Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bmobile EVERYTHING Plans

1. What are the new Bmobile EVERYTHING Plans?

Bmobile’s new Everything Plans are as follows

  • Everything Plan $99

  • Everything Plan $149

  • Everything Plan $275

  • Everything Plan $349

  • Everything Plan $525

2. When do the Bmobile EVERYTHING Plans take effect?

The Bmobile Plan takes effect on Monday 3rd November 2014.

3. Who is eligible for the Bmobile EVERYTHING Plans?

New and Existing (Postpaid and migrating Prepaid) customers can subscribe for any of the Everything Plans. Regular postpaid requirements apply.

4. What services are included in the new Bmobile EVERYTHING Plans?

These new plans include Local Minutes, International minutes, SMS and Data. Subscribers have the option to add Everything device for data sharing.



(All local










Everything Plan $99



Unlimited bmobile SMS


Available at $29 per device

Everything Plan $149



Unlimited bmobile to



(200 to any other local network)


Available at $29 per device

Everything Plan $275

Unlimited bmobile

nights +

Unlimited bmobile weekends +

400 to all operators


Unlimited bmobile to



(200 to any other local network)


Available at $29 per device

Everything Plan $349

Unlimited bmobile

nights +

Unlimited bmobile weekends +

600 to all operators


Unlimited Local

SMS to all providers


Available at $29 per device

Everything Plan $525

Unlimited bmobile to bmobile


600 to all operators


Unlimited Local and Int’l


Available at $29 per device

  • Data Sharing is optional. Each additional device added costs $29.00 monthly recurring fee

  • Unltd bmobile Nights are from 9pm to 4:59am Monday to Friday

  • Unltd bmobile weekends are bmobile to bmobile, from Saturday 12:00am to Sunday 11:59PM

  • Unltd bmobile calls are bmobile to bmobile, anytime of day, Monday to Sunday Minutes do not roll over on these plans Please Note: All rates are VAT exclusive. Per second billing applies.


Additional Call Minutes

Additional Text Messages

Additional Mobile Data

Purchase additional 4G data bundles by dialing 3282#

$0.65/ min to all local networks


$0.30/ message

250Mb @ $20.


$0.50/ message

1GB @ $49.



5 GB @ $199.

5. What are Local Bundle of Minutes for the Bmobile EVERYTHING Plans?

Local Bundle minutes are applicable to calls from the subscriber’s phEverything, as follows:


TSTT Fixed Line Digicel

360 (Massy) Communications

Lisa Communications Open Telecom

 Flow

6. Can subscribers make international calls from within the Bmobile EVERYTHING Plan?

Yes, to USA and Canada ONLY. Standard International rates apply for calls to all other international destinations.

7. Text Messages are applicable to which operators?

This is plan dependent. All texts outside of allotted bundle are charged at standard Text Message rates. (See rate plan chart)

8. Is there a Contractual term for EVERYTHING Plan?

No, unless subscription is taken with the purchase of a TSTT device.

9. Can additional Bmobile Bundles be purchased along with these plans?

Yes, customers on the Everything Plans can purchase the Triple Plan, Island Lime Passport and Local Minute Bundles.

10. What happens with customers migrating from plans with roll over minutes?

The Everything Plans do not have roll over minutes. Customers migrating to these plans will lose all existing roll over minutes.

11. How does the Data Sharing work?

You can share the allocated bundle of data between 2 to 5 devices using different bmobile numbers. E.G. you can have SIM X in your smart phEverything and SIM Y in your tablet.

12. Would I have voice services on the shared SIM card?

No. The primary SIM/ Number would have Voice/ SMS and Data service. The secondary SIM/ Number would only have data service.

13. Are there set limits for the amount of data to be used by each device?

No. The customer has the flexibility to use the data as they desire in any combination. That is, all devices pull from the data bundle. There is no specification as to how the data is allocated between devices.

14. Can a main subscriber add a monthly recurring data bundle to the Everything Plans?

Yes. Customers have the option of adding a monthly recurring bundle to the data plan. Standard rates apply (5GB@$179; 10GB@$249)

15. Does the Data Sharing SIM also share data from an additional monthly recurring plan (ie (5GB@$179; 10GB@$249)?

No. The Data Sharing SIM will only share data from the Everything Plan data bundle.

16. Can a non-recurring 4G Data bundle be purchased with any of the Everything Plans?

Yes. It can be purchased by dialling *3282# and selecting an option of your choice.

The Non-recurring data bundles options are:

  1. 250 Mb@ $20.00 (VAT exclusive)

  2. 1GB@ $49.00 (VAT exclusive)

  3. 5GB@ $199.00 (VAT exclusive)

17. Can a non-recurring 4G Data bundle be used as shared Data?

No. The main account holder can purchase a non-recurring bundle, but the data will not be shared.

18. Can the Data Sharing SIM purchase a non-recurring bundle?

Yes. The user of Data Sharing SIM can purchase a non-recurring bundle.

19. What is the priority for data usage if a customer purchases a non-recurring bundle?

The priority for data usage is depleted from the Everything Plan package data first, then nonrecurring bundle takes effect.

This document contains intellectual property and copyright that is proprietary to Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (TSTT). It is to be treated as confidential and shall not be used for any other purpose. It shall not be copied or disclosed to third parties in whole or in part without prior written consent of TSTT.

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