Gregory Bethune, Principal Davrye Gibson Smith, Magnet Program Coordinator Miami Central Senior High School Academy of Information Technology naf model Academy The National Academy Foundation (naf)

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Gregory Bethune, Principal Davrye Gibson Smith, Magnet Program Coordinator

Miami Central Senior High School

Academy of Information Technology

NAF Model Academy

The National Academy Foundation (NAF) - A Part of National Network Designed to Impact Students College and Career Opportunities for Life Success Provides Career-themed Curriculum at Each Grade Level.


Purpose. Persistence. Possibilities”


Specialized Programs - Schools of Choice


The Miami Central Senior High School seeks to prepare students for college, work, and citizenship through rigorous and engaging projects that connect growing IT professionals to real world issues in the Information Technology Industry.


AOIT Magnet Program seeks to join with business partners and stakeholders in the community to become the premier Academy of Information Technology Program in Miami-Dade County preparing professionals for the IT Industry.

Our academy stresses the three R’s Framework; rigorous academic learning experiences, relevant hands-on work experiences that will serve to develop student’s thinking and problem-solving skills and relationships developed through our business/school partnerships that prepare young people for future careers critical to post-secondary education and career success.


The Academy of Information Technology (AOIT) a collaborative local effort of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools and industry corporations to prepare students to enter the field of Information Technology (IT) at the professional level. In addition to course work, students participate in field trips at the local, state and national levels, listen to expert guest speakers from the industry and participate in extracurricular and community service activities in the industry.
In order to be accepted into the Academy, an interested student at the ninth grade level needs to do the following:

  1. Submit an application,

  2. Meet several admission requirements (academic, attendance, attitude)

  3. Have parental consent.

A minimum of 2.0 Grade Point Average in core academic subject areas (e.g. language arts, mathematics, science, social studies) and in conduct.

All effort grades in core academic classes must be a “2” or higher.

No more than 10 unexcused absences will be allowed for previous year.

Recommendations may be required.

Co-curricular student clubs help the students expand their knowledge and experience in the field of Information Technology first hand. Students may also meet their high school graduation requirements in community service by participating in designated community activities: National College Fair, Magnet Recruitment events and other school enhancement activities.
A minimum of 75 hours of community service is required for high school graduation from Miami- Dade County Public Schools for IT students. A minimum of 25 hours per year is required for an Academy Student to participate in special activities.
The school has the right to accept students at the 9th, 10th, or 11th grade level if all requirements are met and space is available. Due to the field studies and summer programs, all AOIT students are required to purchase the basic student insurance.


In addition to the high school diploma, students will be awarded an Academy of Information Technology Certificate of Completion. The certificate provides an added advantage for employment and furthering their education in the IT industry.

Ninth or Tenth Grade:

Failure to pass the Introduction to Information Technology Course may keep students from continuing in the Academy. If a student fails any other subject, he/she needs to make up the credit(s) during night school and/or virtual school before the summer internship of the junior year.

Eleventh Grade:

Students must enroll in the summer internship course following their 11th grade.


In order to receive the Academy of Information Technology Certificate of Completion, students must pass all Academy requirements as well as meet all high school graduation requirements.


Upon acceptance into the magnet program at Miami Central, each student will be issued an academy passport. The passport outlines the required annual activities, co-curricular field studies, leadership training and employment documentation each academy students needs to accomplish to ensure they are on track for receiving their Academy of Information Technology Certificate of Completion upon graduation. This passport becomes a part of each student’s portfolio; it is each student’s responsibility to ensure that their academy teacher or academy leader signs off on each benchmark as requirements are fulfilled.


The unique curriculum meets the State of Florida graduation requirements. Each course has a focus on the oral and written communication, and technical skills, necessary for success in the field of IT, readiness for the FCAT, and the development of employability skills as well as preparation for college. AOIT students are grouped, when possible, in their non- academy courses to provide an integrated curriculum. Each course is one credit.

Ninth Grade

English I

Algebra I or higher

Earth & Space Science or Biology World History

Introduction to Information Technology

This is the first course students take in the Academy of Information Technology. It provides an overview of information technology and introduces students to the basics of hardware and software. Students examine hardware components including peripherals, connectors, and memory. Students explore common operating systems, software applications, and programming languages. Students learn about types of networks and network topology, and they set up an email client/server connection. Students also consider contemporary issues such as security, privacy, and technological inequality. Finally, students explore career opportunities in IT.

Digital Media Foundations

This course is designed to develop basic entry-level skills required for careers in the digital publishing industry. The content includes computer skills; digital publishing concepts and operations; layout, design, and measurement activities; decision-making activities; and digital imaging.


Web Design is a hands-on introduction to designing, building, and launching websites. Students learn about web development including HTML coding, usability, design, and web-based publishing tools. Students determine business requirements, gather web content, create web pages, conduct usability testing, launch their websites, and plan how to attract traffic.

Networking 1

Computer Networking is a hands-on introduction to peer-to-peer and client/server networks. The course guides students through all phases of implementing and troubleshooting common TCP/IP Ethernet networks. It covers network components, cables, and connectors, as well as the OSI model, protocols, and topologies. Students implement and troubleshoot a LAN and learn about access issues for WANs. Finally, students explore opportunities for network-related careers.

Tenth Grade:

English II Geometry or Higher

Biology or Chemistry

Personal Fitness & PE Elective Foreign Language

Dual Enrollment and/or Advanced Placement Courses Academy Courses

Academy Electives

Eleventh Grade:

English III or Writing and Rhetoric (Dual Enrollment Course)

Algebra II or higher Chemistry or Physics

American History or AP American History Foreign Language

Dual Enrollment and/or Advanced Placement Courses Academy Courses

Academy Electives

Summer IT Executive Internship

This honors course is offered during the summer following the 11th grade. Each student, who qualifies and meets the requirements, is placed in an employment position related to the field of Information Technology for a first hand look at the industry. Students are compensated and receive credit for this required course.

English IV or AP English Literature Pre-calculus or higher

Science Elective Internship

Dual Enrollment and/or Advanced Placement Course(s) Academy Course

Academy Elective

Academy of information Technology – Academy Courses

Information Technology

Digital Media Technology

Graphics & Multimedia Design

Game-Simulation- Animation Programming





Information Technology

Digital Media Foundations

Multimedia Design I

Video Game & Mobile Application

Multimedia II

Multimedia Design II

Multimedia III

Multimedia Design III

Academy of Information Technology – Academy Electives

Television Production

Computer Graphics & Animation

Global Trade & Logistics




Television Production 1

Computer Art: 3D Design

Business and Entrepreneurial Principles

Television Production 2

Advanced Computer Graphics

Legal Aspects of Business

Television Production 3

Computer Art: Image Processing

Business Supervision I

If applicable

Internship Experience

Gold Seal Eligibility

Courses in Business Technology Education are strongly encouraged especially for purposes of receiving the Gold Seal Scholarship.

Foreign Language

As Information Technology is a multicultural, multilingual industry, Academy students are required to enroll in a foreign language course such as Spanish, French, Italian, or German for two years.

Small Learning Community

Students in the Academy take classes with fellow Academy students. This smaller learning community allows students to get better acquainted with each other and with their teachers thereby providing a more familiar and personal atmosphere.

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment is offered at and by Florida International University and Miami-Dade College.

Students in the Academy of Information Technology are eligible to receive up to 12 college credits and 2 high school credits. To meet the requirements for dual enrollment, students must:

    1. Have an overall cumulative grade point average of “3.0”,

    2. Complete an application,

    3. Be enrolled in the 10th, 11th or 12th grade, and

    4. Pass any required college placement test.

These courses are FREE to eligible students. College credits earned for the courses may be transferred to universities and colleges as elective credits


Students in the Academy of Information Technology have consistently won school, community and industry scholarships. All students are encouraged to excel in school in order to be potential candidates for these prestigious awards. All seniors are encouraged to complete all scholarship applications and qualifying essays. Please use all available resources i.e. College Placement Advisor, Ms. Wesley Room 2110, College Readiness Chair Ms. Moorer Room 1228, or Academy Leader Ms. Gibson Smith Room 6112, and Academy teachers.


The IT Executive Internship is a unique employment opportunity for the students in the Academy of Information Technology. This required six-week course is scheduled during the summer following successful completion of their junior year.

They will receive one honors credit and compensation for their internship. Transportation to and from work is the responsibility of the students. Final grade for the internship is based on 50% of the actual work experience and 50% of the required weekly assignments. Students do not report to a class and go directly to work.
Professional behavior is expected of every student. Students who are terminated from their internship may be dismissed from the Academy and transferred to their home school if different from Miami Central Senior High.
It is imperative that students and parents understand that all students MUST accept an internship placement and COMPLETE the entire five weeks. During the registered time of the course, the students cannot go on vacation, and neither can they take any other course. Students who refuse to accept or complete the internship will receive an “F” and be terminated from the program. The program will make every effort to place the students in one of their three choices for a work location. However, there are many variables that affect placement, and asking for students’ choices DOES NOT obligate the program to honor such requests. All students must show proof of student school insurance. A copy of the social security card and birth certificate must also be on file with the Magnet Coordinator Ms. Gibson Smith by November 1, 2015. It is the student’s/parent’s responsibility to secure proper legal documentation in compliance with all state and federal laws to be eligible for a summer internship.

Extended Classroom Experiences GUIDELINES IN-COUNTY (Familiarization TRIP)

The educational intent of these trips is to broaden the curriculum base and enrich students’ learning experiences. They are an integral part of the students learning experience in each of the Academy’s courses. Transportation will be provided. Students usually pay for their lunch.

  1. On these extended classroom experiences, students may complete an assignment that will be graded in each class. These assignments become part of the student’s personal portfolio, which are presented to future employers and college personnel for university admission. Miami-Dade County Public Schools now requires every student to keep and update a portfolio from grades K-12.

  2. Parent permission forms must be completed and turned in to the sponsoring teacher or else the student will not be able to participate in a Field trip activity.

  3. Students must wear proper Academy attire at each Field trip (either business or professional/casual OR school uniform – students are informed prior to the trip).

POSSIBLE Extended Classroom Experiences INCLUDE:
Carnival Cruise Lines, Terremark, AVAYA, FedEx, Windhaven Ins., Miami-Dade County Aviation Department, Port of Miami, and Burger King Headquarters, all students are also required to participate in the Annual Academy Industry Conference.


As previously mentioned, students are expected to raise funds to defray all costs. The following expenses are incurred at the beginning of the school year.

Clubs: Dues will be designated by the club sponsors. These fees help defray the cost of business cards and the yearbook club picture.

Academy: Students are required to purchase an Academy polo shirt. Students will provide their own slacks or skirts and blazer* as per school Academy guidelines.


ALL students are required to purchase school accident insurance which is available at the beginning of the school year through Magnet Coordinator Ms. Gibson Smith Room 6112 or academy teachers.


Attending school regularly is a major influence on scholastic success. Students in the Academy are expected to have good attendance. The all day Field trips represent excused absences, but students are still RESPONSIBLE for any missed assignments. Regardless of Fieldtrips, students are expected to adhere to attendance policies as stipulated by the School Board.


Students in the Magnet Program, through Field trips and club activities are constantly in contact with the business community and visit areas that are NOT open to the public. For these reasons, when the students travel in groups, they must wear their uniform or the requested attire. Additionally, on pre-designated days throughout the school year, all academy students are expected in business attire for the entire school day event.


It is expected that as a magnet student, all conduct grades must be 2.5 (B) or higher. Students must not be referred to SCSI for instructional time misbehavior or the promotion of any inappropriate behavior on or off campus e.g. fighting, cursing, etc.) If student violates this rule, immediate withdrawal from the magnet program and its affiliated activities will occur.


In preparation for the interview process and the summer internship program, students are encouraged to build a professional wardrobe beginning in the ninth grade. Professional attire includes the following:

  1. Jackets/sports coat, pressed dress pants, shirt and tie, dark colored dress shoes and socks for young men.

  2. Modest length business-type dress/suit with knee-length skirt and blouse, pantyhose, dark colored closed toe dress shoes for young ladies.

  3. No extreme fashion.

The FBLA Club is an integral part of the operation of the Academy of Information Technology Magnet Program. It is the vehicle by which the students volunteer for school and community service activities, raise funds for Field trips and other pertinent needs of the Magnet program and school. Meetings may be held once a month or more as deemed necessary by the club sponsor. The time and date of the meetings will be determined by the sponsor and officers. Officers of the clubs will meet with club sponsor to plan regular meetings.



Several award ceremonies will take place during the school year. Students who make the Honor Roll (A’s, B’s Academic, Conduct, Attendance) will be acknowledged through the IT AWARDS Program at the end of each grading period. An Award banquet and graduation will honor students at the end of the year for their efforts and accomplishments throughout the duration of the AOIT Program.


One of our top priorities in the Magnet Program at Miami Central Senior High School is to make sure the graduates of the program are able to complete academically with other graduates throughout the school district, state, and nation. Students in the Magnet program are expected to excel academically and compete for scholarships available to them in the upcoming years. One way to ensure that this happens is to help each student in grades 9 –12 understand that maintaining good grades in high school will make them more marketable when applying for colleges and scholarships.

ALL AOIT students who are having difficulties in class are required to speak to the Magnet Coordinator Ms. Gibson Smith and try to resolve the issue.
The parents and students will be called in for a conference when a student is given a warning and placed on Academic Probation.
If after the warning a student fails to improve the “D” or “F” grade to a “C” or better the following nine weeks, the probation committee will meet with the parent and student of review his/her grades.
If a student continues to fail the same class, a meeting will be held with the parent/student/AOIT to determine if the student will be exited from the program.
AOIT Magnet at Central Staying Connected Campaign

The AOIT Magnet students and their parents will receive regular announcements about different activities and events available in the program through:

    • Monthly Connect Ed Messages

    • Weekly E-mail Messages

Feel free to e-mail questions, concerns and/or issues to our e-mail address at

COLLEGE INFORMATION ______________________________
Scholarship Information _______________________________________________
Student Agreement

The 2015-2016 Academy of Information Technology (AOIT) Handbook explains rules and regulations for students in the AOIT Magnet Program at Miami Central Senior High. It will help student prepare for and successfully complete the coming year.

This handbook details requirements for successful completion of all areas of the academy. Topics include but are not limited to the following:
Program Completion Co-curricular clubs Course of Study Dual Enrollment

Summer Services – Outreach Programs and the Summer Internship Scholarship Opportunities

Extended Classroom Experiences (In-County and Out-of County) Attendance

Uniform Requirement Professional Business Attire Academy Clubs

Community Service Requirements – Academy Ambassadors Award Ceremonies

Academic Probation

Enjoy the academy experience and remember your Magnet Coordinator and instructors are here to help with your success. If you or your parents have any questions, problems, concerns or issues that arise, please contact Mrs. Davrye Gibson Smith, Magnet Lead Teacher for input and direction at (305) 696-4161 Ext. 2343.
I understand that it is my responsibility to read this Print Name
handbook, to go over it with my parents, and to clarify any necessary items.
I further understand that I will be held accountable for all information contained in this handbook.

Student Signature Parent Signature Date

Please return THIS PAGE with student and parent signature to your Academy teachers Room 6112 by Friday, September 11, 2015.


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