Get Discovered from Home Renowned Acting Studio Launches Online Training Program for Actors

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Get Discovered from Home - Renowned Acting Studio Launches Online Training Program for Actors
TORONTO – January, 2015 - Armstrong Acting Studios has launched the first-ever comprehensive online training program for actors, and a chance for new talent to be discovered from anywhere in North America, and abroad.

Dean Armstrong, founder of Armstrong Acting Studios, has been launching national and international film and television careers, including those of Miley Cyrus, Nina Dobrev and Devon Bostick, for over 17 years from his studio in Toronto, and now he is bringing his in-demand coaching to actors all across North America and abroad with ActEd Online - the first ever comprehensive online training program for film & television actors.

Of using technology to innovate the way actors are trained and discovered, Armstrong said, "This is a very concentrated industry. To have a chance to train with the best coaches in the business has always required actors to travel to a major city like Toronto, L.A., New York, or Vancouver. That’s very expensive and requires a lot of commitment from the new actor in a remote town or city, or for anyone who wants to see what the industry is all about. I am interested in giving an aspiring actor, wherever they may be geographically, a real chance at honing their craft, and potentially an opportunity to train with me in L.A. I’m giving them a chance to see if they’ve got what it takes ".
ActEd Online is a rigorous training program for actors of all ages and levels looking to master the on-camera audition, and in a short period of time make their work competitive. "This industry is product based" Armstrong explains. "We look at what we see on the screen and are either compelled to keep watching because we are pulled into this world, or we change the channel. I work with actors to unlock their understanding of how to create a reality that directors want to book, and people want to tune in to".
After completing the instructional video modules and their assignments, actors can submit their own showcase audition for review by an ActEd resident coach, and a chance to be flown to L.A for an all expense paid trip to take a master class with Dean himself. "My passion is inspiring people and launching careers, and I know that there are some exciting undiscovered actors in small towns right now looking for an opportunity to be seen, and this is it".


Twitter: @armstrongacting | Facebook: /armstrongactingstudios

Armstrong Acting Studios was founded in 1997. Since then the studio and its instructors have served to discover, build and launch national and international stars in film + television. The studio offers complete industry related services that contribute to the careers of 1000's of new and returning actors each year. AAS services include: 3 Class Terms annually, Guest Workshops, Casting and Self –Tape facilities, Audition Coaching and Preparation as well as Working Industry Consultations.


Twitter: @actedonline | Facebook: /actedonline
ActEd Online is a Virtual Training Facility for both aspiring and experienced actors in film + television. ActEd Online Part One: The On-Camera Audition is the first in a series of interactive on-camera training programs designed to foster self-guided understanding, growth and independency. Now, this is key: ActEd inspires and challenges actors to change the way they think about themselves and how they approach their work. ActEd promotes actors to learn independently – outside of instruction and direction. We are most interested in actors doing for themselves; understanding what is working and what is not, and knowing how to fix it.


Dean is an actor and coach for performers in Film + Television. Having worked with 1000's of actors from around the world, his contributions have influenced the critical acclaim of many international stars including: Nina Dobrev (Vampire Diaries), Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana), Devon Bostick (The 100), FeFe Dobson (Home Again), Marshall Williams (Glee), Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (The Bold and the Beautiful) Kevin O'Leary (Dragon's Den) and Daytime Emmy winner, Brittany Allen (All My Children).

Dean also serves as a screen test advisor, pre-production and on-set acting coach for various networks and feature film production companies including DISCOVERY, DISNEY, NBC, SHOWTIME, SHAFTESBURY, GLOBAL, PARAMOUNT and ALLIANCE ATLANTIS.  Acting credits include lead + guest starring roles in A WISH COMES TRUE, THE LOTTERY, THE GABBY DOUGLAS STORY, JOY RIDE 3, COPPER, TIME OF DEATH, FLASHPOINT, HIDING, ALPHAS, WRONG TURN 4, THE LISTENER, HAVEN, SAW 3D, 4 seasons on Showtime's QUEER AS FOLK as well as a Broadway debut in Jonathan Larson's Pulitzer Prize + Tony Award winning musical RENT.

Founder of Armstrong Acting Studios, Dean maintains an active commitment to the support and development of aspiring and established talent across North America with studios and services in Toronto, Los Angeles and New York (MYiCASTNY). Dean is a graduate of Queen's University, Kingston, Canada, with degrees in both Theater Arts (BAH'96) and Education (BEd'97).

For further media inquiries or to request an appearance by Dean Armstrong please contact:

Caroline Palmer

Director of Partnerships and Development

416.483.0056 x203

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