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52 Farragut Avenue

Staten Island, N.Y. 10303

Mobile #: 718 508 2230

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Master of Science in Social Work (MSW) 2002

Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSW) 2000


WORK EXPERIENCE: 2007 - Present

Urban Pathways Inc.

Team Leader Homeless Outreach

  • Supervise staff, provide on-site support and lead shift operation

  • Facilitate special intervention with highly service resistance clients

  • Provide case management services: outreach, crisis intervention, crisis management, assessment, counseling, referral and escort client to appropriate programs e.g. drop in center, shelter and detox.

North Shore LIJ Homecare 08/2012-10/2013

Homecare Social Worker

  • Conducted home visits and completed bio-psychosocial assessments

  • Identified unmet psychosocial needs and developed plans to address them

  • Employed clinical skills in counseling individual and families regarding coping/adjusting to illness, placement and discharge planning.

  • Negotiated community systems and programs

  • Collaborated with interdisciplinary team

Jewish Association for Services for the Aged (JASA) 07/2003 –08/2012

Social Work Supervisor Adult Protective Service

  • Supervised case intake, screened for program eligibility, triage for emergency intervention and assigned to appropriate staff.

  • Supervised Masters’, Bachelors’ level social work staff and social work intern in their provision of in home and in office assessment of the social and emotional needs of client and their family.

  • Supervised social work staff with the development and implementation of a written care plan for the provision of full range of social services including benefits, entitlements, homecare access a ride, meals on wheels, public assistance, emergency cash relief and legal aid.

  • Reviewed case records with regards to ongoing assessment of client needs, monitored service efficacy and appropriate revision of service plan.

  • Supervised and disbursed monies to staff and clients as issued through agency relief funds or clients financial management services, to secure needed goods and services

  • Assisted program director with staff recruitment

  • Completed annual employee evaluation

  • Provided leadership role in staff training and department meetings

  • Supervised administrative staff

  • Completed required case records, reports and statistics on a monthly basis

Jewish Association for Services for the Aged (JASA)

Social Worker- Adult Protective Services (APS) 09/2000-07/2003

  • Provided case management and crisis intervention to a case load of 30 mentally and physically impaired, abused and or neglected adults

  • Arranged for direct provision of services such as, Medicaid home attendant services and other entitlements, advocacy, eviction prevention, averting and reversing utility shutoffs

  • Petitioned for Article 81 Guardianship under the New York Mental Hygiene Laws.

  • Referral for medical care, mental health programs such as MICA programs and Meals on Wheels

  • Conducted ongoing home visits

Computer Skills: Microsoft Office, AWARDS, FACTORS and CIMS
References: Available upon request.

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