Green Engineering Program Committee

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Issue 1 | June 2015

Green Engineering Program Committee

  • Welcome to the first newsletter of the Green Engineering Program Committee (GEPC). Tayo Ladeinde, the Leader of our Communications Subcommittee, should be congratulated for another first for our young Program Committee.
    From our charter, the GEPC serves as the AIAA focal point for all “green” aerospace-related programs and technologies. This includes both Green Aviation and Green Energy technical areas. Going back as far as 2011, the GEPC has been very active in organizing high quality and well attended invited conference sessions related to timely green engineering topics. This success is

    continuing in 2015 with sessions at SciTech, Aviation, and the P&E Forums. The GEPC created a “call for papers” for technical papers for these conferences and encourages members and their colleagues to submit abstracts for Green Engineering technical topics.
    Another accomplishment is the establishment of our GEPC Facebook page. Go to, or go to Facebook and search for “AIAA Green Engineering Program Committee”. “Like” us to follow our activities on social media.
    We have lots of opportunities for you to get involved with the GEPC. Whether your interest is in helping

    Green Engineering

    Program Committee

    Promoting a holistic, systems approach to
    improved energy efficiency, sustainability, renewable energy, and “cradle-to-cradle” design

    GEPC serves as the AIAA focal point for all “green” aerospace-related programs and technologies | @aiaaGEPC

    to organize conferences and sessions, education, outreach, policy, liaison, membership, or standards, we have a place for you to contribute!
    I hope that you find our first newsletter interesting and helpful and thanks for reading it.

    Dr. Marty Bradley

    GEPC Chair

    A Note from Our Chair

    • Alternatives

    • Emissions

    • Solar-Powered Designs

    • Transformational Flight

    Hot Topics @ AVIATION 2015

    Airframe Efficiency

  • Biofuels

  • Climate Monitoring

  • Energy Conversion Efficiency

  • Operations

  • Recycling

  • Renewable Energy

Green Engineering

aircraft is cruising at altitude the same large, heavy tail is not necessary. In another set of flight tests… NASA's ERA project will assess how well five different coatings repel insect residue in an experiment called Insect Accretion and Mitigation. Bug remains may be a nuisance on cars, but on some airplane designs they are also a drag, quite literally. Studies have shown that keeping the flow smooth, called laminar, over a wing can reduce fuel consumption as much as six percent. Even something as small as a bug on a leading edge can cause turbulent wedges that interrupt laminar flow. That results in an increase in drag and fuel consumption.




Among the aircraft… will be new versions of the prototype all-electric plane from European company Airbus, the E-Fan, and its cleaner, quieter civilian helicopter, the H160. They reflect the increasing focus on green innovations that are… a theme at this year's show ahead of the global climate conference being hosted in the same venue later this year and with the air industry committed to being carbon-neutral by 2020.



The Environmental Protection Agency said that emissions from airplanes endanger human health because of their contribution to global warming. This finding does not impose specific new requirements on airlines yet, but it requires the agency to develop the rules, as it has done for motor vehicles and power plants.



The first technology to be tested is called the Active Flow Control Enhanced Vertical Tail Flight Experiment. NASA worked with Boeing to install 31 tiny jets called sweeping jet actuators that can manipulate, on demand, the air that flows over the ecoDemonstrator 757's vertical tail and rudder surfaces. An aircraft’s vertical tail is primarily used to add stability and directional control during takeoff and landing, especially in the event of an engine failure. But when the

Photo courtesy: NASA

Do you want to connect GEPC with other organizations and committees?
We’re looking for a Liaison Subcommittee Chair!!
Email Marty Bradley |

GEPC @ SciTech 2015

  • N+3 Configuration Concepts and Enabling Technologies in NASA’s Fixed Wing Project

  • Status/Progress of Environmentally Responsible Aviation Project

  • Subsonic Ultra Green Aircraft Research (SUGAR) Truss Braced Wing Aeroelasticity

  • Green Engineer/Society and Aerospace Technology

  • NASA Transformational Tools and Technologies (T3) Project Recent Modeling Advances


  • Forum 360
    Aircraft Electric Propulsion

  • Forum 360
    The Application of Green Propulsion for Future Space

  • Plenary Session
    Technology Development and Trends in Propulsion and Energy

  • GEPC Committee Meeting

  • Check our Facebook and Twitter for updates!

  • Forum 360 Panel
    Energy/Environment: The Challenges of Green Aviation
    Wed June 24, 2:00-4:30pm
    Grand Ballroom E

  • GEPC Session
    Overview of NASA Advanced Air Vehicles Program
    Thurs June 25, 2:00-5:00pm
    Metropolitan Ballroom


  • Aircraft Electric Propulsion Path Forward, Coordination Meeting
    Mon June 22, 12:00-2:00pm
    Cooper Room

  • GEPC Committee Meeting
    Wed June 24, 5:30-6:30pm
    Malta Room

Join Us!!


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