Mobile Manager Installation and Device Licensing

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Mobile Manager Installation and Device Licensing

This document describes how to install Mobile Manager on the Apple iPhone, iPad, iTouch and Android devices. The requirements for installing Mobile Manager are the following:

  • Apple iPod Touch or iPhone 3G or Higher (4th Generation recommended due to upgraded processor)

  • Apple iPad or iPad2 (Note: the current version is designed for iPod and iPhone, but will run on the iPad in 2x mode)

  • Apple iOS 4.2 or Higher

  • Current version of iTunes - iTunes 10 or higher

  • Mac or PC capable of running iTunes 10 or higher

  • Android OS 2.2 or greater (Codename Froyo)

  • A cellular or Wi-Fi internet connection

  • Eagle Release 21 or Higher

Before installing Mobile Manager and licensing devices, Epicor will need to configure your firewall and allow access from your Eagle to Epicor’s datacenter. This will be done remotely after the service has been ordered. You will be notified after this set up is complete.

Here are the steps to install Mobile Manager.

  1. Download the Mobile Manager application from the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace (or other Android distribution channels).

  2. Launch the Mobile Manage Application

  1. Read and agree to the License Agreement

  1. For iOS go to “Settings” app on Apple iOS devices and then look for “Manager” and “Admin”. For Android go to “Setting” from the Mobile Manager menu on Android devices.

Then fully fill in the following information.

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Customer #

  • Eagle User (Eagle user name)

  • Eagle Password

  • Lock-in Store (which store do you want to see)

  • Phone

  • Email

Inform your Administrator of your mobile devices to approve your access to the store’s Eagle data. The administrator will go to and log in with this Customer # and Password. The first time this is set up, the Administrator needs to choose a password that will be used to log on to this mobile device licensing site.

  1. After logging in, they will have a list of mobile devices they can approve access to Eagle data or delete access to Eagle data. If a manager has left the company, you can delete access from this screen.

Bob Epicor

(888) 448-2636

Note that the Administrator will not be able to see your devices unless you have filled in the Setting fully and correctly
A mobile licensing application is also available for download from the Apple App Store or the Android Marketplace. The mobile licensing app has the same log in field and same functionality as the web based mobile license site.

  1. After the Administrator has approved your mobile device, you will be able to access Mobile Manager.

Download 9.33 Kb.

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