Georgia’s Contribution to ww II (SS8H9b and ss8E1)

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1Georgia’s Contribution to WW II (SS8H9b and SS8E1)

  1. _______________________ Georgians served in the armed forces during WW II.

2. Georgia’s ____________ ____________________ in Columbus was the largest infantry training school in the world. Other major military bases were ________ __________________ in Augusta, ____________ _____________________ and in Savannah.

  1. __________________ Air field in Savannah, ____________________ Army Airfield in Cobb County, and University of Georgia in Athens all took part in training combat pilots, while ____________________ ___________________ Air Force Base had employees to repair aircraft or trained over 60,000 aircraft mechanics to be deployed in Europe or in the Pacific.

  1. Airmen from Glynco Naval Station near Brunswick flew _______________ to spot Germen submarines off the coast of Georgia.

  1. Fort McPherson in Atlanta was one of the major __________________ _______________ for newly drafted soldiers, and a Military _______________ was opened next to it. Fort ________________ in Clayton County was a major military storage facility and train yard.

  1. Fort Oglethorpe in Chickamauga trained 150,000 women in the ___________________ ____________________________ _______________________________ ______________________ (WAAC). They were trained for desk and clerical jobs in the military.

  1. Overall Georgia had _____________ military installations that added ______________ billion dollars to Georgia’s economy each year.

  1. __________________ ___________________ Company in Marietta assembled B-29 Bombers and was the largest facility in the deep South. The company employed over _____________________ workers and finished 668 planes. Over ___________% of the work force were women. The city of Marietta grew from 8, 667 people in 1940 to over ___________________ at the end of the war.

  1. The shipyards at ____________________________ and _________________________ built cargo ships which were named “______________________ ________________________.” The Savannah shipyard employed 15,000 workers (mostly women) and built ______________ Liberty ships during the war. The Brunswick shipyard employed over _____________________ men and women, and finished 99 Liberty ships.

  1. The _________________________ ___________________________ were groups of pilots who were trained in Alabama. Close to 1,000 black men who flew fighter planes which escorted bombers over Nazi Germany. They shot down or damaged over ____________________ enemy planes in over _________________ missions. The airmen lost only 98 pilots, and proved to the U.S. military that troops should be ____________________ not segregated.

  1. Most of Georgia’s economic and military success during the war can be contributed to two famous politicians from Georgia. Congressman _________________ __________________ from Baldwin County served over 50 years and was called the “father of the two-ocean navy.” Vinson and Senator _______________ __________________ helped bring military bases and government contracts to Georgia.

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