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AIAA TAC Newsletter 2013-Q1

Table of Contents

Message from Your Vice President, TAC Basil Hassan

Betty’s Corner Betty Guillie

Meet Your TAC Team: Kathleen Atkins

Recent Developments & Upcoming Events

AIAA Members Take Capitol Hill! Leon McKinney

Transformational Flight Working Group…... Lynn Unrau

From the International Activities Committee…... Karen Sklencar
Message from Your VP, TAC

A Busy Spring for AIAA Technical Activities

We usually associate the ending of our AIAA Technical Activities year (May 1 – April 30) with the meetings held every January at the Aerospace Sciences Meeting (to be called SciTech from 2014 on). However, during the last couple of months of the year, several important things take place which should garner equal attention.

First of all, now is the time where we elect the new leaders of our Institute. As in any election, one of your privileges and duties as an AIAA member is to vote for our new leadership. The AIAA National Nominating Committee has done an outstanding job in selecting candidates for this year’s Board of Directors ballot. Three positions related to AIAA’s Technical Activities Committee (TAC) are currently on the ballot. This year, the membership will select my successor, the Vice President-Elect for Technical Activities. The VP-Elect will serve in the elect role for one year during the last year of my term. The successful candidate will become the VP in May 2014 and serve for a three year term. Longtime TAC veterans Tom Duerr and Dave Riley are candidates for this important position, and each has a long history of dedicated service to our Institute.

Additionally, we have two technical Directors positions on the ballot: Director-Technical, Propulsion and Energy and Director-Technical, Information Systems. Jeff Hamstra and Chris Pestak will be vying for the Propulsion and Energy Director; one of which will replace the current two-term Director, Ashwani Gupta. Likewise, Sanjay Garg and Jim Rankin will compete to replace Jim Neidhoefer, who is finishing his second term as Information Systems Director. The winning candidates will begin their terms in May. All four of the director candidates are long time contributors to AIAA Technical Activities. This year, all voting will be done electronically on our new election system on AIAA's web page: Ballots are due by April 8, 2013. I have already voted and the new voting site is very easy to use. Thanks to this year’s candidates and to you for getting out and voting!

Also, in May, roughly half of our TC Chairs will turn over their rein of their respective committees to their successor, and our committees will turnover roughly 1/3 of their membership. For those who are departing one of our committees, I personally want to thank you for your time and effort in making AIAA a premier organization. We look forward to your continued participation in the future. For those continuing on a committee, please welcome our new Chairs and our new members to our committees to enable future success. One of these days, you might be electing one of these new members to be a future member of AIAA’s Board of Directors.

Finally, one of the most important duties we have as AIAA members is to recognize their contributions. Nominations for upgrade to Associate Fellow are due April 15th (references due May 15th), while nominations for upgrade to Fellow and Honorary Fellow are due by June 15th (references due July 15th). We have many members who are deserving of such recognition. I ask you to please take the time to consider nominating one or more of your colleagues or fellow committee members for one of these important honors.

Basil Hassan

Vice President for Technical Activities

Betty’s Corner

In 2009, the technical committee and program committee websites were moved to the AIAA Committee/Section Extranet sites. They can be found at Each committee can be found by clicking on Technical Activities and then the appropriate group title. The Committee Extranet Sites are handled exclusively by the individual committees. That means, if a committee puts in a little time to keeping the website up to date, it is obvious when someone lands on that page.

For those of you that might not be familiar with the sites, the sites are an excellent place for the committee’s activities to be placed on the calendar, announcements made, pictures uploaded, and documents to be placed in the SharePoint libraries. There is a Private Group Documents area that only members on the technical or program committee can access. Once the committee member logs in, they will have access to the documents placed in the Private Group Documents folder.

All current members on a technical or program committee have access to their respective committee website. The website editor and chair of each committee have additional website permissions which allow them to edit and create web parts on the site.

Please take a moment to preview some of the committees’ home pages at You might get some ideas you would like to incorporate on your own committee’s site.

For the Extranet Packet document, please email me at It provides basic guidance on how to add, delete, and edit the site.

Meet Your TAC Team: Kathleen Atkins


Kathleen M. Atkins
Over the past 18 months or so I have been intimately involved with the development and roll out of the New Event Model. My focus has now shifted to ensure successful incorporation of our SDM Conference (and co-located events) into the new Science and Technology Forum. Looking forward to our first “Sci-Tech” in January 2014!

AIAA Background and Activities:

I am proud to be currently serving a second term as your elected Director for the Aerospace Design and Structures group. I first joined AIAA as a Student Member in 1989 (so I could legally participate in the aerospace design competition!) and have served in a variety of volunteer roles both at the Section and National level. Some of the key roles I have held include Atlanta Section Chair, Survivability Technical Committee Chair, TAC Deputy Director, and Young Professional Committee Member, along with various subcommittee chair positions too numerous to mention. It’s been an honor to serve AIAA, and I appreciate the recognition I have received over the years as an Associate Fellow (2003), Atlanta Section Member of the Year (1994), Sustained Service Award (2006) honoree.

Professional Background:

For my “day job”, I have been a member of the Lockheed Martin family for over 25 years. Since joining Lockheed - Georgia Company as an engineering co-op student in 1987, I have spent most of my time conducting aircraft survivability and operations analysis, leading diverse engineering teams, and managing large aircraft development, production and sustainment programs. My current position is C-130J Program Director for International Programs.

B.S., Aerospace Engineering, University of Cincinnati

M.S., Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Recent Developments & Upcoming Events

AIAA Members Take Capitol Hill!

Leon McKinney

Every year, AIAA members – engineers, scientists, researchers, students, educators, and technology executives – come to Washington, D.C., to take part in AIAA’s Congressional Visits Day program (CVD). They meet with national decision makers to discuss critical industry issues in civil aeronautics, civil astronautics, and defense.

What’s our goal? Through face-to-face meetings with Members of Congress, congressional staff, key administration officials, and other decision makers, Congressional Visits Day raises awareness of the long-term value that science, engineering, and technology bring to America.

This year Congressional Visits Day will take place on March 19-20. CVD Headquarters will be at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center near the White House.  The first day will feature briefings on aerospace & defense programs and budgets and AIAA’s Key Issues, along with state-by-state team breakouts to discuss the next day’s meetings. On the second day, March 20, AIAA takes Capitol Hill!  CVD participants, grouped into state teams, will meet with as many Members of Congress and staff from the team’s state as possible.  Then, after a busy day of discussion with Members and staff, CVD participants will enjoy a great reception, which quite a few Congressional staff and even several Members will also attend!

Make sure that you don’t miss out on this vital opportunity to have your Congressional representative hear your voice – register for CVD today!

Primary Web site for CVD:

Additional information and guidance for CVD participants can be found at:

AIAA’s Key Issues for 2013 are presented below, along with the name and e-mail address of the point-of-contact for each Key Issue.  To read a more in-depth discussion the Key Issues, please link to

  1. Promote and incentivize public-private partnerships that improve technology transition to end users from the nation’s aerospace research laboratories

Carol Cash []

  1. Enabling Sustained Deep Space Exploration with a Broad Vision

Phil Hattis []

  1. Complete Public/Private Human Earth-Orbit Access Programs in a Timely Manner

Phil Hattis []

  1. Recruiting, Retaining, and Developing a World-Class Aerospace Workforce

Annalisa Weigel []

  1. Building Our Competitive Foundation:  Supporting K-12 STEM Education

Annalisa Weigel []

  1. Assuring the Viability of the US Aerospace and Defense Industrial Base

Carol Cash []

  1. Lessening the Impact of Export Controls on the Domestic Aerospace Industry

Jim Rendelman  []

  1. Accelerating the Integration of UAV/UAS into the National Air Space (NAS)

John Rose []

  1. Why a Robust and Integrated Cybersecurity Policy is One of Our Top National Security Priorities

John Rose []

  1. Ensure the Continuing Stimulation of Advancements in the Nation’s Science and Technology Portfolio by Removing Restrictions on the Federal Science & Technology Professional Workforce to Participate in Peer Review and Open Forum

Steve Howell []
Transformational Flight Working Group

Lynn Unrau

The Transformational Flight working group was formed by the Emerging Technologies Committee (ETC) in 2008 to monitor the developments in the emerging market of on-demand aviation. The focus of the working group encompasses the future missions, vehicles, technologies, regulations, and infrastructure that will transform the way people and cargo travel regionally by air in the future. In 2011 and 2012, the working group organized 12 technical sessions at the ATIO conferences covering subjects such as autonomy, regulations, civil UAV technologies, and personal air vehicles. The success of these sessions and the high level of interest prompted the ETC to continue the pursuit of creating a new AIAA Program Committee in the area of transformational flight.

As a Program Committee, the Transformational Flight PC hopes to promote a community engaged in the technical, business, and societal issues associated with transformational approaches to air transportation and the research needs of this emergent high speed mobility aviation market. The committee will serve as the AIAA focal point for creation of new, on-demand aviation transportation capabilities that will leverage advanced vehicle configurations, electric propulsion, autonomous control, intelligent transportation, and other enabling technologies. Nearly 30 members and potential members have been identified for the Transformational Flight PC and interest continues to grow. The committee is in the process of soliciting feedback from other AIAA Technical and Program Committees in order to foster a collaborative environment for the application of specific technical specialties to the challenge of transformational flight. An overview of the Transformational Flight Working Group was presented to TAC at the January 2013 meeting at ASM in Grapevine, TX. The Transformational Flight Working Group expects to be ratified as a Program Committee during 2013.

For further information, please contact the working group chair, Lynn Unrau ( or transformational flight technical specialist, Mark Moore (

From the International Activities Committee

Karen Sklencar

As part of AIAA’s collaboration with the Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics (CSAA), the Institute is pleased to be an overseas partner for the International UAV Innovation Grand Prix. This event will be held in October 2013 in Beijing. The Grand Prix features unmanned aerial vehicle design competitions and will award prizes for creativity and athletics. The application deadline is 31 May 2013. For more information and to apply to participate in the competitions, please visit 

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