Free Will and Determinism booklet

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Free Will and Determinism booklet

  1. Check your terminology from last lesson

  2. What does Aristotle say about praise and blame?

  3. Explain the idea that morality depends on freedom

  4. Complete the Bowie dilemma on pg 4

  5. How does Kant’s theory explain a moral and non-moral situation?

  6. Make notes on the section - What if we could show that all human actions are caused by things out of our control?

  7. What exactly does it mean to have free will?

  8. What does Calvin say about pre-destination?

  9. What modern disciplines have caused the determinist case to strengthen and how?

  10. Explain the John Locke quote on pg 9 in your own words

  11. How does Honderich (British Philosopher born 1933) summarise hard determinism?

  12. Summarise the case and defence made by Darrow

  13. How might or genetics influence how we respond to a certain situation? What about our economic, religious, cultural backgrounds and experience of life?

  14. What is morality concerned with?

  15. Define;

Physical determinism

Biological determinism

Scientific determinism

Philosophical determinism

Psychological determinism

Theological determinism

  1. What does Hume and Plato say about libertarianism?

  2. What’s the difference between personality and moral self?

  3. In your own words outline the arguments of experience, the act of decision making and the argument of what is necessarily true and what is contingently true

  4. What assumption do soft determinists reject?

  5. What is the distinction between internal and external causes?

  6. Why do hard determinists criticise soft determinists?

Extension Activities –

Make notes on the criticisms and strengths given for the various theories

Search through the books in class or go to the library and find some of the books used to create the booklet and extend your notes.

Download 4.17 Kb.

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