS CRAZY SUPREMES REDO, done LIKE THE RESIDENTS!!!!

81? FAST FOOD: hit 506—warranty/insecurity m-/m- 10 midtempo, synthpunk/rock, NYC

78 FEAR [slash] fuck Christmas/(bleep) Christmas m-/(no PS, but white sleeve with tree on it) 16

87 THE FEW: K #”FRLT”—rollin’ like the tide/friends m-/m- 3.50 midtempos , west coast

83 FINAL MINUTES [und du] shame on/happy again m- wol/m- (stapled shut never opened) 10 mf/fast new wave-Alt, Long Island

78 FINGERPRINTS [RED WAX, twin tone 7803] …space girl/track 9 +3 more cuts m-/m- 7 Alt, fast punk, etc. rare

80 002082—smiles for sale/you have to push…m-/foldover m- 7 fast punks, Minnesota

80? DAVID FINNERTY: deli platters 2—hold on/don’t turn out… m-/m- 5 NY mf/midt

78 IAN FISHER: monster wax no # [*CRAZY* green & blue marble wax!]—girls like that/it’s…m-/foldover m- 17 seattle punk—rk

80 FLAMIN’ OH’S [fat city] I remember romance/everyday m-/(no PS) 2 **SALE** mf/mid new wave-rock, Minneapolis

81 FLESHTONES i.r.s. 9905—ride your pony/roman gods m-/NO PS 4 midt alternative sides, A-side redo Lee Dorsey 60s

84 THE FLESHTONES: i.r.s. 9930dj—american beat ‘84/same m-/NO PS 3 fast rock or glam??

78 FLIRT [real] don’t push me/degenerator m-/m- 20 fast female-led punks

82 THE FLIRTS [O records 1001] jukebox (don't put another dime)/surf's up m-/[NO PS] 3

87 FLY ASHTRAY: phoaming edison 001—the day I turned into jim Morrison/eat at joe’s +1 m-/m- 5.50 fast punk Bronx NY

79 THE FLYING LIZARDS [virgin 67006] TV/tube m-/m- 3.50 (don’t often see the Flip) midfast avant garde rock sort of Residents type

79 [virgin 67003dj] money/money m-/m- 3.50 midtempo, much like Residents, so cool

78 J. J. FONTAINE FEATURING… [unique kinda] american foxes/[BLANK FLIP] m-/m- 5 mf Power Pop

86 “FOOTPRINTS OF GOD” SAMPLER: tulpa prod. no #--M.O.T.O., WOODCHIPPER, ISOLATION FARM +2 more artists m-/foldover 14

“KBD punk," Connecticut label – the cut M.O.T.O. “crystallize my penis” great fast punk

80 FOREIGN BODIES bizart (no #)—the incredible truth/long walk home m-/m- 9 midt, altern.-avant Instr./pure Exper. Inst.


80 4-SKINS [grove] I’m mad/when I’m gone m-/m- 16 NYC fast punk/mid punk-Alt.

80 ROBERT FRIPP [polydor, DJ] under heavy manners (2:43, 4:47 versions) m-/(no PS) 4 mid Alt. synth vocal

80 FRED FRITH [ralph] dancing in the street/what a dilemma m-/soc vg+ 5 mid/mf avant-garde Instr’s

82 FROZEN CONCENTRATE [malted] girls/Arabic harem m-/foldover m- 5.50 mf New Wave/mid Alt.

80 FUN WITH ANIMALS [a&m 2223] the test of love and sex/3623 A. D. m-/m- 8 GREAT, midfast synth punkish classic

78 THE FURYS double R 1011—say goodbye to the black sheep/suburbia suburbia m-/m- 4 mf rock—punk/mid punk, Calif.

79 beat 002—we talk, we dance/moving target m-/m- 7.50 midfast punk

81 FUTURE FORCE [big deal] hit men/reincarnation WITH TITLE SLEEVE: [[m-/vg- 60]] [[m-/m-, sticker on sleeve 107]]

90? GARGOYLES [GREEN WAX, s.f.t.r.i.] Michigan/world at war/children of... m-/foldover m- 5 fast/mid

80 THE GATOR FAMILY hors-d’oeuvre 001—I want (to be your moon)/red pony m-/foldover m- 16 Austin “punk KBD”

78 GEMS: titan 8915—save your money/didn’t like it anyway m-/m- 23 kansas city powerpops

88 GENE LOVES JEZEBEL Geffen 28104 dj—suspicion/suspicion m-/m- 3

79? GENERATION X: GX 2—rock on/no no no/gimme some truth/from the heart m-/NO PS 11 mf to fast punks, early billy idol

82 JOEY GEORGE AND THE INITIALS initial 21820—dads money/the visitor m-/foldover m- 7 mf New Wave-Alter., diff.vocal/Inst.

81 THE GERMAN SHEPHERDS s & m (no #)—I adore you/message from J. J./booty jones m-/foldover m- 31

“KBD-Indie” two avant-garde cuts, and “terrorist” rant!! Incredible. (PS is dog-and-girl PS)

90 THE GERMS [CLEAR WAX, hoki, reissue of early single on What? label] forming/sexboy m-/foldover m- 5

79 GEZA X [final gear] Rx rock & roll/pony ride [[m-/NO PS 9]] [[m-/foldover m- 26]] fast punk/mf punk-avant garde Instr.

90 GINGERBREAD MEN: arf arf 030—sex pollution/tangerine m-/m- 4 mid. rock-punk Boston area

83 DEBRA GINSBERG GROUP [label not stated] another chance tomorrow/fairy tales m-/m- 5 Boston mid Alt, with sax

79 THE GIRLS [hearthan] the elephant man/Jeffrey I hear you m-/m- 52 RARE Cleveland OH, fast and extreme punk

82 GIRL SCOUTS [r. a. c.] I don’t wasn’t to be a zombie/hometown girl m-/(writing) vg+ 8 mid Disco-Wave/fast Alt

84? GOD: s.f.t.r.i. 27 [CLEAR WAX]—rockin’ marky/meat cleaver boy m-/foldover m- 5 fast/mf punks

81? “GO GO” COMPILATION: go go 002—JJ 180 factory limits///HELEN WHEELS///KING OF SIAM crazy lady m-/Poor PS 5.50 punk

78 HARVEY GOLD [clone] armadillo [*sic*]/I keep a close watch vg+/(with staple, soc) vg+ 3.50 ms/slow Akron OH

96? GOOD MORNING///STRAIGHT TO YIOUR BRAIN: big action no #--[split EP] (eight punk songs) m-/foldover m- 4

78 GOOD RATS: passport 7912—just found me a lady/coo coo coo blues m-/[no PS] 2.50 mid/slow

88? GRANDPA’S BECOME A FUNGUS: psaltery 871130—marvin the mouse/season…m-/foldover m- 7 mf punk, only 500 made

81 GRAPHIC SHADOWS explicit 001—sue turns her eyes away/SBS +2 m-/m- 27 also has lyrics sheet.

Back of PS has large plain sticker for promo/bookings contact information.


95? GROOVE DIGGERS limited potential 009—all time/all the way m-/m- 3.50 fast/mf Nineties

86 GROUP OF INDIVIDUALS universal satirical 7158—world civil war/police beat m-/m- 8 mf/fast punks

(the PS is a title sleeve. Also, includes promo sheet for “Haymarket 86” anarchist gathering)

78 GRUPPO SUPPORTIVO: sire EP 6066—bernadette/disco really made it +4 m-/sticker, m- 4.50 vocals, some male some female

80s HAUNTED GARAGE [RED WAX, s.f.t.r.i.] brain in a jar/two-headed transplant m-/m- 6 with 3-D glasses

80 PATRICK HAZELL &…BAND [rumble] look up/can’t pay the bill m-/vg+ 4 mid Alt-Rock, Peoria IL label

87 HEADLESS HEYDAY [label not stated] competitor/overcoat/windscreen m-/foldover m- 5.50 two Hardcores and 1 Instr.

84 THE HEADPINS: SGR/MCA S45 1160 dj—just one more time/same m-/NO PS 2.50 Sleeve has sticker “Special CHR Version” [time is 3:50]

84 SGR/MCA 90001—just one more time/same [TIME is 3:48 on this copy] m-/m- 3

87 HEADTHROB stardust 8701—I’ll never drink again/(throbbing mix) m-/Title Sleeve m- (+Barf bag) 11

midt “sickly” vocal alternative-experimental

82 THE HEART THROBS elektra 69975 dj—I’ve got to feel your love tonight/same m-/NO PS 2.50

70s RICHARD HELL +THE VOIDOIDS///NEON BOYS **EMPTY PICTURE SLEEVE ONLY** for don’t die/time; that’s all… vg+ 7

80 GERHARD HELMUT (private label, #001)—unter der faust [UNDER MY THUMB]/trapped like a rat m-/foldover m- 19

(also lyrics sheet) Bomp Distrib. A-side redo Rolling Stones as fast powerpop-punk; flip midtempo

92 THE KARL HENDRICKS TRIO: (incomprehensible logo) 2701—baseball cards/smartypants m-/foldover m- 4 mid. guitar rock

89 HICKOIDS toxic shock 014—we got the eggnog if you got the whisky/frosty blue Christmas m-/foldover m- 6

mf “cowpunk” novelty/midt alternative Christmas song

81 HIDDEN COMBO phantom plaything 1—music from a sophomore +4 m-/oversized foldover mp (also a Bio. sheet) 14

midt to mf alternative-art-avant garde vocals and instrumentals, very cool

86 HINDU LOVE GODS i.r.s. 52867—gonna nave a good time tonight/narrator m-/m- 4 fast new wave-rock, small Ctr. hole

80 HI-TECHS archive 1304—boogaloo rendezvous/subscriptions (are my prescription) m-/m- (+bio sheet) 13

girls, fast/mf punkish – alternative

78 PETER HOLSAPPLE [carnivorous] big black truck/death garage +1 vg+/vg+ 3.50 mid punkabilly/fast Instr/mid Alt. NYC

80 HOOKS [hooks] lipstick on your collar/young & boring [[m-/vg 9]] [[m-/m- *with BIO. sheet* 16]] “KBD, powerpop” NYC

81 HOOTERS [eighty percent 80] wireless/fightin’ on the same side m-/m- (and mailing envelope m-) 7 DEBUT I assume!

81 HOT DATES [boston skyline] tune into me/do you want me m-/m- 20 “garage powerpop punk” Boston MA

76 HOT KNIVES [K. O.] hey grandma/I hear the wind blow m-/m- 14 rare? – early mf/ms Indie-rock-new wave

81 THE HOUSEKEEPERS clone 13—I gotta know/down the road (mizzle the mode) m-/NO PS 7 “P-Pop/punk KBD”

86 THE HOUSEMARTINS elektra 69515 dj—happy hour/happy hour m-/m- 3

84 HOUSE OF PANTS [amorous] just a movie/he’s not there m-/(company sleeve, promo sheet only) m- 5 Alt-punk/NW

80 HUMANS FROM EARTH [slapstick] jaded heart/half life m-/woc (Poster PS) m- 6 mid/fast New Wave-Alt

77 THE HUMAN SWITCHBOARD: rug 101—fly-in/distemper/shake it boys +1 m-/foldover m- 35 Ohio various, one cut female lead!

79 square 10577—in my room/prime of my life [[M-/STICKER VG+ 23]] [[m-/m-...AUTOGRAPHED PS 29]] fast punk flip, Ohio

83 HUMAN THERAPY: dr. dream 001—domesticated people/american dream +2 m-/STICKER VG+ 18 scarce Calif. fast punk

00? HUMDINGERS///CONSIDER IT SUICIDE [bizzarro no #]sidekick kato +3///the ballad of kleenex +3 m-/m- 4 fast punk; avant Instr.

84 HUSKER DU sst 025 [black vinyl]—eight miles high/masochism world (live) G+/NO PS 4.50 early

82 I. C. U. [tite] telephone/columbia vg+/foldover (lyrics on back) m- 10 Detroit, mid Alt-Avant Garde

92 IDLE: drive 3443 [RED WAX]—crack/several blues m-/foldover m- 4 NYC midtempo

91? BILLY IDOL: emi/chrysalis 17516—wasteland/neuromancer m-/NO PS 2.50 “for jukeboxes only”

77 IGGY & THE STOOGES: bomp! 113—I’m sick of you/tight pants & scene of the crime [[m-/NO PS 3]] [[m-/m- 8]] early punk

77 bomp! 114 dj—consolation prizes/Johanna/Jesus loves the stooges m-/NO PS 4 midt punk/midt r&roll/slow

81 LOS ILLEGALS: a&m 2401 dj—“el-lay” english, spanish versions m-/m- 2.50 new wave

87 IMMACULATE FOOLS a & m 2941 dj—tragic comedy/same m-/NO PS 2.50

79 IMMUNE SYSTEM [immune system] submerged/ambivalence and spark plugs m-/vg+ 15 mid Alt/fast punk, Chi

82? impLOG [log. 745001] breakfast/she creatures m-/NO PS 11 “rare no-wave” description on an ebay sale

80 THE IMPOSTORS: 415 no #--don’t get mad/it’s better this way m-/m- 8 california, mid/mf punks, early this label

82 THE INDIVIDUALS plexus 609—dancing w: my 80 wives/our world/seven hours… m-/m- 12 midt to mf Alt.-rock-new wave NYC

89 INFANTS OF SIN [BLUE WAX, superseven] sin city/lies/wack/homeless m-/foldover m- 5 mf to fast punks

79 INFLIKTORS: A 101—where’d you get that cigarette/everybody wants to survive m-/m- 8 Boston mid. hard rock/ms

95 INSURGENCE: crisis 008—high noon/toe tappin with the scenesters/it hurts m-/foldover m- 5 North Car. mf-fast hardcores

82 INXS: atco 99833dj—to look at you/same m-/NO PS 2.50

82 99874 dj—don’t change/same m-/m- 3

84 99731 dj—I send a message/same (both sides 3:16) m-/NO PS 2.50

88 atlantic 89080 dj—new sensation/same m-/m- 3

80 I-TAL [i-tal] rockers/better dread m-/(title sleeve) m- 3 Ohio reggae, Cleveland suburbs

80 I TONES [lion] love is a pleasure/love is a dub m-/NO PS 3 midtempo Boston reggae/version

83 IVAN X [warrior] tell tale heart/edge of night m-/m- 5.50 dark midtempo punk-Alt (based on Poe)/Alt-NW

77 THE IVORIES tremor 002—let me ride/city of wheels vg+/NO PS 4 mf, rock/surfish rock, Detroit

78 [tremor] x-15/competition/hustle…+1 m-/vg+ sticker on sleeve 13 Michigan, two are midfast punk

82 JAD FAIR (press 1001)—“The Zombies of Mora-Tau” EP (7 cuts) m-/m- 15 heavy-duty industrial/noise; INSERT IS MISSING

79 BRIAN JAMES [i.r.s.] ain’t that a shame/living in sin/I can make… m-/m- 5.50 mid hard Alt rock, and two Punks flip

79 JANIS AND THE BUMBLEBEES [rip-jack] big talk/”b” movie m-/vg+ 9 mf new wave

79 JARGON (private label, #40829)—so glad to see you/higher up m-/NO PS 8 Chicago midt, much-guitar rock & break/light

80 THE JARS [universal] time of the assassins/jar wars m-/m- 13 mid Alt/mf powerpop Instr

78 JOOK bomp 3 (“Exhibit J” EP)—aggravation place/everything I do +2 m-/m- 17 “punk powerpop – glam”

87 JUDAS BULLETHEAD jettison 009—the king is dead/oh baby m-/foldover m- 8 mf hardrock-Punk/midt DARK heaviness

80 JULES AND THE POLAR BEARS: columbia 11204 dj (U.S., small center)—sometimes real life +3 m-/m- 3.50 slow to mf rocks

79 THE JUMPERS pias 001—sick girl/this is it m-/b&w foldover with bio *AND* m- Outer PS orange-frame glasses m- 15

Buffalo NY, mf power pop/mf punk (I’m told there are alternate P/S with the glasses frames purple?)

77 JUST BOYS: counterfeit 511—hook, line and sink her/thanks a lot m-/vg soc 5 **SALE** Tampa FL mid to mf rocks

NOTE: ABOVE ITEM actually has two picture sleeves, the inner one is another photo and has the song lyrics on back

90s JUST SAY NO: staple 003—tricks (are for pigs)/food & beer/you owe me/+1 m-/foldover m- 4.50 Mich. band TX label, punk

90s [YELLOW WAX] cartoon castle no #--the ballad of frank cox/pitbull on crack +1 m-/foldover m- 5 Michigan metal punks

78 JUST WATER: branded 2001—singin’ in the rain/witness to the crime m-/m- 13 mid/mf powerpop

81 KAYOTE southern paper(?) 1028—easier said than done/broken hearts vg+/Poor PS 4 Houston midt rock, A-side new wave

86 KBC BAND arista 9526 dj—it’s not you, it’s not me/same m-/m- 2.50

84? KAMALA AND THE KARNIVORES: lookout! 16—love like murder/back to bodie +2 m-/sticker on foldover m- 4.50 girls

fast rockpunk BODIE = big and famous California ghost town in the desert!

88 CHARLIE KARP & THE NAME DROPPERS: grudge 08 dj—givin’ it all I got/same m-/(slight stain PS) vg+ 3.50 mid to mf rock


80 GROVER KEMBLE & ZA ZU ZAZ [utopia] too many things…mind/I got rights to you m-/foldover m- 5.50 mf/mid NJ rock-Alt

87 LOOSE BRUCE KERR: broken 1001—walk like a Deukmejian/what’s inside a condom, daddy? m-/NO PS 4 A-side parody of Bangles!

Deukmejian was the California Governor at the time. fast new wave/great fast novelty!

83 THE KIND 360 #1006—(we can) work this one out/no questions m-/NO PS 5

80 THE KINGBEES [rso] shake-bop/no respect m-/(no PS) 3

80 THE KINGS [elektra] switchin’ to glide/my habit m-/(no PS) 3 mid new wave—rock/fast powerpop

83 KRAFTWERK: w. b. 29342 dj—tour de france: “remix”/”french version” versions m-/NO PS 3 WONDERFUL, mf synth-electronic

86 [w. b., DJ] the telephone call/same m-/m- 3.50 good synth rock

82 CHRIS LAMARR crash 1015—young & free/1985 m- wol/NO PS 7 flip INCREDIBLE, midfast Synth new wave, so cool…OHIO

79 LAMOUR: zero degrees 5166—sunglass party/someday m-/m- 46 Virginia midfast punks “KBD”

80? ROBIN LANE…CHARTBUSTERS [deli platters] when things go wrong/why do…+1 m-/(corner rip) vg+ 7 mid Alt.

82 THE LATE SHIFT [the late shift] bleeker street/neurotic bop [[vg+ wol/(no PS) 4]] [[m-/m- 13]] mid Alt/mf punk-new wave

95 LATEX GENERATION [all natural] fuck me, I’m a rock star/I killed the president +1 m-/m- 4.50 various tempo punks (3)



83? THE LEATHER NUN [subterranean] f. f. a./prime mover m-/foldover m- 5.50 dark midtempos, avant garde/hardrock

85 THE LEGENDARY GOLDEN VAMPIRES: [M- PS] exile 7001—creeping poison/rebel woman m-/m- 6

80 HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS chrysalis “CHS-21-PDJ” dj—some of my ies are true (sooner…)/same m-/vg+ 12

rare PROMO RELEASE, I didn’t open up the “PS” but appears HUGE, a cross between a foldover and a press kit???

82 [RED WAX, chrysalis 2589 dj]—do you believe in love/is it me m-/(Title Sleeve) m- 9 another rare promo item

80 THE LIGHTS airwave 005—new york girls/doctor jones m-/sticker vg+ 9 good fast/mf punk-powerpops NYC

84? JOE LINDSEY…BOYS: blues in Babylon] Nadine/rockin’ days m-/(no PS) 3 mid guitar rock blues/mid rock, Chi.

80 LIPSTICK KILLERS: voxx 1003—shakedown u.s.a./hindu gods (of love) m-/[no PS] 7 fast punk

81 LOG-A-RHYTHMS: curve 107078—logs/coffee m-/foldover m- 9 mf/mid female Punks-New Waves, chicago

80 THE LONERS double-A (no #)—inanimate objects/neighborhood kids m-/foldover m- 20 mf powerpop-Alt/fast punk-powerpop

85 LOPEZ BEATLES [shanghai] bitchen party/spin-a-roo m-/m- 4.50 mid rock-new wave

79 LORDS: TL 3500—thinkin’ bout a girl/I love new york m-/m- 57 rare NYC mf/fast punks, with STIV BATORS

82 LOST GENERATION: incas 714—never work/silent strangers +2 m-/m- 48 rare Connecticut fast hardcore

80 BUDDY LOVE [buddy love] Sheila/party girl m-/m- 74 rare NYC “powerpop with The Nerves”

83 LOVED BY MILLIONS [loved by…] nosferatu/why why m-/m- 5 mid/mf new wave – Alternative

82 LENE LOVICH [stiff epic, DJ] blue hotel/blue hotel m-/(no PS) 3 new wave

80 LUBRICANTS: relative 007—activated energy/trans-formation vacation m-/m- 157 Chicago fast punks

RARE PRESSING, label originally says "MODERY PHYSICS" as group, has been corrected by paste-over Lubricants sticker

78 THE LUCHS BROTHERS: retread 0001—kill me I’m rotten/losing my lunch over you m-/m- 19 great mf punk & guitar/avant

80 LUCY [amalisa] frustration/tomorrow’s stars m-/m- (+lyrics sheet) 28 great fast punks

84 LULU REVUE: zanon 400—A. W. O. L./my palace assassin/Iceland m-/foldover m- 7 mid to mf alternative, NYC

82 THE LUST [the lust] dread in N.Y./I’m annoyed/1000 more +2 others m-/m- 20 “KBD” per internet, didn’t audition

78 GREGOR MacKENZIE…MISANTHROPES [break’er 101] torture that girl/compact… [[m-/m- shades of black & white PS 24]]

[[m-/BLUE-SHADES foldover sleeve 41]] very rare “punk KBD”

83 MADE FOR TV: conflict no #--so afraid of the Russians/unknown soldier[Doors] m-/foldover m- 11 John Cale prod. GREAT avant

82 MAGIC MOSE…ROCKERS: arf arf 005—take me to the asylum/you, or your clone +2 m-/foldover m- 6.50 ms to mf, Boston

80 MAJOR THINKERS [nose] back in the 80’s/farewell to the coast-/ m-/picture sleeve is G+ 21 mid punk-Alternative

83? MAN ACT discipline 3001—la la love/she helped me scratch/too much…+1 m-/m- 6 midt to fast altern., “mid-80s drums”

84 M + M (formerly a/k/a Martha & the Muffins) [rca, DJ] black stations white stations/same m-/()no PS) 3 NW disco

79 ALAN MANN & THE FREE ARTS BAND [contender] city lights/you can’t… m-/m- 7.50 Phila., midtempos, NW/Alt.

80 MARIANUS [Jupiter] magical man/prelude to…(instr.) m-/m- 10 mf PP-punk/ms avant garde-experml.-Psych Instr!

79 THE MARINA SWINGERS [L. A. X.] I’m a swinger/little swine m-/vg+ 15 scarce according to Popsike, “synth, DIY”

80 THE MARSHALLS: [isabelle 4] not the way I loved you/I wanna be rich +3 m-/foldover m- 27 “power pop KBD”

80 MATERIAL [red] discourse/slow murder m-/vg+ 9 mid Alternative/midfast, punks both

81 A MATTER OF TASTE! m squared (no #)—turn us over/how come yet up? +1 m-/foldover (lyr. inside) m- 19 midt-mf Alt.-New W.

77 DADDY MAXFIELD [rhino] you’re breaking my heart/oh my m-/m- 5 mid. rock-new wave/slow, RARE number

80 FRANK MAYA + THE DECALS: zave disc 098—trying to be helpful/too nervous m-/m- 6.50 NYC quirky E. Costello type

83 MDC r radical 2 [WARP, PLAYS OK]—multi-death corporations/selfish shit/no place to piss +1 m-/NO PS 13 “KBD” grt hardcore

96 M. D. C. [V.M.L.] M.D.C. 9/8/1996 live Fireside Bowl Chicago (5 great live hardcore songs) m-/foldover m- 4

88 MEAT CIGARS: tombstone 16—surrogate sex/underground/drug pig +2 [[m-/NO PS 4]] [[m-/m- 8]] Portland OR mf to fast punk

79 MEATY BUYS disturbing 020279—new freedumb/criminal mind (“duddle”) m-/m- 79 Chicago “KBD” selling $100 supply gone?

82 THE MEMBERS arista 1018—working girl/at the arcade m-/NO PS 2.50

81 MEN AT WORK [ONE SIDED SINGLE, columbia] down under m-/(no PS) 3

80 LYNNE MESSINGER [p[porky dog] who the hell wants their picture taken/possessiveness m-/m- 4.50 fem. NW-alt-punk

79 THE METEORS [PVC] it’s you, only you/night life m-/soc m- 3.50 **SALE** good mid/mf rock-Alt.

79 RUSS MICHAEL: millennium press 8200—finding your soul-mate/the science of dying vg/(title sleeve) vg+ 3

very strange narrations from Virginia Beach, flip eastern sensibilities, the afterlife, etc.

78 MIDDLE CLASS: joke 09831—out of vogue/you belong/situations +1 m-/foldover m- 241 punk-hardcore, silver label, RARE!!!

80 THE MIDNIGHT EYES [fire] at the roxy/sweet Susie m-/sticker m- 10 punk-Alt’s, mid/mf Calif.

81 MINUTEMEN new alliance 004—joy/black sheep/more joy m-/m- 36 Punk-hardcore

?? MISFITS [plain BLANK orange label no text] “Evil Is as Evil Does” EP six songs m-/foldover m- 10

foldover, which is mostly black and yellow, says Plan 9 records. Listing via Popsike said “500 made”

82? MISSION FOR CHRIST: no trend 1—pennies from hell/(dub mix) m-/foldover m- 16 midtempo avant garde

80 M. K. C. [test pressing HANDWRITTEN LABEL] glow in the dark/take me away m-/(no PS) 13 with vg+ letter to WCOZ

80 [positive productions 001] glow in the dark/take me away m-/sticker on Sleeve vg+ 8

82 MODERN ENGLISH: sire 29598dj—someone’s calling/same m-/NO PS 3 1982 new wave

83 MODERN INDUSTRY [toxic shock] man in black/no change/the Egyptian +1 m-/foldover m- 9 good Hardcores

81 MODERN PIONEERS adventure 2—space age hop/native nights m-/foldover (inner lyrics) m- 9 mf, altern./avant-garde vocals

79? THE MOD FRAMES: hit 505—little miss lonelyheart/still smiling today m-/m- 17 midfast new wave NYC

80 MODO: deli platters 4—I wish I could dance like fred Astaire/sylvania m-/m- 4 mid. punkish, NYC

79 THE MonDellos swell (no #)—let’s join/white night riot m-/foldover m- 7 mf punkish, Oakland CA

80 ARTHUR MONROE ZONE [domo] I like it that way/chastity m-/m- 7 mf punk-NW/ms heavy Psych rock

82 MOOD FOOD: zeb meat 003—the thang was rough/you think…made m-/foldover m- 5 athens GA, mid. alternative—rock

79?MOONDOG [moondog] rich man, poor man/let it slide m-/m- 5 slow rock/mf alternative

81 THE MORONS (private label no #)—suburbanite/changing days m-/m- (+lyric sheet) 27 Albany NY “punk KBD”

83 DON MORRELL…METEORS [shadow] I get enough/dizzy/don’t forget… m-/foldover m- 8 fast Punk-Alt/slow

80 ELTON MOTELLO passport 7920—pop art/20th century fox m-/m- 4 midt new wave/ms rock

80 MOTHS: kakoon 101—magazine look/driving bores me m-/m- 67 rare midfast punk “KBD” Queens NY

89 MOTOR MORONS: [[PURPLE WAX]] *or* [[BLUE WAX]] flip side no #--stuck out/318/big truck +2 m-/m- 5

midtempo punks, Maryland group

77 THE MOTORS virgin 9517 dj—cold love/same m-/NO PS 2.50

78 9519 dj—airport/airport m-/NO PS 2.50

78 9520 dj—forget about you/same m-/NO PS 2.50

75 THE MOVIES [a & m, DJ] fancy man/fancy man m-/NO PS 3 midslow Alt.

82 MOVING PICTURES [network] what about me?/joni and the romeo m-/NO PS 3

79 MUMPS: [perfect 1) Rock & roll this/muscleboys/that fatal charm m-/m- 7 with Photo/Lyrics sheet! ms to mf punks

80 MUNDANES [portable] make it the same/funnier than love/empty…m-/m- 15 Providence PP-NW w/J. Linnell of They MBG

76 MURL’S PEARLS [murl’s pearls] 58 puerto Rican women/Rachel m-/(no PS) 6 mid/slow old & rare

92 MUSKELLUNGE: oxo 19167—happy/green gold m-/foldover m- 5 midfast punk-powerpop, Minneapolis

78 THE MUTANTS: ftm 7848—so american/piece of shit m-/vg+ [[reddish label 15]] [[burgundy label 15]] [[yellow label 20]]

Michigan punks…I’ve been told that the yellow label is the first pressing.

79 [FTM 002] café au lait/I say yeah m-/sticker m- 12 mid punk-Alternate songs, Michigan

80? THE MUTNTS [415] new darkages/insect lounge/new drug m-/m- 12 midfast punks (on PS, MUTNTS in green print)

REDUCED! I found a few copies of this.

80 MX-80 SOUND: Ralph 8001—someday you’ll be king/white night m-/m- 7 fast punk/mid alternative-avant garde

80 [ralph 8055] O type, parts i/ii m-/m- 4.50 mid. hard guitar rock-talker, avant garde

80 PETER MYERS BAND [deli platters] sweet candlelight/real tears m-/m- 4 mid rock—alternative/slow rock, NYC

80 GARY MYRICK AND THE FIGURES [epic, DJ] she talks in stereo/same m-/(no PS) 3 midslow new wave

77 NAILS [nails] cops are punks/big star/another lesson m-/sticker G+ sleeve 10 first release this group as "Nails"

77 THE NAMES fiction 99—why can’t it be/baby you’re a fool m-/NO PS 4.50 Chicago, midt Alternative-College type rock

**COPY OF THE ABOVE WITH VG+ PIC SLEEVE** 27 PS is rare, I’ve rarely seen

79 WAZMO NARIZ [fiction] I hate my life/touchy feely people/I just want to have sex +1 m-/vg+ 4 mf alt—punkish

79 [illegal/i.r.s.] checking out the checkout girl/what does it hurt? m-/m- 4.50 mf/fast Alternative

79 THE NAUGHTY SWEETIES: dauntless 401—alice/fool for the city [[vg+/NO PS 4]] [[M-/M- 7.50]] rare FIRST LABEL for below!

79 Elektra 46554dj—alice/alice m-/m- 3.50 midslow rock, cool sleeve

80 NAVASTRAU disturbing 007049—vergess mir nit/continental welcome +2 m-/foldover m- 16 “punk synth min. dark wave”

83 NEATS: ace of hearts 109—caraboo/harbour lights m-/m- 7 Boston Mass. fast punk

81 NEMB green (no #)—torture/the middle room m-/m- 22 Minimal “synth post-punk” Baltimore via Tampa group

80 NEPTUNE’S CAR koolie 240—baking bread/lucky charms m-/foldover m- 18 “ohio punk” I can see $40 sales listed

78 NERVEBREAKERS [wild child] politics/my life is ruined +2 m-/sticker vg+ 26 “KBD punk” 1978 Texas

86 THE NEW CREATURES [scum-fish] good ol’ days/Norwegian wood m-/foldover m- 4.50 midfast Ohio punk/midslow redo Beatles

81 NEW MODELS modern method 008—shattered windows/permanent vacation m-/foldover m- 11 Boston punk-powerpop

79 NEW MUSIK [epic, DJ] straight lines/same m-/[NO PS] 3

83 NIGHT RANGER: boardwalk 12 175—sing me away/play rough Mint/[no PS] 3

81 999: polydor 2172—fortune teller/obsessed m-/[no PS] 2.50 fast/mf rocks, good

82 NOEL AND THE RED WEDGE [scotti brothers, DJ] special to you/same m-/[NO PS] 3 mf new wave female

80 NOISE “R” US playedwrite (no #)—let’s go dancing/I gotta fire m-/m- 15 midt Alt. type/mf Avant vocal with free jazz instruments

80 WALTER NOONE [real] never be the same/any way m-/foldover m- 5.50 Boston mid/fast Alternative

81 NO SISTERS white 000001—roscoe’s family/lights out m-/m- 13 “San Francisco punk”

79 THE NOTES: sounds interesting 003—rough school year/love gets lost m-/m- 10 midtempo NJ early Erik Lindgren (hi!)

84 NOT FOR SALE: rabid cat 003—hate/too late to worry/war economy m-/m- 8 Austin TX, mf to fast punkish

86 009—nuevo lardeo sincerity/taste of honey m-/m- 6 Austin TX, r&r Instr. redo!!/fast PUNK

85 NOTHING BUT HAPPINESS [private press] narcotics day/couldn’t make you mine m-/foldover m- 5 slow/mf Alt-NW

84 NOW EXPLOSION funtone usa 23—nappy/stuff m-/foldover m 8 ODD midtempo, RAP/avant-garde soul dance!!!!!

81 NU-BEAMS (private label no #)—sterile swab/one step for what? m-/foldover m- 18 “synth-powerpop-new w.” Costa Mesa label

?? NURSE WITH WOUND///TERMITE QUEEN [rrr, blank label] crank///wisecrack m-/(intact title “obi”) m- 12 rare NOISE

81 OCTOBER DAYS [forever] don’t give yourself away/west coast m-/foldover m- 27 fast Conn. punks, poster lyric sheet

83 OFFBEATS oops 002—in a rush/maybe +6 more m-/pic foldover m- (lyrics inside) 17 good punk-hardcores OHIO

86 st. valentine 013—out of breath/don’t take my advice m-/m- 6 mf/fast punk—new waves, Ohio

83? OFFENDERS: rabid cat 001—I hate myself/bad times m-/sticker on PS m- 15 mf to fast hardcore, Austin TX

77 OFFS [415] everyone’s a bigot/zero m-/m- 12 excellent, mf punk/fast powerpop SMALL CENTER HOLE VERSION

80 [max’s kansas city] you fascinate me/my world m-/(no PS) 6.50 mid. Alt-Punk SCREAMER/mid alt—Ska

80 OINGO BOINGO [i. r. s., DJ] only a lad/same m-/(no PS) 5 GREAT fast New Wave-punk, big personal favorite

82 a&m—i.r.s. 2439 dj—private life/same m-/NO PS 3 midfast new wave

82 OKIEXTREMIST MOON DOG [radical] vidiots/the futures dream m- sol/(no PS) 9 mf/mid indie

80 HOMESICK JOHN O’LEARY [fly by nite] the running game/dreaming the night away m-/(no PS) 4 +news article, Alt.

80 THE ONE-400’s bull dog 1400—it ain’t true/man’s blue blazer m-/foldover m- 12 mf altern.—r&roll/”ROCKER” Fifties flavor

86 ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK a & m 2897 dj—we love you/same m-/m- 3

81 THE ORIGINAL ARTISTS [eat] book of love/and many many more m-/m- 3.50 synth, mf NW redo Fifties/avant Instr.

80 OSWALDA MURPH BAND [private label, no #] “74-1”/”74-2” (those are the titles!) m-/foldover m- 26 GREAT midt heavy rocks

79? OTTO & THE ELEVATORS [vera] suicide’s no fun, gimme…gun/lady jane m-/(no PS) 5 mid Alt-NW/redo Stones, WI

81 OUR FAVORITE BAND! [praxis] pink cadillac/praeceps lascivus +2 m-/vg+ 5.50 fast r&r/midslow/mid avant-g/mid punk

80 OUTHOUSE ALL-STARS: outhouse 539—I ain’t never/I’m so crazy m-/m- 6 female Boston MA, MF R&ROLL/midslow

83 THE OUTNUMBERED hoopla (no #)—be warm soon/you’re not free/boy on a roof m-/m- 16 mf rocks-punks, pre-Pansy

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