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Second Generation

3. Anthony HAMPTON (John (Jr.)) was born 12 Apr 1715 in New Kent Co., VA. He died 1 Jul 1776 in Ninety-Six District (Spartanburg Co), S.C..

The history of the Hampton family in upstate South Carolina dates back to the mid 1700's, when Wade's great grandfather, Anthony-described as an old "hemp-beater"-moved from Virginia to Spartanburg, South Carolina. Anthony and his wife raised their family on a farm that was carved out of the Piedmont forest. The Hamptons were under constant threat from marauding Cherokee Indians spurred by resentment of settlers' encroachment on their hunting grounds. In July of 1776, while five of their sons were away, Anthony, his wife, a son and a grandchild were murdered by a band of Cherokees.

"Wade Hampton" by Walter Brian Cisco; page 5-6:

"Second born son, Anthony, demonstrated ambition and an ability to lead. He farmed, learned surveying, and drilled the local militia. In 1741 the 26 year old married Elizabeth Preston on her twenty-first birthday. Restless, searching for new land and fresh opportunities, Anthony moved his growing family from Tidewater Virginia north to Loudon and then south to what is now Halifax County. Later he built a home on the Dan River in Rowan County, North Carolina, where his neighbors chose him to command their frontier militia company. In 1755, at the height of the French and Indian War, Captain Hampton and his men spent the summer campaigning against Indians in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Respected in his community, he became known as one who stood up for colonial rights. Elected tothe North Carolina general assembly, Hampton served only six weeks; the governor dissolved the body in March 1773. Many Americans were demanding liberty, if not yet independence. Hampton was probably one of those who still pledged allegiane to an empire he found increasingly difficult to obey.
"Anthony Hampton and his extended family made a good living trading the accoutrements of European civilization for Indian deerskins and furs. To be nearer their source of trade, he decided in 1773 to make one more moved, this time to the sparsely pupulated frontier of South Carolina. Traveling with Hampton and wife Elizabeth, were their little grandson John Bynum, son of Preston and his wife, Betty, and fifteen-year old daughter Elizabeth and her new husband, James Harrison. Hampton's younger sons Henry, Wade, and Richard probably joined their older brother Edward on the trek south about this time. They cleared land and began building new homes near the Tyger River in Ninety-six District, less than a mile from the Cherokee Nation."
"In Charles Town the independence movement was rapidly gaining strength..... By year's end patriot militia had taken possession of forts guarding the city.... Defeated on the coast, loyalists used their Indian allies to strike in the Soth Carolina upcountry. On the morning of JULY 1, 1776, Anthony and Elizabeth Hampton were caring for their infant grandson. The baby's mother, Elizabeth Hampton Harrison, lived with her parents while husband James recruited men for the militia. PRESTON had stopped by the Hampton place, leaving his wife and children at home. His younger brothers were away. Nine year old John Bynum was there with his grandparents. Anthony Hampton was probably surprised, but not alarmed, when the party of Indians rode up. He scarcely had time to be afraid. Without warning, tomahawk blows split the skulls of the old man and his wife. Son Preston was shot to death. The celebrating savages began ransacking the house, trying on clothes, drinking stolen brandy, and scalping and multilating the corpses of their victions."
Their infant grandson was also killed.
"At the time of the massacre, according to a family tradition, Wade and the other brothers were serving with the patriot army near Charlest Town. When news came of the carnage, they rushed home with vengeance in their hearts. From across the Carolinas rose a cry to punish the savages and stamp out the Indiant threat once and for all. Eleven hundred South Carolina militiamen shouldered flinlock rifles and muskets.......The heard-eyed frontiersmen fell upon Cherokess whenever they found them - killing, burning villages, destroying crops. In was a brief, one-sided campaign. Indian survivors signed treaties in the late summer and fall of 1777 that brought an end to the bloodletting and a return of hostages."

"The Venturers: The Hampton, Harrison, and Earle Families of Virginia, South Carolina, and Texas." by Virginia Meynard, pub by Southern Historical Press, 1981.

"30 June 1776 the Cherokees and Tories arrived at the Hampton house. Elizabeth was visiting her parents while her husband was away recruiting militia. Of her brothers, only Preston was there. He had stopped to talk with his father before going into the Cherokee Nation with his wagonload of goods. Elizabeth left her infant son in the care of her mother and went to visit the Sadler family on the next plantation.
"Probably the most accurate versions of the famous Hampton massacre is the eyewitness account of John Bynum, as related by J.B.O. Landrum in Colonial and Revolutionary History of Upper South Carolina.
"....."When the Indians appeared at the Hampton house, Preston saw a friendly chief in the part and went outside to greet him. His father followed him into the yard. Old Mr. Hampton gave the Chief a cordial welcome and handclasp, but almost immediately Preston was shot down by a Tory, and the hand Anthony had held sent a tomahawk through his skull. Mrs. Hampton appeared and was killed in like manner. The Indians entered the house, drank some brandy, and pillaged the family wardrobes.
"Hearing the war whoops, Elizabeth Harrison and Mrs. Sadler crept across the canebrake to investigate, Coming in sight of the house, they saw the mutilated bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Hampton and Preston in the yard. As the terrifed women watched, a Cherokee brave carried Elizabeth's infant into the yard and holding him by the feet, dashed his brains out against a tree. Mrs. Sadler clasped her hand over Elizabeth's mouth to stifle her scream and pulled her back through the canebrake to a place where their horses were tethered. Mounting bareback, they galloped to Wood's Fort for help.
"A search party was sent out, but by the time they reached the Hampton place the Indians had burned the house and departed, taking Preston's wagons and the Hamptons' nine year old grandson, John Bynum, with them. The marauders had disappeared over the mountains into Cherokee country. It is said that the raiding party stopped at Preston's home some distance away and murdered his two children. His wife fled through the swamp and was found several days later wandering through the woods, her clothing torn to rags. She was so frightened that her mind never fully recovered from the ordeal".
"Another band of Cherokees galloped north and before their raids were over had murdered members of the Hannon family in the vicinity of Earle's Fort.
"The Hite, Hampton, and Hannon massacres meant war with the Indians. Col. Andrew Williamson, who headed the 96th Whig militia, and Anthony's old friend, Col Griffith Rutherford of NC, led their troops over the mountains into the Cherokee Nation. Joining Williamson were all five of the Hampton sons, John, Edward, Henry, Wade, and Richard. In a series of bloody conflicts, they defeated the Indians and burned all their villages and crops in the valleys. The Cherokees sued for peace and in the Treaty of 1777 returned all captives, including John Bynum. They also ceded to SC the territory of present Greenville, Pickens, and Oconee counties."

Name: Anthony HAMPTON

Birth: 3 FEB 1713/14 in Fairfax, New Kent Co., VA

Death: JUL 1, 1776 in Ninety Six Dist., SC

1774 Moved from King Co., VA to S.C.

FA2: Fairfax to Stokes Co., NC, then to SC near Pacolet

Note: According to Joy's letter to Uncle Leroy, Anthony had 5 sons of which 4 were in the Revolutionary war, the youngest, John was just 16. Anthony & his wife were massacred by Indians on Typer River in the South Carolina Mountains.
Father: John HAMPTON , Jr b: 3 JUN 1683 in Gloucester Co, Virginia

Mother: Margaret WADE b: 1 MAY 1694 in New Kent Co, Virginia

Marriage 1 Elizabeth PRESTON b: 1710 in ?

Married: 10 MAR 1740/41 in Virginia 4


John Preston (Maj) HAMPTON b: ABT 1756

Wade (Maj Gen) HAMPTON I b: 1752 in ?

Henry (Col) HAMPTON b:


Edward (Capt) HAMPTON b: ABT 1740 in SC

Margaret HAMPTON

Elizabeth HAMPTON b: 14 JAN 1758 in Rowan (Stokes) Co.,NC


Appendices I. Hampton genealogical Notes., Library at Arcata College. DAR Patriot Index pg 299. WFT shows Feb. 5, 1714-1715.

Appendices I. Hampton genealogical Notes., Library at Arcata College. DAR Patriot Index pg. 299. WFT shows June 30, 1776.

Appendices I. Hampton genealogical Notes., Library at Arcata College. Media Reserarch report.

Appendices I. Hampton genealogical Notes., Library at Arcata College

WFT shows March 10, 1740/41


Email from descendant of Anthony: Mike Warren

"Hi Ginga,
(I questioned if anyone knew the identity of two Hampton's that served with Manoah Hampton in the Civil War. "W.M. Hampton" and "J. G. Hampton")
Those names are new to me but I'm not that familiar with the James Hampton line. I descend from his brother Anthony Hampton."


Anthony married Elizabeth PRESTON "Betsy" on 10 Mar 1741 in Virginia. Betsy was born 1719/1720. She died 1 Jul 1776 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.

They had the following children:

+ 14 F i. Margaret HAMPTON was born Apr 1742 and died about 1800.

15 M ii. Maj. John PRESTON HAMPTON "Preston" was born 4 Aug 1743. He died 1 Jul 1776 in South Carolina, by Indians.

"Wade Hampton" by Walter Brian Cisco; page 5: "Traders Edward and Preston Hampton routinely journeyed to the Cherokee towns and made no secret of their Whig sympathies. There, on a spring day in 1775, they were surprised by a force of white Tories and Indian warriors. The young men were robbed, made sport of, and then taken to an Indian village deep in the mountains. Just as these "enemies of the Crown" were about to be transported to confinement in Pensacola, West Florida, they managed to escape. When once again among friends, they warned of Indian trouble, but as the months passed and nothing happened, settlers began to let down their guard." (what followed, on July 1, 1776, were the murders of Preston, their parents, and others by Indians...see "Anthony") Preston was shot to death by Indians while visiting his parents.

There is another version of this story posted on the Rootsweb WorldConnect of Victoria Johnson, email tjwsu@earthlink.net

In 1776, the American colonies were in a state of rebellion and one Alexander Cameron, deputy British Indian agent, had recruited the Cherolkee’s to fight for the British. On the morning of 30 June 1776 according to an eye witness account made by John Bynum and some histrias say “that Cameron himself led the strike force of Torys and Cherokee’s. Elizabeth (Hampton) Harrison was visiting her parents while her husband was away recruiting militia. Only one of her brothers, namely Preston, was there. His wife and two children remain at their home up the hill. Elizabeth Harrison left her infant son in the care of her mother and went to vist the Sadler family on the next plantation.
The Indians appeared at the Hampton house and Preston saw a friendly chief in the party and went outside to greet him. His father followed him into the yard. Old Mr. Hampton (Anthony) gave the Chief a cordial welcome and handclasp, but almost immediately Preston was shot down by a Tory and Anthony had a tomahawk go through his skull. Mrs. Hampton appeared and was killed in a like fashion.


Preston married Elizabeh ARMSTONG. Elizabeh died 1 Jul 1776 in South Carolina, by Indians.

16 M iii. Anthony (II) HAMPTON was born 16 Dec 1744 in Loudoun County, Virginia. He died an infant, in 1745.

+ 17 M iv. Capt. Edward HAMPTON was born 9 Apr 1746 and died Oct 1780.

+ 18 M v. Col. Henry HAMPTON of Mississippi was born about 1750 and died 31 Jul 1832.

+ 19 M vi. Maj. General Wade HAMPTON was born 3 May 1754 and died 4 Feb 1835.

+ 20 F vii. Elizabeth HAMPTON was born 14 Jan 1758 and died 28 Jul 1799.

+ 21 M viii. Col. Richard HAMPTON was born 25 Dec 1752 and died 4 Nov 1792.

7. * James HAMPTON (John (Jr.)) was born 3 Sep 1723 in New Kent Co., VA. He died 1794/1801 in Surry County, VA.

James served in the Indian Wars. JAMES HAMPTON'S will is recorded in clerks office at Danbury, NC - dated 10 Sept 1790 but was not probated until 1801.
Regarding James Hampton, we have the following quote from "The Hampton Family of Virginia" by Mr. Mell:
"…… James moved to North Carolina before going to Kentucky. Purchased a fifty (50) acre tract of land in Fairfax from Ready-Craif. He once lived in Surry County, North Carolina, an old Town Fork had Grants in 1755 and 1758, James lived in Stokes County, North Carolina, near the home of his brother, Anthony Hampton.
Listed in DAR Patriot Index, Second Supplement, for patriotic service.

Served on the Committee of Safety for Surry Co., NC.

Will dated September 15, 1796. Filed June term 1801.

Bequests: Eldest son, Thomas: Negro man Sutton; Negro woman Comfort, etc.

Youngest son, Samuel 280 acres on TownFork, excepting 1/4 acre for burying ground.

Youngest daughter, Martha Evans: Negro Sango Land adjoining Thomas Flynt

Eldest daughter, Margaret Halbert - Land

Executors: Thomas and Samuel Hampton, sons

Witnesses: John Boner, Martin Flynt, Jurat and Hastin Flynt, Jurat

Signed: James Hampton

James married (1) Martha Mary SMITH, daughter of William SMITH, on 2 Mar 1744 in Fairfax Co., VA. Martha was born about 1726. She died 1796 in Stokes Co., NC.

They had the following children:

+ 22 M i. Thomas HAMPTON was born 1748 and died Apr 1838.

+ 23 F ii. Mary Margaret HAMPTON was born 1751 and died 7 Jul 1828.

+ 24 F iii. Martha HAMPTON was born about 1752.

25 F iv. Hannah HAMPTON.

+ 26 M v. Capt. SAMUEL HAMPTON * was born about 1754 and died 19 Dec 1802.

27 M vi. Henry HAMPTON.

28 M vii. John HAMPTON was born 1758.

29 F viii. Theodocia HAMPTON.

James also married (2) Rachel UNKNOWN.

12. Thomas HAMPTON (John (Jr.)) was born 17 Oct 1729 in Fairfax Co., VA. He died 17 Dec 1796 in Cascade Creek, Pittsylvania Co., VA.

[robin taylors margaret wade_john hampton 1..ged]
Thomas Hampton was Sergeant in 2nd Virginia Regiment. Enlisted March 25, 1777 for a term of three years under Robert Norfolk, Recruiting Officer. Having duly served his time for which he was enlisted, he was discharged from the service on April 10, 1780. James Quarles, Major, signed his discharge papers.

The Virginia Court of Claims, after the Revolution, paid him ten shillings per day for 19 days for the use of his team wagon and negro driver.

Thomas Hampton and wife Sarah Pattison Conyers buried in Hampton Family Cemetery in Cascade, Virginia about one mile from Rockingham County line. NSDAR 261013, 206673, 280949, 186084,519302
Marriage 1 Sara Pattison CONYERS b: Abt 1728 in Stafford Co., VA

Married: 1 Jan 1748/49 in Stafford Co., VA 1


Preston HAMPTON b: 1750 in Cascade Creek, Pittsylvania Co., VA

Henry HAMPTON b: 1752 in Pittsylvania Co., VA

James HAMPTON b: 1755 in VA

Margaret HAMPTON b: 1759

Nancy HAMPTON b: 1760

John Anthony HAMPTON b: 1764 in Cascade Creek, Pittsylvania Co., VA
Marriage 2 Rebecca Sarah VERNON b: Abt 1728 in Cub Creek, Lunenburg Co., VA

Married: 1785 in Stokes Co., NC

Thomas married Sarah Pattison CONYERS.

They had the following children:

+ 30 M i. Henry (son of Thomas) HAMPTON was born 1752 and died 1832.

+ 31 M ii. Preston HAMPTON was born 1750 and died 10 Jul 1832.

+ 32 M iii. James HAMPTON was born 1755 and died 1831.

33 F iv. Margaret HAMPTON was born 1759.

Margaret married James COLQUITT.

34 F v. Nancy HAMPTON.

Marriage 1 George, Jr. YOUNG

Married: 7 Dec 1785 in Pittsylvania Co., VA 1


Sarah Hampton YOUNG b: 1786

Thomas Hampton YOUNG b: 1787

Susan Wade YOUNG b: 1789

Sanford Wade YOUNG b: 1791

Nancy YOUNG b: 25 Apr 1794

George Hampton YOUNG b: 28 Dec 1799
1 Nancy HAMPTON b: 1760

+ George, Jr. YOUNG

2 Sarah Hampton YOUNG b: 1786 d: 1847

+ James Barnett LEE

2 Thomas Hampton YOUNG b: 1787 d: 1857

2 Susan Wade YOUNG b: 1789


2 Sanford Wade YOUNG b: 1791

+ wife of Sanford Wade Young BROOKS


2 Nancy YOUNG b: 25 Apr 1794 d: 24 Sep 1833


3 James Colquit RUPERT b: 15 Jul 1811

+ Caroline Virginia JONES

3 Eliza Taliaferro RUPERT b: 9 Aug 1813

+ James Madison BAIRD b: 26 Jun 1809 d: 21 Mar 1878

4 James Madison BAIRD b: 1852

3 Catherine Ann RUPERT b: 4 Jan 1815


3 George Philip RUPERT b: 30 Sep 1821

3 John William RUPERT b: 20 Apr 1823

3 John Henry RUPERT b: 20 Apr 1823

3 Benjamin Franklin RUPERT b: 15 Jan 1826

3 Victoria Ann Baldwin RUPERT b: 26 Oct 1827

+ John Johnston STOCKARD

3 Thomas Golding RUPERT b: 31 Aug 1829

3 Leonard RUPERT b: 8 Jan 1832

2 George Hampton YOUNG b: 28 Dec 1799 d: 6 Nov 1881

+ Lucy Woodson WATKINS


Nancy married George (Jr.) YOUNG.

35 M vi. John Anthony HAMPTON was born 1764.

Birth: 1764 in Cascade Creek, Pittsylvania Co., VA 1

Death: 3 Jul 1850 in Cascade Creek, Pittsylvania Co., VA 1

Burial: Unknown Hampton Family Cemetery, Cascade Creek, Pittsylvania CO, VA 1
[robin taylors margaret wade_john hampton 1..ged]
Buried in the Hampton Family Cemetery at Cascade, VA, about one mile from Rockingham County line. To reach cemetery, take NC 770 to Oak Hill Road in VA. Turn left on VA 621 to town of Cascade. Turn left on VA 855 and again left on Floyd Smith Road. Follow this road to its end, which is at former Hampton Plantation. Cemetery is located in trees behind the two houses on this property. It is marked with a red sign which reads Hampton Cemetery. Most of the graves are not marked by legible stones due to the growth of tress and undergrowth. A descendant, Russell Hampton, currently living in Blue Point, LI, NY, maintains a trailer on the property. A new road into the property may be built soon. The house no longer exists, but there is debris marking the former location.

Marriage 1 Elizabeth Sarah JENKINS b: 20 Aug 1781 in William and Mary Parish, Charles Co., Maryland

Married: 22 Apr 1801 in Cascade Creek, Pittsylvania Co., VA 1

Event: Marriage bond Unknown 22 Apr 1801 in Married by Rev. Thomas Sparks 1

Philip Jenkins gave consent on marriage bond. Thomas Beck was surety.

Date in NSDAR papers is 3-3-1801.

1 John Anthony HAMPTON b: 1764 d: 3 Jul 1850

+ Elizabeth Sarah JENKINS b: 20 Aug 1781 d: 7 Jul 1865

2 Sarah Conyers HAMPTON b: 30 Mar 1802 d: 1 Oct 1810

2 Samuel Henry HAMPTON b: 23 Jan 1804 d: 22 Oct 1836

+ Jane M. GODLEY b: 6 Mar 1805 d: 8 Jan 1870

3 Williamson George HAMPTON b: 26 Aug 1831 d: 9 Oct 1895

+ Anna Elizabeth CARNEFIX b: 3 May 1842 d: 5 Jul 1887

4 Jennie HAMPTON b: 27 Aug 1866 d: 4 Sep 1872

4 Grace HAMPTON b: 10 Oct 1875 d: Feb 1967

+ John WHITEHEAD b: Oct 1876

5 George W. WHITEHEAD b: Jun 1900

5 John Durana WHITEHEAD b: 1906

5 Irene A. WHITEHEAD b: Private

5 Evelyn I. WHITEHEAD b: Private

4 Infant HAMPTON b: 10 Sep 1876 d: 10 Sep 1876

4 Lillian May HAMPTON b: 1879 d: Aft 1965

+ Fred Lester HAIGHT b: 4 May 1877 d: 14 Feb 1965

4 Belle HAMPTON b: 7 Oct 1880 d: Feb 1971

4 Mollie HAMPTON b: 6 Oct 1881 d: 18 Feb 1932

+ Ira W. HAIGHT b: 25 Mar 1879 d: 12 Feb 1959

4 Samuel Madison HAMPTON b: 5 Jul 1887 d: 21 Mar 1957

+ Lukie Elizabeth GENTRY b: 1886

5 Virginia Lucille HAMPTON b: 25 Oct 1914 d: 17 May 1992

5 Living HAMPTON b: Private

3 Julia Ann HAMPTON b: 3 Dec 1833 d: 27 Sep 1918

+ William WHITE b: 3 Dec 1831 d: 27 Feb 1897

4 Mary J. WHITE b: Oct 1860 d: 29 Dec 1935

4 William S. WHITE b: Feb 1863

+ Lily M b: Feb 1865

5 Harry W. WHITE b: Mar 1893

5 Ernest WHITE b: Sep 1895

4 Richard WHITE b: 1865 d: 1937

+ Madeline UNKNOWN b: 1864 d: 1934

5 Annie L. WHITE b: 1891

5 Nellie M. WHITE b: 1902

3 Mary Eliza HAMPTON b: 1836 d: 1 Apr 1881

+ Richard GOTT

+ Julia Ann MILLNER b: 4 Jun 1806 d: 30 Nov 1829

3 John Adams HAMPTON b: 11 Jul 1827 d: 18 Dec 1910

+ Narcissa Jane LEWIS b: 5 Apr 1827 d: 28 Jan 1899

4 Alice HAMPTON b: 5 Aug 1860 d: 3 Apr 1884

+ George Reynolds MILLNER

5 Blanche MILLNER b: 3 Apr 1884 d: 3 Apr 1884

4 Kate HAMPTON b: 25 Mar 1862

+ Thomas Lee MILLNER b: 19 Mar 1855

4 Blanche HAMPTON b: 18 Jun 1863 d: 4 Jan 1873

4 Lula HAMPTON b: 17 Apr 1864 d: 27 Mar 1888

4 Lewis N. HAMPTON b: 3 Aug 1865 d: 3 Aug 1865

4 Second Madison Jenkins HAMPTON b: 14 Feb 1871

+ Bettie Sue MARTIN b: 1875 d: 31 Dec 1902

5 Narcissa Gwendolyn HAMPTON b: 15 Nov 1899

5 Mary Elizabeth HAMPTON b: 25 Dec 1902 d: 18 Jun 1903

+ Elizabeth Pennick ROBERTSON b: 3 Dec 1880

5 Sarah Katherine HAMPTON b: Private

5 Lula Francis HAMPTON b: Private

5 Lewis Robertson HAMPTON b: Private

5 Samuel Madison HAMPTON b: Private

3 Madison Jenkins HAMPTON b: 20 Mar 1829 d: 14 Mar 1862

+ Theresa JONES b: 4 Nov 1839 d: 13 Sep 1923

4 Samuel Lake HAMPTON b: 12 Nov 1858 d: 5 Mar 1889

4 Maybud Julia HAMPTON b: 13 May 1862 d: 5 Jan 1932

+ Thomas Ruffin PRATT b: 29 May 1856 d: 3 May 1931

5 Anne Pearl PRATT b: 8 Jan 1886 d: 16 Sep 1968

5 Thomas Ruffin PRATT b: 15 Jan 1890 d: Aft 1970

5 Madison (Hamp) Hampton PRATT b: 21 Dec 1891 d: 19 May 1961

5 Agnes Theresa PRATT b: 15 Jan 1898 d: Sep 1981

+ Susan Caroline HARRIS b: 28 Jun 1829 d: 21 Jun 1856

4 James Harris HAMPTON b: 4 Oct 1849 d: 21 Nov 1918

+ Rebecca KLYCE b: 8 Aug 1850 d: 4 Aug 1896

5 Wade Klyce HAMPTON



5 Madison Jenkins HAMPTON


5 Theresa HAMPTON b: 1870

5 William (Will) Walter HAMPTON b: 29 Mar 1873 d: 27 Oct 1957

5 Hortense HAMPTON b: Abt 1880

+ Arabella MARTIN

5 James Harris, Jr. HAMPTON b: Abt 1900

4 William HAMPTON b: Abt 1856 d: Bef 1900

5 Unknown HAMPTON

2 Thomas Hungerford HAMPTON b: 14 Dec 1805 d: 20 Dec 1836

+ Nancy GODLEY b: Abt 1810 d: Aft 1880

3 Rockhill Thomas HAMPTON b: 1833 d: Aft 1870

+ Elizabeth UNKNOWN

4 Mary S. HAMPTON b: 1855

4 Martha HAMPTON b: 1856

4 Louisa HAMPTON b: 1860

4 William HAMPTON b: 1862

4 Nancy HAMPTON b: 1865

4 Heneretta HAMPTON b: 1868

4 Laura HAMPTON b: 1870

2 Mary Ann Eliza HAMPTON b: 18 Jul 1809 d: 19 Jan 1886

+ John Pryor PRICE b: 19 Feb 1806 d: 10 Mar 1881

3 Mary Elizabeth PRICE b: 18 Jan 1832 d: 12 Nov 1913

+ Woodson BASSETT b: 25 Jul 1820 d: 22 Dec 1917

4 Everett P. BASSETT b: 23 Jun 1859 d: 27 Sep 1862

4 Anna Eliza BASSETT b: 11 May 1861 d: 9 Jun 1944

+ James Monroe HOPPER b: 1861 d: 1943

5 James Woodson HOPPER b: 1888 d: 1965

5 Mary HOPPER b: 1895 d: 1958

4 Martha Celestia BASSETT b: 17 Nov 1863 d: 13 Oct 1948

4 William Woodson BASSETT b: 9 Mar 1866 d: 22 Apr 1944

4 Walter Jenkins BASSETT b: 18 Jun 1868 d: 19 Dec 1930

4 Mary Jessamine BASSETT b: 7 Dec 1870 d: 8 May 1956

4 Eudora BASSETT b: 24 Jun 1873 d: 19 Jan 1874

4 Ada Elizabeth BASSETT b: 26 Nov 1876 d: 22 Apr 1954

3 John Hampton PRICE b: 23 Jan 1834 d: 29 Jul 1923

+ Mary Elizabeth HAMPTON b: 30 Sep 1846 d: 15 Feb 1893

4 Annie B. PRICE b: 1870

4 Nannie Adeline PRICE b: 18 Jan 1870

4 Jennie Eliza PRICE b: 1872

4 George Lewis PRICE b: 1874

4 Sallie Jenkins PRICE b: 1876

4 Robert PRICE b: 1878

4 Charlie PRICE b: 1880

4 Bruce PRICE b: 1882

4 Lula Hampton PRICE b: 1884

3 Nancy PRICE b: 27 Mar 1836

3 Thomas Allen PRICE b: 1839 d: Jul 1862

3 Hannah PRICE b: 1840 d: 1860

3 Sallie Matilda PRICE b: 18 Jan 1845

3 Robert Preston PRICE b: 14 Sep 1847

+ Unknown DALTON

4 Anna Eliza PRICE

4 Lula PRICE

4 Robert PRICE

4 John PRICE

4 Preston PRICE

4 Charles PRICE


4 Elizabeth PRICE

3 James Madison PRICE b: 24 Jun 1851 d: 6 Dec 1921

+ Mary Lyle FIELD b: 6 Feb 1853 d: 25 Dec 1944

4 Edgar Field PRICE b: 30 Jun 1872 d: 15 Apr 1935

4 Mary Eleanor PRICE b: 27 Dec 1874

4 Margaret Moir PRICE b: 16 Mar 1877

4 Mattie Matilda PRICE b: 22 Mar 1879 d: 22 Mar 1879

4 William Pryor PRICE b: 5 Aug 1881

+ Hulda Emma REDDING

5 William Pryor PRICE b: Private

5 Living PRICE b: Private

5 Living PRICE b: Private

5 Living PRICE b: Private

5 Mary PRICE b: 1916 d: 1919

5 Living PRICE b: Private

5 Living PRICE b: Private

4 John Moir PRICE b: 31 Dec 1886

4 James Bruce PRICE b: 22 Jul 1888

2 Susan Jane Catherine HAMPTON b: 4 Feb 1812 d: 18 Nov 1812

2 Emoree HAMPTON b: 31 Aug 1813 d: 1869

+ Emily CAHALL b: 1831 d: 5 Jul 1864

2 Wade HAMPTON b: 29 Jul 1816 d: Aft 1880

+ Sarah UNKNOWN d: Bef 1880

3 Boston HAMPTON


3 Martha HAMPTON

3 Robert HAMPTON

3 Sallie A. HAMPTON b: 1855 d: 1955

+ George HAMPTON b: 1859 d: 1930

4 Wiliam G. HAMPTON b: 1879

4 Annie Lue HAMPTON b: 1880

4 King Solomon HAMPTON b: 1883 d: 1953

+ UNKNOWN RACHEL b: 1890 d: 1962

4 Peggy HAMPTON b: Abt 1884 d: Abt 1884

4 Paul HAMPTON b: Abt 1886 d: Abt 1886

4 Sallie Pearl HAMPTON b: 1889

4 Elizabeth HAMPTON b: 1891

4 Emma HAMPTON b: 1893

3 Elizabeth HAMPTON b: 1861

3 Wilmoth HAMPTON b: 1863

+ Thomas AIKENS

4 Martha Ann AIKENS

+ Lazarus BROADNAX b: 1867

5 Thomas Coleman BROADNAX

3 Emily A. HAMPTON b: 1865

2 John Anthony II HAMPTON b: 25 Mar 1822 d: 1 Nov 1865

+ Adeline LEWIS b: 1825 d: May 1900

3 Mary Elizabeth HAMPTON b: 30 Sep 1846 d: 15 Feb 1893

+ John Hampton PRICE b: 23 Jan 1834 d: 29 Jul 1923

4 Annie B. PRICE b: 1870

4 Nannie Adeline PRICE b: 18 Jan 1870

4 Jennie Eliza PRICE b: 1872

4 George Lewis PRICE b: 1874

4 Sallie Jenkins PRICE b: 1876

4 Robert PRICE b: 1878

4 Charlie PRICE b: 1880

4 Bruce PRICE b: 1882

4 Lula Hampton PRICE b: 1884

3 Victor Napoleon HAMPTON b: 11 Mar 1848 d: 1931

+ Nora EVANS b: 1861

4 Hattie Lee HAMPTON b: 12 Apr 1878 d: 25 Sep 1974

+ H. L. HUNT

5 Russell Ann HUNT b: Private

5 Paul HUNT b: 22 May 1903 d: 1989

5 Hampton Lewis HUNT b: Private

5 Victor William HUNT b: Infant

4 Berta HAMPTON b: 1880 d: 1969

5 Russell Lee HAMPTON b: 13 Oct 1905 d: 28 May 1974

4 Daisy J HAMPTON b: 1883 d: 1885

4 Charles Napoleon HAMPTON b: 1885 d: 21 Mar 1954


5 Charles HAMPTON b: Private

5 Clyde HAMPTON b: Private

5 Catherine HAMPTON b: Private

5 Virginia HAMPTON b: Private

5 Living HAMPTON b: Private

4 Jetta Alice HAMPTON b: 1890 d: 21 Dec 1958

+ Joseph DIX

+ Robert LEE

5 Annie Lee LEE d: 7 Mar 1969


4 Addie L. HAMPTON b: 1897 d: 1899

4 Ada Violet HAMPTON b: 18 Dec 1900 d: 1983

5 Living HAMPTON b: Private

5 Living HAMPTON b: Private

3 Jane Eliza HAMPTON b: 24 Feb 1850

+ Thomas J. ARTHUR

3 Martha Ruth HAMPTON b: 14 Jul 1852


3 Agnes Lewis HAMPTON b: 29 Jan 1854

+ Samuel MOTLEY

3 John William HAMPTON b: 11 Sep 1855 d: Abt 1912
John married Elizabeth Sarah JENKINS.

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