France’s Deployed Troops: Antilles (Source)

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France’s Deployed Troops:

Antilles (Source)

  • The 33rd Infantry Regiment

  • The 41st Infantry Battalion

Djibouti (Source)

A total of 2,900 troops including

  • 5th RIAOM

  • 13th Demi Brigade of the Foreign Legion

  • Marine Infantry units

UAE (Source)


Gabon (Source)


Guyane (Source)

  • 9th RIMa located mainly in Cayenne and Saint-Jean du Maroni.

  • The 3rd REI operates mainly in Kourou, St. George and Regina (training center in the equatorial forest: CEFE).

La Reunion (Source)

  • 2nd RPIMa in Mayotte (750 soldiers)

New Caledonia (Source)

  • 5 in the Regiment of Marines in the Pacific (RIMaP) companies; One in Nandi and the other four in Plum.

Polynesia (Source)

  • The Marine Infantry Regiment in the Pacific to Polynesia (RIMAP-P)

Cape Verde (Source)

  • 23rd Marine Infantry Battalion, based in Bel-Air

  • Marine unit in the arsenal of the port of Dakar

  • DTIS (Landing Craft Infantry and tanks) Sabre

Kosovo (Source)

Lebanon (Source)

1,500 Soldiers (no unit names available)

Chad (Source)

  • A motor company in N'Djamena

  • An armored squadron in N'Djamena,

  • A “basic” unit in Proterra Abeche

United Kingdom’s Deployed Troops:

Africa (SOURCE)

  • International Mine Action Training Center (IMATC) – Demining in Kenya

  • Peace Support Training Center -

Brunei (SOURCE)

  • Infantry training Battalion with Bell 212 Helicopter Flight of Army Air Corps

Canada (SOURCE)

  • British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS) in Alberta Province – one Regiment cycled through every 6 months.

Cyprus (SOURCE)

  • Joint Service Signals Unit at Ayios Nikolaos

    • 62 Cyprus Support Squadron Royal Engineers

    • 16 Flight Army Air Corps (equipped with Gazelle helicopters) at Dhekelia.


  • Support Battalion HQ ARRC (Imjin, Germany SOURCE)

  • 1st UK Armoured Division – HQ Herford, Germany (SOURCE)

    • 7th Armoured Brigade – HQ Hohne, Germany (elements deployed to SOURCE)

      • 2nd Medical Regiment

      • 207 HQ & Signal Squadron (elements deployed SOURCE )

      • The 9th/12th Royal Lancers (Formation Reconnaissance) (elements deployed SOURCE)

      • The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers and Greys) (Armoured) based at Bad Fallingbostel (elements deployed (SOURCE)

      • The Highlanders, 4th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland (Armoured

      • Infantry) based at Bad Fallingbostel (SOURCE)

      • 3rd Battalion, The Mercian Regiment (Staffords) (Armoured Infantry) based at

      • Bad Fallingbostel (deployed) SOURCE)

      • 2nd Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers (Light Role) based at Celle

    • Attached to 7th Armoured

      • 3 Regiment Royal Horse Artillery (Self Propelled Artillery) based at Hohne (SOURCE)

      • 32 Regiment Royal Engineers based at Hohne (SOURCE)

      • 2 Battalion, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers based at Bad Fallingbostel (SOURCE)

      • 111 Provost Company Royal Military Police based at Hohne (SOURCE)

    • 20th Armoured Brigade – HQ Paderborn, Germany

      • 1st Queen's Dragoon Guards (SOURCE)

      • The Queen's Royal Hussars (SOURCE)

      • First Battalion (1 PWRR) (SOURCE)

      • 1 YORKS (SOURCE)

      • 5 RIFLES (SOURCE)

      • 200 Sig Sqn (SOURCE)

  • 1st UK Signal Brigade, (SOURCE)

    • 7 Signal Regiment

    • 16 Signal Regiment

    • 22 Signal Regiment

    • Support Batallion HQ AARC

  • United Kingdom Support Command (Germany) (UKSC(G))


  • Royal Gibralter Regiment (Infantry regiment made up of locals)


  • SAS presence, total number unknown, six captured by Libyans in March (SOURCE)

Italy’s Deployed Troops:
2a) How many troops in France, Italy and UK are overall deployable right now

French Deployable Units:
The 2nd Armoured Brigade (2nd BB) Illkirch
The 7th Armoured Brigade (7th BB) Besançon
The 1st Mechanized Brigade (1st BM) of Chalons-en-Champagne
The 3rd Mechanized Brigade (3rd WB) from Limoges
The 6th Light Armoured Brigade (6th BLB) from Nimes
The 9th Marine Light Armored Brigade (9th BLBMa) Poitiers
The 11th Parachute Brigade (11e BP) Toulouse
The 27th Mountain Infantry Brigade (27th BIM) Varces
The 1st Logistics Brigade (1st BL) Montlhéry
The Special Forces Brigade Earth (BFST) Pau
The brigade communications and command support (ABTC) Douai
The brigade intelligence (Brens) Haguenau
United Kingdom’s Deployable Units:

HQ 1st Armoured Division – Herford Germany

3rd 3rd (UK) Mechanised Division (Bulford in Wiltshire)

  • 1 Mechanized Brigade (SOURCE)

  • 4th Mechanized Brigade (SOURCE)

  • 11 Light Brigade SOURCE

  • 12 Mechanized Brigade (SOURCE)

  • 19 Light Brigade (SOURCE)

  1. 52 Infantry Brigade (SOURCE)

16 Air Assault Brigade:

Active Duty

  • 216 (Parachute) Headquarters and Signal Squadron

  • 1 Mechanized Brigade HQ and Signal Squadron (215)

  • 102 Logistic Brigade

  • 104 Logistic Support Brigade

  • 7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery

  • Household Cavalry Regiment

  • 5th, 16th,32nd,39th and 47th Regiment Royal Artillery

  • 23 Engineer Regiment (Air Assault)

  • 1st Battalion Irish Guards

  • The Royal Highland Fusilier, 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland

  • The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, 5th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland

  • 1st Battalion, the Royal Irish Regiment

  • 2nd Battalion, the Parachute Regiment

  • 3rd Battalion, the Parachute Regiment

  • Pathfinder Group

  • 1, 3, 4 and 9 Regiment Army Air Corps

  • 9 Regiment Royal Logistic Corps

  • 11 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment, The Royal Logistic Corps

  • 13 Air Assault Support Regiment Royal Logistic Corps

  • 16 Medical Regiment, royal Army Medical Corps

  • 7 (Air Assault) Battalion Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

  • 156 Provost Company, Royal Military Police

  • 158 Provost Company, Royal Military Police

  • 1st Miliatary Working Dog Regiment

  • The Honourable Artillery Company

Reservist Regiments:

  • 100-106 Regiment Royal Artillery

  • 101 Engineer Regiment (EOD)

  • 7th Battallion The Royal Regiment of Scotland

  • 2 Royal Irish

  • 4 PARA

  • The London Regiment

  • The Welsh Transport Regiment, RLC

  • 166 Supply Regiment, RLC

  • 168 Pioneer Regiment, RLC

  • 101 Force Support Battalion, REME

  • 103 Battalion, REME

  • Military Provost Staff


2b) Units committed to Afghanistan

United Kingdom: Apx. 9500 (SOURCE)

France: 3979 (SOURCE)

Italy: 3815 (SOURCE)

3) European Amphibious Initiative

French troops that took part in November 2010 Exercise Emerald Move:
Building Projection and command THUNDER, transport landing craft LIGHTNING, anti-aircraft frigate Cassard, Landing Craft Infantry and tanks SABRE, 5 jet fighters Mirage 2000, a tactical transport aircraft C160, 1 plane Maritime Patrol ATL 2, 2 PUMA helicopters, two helicopters Gazelle, 1 battalion (417 soldiers).
Italian Troops that took part in November 2010 Exercise Emerald Move:
San Marco and San Giorgio, along with their crews and 500 Marine rifleman, 90 Lagoons and a combat support team provided by the 3rd and 17th Engineers.

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