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Turkey Wont Accede to EU

Turkey is unlikely to be allowed in EU after they froze eight chapters

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Candidate countries have to open and then close 35 chapters of talks bringing their own laws and institutions in line with the EU's. The opening of Turkey's 13th chapter - on food and veterinary safety - may turn out to be the last. Cyprus joined the EU in 2004, but Turkey backs its breakaway north. The northern part of the island is still governed by an unrecognised administration. The Greek-Cypriot government vetoed a plan to allow the Turkish part to trade with EU member states. Turkey retaliated by blocking access to its ports for Cypriot ships, which led the EU to freeze eight negotiating chapters.
Turkey is not going to finish the chapters to get into EU

Jones 9 (Dorian, Chief Information Officer, at Illinois Department of Public Health, “Turkey sees growing reservations over EU bid,” http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,,4790731,00.html) MJ

However, Bagis' optimism is increasingly meaningless, according to Professor Cengiz Aktar, head of European Union studies at Istanbul's Bachesehir University. Aktar said such reports from the EU executive were merely becoming an academic exercise. He said the results represented "total schizophrenia." "On the one hand, Turkey is now moving with this Kurdish opening and this opening towards Armenia," Aktar told Deutsche Welle. "It's all in line with EU membership and yet, the negotiations are completely stalled. It is like day and night." Aktar said the rest of Europe was absent. "The European Commission is there, but the European Union member states are not," he said. "They are not supporting Turkey in its endeavors." Currently, various EU members are blocking 15 of the 35 chapters - areas where reforms may be necessary to bring a country in line with EU legislation - that Turkey must complete to achieve membership. With only a handful of chapters remaining, the entire process is threatening to grind to a halt.

Turkey won’t be acceded into EU-won’t open ports to Cyprus

Jones 9 (Dorian, Chief Information Officer, at Illinois Department of Public Health, “Turkey sees growing reservations over EU bid,” http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,,4790731,00.html) MJ

Many of the chapters are blocked because of an impasse over the divided Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Turkey has refused to open its ports and airports to the Greek Cypriots until the EU lifts its embargo against the Turkish side of the island. The EU accession report warned that Turkey must meet its obligations to all EU members - including Cyprus. But Suat Kiniklioglu, spokesman for the Turkish parliamentary foreign affairs committee, said Turkey won't back down despite the EU requirements that it open direct trade with Cyprus. "There is no way we are going to open the ports to Greek Cyprus," Kiniklioglu said. The row over the ports could come to a head at the end of this year. Under a protocol signed by Turkey with the EU, it risks having the talks suspended unless it opens its ports to Cyprus by December. Richard Howitt, a member of the European Parliament's committee on Turkey, said that Ankara was in danger of throwing away all the good work it had achieved with this year's report. "I warn them that there isn't too much ambiguity, I would even argue no ambiguity in that legal text agreed by the council ministers," Howitt said. "So don't underestimate the threat of the talks being suspended altogether." But such a threat does not carry the weight it once did. For with French President Nicholas Sarkozy, who opposes Turkey's bid to join the 27-nation bloc on principle, there is a growing belief both among the people and politicians that its bid is doomed to forever remain just that: a bid.

Turkey Won’t Accede to EU

Turkey will not accede into EU-won’t accept

SAPA 4 (South African Press Association, “Turkey won't join EU on conditions,” http://za.mg.co.za/article/2004-12-15-turkey-wont-join-eu-on-conditions) MJ

Turkey will not accept entry to the European Union on any conditions, Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul said in a newspaper interview published on the eve of a key EU decision on the issue. "We will not say yes at any price. We have told the EU that," Gul told the Milliyet daily, in comments published on Wednesday. Gul's comments echoed those of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who on Tuesday told diplomats from EU states that his country will reject conditions posed by the EU authorities in Brussels if it considers them contrary to its interests. During an EU summit in Brussels on Thursday and Friday, the 25-nation grouping is due to set a date for the long-awaited opening of negotiations on Turkey's application. In his interview, Gul laid down what he said are four "red lines" that Turkey will not cross: Negotiations must have as their final aim complete EU membership for Turkey. The EU must not oblige Turkey to extend diplomatic recognition to the Republic of Cyprus, which became an EU member in May this year. The decision to open membership negotiations with Turkey -- expected to be taken at the Brussels summit -- must be very clear, and not conditional on any subsequent decision by EU leaders. There should be no special conditions imposed permanently on Turkey. "Turkey will not accept an injustice," Gul said, adding that to impose special conditions -- as demanded by some EU countries -- would "violate European law". Gul was later due to fly to the summit in Brussels.

Chapters key to Turkey accession are blocked by Greek Cypriots and France

Doğan 10 (Yonca Poyraz Doğan, Istanbul Kultur University, Global Political Trends Center, “Cyprus conflict could interrupt Turkey’s EU accession ,” http://www.gpotcenter.org/news/426) MJ

[Greek Cypriots] believe that Turkey will give in at the end when it becomes a member of the EU. But this is not a realistic option for the Greek Cypriots. They should realize that they lost leverage in the EU because many chapters are being blocked by them and France,” he told Today’s Zaman for Monday Talk. Akgün added that Turkey has lost its desire to become a member of the EU and is not ready to make any sacrifice. “Even in the reform process, EU membership is a non-issue. Look at the debate on and around the Kurdish problem -- you won’t see any reference to the Copenhagen political criteria,” he said.
Turkey won’t accede EU-won’t open ports

Hawley 6 (Charles, staff writer, “Is Ankara Gambling Away its EU Future?” Spiegel Online, http://www.spiegel.de/international/0,1518,446107,00.html) MJ

And what's at stake? If Turkey loses, its decades-long dream of European Union membership could finally fizzle out. Forty-six years of waiting, negotiating, reforming, convincing: wasted. No more future within the world's most powerful economy. It's a huge gamble and Ankara has shoved all of its chips to the center of the table. Problem is, Turkey's hand is terrible. The issue, of course, is Cyprus. Less than a week before the European Commission releases a report on Turkey's progress toward joining the EU, the country still hasn't fulfilled what would seem to be an elemental requirement: opening up its ports to all EU members. Cypriot ships remain unwelcome in Turkey. The EU is not impressed -- and Turkey's going to hear about it on Nov. 8. "If this situation continues, Turkey's accession is doomed to failure," said Heinz Kramer, an expert on Turkish progress toward EU membership with the German Institute for International and Security Affairs in Berlin, referring to the ongoing stalemate over Cyprus.

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