Greetings & words from Trineca Huger, President 2 Reading of minutes April Blowers Vice President

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Atlantic High School Football Booster Club Minutes
September 22, 2015 Meeting
Meeting commenced at 6:22pm
1) Greetings & words from Trineca Huger, President
2) Reading of minutes April Blowers - Vice President

-9/14/15 meeting minutes accepted with approval to change on page 1 under Words from Coach Dixon Given Taylor to Guyvin Willaims

3) Words from Coach Dixon

-Discussed Friday’s (9/18/15) game

No negative attitudes will be tolerated

Mamma Mia's pre game meal was great. Thanked parents for plates & forks

-Car wash- If players don't make it on Saturday they will need to be at school on Sunday to help spread mulch.
-Sponsorship package

-Banners on fence (by field) will be offered for $200.00 next year (3x5) or can get remainder of this year + next year for $250.00.

-Will offer Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Platinum packages next year

- Mamma Mia's, Giuseppe's, & Ritchey Cadillac will be given banners in exchange for their donations.

-The banners on front fence can offer add on for field needs to be cleared by the A.D.
-Thursday, 9/ 24, 2015 4:00pm JV game vs. Pine Ridge
-Friday, 9/25, 2015 7:00pm Varsity @ Pine Ridge. Parents needed for chain gang
-Friday, October 2, 2015 Varsity game will be @ 3:30pm- trying to figure out solution for parking.
-Guyvin Williams (Varsity Player) is doing better.
-Halftime snacks are not necessary but players do enjoy them. Coach Simonelli is working with Publix to get support there. Boys may go on Saturday to stand out front (Publix) for donations.
-Pasta is good for pre-game meals, subs are ok, prefer no pizza
-Reminder we are not an official booster club yet as we need 501-C. Coach said he will look into who is actually responsible/eligible to start the 501-C paper work
-Facebook page- Atlantic High School Sharks & Twitter- @atl_sharks is set up
-Will discuss ideas for new name of Booster club @ next meeting

4) Jessica Velez - Treasurer Report

-No home game so no finances to report/balance remain @ $391.88

5) Committee reports

A) Karrell Givens - Chair-Halftime refreshments

- Kids are not eating most of the snacks, will discontinue. Coach Dixon agreed stating Gatorade is good for now and he has plenty of it..

B) Jasper Taylor – Chair-Concession Stand

-Badges for volunteers passed around so that the volunteers could be identified and let into the game at no cost due them volunteering.

-In contact with Ms. Rizzo (Guidance Counselor) regarding student volunteering in concession stand to earn volunteer hours.

C) April Blowers- Chair-Fundraiser

-Car wash

Flyers available. Donations of soap, sponges, towels needed

-Pictures of players/team to be sold for $15.00

-NFL tickets for Tampa Bay home game on 10/4 @ 1pm as silent auction

D) Pre- game meals

-No free meals scheduled

-John Huger, Sr. will get pre-game meal for 9/25 with the $100.00 donation from 5 parents, in addition to contributing the balance needed as the meal will mostly cost more than $100.00.

-Mr. & Mrs. Toure volunteered to provide the pre-game meal for 10/02

E) Sale of jerseys

- Trineca confirmed with 8 of 10 senior parents that they will pay for jersey but did not receive funds from 1 parent & 2 parents at the meeting was prepared to pay for their jersey

-Printing & framing will be done by a company they are in contact with

- Ms. Taylor said her husband will volunteer to pay for the jerseys @ 9/25 game since all funds were not received from the senior parents.

6) Questions & Answers & Miscellaneous

-Mamma Mia's Shark Night Tuesday, 9/29/15

-Next meeting will be Tuesday, September 22, 2015 6:15pm-7:15pm

-Varsity parents were asked to stay for a quick meeting with the 2 JV parents if they are able to volunteer to work the concession stand for the 1st home JV game 9/24/15

-Trineca Huger & April Blowers were the only varsity parents to stay behind and participate in the meeting. Both Trineca & April said they would not be able to work the concession stand until approximately 4:30-5:00PM. A joint decision was made among the JV parents and Varisty parents that the concession stand will not open for the 1st game but focus on getting more varsity & jv parents to assist.
7) Adjourn @ 7:25pm

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