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OCTOBER 29, 2004

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Jim Shuler, GOHS Public Affairs

404-656-6996 or 888-420-0767


(Marietta) Programmers for the Cobb County State Court Judges Council are set to break new ground for what’s become their annual Alcohol and Drug Awareness Day for students in Cobb County Schools. This year the entire half-day program will be carried on Cobb County’s TV23 Cable Channel, while being simulcast on Georgia Public Broadcasting Educational Satellite 410 and video-streamed at the website.
The Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program will be broadcast live from Bryant Primary and Intermediate Schools at 6800 Factory Shoals Road in Marietta. Students across the state will be entertained and educated with magic acts, puppet shows and public safety demonstrations. The program is designed to deliver an overall theme message like “Cool Is Me, I’m Drug Free”, a program performed by the “Pam and Buffy Show.”
Cobb State Court Chief Judge Melodie Clayton says, “We believe that the earlier we’re able to get this message out to our students, the better we equip them to make the right decisions to avoid underage drinking or using illegal drugs.”

News Media Invited/Photo-OPS

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety will sponsor presentations by the Atlanta Bicycle Campaign and by GOHS Director Bob Dallas, who will speak about the Teenage and Adult Driver Responsibility Act, (TADRA). “Every young person needs to know about the TADRA law because it directly addresses traffic crashes.. the leading killer of our young people in Georgia.” said GOHS Director Dallas. “This law significantly changed the way young motorists earn and maintain their privilege of driving and TADRA already has a track record for saving young lives.”

Other presentations will be conducted by Cobb Police, Cobb County Fire and Emergency Services, the Juvenile Court of Cobb County, and by the Cobb Sheriff’s Office, including a K-9 demonstration event. For more information about this live Alcohol and Drug Awareness Day statewide broadcast, contact Frank Baker at 770-528-1799.


Governor’s Office of Highway Safety

34 Peachtree Street—Suite 1600—One Park Tower—Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Visit us on the web at

Sonny Perdue, Governor Robert F. Dallas, Director

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