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Guru Prasad Gangiredla

Mobile: 513 658 5395


  • 15 years of extensive experience on oracle Database Administration, EXADATA, datacenter migrations using Datapump;TTS;Golden Gate, Upgrades, Setting up Disaster Recoveries, Dataguard, Building Infrastructure, Shell Scripting, Performance Tuning, Automations, Security implementations, Configuration management, Capacity Management, Providing BAU Support.

  • Having rich experience in ASM, RAC, Datpump, Performance Tuning, RMAN, Shell scripting, Implementing Security Features.

  • Leading the Oracle DBA Support team for the performance & availability of all the Customer/Vendors Facing applications with Database Administration experience providing support of both development and Production systems on various platforms and database sizes.

  • Proficient in infrastructure builds, database installation, creation, sizing, backup & recovery, performance tuning and capacity planning.

  • Working closely with the solution architects to prepare and finalize PTM’s .

  • Performed upgrades, patching of Production systems to be in sync with Oracle Crop support matrix.

  • Experience in Installation, configuration and performance tuning of Oracle database application.

  • Extensively worked on Oracle Tools like OEM 12c, SQL* Plus, SQL* Loader, SQL*Net, Datapump, RMAN, SQL Developer.

  • Installed and configured Oracle Clusterware environment for high availability.

  • Successfully handled many Oracle database Commissioning and Decommission project.

  • Supported VLDB by Performing database partition and maintenance.

  • Efficient in Leading Project & team working and proven ability to finish assignments on time.

  • Proficient in SQL, PL/SQL (Functions, Procedures, Packages, Triggers), Oracle utilities, DBA tools, etc.

  • Excellent hands-on Refreshing/Cloning Oracle databases using RMAN, Manual backup (Hot/ Cold Backup), Export/Import (Schema, object Level), FLASH Copy.

  • Proficiency in creation/redesign of database objects like creating tables, views, indexes, constraints, sequences, functions, procedures, packages, triggers and partitioned tables.

  • Strong troubleshooting & problem analysis skills proven under high-pressure environments.

  • Worked on many automation tasks like Database refresh automation using RMAN, Database Housekeeping, Database Monitoring.

  • Implemented Capacity Management and configuration Management for the clients we support.

  • Well-developed interpersonal and excellent communication skills, strong work ethic and consistently demonstrates teamwork and the ability to make a long-term commitment to projects.

  • Communicating with Oracle Technical Support teams by raising TAR’s via mails and teleconferences.

  • Extensive use of TMS, DBA_JOBS, DBMS_SCHEDUlER and Unix Cron Job for Automation.

  • Audit, Capacity Planning as per SOX/Validation Standard.

  • Effective troubleshooting of Performance tuning problems.

  • Participated in Business Continuity Programs (BCP) program road shows.

  • I was awarded with the EMEA Presidents Award for my performance for some my clients in the UK region.

  • Result oriented, self motivated, Team player, ability to work independently.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Very Strong Production Support (24x7) experience with ITIL standards.

Technical Skills:
Operating Systems : HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Linux, AIX, Windows.

RDBMS :oracle 12c/11g/10g/9i/8i/7.x, GreenPlum.

Oracle Products :SQL*Plus, PL/SQL, Enterprise Manager, SQL Loader, RMAN, Export/Import, Grid Control, DB2

Languages : SQL, PL/SQL,UNIX Shell Scripting.

Tools : SQL Developer, Toad, OEM 12c, Delphix

Other : Discoverer 10G, EMC, NetApp, VERITAS clusters, Crystal Reports.

    1. Education:

  • Masters Diploma in Computer Science.

  • Post-Graduation Diploma in Business Administration.

  • Bachelor of Commerce Honors.

    1. Certifications:

  • Oracle 9i /10g/11g Certified Professional.

  • Oracle x22 EXADATA

  • Oracle 10g RAC, 11g RAC

  • Oracle 12c Certified Specialist.
  • ITIL V3 Foundation.

    1. Professional Experience:

Associate Manager, Application Delivery. CSC India Pvt. Ltd. 08/2005 – till date

As Associate Manager, Application delivery I am responsible for managing and working along with a team for providing quality database management services to the clients. This includes Production support for all their applications along with on-call support @ 24x7 with immediate response. Accountable for database availability with high performance.

Also responsible for taking initiatives and providing value additions to the client year on year and reduce the cost of DBA efforts to the client.
Provide weekly / monthly metrics to IT Governance management team to keep track of all the major milestones on the Support.

  • Performed Proof Of concept of Oracle VLDB Database migrations to EXADATA and IBM P8, and submitted analysis to management for decision.

  • Database migrations of a complete landscape to EXADATA. This project is to migrate all the oracle databases from the existing AIX / HP and Linux environments to ORACLE EXADATA machines which are on Oracle enterprise Linux. The project involved of moving approximately 300 oracle databases using migrating tools like DATAPUMP, RMAN and GOLDEN GATE.

  • New Client taking into support. This project is to migrate all the oracle databases from one datacenter to CSC datacenter using Lift and Shift method after an existing Client (already supported by CSC) has acquired it. The project involved of moving around 80 oracle databases including 3 RAC infrastructures environments using ASM.

  • Infrastructure builds right and migrating the database for a client which involved building, 10g RAC and Database migrations using RMAN Transportable Trablespace.

  • Infrastructure and database build for a client, which involved building the whole land scape on 11g RAC for their Production Test and development and migrating their databases using Datapump, RMAN and Dataguard.

  • Siebel Performance tuning project, Worked with the Siebel application team closely and tuned the databases and implemented Configuration management and Capacity management and standardized the whole environment.

  • Implemented various security features including for various databases.

  • Automations including writing shell scripts for database refreshes, Database monitoring, Housekeeping, database Reporting and database backup reports.

  • Performing day to day support to the client and meeting the SLA’s.

  • Good experience on Delphix.

  • Performed many Oracle Disaster Recovery Testing projects for the clients using RMAN, Dataguard, Datapump and SAN replications.

  • Generating EXADATA health reports using exacheck and many CellCLI commands.

  • Monitored for unusual conditions in database against contention, load, throughput and cache utilization.

  • Performed Monthly Cold Backup, Weekly Hot Backup and daily incremental backups using Export. Testing of Backup’s and Documenting backup strategies. Created scripts for automating online daily backup for eight databases and for automating data loading from flat files.

  • Monitored regularly whether primary and standby databases are in sync and clearing the backed up archive log files after confirming that they are applied on the standby database.

  • Daily activities include monitoring batch application for performance and space requirements and tuning the system to optimize space and performance.

  • Shell scripting in Korn and Borne Shell for monitoring health of database and sending email for any errors logged in alert log file, monitoring file system space availability, checking and alerting for availability of next extent size, scheduling to analyze jobs based on the size of the objects.

  • Configured RMAN with Veritas Netbackup Server and implemented backup strategies for most of the clients supported.

  • Team member of Strategic planning team was responsible for Developing backup and recovery strategy, database tuning strategies, capacity planning etc.

  • Configured standby with data guard and backup with RMAN.

  • Cloning of production database to the test environment using Recovery Manager (RMAN).

  • Daily DBA activities like Tuning of SQL/PLSQL, Performance Tuning, Database auditing and managing user groups, Database security, OS space monitoring etc.

  • Export and Import of database objects to copy from one database to another database as well as copy the export dump file to tape that can act as a backup.

  • Worked on DATAPUMP in exporting and importing the large databases.

  • Worked on the Retirement plan for the production databases.

  • Used UNIX shell programs & CRON jobs for automating the process to refresh the data periodically.

  • Documentation of Data Base Setup and administration of Server Environment

  • Experience on database performance features like RAT, Oracle Plan Management, AWR,AWR Diff, ASH reports.

  • Experience in database security features like Vault, Data Masking, Wallet, TDE, Data Redaciton.

  • Involved in upgrading databases to 10g,11g.

  • Good Knowledge on oracle 12c new features and architecture. Container and Pluggable databases.

  • Managing a team of 32 DBA’s support multiple accounts.

Environment: EXADATA, GOLDEN Gate, RMAN, ASM, RAC Oracle 11g/10g/9i,8i running on AIX/HP UNIX, Linux and Windows platform, Shell Scripting, SQL*Loader, OEM, Oracle Expert, Diagnostic Pack and SQL*Plus, Remedy, Jira, Toad.

Oracle DBA, Software Engineer, SIS India Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad, India 10/2004 – 07/2005

As and Oracle DBA Software Engineer I was responsibilities for providing support to the testing team. I was responsible for providing various application versions of oracle databases which were used for testing.

    • Working closely with the Testing team, facilitating them with the databases of various application versions for their testing.

    • Daily Logical Backups and weekly Cold Physical Backup.

    • Having good experience on Export/Import utilities.

    • Good experience in using various GUI tools like OEM, TOAD, PLSql Developer, Putty, CuteFTP and Schema Manager.

    • Scheduling Jobs to be fired using Crontab.

    • SQL Statement Tuning, using SQL TRACE/TKPROF, Explain Plan and Auto Trace

    • Responsible for monitoring, diagnosing and tuning the database using various diagnostic tools like STATSPACK and querying Performance Dictionary Views.

    • Worked extensively on Database Cloning and Creating Databases for the Development Department on Unix and WinNT environment.

    • Good experience on Database comparison tools.

    • Strong Problem solving background.

Role: Software Engineer – Oracle DBA.

Executive, Networks. Gati Ltd. Secunderabad, India 10/1999 – 10/2004

As an Executive, Networks I was responsible for managing the oracle databases. Backup and recovery, Database reorganization using export and import. Managing day to day support activities. Managing the standby databases.

Managing 24/7 OLTP Production Databases with more than 900 End users connecting through multiple application servers.

  • Database Cloning on Test server from Cold and Hot backups of Production Database.

  • Monitoring OS level processes, regarding CPU Utilization, Load Average and Memory Utilization and taking necessary actions.

  • Performing Export and Import Operations at Table, Schema, Tablespace and Full Database level.

  • SQL Statement Tuning, using SQL TRACE/TKPROF, Explain Plan and AutoTrace.

  • Managing the Tablespaces for their spaces and data files.

  • Monitoring Lock and various sessions using OEM.

  • Analyzing Tables and schemas, Collecting System statistics, Reorganizing Tables and Rebuilding Indexes.

  • Database Designing using DBCA, creating Templates based on space requirements on various mount points, which could be used while creating new Databases.

  • Monitoring and elimination of Row migration and Row Chaining.

  • Backup and Recovery procedures for the Oracle9i database, which includes documenting the process.

  • Backing up of Archive Log files, and monitoring the space utilized in the concerned mount point.

  • Responsible for starting and stopping of Apache server on all the application servers, and also responsible for starting and stopping Reports and Forms Servers.

  • Compiling forms in Solaris and applying the .fmx and concerned .RDF in various application servers including CITRIX servers.

  • Taking full cold database backup of Oracle 11i Application Server after getting the concurrent manager down and getting the 11i Applications up after the backup.

  • Taking cold backup of Production Database every weekends.

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