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Mobile App Self Maintenance Guide

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Getting Started

There are many factors to take into account when constructing your own App. It’s very important you have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve with your App, and how you want to achieve those goals. Below is a list to help you get off on the right foot.

1 Identify the purpose of your App

Making sure your App and its content targets your audience is vital to gaining their attention. Know your short and long term goals and how an App can achieve those for your business.

2 Review industry examples to learn what already works

Learn from those who have already successfully launched and maintained an App by looking over industry examples.

3 Review what is required to build your App

The right content and appealing artwork are key to having a demand for your App from your target audience. Make sure you know what you have, and what you need to get done to successfully complete your App design.

4 Learn how to maintain your App and market it to grow your business

Maintaining your App is very important, allowing you to keep up to speed with new updates and features. Keeping your customers up-to-date with your business and marketing the App through traditional, digital or social media to potentially new clients, gives you an advantage over your competitors.

Marketing your App:



Word of Mouth

When networking, tell people about your App and either email or share with them immediately.

Business Cards

Business cards are an everyday business essential. The platform will provide you with a QR code that links to your App. You can then add it to your business cards and let customers know that they can contact you when you’re mobile.


Posters are a cost effective way for you to promote your App. Add a QR code to posters and put them in places where your target market regularly go.


Flyers are another cost effective method to promote your new App. Add a QR code to them and hand them out to new potential clients.


If you’re always on the road, car advertisements are a great way to get the word out there without costing you an arm and a leg.


Promote your App via signage and give your customers more of an understanding about what your business can offer them.



App Short Link

An App short link allows you to quickly share your App via a short, memorable URL. Example:

QR Code

QR Codes allow instant connection to your App via mobile devices. They can be placed on any print media from business cards to newsletters, or digitally on your website or through emails.


Put a banner on your website that tells people about your App and include a linked QR code


Add a linked QR code to your email newsletter so people can directly download your App to their phone.

Email Signature

Similar to a newsletter, a linked QR code on an email signature will allow people to directly download your App to their phones.

Banner Ads

Promote your App on banner ads on your website, and also the websites of your business networks.


Send your App to your clients and customers via SMS, allowing them to load the App directly and conveniently from their mobile device.




Push the app out to all your Facebook friends and fans and ask them to share the App with their friends.


Let your Twitter followers know and Tweet about your App.

Linked In

Great for B2B businesses. Look to provide prospects with information they can digest in their own time.

Step 1

Login to your account.

Step 2 – Enter email and password

Step 3 – Account Settings

Change your password and/or account settings.

  • Click on “Account Settings

  • Scroll down to “Change Password

Step 4 – Create an App

  • Create your app name – Click in “Your App Name” and enter app name.

  • Click “View” on the selection of template styles available until you find one you’re happy with OR create your own by using the “blank” template.

  • To confirm your choice of template click “Use it”.

Your new app will be created and appear in the phone graphic on the right hand side of the screen.

TIP 1: Remember to allow for your menu buttons.

Step 5 – Adding graphics

  • Click on “DASHBOARD”.

  • Click “Design” to add your graphics and “decorate your app”.

Step 6 – Graphics (how to add)

  • To add a graphic - click on “Upload a file”.

Appsmakerstore supports PNG, JPG and GIF formats: Size requirements are:

Logo - 320 x 30 pixels

Photo – Front Page Graphic or Dashboard graphic 320 x 240 pixels

Portrait – 1536 x 2560 pixels

Landscape – 2560 x 1536 pixels

TIP: Remember to allow for your menu buttons.

Step 7 – Graphics (add or edit the app icon graphic)

  • What is an app icon?

Your app icon will be the graphic that your clients will see on their mobile homescreen. Make it work to your advantage!

Tip: The bigger the photo the slower to load. Make the image square. The system will compress to fit.

Click here to add or edit your app icon.

Delete or upload a new file.

Step 8 – Gadgets

Gadgets enable you to tell your clients all about business, the services you offer plus much more! Let’s take a look at each gadget.

Basic Information

About us


About is the description where you add your Company information and your locations that will be showing in the map in this Gadgets with "navigate me to", "Find the nearest office to me", send to a friend and share options. This is also where you type in your primary contact information as E-mail, phone, fax and social media.

The information gadget is where you can add general information about the services your company or community delivers or has. This with various photos, links and other relevant information you would like to add with "send to a friend", "contact us" and share options with social medias.


Go to web

The gadget where you add owners or employees with or without photos with background, position and relevant contact information that easily can be imported to the customers address list.

Add a link to your regular web page for users that want to browse your full web site on their phone.


With the iFrame gadget you can add web links (URL/www/http://) to be viewed in your App, without your end-user leaving when new page is open.

Step 8 – Gadgets (continued)


Mobile shopping

Goods and Products

The products catalogue is where you upload your products with or without photos linked directly to your web-shop, e-mail quote and share options with "send to a friend" and "social media". If you only deliver a general service, you should choose the "information" gadget that support general information.

The products catalogue is where you upload your products with or without photos linked directly to your web-shop, email quote and share options with "send to a friend" and "social media". If you only deliver a general service, you should choose the "information" gadget that support general information.

Take Away

The unique Take Away gadget provide a full customer management tool (CMS) for Mobile Take Away orders. Add your own response and delivery emails based on order status, menus with sub menu options, text, pricing and add beautiful product photos with fully integrated shopping ability for cash or card orders. All with easy communication between your App users and you directly.

Step 8 – Gadgets (continued)




The guest list is where your customers can be updated with different events that you are planning. This can be easily managed at your admin site where you can approve or decline any customers that are applying to your event. This will also be shown with direct push mail to your application where the customers can use the iPhone as reference to a VIP event or a special discount.

This gadget allows you to receive bookings from your customers. Arrangements can be setup for time intervals and different resources amount. Gadget can be used only once.

Mail List

Live Chat

A mailing list is a collection of addresses used by an individual or an organization to send material to multiple recipients

This gadget is designed to display LiveChat Inc in application. Gadget can be used only once

Form Editor

Collected Stamps

Create a form with custom fields set and get answers sent to different emails or export all in handsome format.

Allows you to set your own terms for rewarding your loyal customers. How it works? You define how many Stamps your customer needs to collect in order to receive his free gift or a discount. Your client gets a new Stamp after each purchase. If your app is password protected, you can also trace all clients’ Stamps.

Step 8 – Gadgets (continued)




Add your Twitter account so that your mobile app users can easily read all your Twitter updates.

Add your Facebook FANPAGE and link this directly in your mobile app. In this way the customers easily can read all your Facebook upgrades and you can marked your fanpage with one more highly effective marketing channel.



Add one or more YouTube videos or a direct link to subscribe to all your YouTube  videos.

A podcast is a series of digital media or video that are released episodically and often downloaded through web syndication, here you can add your Podcast address.



Allows your users to share your mobile app.

Here you can share your photos and videos from Flickr by adding the Flickr RSS. This will make sure that all your shared photos or videos will be automatically updated from your Flickr account.

Step 8 – Gadgets (continued)

News and Feedback



The reviews is where your application users can read and add reviews about experience with your company. This will be shown with a star rating system for overall experience, service, price, and delivery. You can remove any comments you don't like at your admin site. Updates will be done once a day. Gadget can be used only once.

A newsfeed is a data format used for providing users with frequently updated content, here you can add the address link to your new feeder.

FaceBook Like Button


The Like button lets a user share your content with friends on FaceBook. When the user clicks the Like button on your app, a story appears in their newsfeed with a link back to your mobile app. Gadget can be used only once.

Add weather forecasts to your mobile app.

Step 8 – Gadgets (continued)




Stream radio to your App with this gadget (iPhone users only).

Add your photos to a photo gallery.


The Blog gadget is where you can post your posts.

Step 8 – Gadgets (continued)

Marketing and Ads


QR Code

Communicate between federations, clubs, members, partners, employees or family within a closed community. SponsApp® increases the value in your organisation by making available unique offers to your community. Create the world's most unique market place for B2C. SponsApp® is an additional subscription to your regular subscription.

The QR code gadget is where you generate QR codes for your links.

Google AdSense

The gadget is designed to display Google AdSense advertising within the mobile app.

Map, GPS and Push

POI Push

You can pinpoint GEO location that will alert your App users by push in App when they are near. Per POI (point of interest) you can set actions like videos, instructions, links, text, QR codes and more. You can add and change as many times as you want from our system. The gadget require PREMIUM subscription for sending push to your App users.

Step 9 – Gadgets (how to add)

  • To add a gadget – click on the “+” or on the gadget itself. It will appear on the right-hand side of the screen.

TIP: Remember if you can say it in a few words, then do so!

Step 10 – Gadgets (how to edit)

Gadgets tell your story. Use them to your advantage!

TIP: If you can say it in a few words, then do so!

Edit Attach to Block Remove

Step 11 – Change your App shortlink name

  • Go to “Dashboard

  • Click on the “pencil icon” to change the app url

  • Hit “enter” to confirm

Step 12 – Preview your App

What will your app look like on a mobile? A tablet?

  • Click on various tabs below (standard and landscape formats)

Happy with the visual?

No? Go back to “Dashboard” to make your changes.

Yes? Great! Let’s publish it!

Step 13 – Publish your App!

Almost there! This is the publish site where you can pick and upload the information needed for the different App platforms that you can publish to.

  • For iTunes, Android, Windows or FaceBook, please follow the steps required.

  • When done press “Save

Step 13a - Publish using HTML5

Step 14 – Publishing your App after you’ve made changes

  • Click on the “light bulb icon” to submit your latest changes

  • Your App will be published across all the platforms you have published on

Note: HTML5 changes are immediate. For the other publishing sites the update times will vary.

Step 14 – Share your App!

Use the marketing strategies provided with your Training documentation.

Go share your App!

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