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David A. Broniatowski

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89 Sciarappa St. #2 2646 Fairmount Blvd.

Cambridge, MA 02141 Cleveland Hts., OH 44106-3648

Email: david@mit.edu (216) 932-7431

Primary Interests: Space Systems Engineering, Space Policy, Space Systems Architecture

Education Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Cambridge, MA

Master’s Degrees in Aero/Astro Engineering and Technology and Policy, June 2006.

GPA: 5.0/5.0

Bachelor’s Degree in Aero/Astro Engineering with Minor in Music, June 2004.

GPA: 4.8/5.0

Relevant Coursework: Space Systems Architecture, Space Systems Engineering, Game Theory and Political Theory, Engineering Economy and Real Options Analysis, Microeconomic Analysis for Business Decisions, Law, Technology & Public Policy, Introduction to Technology and Policy, Aerospace and Biomedical Life Support Engineering, Sensory Neural Systems, Human Factors Engineering, Principles of Autonomy and Decision Making, Estimation and Control of Aerospace Systems, Digital Communications and Networking, Principles of Automatic Control
International Space University Summer Sessions Program (ISU SSP) Adelaide, SA, Australia

Graduate Degree in Space Sciences from the University of South Australia

Certificate of Completion, Policy and Law Department, August 2004.
Experience Avidyne Corporation Cambridge, MA

Engineering Intern. Successfully designed and implemented Microsoft Visual C++ code to automatically convert logged flight data to Microsoft Excel format, producing time and labor savings. Designed and implemented a real-time display for a satellite weather data link system-health monitor.

June 2003-August 2003 Supervisor: Samuel Dinnar
Teaching Assistant – Unified Engineering & Estimation and Control of Aerospace Systems

Duties included grading assignments, holding office hours for students, grading, and running lab sessions.

Sept 2002-May 2004 Supervisors: Profs. Wesley Harris, Steven Hall, & Eric Feron
Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies Cambridge, England, UK

Successfully combined software developed to capture and store encoded fingerprint data with smartcard controller software. Adapted a smartcard-based Cryptographic Service Provider to include fingerprint recognition functionality. Concluded that a physically secure system was necessary for increased security.

June 2002 -August 2002 Supervisor: Dr. Jem Rashbass and Graham Phillips
MIT Man Vehicle Lab Cambridge, MA

Undergraduate Research Opportunity. Analyzed Micro-gravity Load Sensor Data. Tested magnetic motion sensors. Tested and evaluated the Planetary Society’s “Red Rover, Red Rover” outreach program for classroom use. Designed and maintained the Lighter Than Air Design course website.

June 2001-September 2001 Supervisor: Prof. Dava Newman
Skills Software: Wolfram Mathematica 4.0, Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0, Microsoft Office, MATLAB Simulink,

Programming Languages: C, C++, Microsoft Visual C++, Scheme, AMPL, Microsoft Software Development Kits.

Languages: English, French (fluent), and Hebrew (conversational)

Miscellaneous: Lab experience. Amateur Radio License – Technician-plus Class. Violinist.
Activities Sigma Gamma Tau Aerospace Engineering Honors Society – Graduate Student Liaison Officer. MIT Students for the Exploration and Development of Space –SpaceVision2004 Conference Planner, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) – Member, Space Generation Congress, Member, Alpha Phi Omega -- MIT Alpha Chi Chapter (community service and leadership fraternity).
Awards The David J. Shapiro Memorial Award, 16.050 GE Aircraft Engines Challenge winner, National Merit Commended Scholar, AP Scholar With Distinction, President’s Award for Educational Excellence
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