Grant Award Agreement

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Annex IV


European Community Mobility Programme

Aurora – Towards Modern and Innovative Higher Education II

Ref. 544916-EM-1-2013-1-FI-ERA MUNDUS-EMA21

Grant Award Agreement

The Erasmus Mundus Action 2, Strand 1, lot 4 programme fosters cooperation in higher education between the European Union and Russian Federation through a mobility scheme addressing student and academic individual exchanges. The Consortium of universities, with the Coordinator in the University of Turku situated in Turku, Finland, supports studies and research abroad at one of the partner universities. The Consortium is called Aurora – Towards Modern and Innovative Higher Education II.

The University responsible for grant payments,     , (name of the university) confirms the award for the following grant to the grantee:

Surname, First name:      

Aurora II application number:      

Passport no.:      

Host University:      

University of origin/Home University:      

Type of grant: undergraduate master doctoral post-doctorate staff

Duration of mobility (dd/mm/yy-dd/mm/yy):

Amount of the awarded grant: €

Subject to the acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

  1. The grant is implemented jointly by the Coordinator in the University Turku, who is in charge of the joint selection of candidates, the overall financial management of the project and awarding the grant. The Host University mentioned above, is in charge of the academic matters related to the grant including the acceptance of Grantees for study and research stays. Additionally, for undergraduates, Master students, visiting PhD and other cases where applicable, the Home University is involved in the Learning or other Agreements concerning the work programme of the Grantee. The Grantee shall agree with his/her Host and (where applicable) Home University a work programme for of his/her grant period at the Host University. The Grantee must abide all state and university rules and regulations at this institution. In particular, s/he must participate fully in all course/study components during the entire period of the grant, including participating in exams, necessary re-sits and evaluations. All activities must be duly documented as appropriate.

  2. The monthly grant will be paid by the European University named as the grant paying university upon submission of an Arrival Certificate, to be sealed and signed by the Host University indicating the actual arrival date and the banking details of the Grantee. The grant must only be used to cover the costs resulting of studies, research, teaching or other relevant programme at the Host University. Grantees are obliged to respect the agreed period of studies/research at the Host University and apply for permission for leave from both the Host University coordinator and the European University responsible for grant payments. The permission must be applied for in all cases of leave during the grant period, except for short visits to the Grantee’s home country or for the trips in the target region during the regular holidays of the Host Country. Grant payments will be interrupted until the Grantee is physically present at the Host University and can actively participate in the academic activities. All periods of absence must be specified in a report by the Grantee.

  3. Grantees must report on their activities as agreed on individually with the Home, Host and the European University responsible for grant payments. All Grantees have to submit a Final Report no later than 4 weeks after the completion of the grant period. The online Final Report must include the following documents:

    • Letter of Confirmation (Annex V): sealed and signed by the Host University indicating the actual arrival and departure date

    • Copy of Learning Agreement duly signed by the Home and Host Universities within the first month after arrival (undergraduate and master level exchange students only)

  • Copy of Transcript of Records (undergraduate and master level grantees only)

  • Original Boarding passes of both arrival and departure dates to be handed over or sent by registered mail to the University responsible for the grant payments.

  1. The Grantee must immediately notify the coordinator of the Host University on any circumstances which might materially affect the grant. Any changes or interruptions in the agreed programme, changes of the study programmes and the institutions where the work is carried out, changes of the academic supervisors, as well as changes in the envisaged travel schedules must be agreed with the Host Institution in writing.

  2. The Consortium has the right to withdraw from awarding the grant if its start has been delayed by the Grantee with respect to the enrolment and commencement dates communicated by the Host University. The Grantee must immediately inform the Host University if s/he has problems in meeting such dates for visa problems, due to illness, etc. After consulting with the University responsible for grant payments and the Coordinator (if needed), the Host University will decide if the reasons stated can be accepted and, if appropriate, on new deadlines.

  3. The Consortium can terminate the grant and stop any further payments if the report on the progress of work and/or international collaboration with the Host University does not give evidence of the sound execution of the program of work/studies including any breaks for personal reasons. It can also be terminated at any time if the terms and conditions of the grant are not obeyed, there is wrong or false information in the application or disrespect of the rules of law or the principles of international cooperation or any action, which might seriously affect the reputation of the European Community or the Host Universities. Even after the termination, the obligation to submit the Final Report will remain valid.

  4. Grantees must not accept any other mobility grant during the period of the current EMA2 grant without the written confirmation by the Consortium. If any such grant is offered, s/he must immediately inform the University responsible for grant payments which then consults the Coordinator (if applicable) before accepting it. Failing to do so renders the present EMA2 grant void and it must be fully reimbursed.

  5. All grant payments are subject to the receipt of the respective funds from the European Commission by the Consortium and the Consortium’s contractual authorisation to pay them to the Grantee. If funds are not received by the Consortium or the permission to pay ceases for any legal reasons, the Consortium reserves the right to withdraw the grant offer or, if payments have been commenced already, to terminate the grant. Grant payments must be treated as advances until the acceptance of the Final Report. The grant must be reimbursed fully, or, as to be decided by the Consortium, partially, if:

  • the grant has not been used for carrying out the programme at the agreed places of work;

  • its use for the agreed purpose cannot be substantiated, in particular if no evidence of the due participation in courses, exams, etc. can be shown;

  • the agreed duration of work at the Host University has not been respected.

  1. Monthly subsistence allowance is paid as defined in Annex II. Each European University responsible for grant payments will transfer monthly allowances on a regular basis according to the university’s internal financial practices.

  2. The application documents submitted to the Consortium, the Aurora II call announcement outlining further terms and conditions to the mobility scheme, and, in particular, the approved work programme will form an integral part of this agreement and the Annex II of the Grant Decision. The conditions of this grant must only be changed in writing by agreement of the parties concerned.

  3. The Grantee must make the EMA2 support known wherever applicable, including any published diploma or thesis works as well as any other publications related to the results of the scientific work during grant period.

  4. Grantees are entitled to receiving the following documents and support from the Host University:

  • At the end of the exchange period, students must be given a transcript of records according to or converted into the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) of the studies completed, and Host University’s graduating students must be issued diploma supplements.

  • Assistance in registration, finding appropriate accommodation and getting admission as well as visa, and appropriate study and working facilities (access to libraries, laboratories etc.), mentoring programs and tutorials and, when applicable, additional services like welcoming events, language courses, etc.

  1. The Law of Finland (country of the Coordinator) governs this Agreement and it is subject to the legislation of Finland. However, the Coordinator will have the right to decide on the application of the Law of the country of the Host University, or the country of the University responsible for grant payments, Grantee’s home country or the country of her/his permanent residence and its respective jurisdiction at the time the legal dispute commences.

Done in double/triple, one to each party:


I hereby declare that I have read, understood, accepted and will fulfil the contractual obligations as outlined herein. Russian nationals studying in a European Partner University (excluding staff and Target Group 3 grantees): I additionally assert that by the time of the grant application submission, I have not resided or carried out studies, research, or worked in one or more of the EU member states for more than a total of 12 months over the last 5 years.

I have not benefited from the grant before for the same type of mobility under another EMA2 Strand 1 project (does not apply to staff mobilities).

Date and place

Signature of grantee

Host University,      

Validity of the original application enclosures has been checked. [STAMP]

Date and place

Signature of Host University Representative

The University responsible for grant payments duly represented by       confirms the award of the grant. [STAMP]

Date and place

Signature grant paying university representative

Enclosures attached to the Grant Decision:

Annex I: List of nominated grantees

Annex II: Instructions for Grantees

Annex III: Confirmation of Awarded Grant

Annex IV: Grant Award Agreement (GAA)

Annex V: Arrival Certificate

Annex VI: Letter of Confirmation

Annex VII: Form for Travel details (online report)

All annexes are available online at

The European University responsible for grant payments prepares agreement for each grantee prior the mobility period. Grant payment process is initiated after Aurora II contact person at the Host University emails a copy of the signed Grant Award Agreement together with the Arrival certificate to the Coordinator and the European University responsible for grant payments. Original agreement must be sent to the grant paying university by post.

544916-EM-1-2013-1-FI-ERA MUNDUS-EMA21

Aurora II

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