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State of Georgia - History of Higher Education

A Time Chart
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Salazec D. Spratling

EDLD 7432 History of American Higher Education

Dr. Barry Dotson

July 7, 2014

1783 Augusta State University was founded (Augusta, GA.) as the Academy of Richmond County (high-school).

1784 The Georgia Assembly set aside 40,000 acres from which they planned to earn the money they would need to incorporate the University of Georgia.
1785 The Georgia General Assembly incorporates the University of Georgia, the first state to charter a state-supported university.
Augusta State University started to offer college courses.
1801 The University of Georgia was actually established.
1804 The University of Georgia graduated its first class.
1828 Medical College of Georgia was founded as the Medical Academy of Georgia by the Medical Society of Augusta.
1835 Oglethorpe University was chartered and officially commenced operations in 1838 at Midway, a small community near Milledgeville which was at that time, the capital of Georgia.
1836 The Georgia Assembly granted the Georgia Methodist Conference a charter to form Emory College (Emory University).
1854 Atlanta Medical College is officially rename Emory University School of Medicine.
1859 The University of Georgia School of Law was founded.
1862 Morrill Act of 1862 established new public institutions in each state through the grant of federal lands.
1863 During the Civil War, the University of Georgia closed in October 1863 and reopened in January 1866. In that same year, the legislature appropriated $2,000 for the creation of a College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts.
1867 Morehouse College was founded – (Atlanta, GA.) School began as Augusta Theological Institute and was established in the basement of Springfield Baptist Church in Augusta, Georgia a church that was founded in 1787 making it the oldest independent African American church in the United States.
1871 Plans for Georgia Military College began when Georgia received $243,000 from the federal government, its share of funds from the Morrill Act of 1862.
1879 Georgia Military College chartered (Milledgeville, GA.).
1881 Spelman College was established, originally named the Atlanta Baptist Female Seminary (Atlanta, GA.).
1882 Paine College established (Augusta, GA.).
Augusta Theological Institute which is now Morehouse College was established.
1884 Middle Georgia College – Established by the New Ebenezer Baptist Association. (Cochran, GA.).
Reinhardt College opened its doors for classes (Waleska, GA.).
1885 Georgia School of Technology (Georgia Tech) established - Atlanta, GA.
1886 Young Harris College established (Young Harris, GA.).
1887 The Hatch Act authorized direct payment of federal grant funds to each state to establish an agricultural experiment station in connection with the land-grant institution.
1889 Agnes Scott College was established (Decatur, GA.) Originally named the Decatur Female Seminary.
1890 The Morrill Act of 1890 established Black land-grant universities, 28 years after passage of the first Morrill Act laid the foundation for the nation’s public university system.
Savannah State University established (Savannah, GA.).
1902 Berry College was established (Rome, GA.) Berry College boasts some 27,000 acres and claims to have the largest contiguous campus in the world.
1903 Fort Valley State University established (Fort Valley, GA.) The state of Georgia’s only 1890 land-grant school.
Albany State University established (Albany, GA.).
1906 First District Agricultural and Mechanical School (Georgia Southern University) established as a land grant college (Statesboro, GA.).


Valdosta State University established (Valdosta, GA.).

1913 Georgia State University founded as a night school for the Georgia School of Technology (Atlanta, GA.).
1914 The Smith-Lever Act of 1914 created a Cooperative Extension Service associated with each land-grant institution.
1915 After undergoing a host of mergers, the Atlanta Medical College was renamed, Emory University School of Medicine.
1917 Federal legislation provided funds to support vocational education in agriculture. The Smith-Hughes Act was cosponsored by Hoke Smith, U.S. senator and future Georgia Governor.
1924 First District Agricultural and Mechanical School (Georgia Southern University) named changed to Georgia Normal School.
1931 The University System of Georgia was created with the passage of the Reorganization Act of 1931 by the Georgia General Assembly.
General Assembly of Georgia placed all state-supported institutions of higher education, including UGA, under the jurisdiction of a single

board - University System of Georgia, governed by a board of regents.

1946 The University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine was founded.
1948 Martin Luther King Jr. graduates from Morehouse College with Bachelor

Arts degree in sociology.

Georgia School of Technology changed its name to Georgia Institute of Technology.
1958 Augusta State became a part of the University System of Georgia and its name was formally changed to Augusta College. It remained a two-year college until 1963, when it attained four-year status. A second campus was added on Wrightsboro Road, which now houses athletics, kinesiology and health science.
1962 Mary Frances Early (August 16, 1962), first African-American to graduate from the University of Georgia.
1963 The University System of Georgia Board of Regents, voted unanimously to place a new junior college in Cobb County, Kennesaw Junior College (Kennesaw, GA.).
1965 Higher Education Act (1965) signed into law by then President, Lyndon B. Johnson – the law provided additional financial assistance for students in postsecondary and higher education and also increased federal money given to universities and gave low-interest loans for students.
The University System of Georgia’s Board or Regent’s passed a resolution to create a public two-year college in central Georgia – Macon State College (Macon, GA).
The Board of Regents approved the establishment of the School of Dentistry at (Medical College of Georgia) Georgia Regents University.
1975 Morehouse School of Medicine established (Atlanta, GA.) – Founded originally as part of Morehouse College.
1978 Kennesaw Junior College named was changed to Kennesaw College.
1982 Georgia State University College of Law founded.
1988 Clark Atlanta formed (Merger between Clark College – 1869 and Atlanta University – 1865.
Kennesaw College was renamed to Kennesaw State University.
1990 Georgia Southern College was renamed Georgia Southern University.
1993 The HOPE Program (Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally) was created in 1993 under the supervision of then Georgia Governor Zell Miller. The scholarship/grant program rewards students with financial assistance in degree, diploma, and certificate programs at eligible Georgia public and private colleges and universities and public technical colleges. HOPE is funded entirely by revenue from the Georgia Lottery.
1997 On August 5, 1997, the Clinton Administration signed the Taxpayer Relief Act - federal tax credit called the Hope Scholarship inspired by the merit-based scholarship program
2003 The University of Georgia the only public university in North America with winners of the Rhodes, Marshall, Truman and Goldwater Scholarships in the same year.
2005 Sheila W. Allen became the first female dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia. Allen is the second female dean of a College of Veterinary Medicine in the United States.
2007 The Department of Technical and Adult Education (DTAE) created the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG), an entity comprising the technical colleges under its administration, and in 2008 the DTAE's name officially changed to TCSG.
2008 Technical College System of Georgia announce a series of administrative mergers within the system. Mergers involve the integration of the colleges' administrations and their local boards of directors, with all campus locations remaining open.
2009 First series of Technical College System of Georgia school mergers:
Coosa Valley Technical College and Northwestern Technical College became Georgia Northwestern Technical College.
` Appalachian Technical College, Chattahoochee Technical College, and North Metro Technical College became Chattahoochee Technical College.
West Central Technical College and West Georgia Technical College became West Georgia Technical College.
Southeastern Technical College and Swainsboro Technical College became Southeastern Technical College.

West Central and West Georgia Technical Colleges merged to become the new West Georgia Technical College.

2010 Second series of Technical College System of Georgia school mergers:

Valdosta and East Central Technical Colleges merged to become the new Wiregrass Georgia Technical College.

Griffin Technical College and Flint River Technical College merged to become the new Southern Crescent Technical College.

2011 Georgia Assembly passed HB 186 requiring State Board of Education, the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, and the Board of Technical and Adult Education to develop course standards that ensure the core curriculum of all Georgia public high schools will be accepted at any institution of higher education in the state.

University System of Georgia Board of Regents officially changed the name of the Medical College of Georgia to Georgia Health Sciences University.

Sandersville Technical College and Heart of Georgia Technical College merged to become the new Oconee Fall Line Technical College.

2012 Augusta State merged with Georgia Health Sciences University to form Georgia Regents University.

Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia approved the merger of Middle Georgia College with Macon State College renaming the school Middle Georgia State College.

2013 Students applying for the HOPE scholarship are not required to complete a FAFSA form to qualify and prove their legal status.

Central Georgia Technical College and Middle Georgia Technical College merged to become the new Central Georgia Technical College.

2014 Altamaha Technical College and Okefenokee Technical College merged to become the new Coastal Pines Technical College.

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