Guide to the Development of the Viewer

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Guide to the Development of the Viewer

Note: Download links to 3rd party websites may be out of date by the time this tutorial is followed. Use a search engine to find the link yourself if this is the case.

Download the Viewer source code. It is titled Multicard Project. After downloading the source code, unzip the contents. The Maker program was developed using the IDE, Android Studio, so for this tutorial, it will be explained how to get the source code running on Android Studio.

Before running Android Studio, you must download the Java Development Kit (JDK). This allows you to program using Java. Download the JDK from

Run the executable file and move through the installation wizard to install the JDK. After you are finished with that, download Android Studio from

Run the executable and follow the setup wizard. If the wizard does not find that Java is installed on your system, follow the tutorial at

Execute Android Studio and run through the startup wizard. When you get to the following screen below, click Open an existing Android Studio project.

Navigate to the location of the Viewer source and highlight it. Press OK.

After loading the source into Android Studio, the IDE should be attempting to set up. If there are no further errors, you should be able to now run the source on an Android device. However, you may be an error similar to the one below.

Click the link that says Install missing platform(s) and sync project. Accept the license agreement and press Next. If more errors pop up, keep clicking the corresponding links to fix it. Once all errors are fixed, you should now be able to run the source on Android Studio.
Download 4.31 Kb.

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