Pprd east Programme Final Conference and 3rd Steering Committee Meeting Brussels, 13 June 2014

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PPRD East Programme Final Conference and 3rd Steering Committee Meeting

Brussels, 13 June 2014

General items:

  • Signing in May 2012 of the Administrative Arrangement between the Service of Civil Protection and Emergency Situations of the MIA and the Directorate of Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection of the European Commission on cooperation in civil protection, RM became the 8th state in the world signatory to this document.

  • Due to the Administrative Arrangement, Moldova benefits from direct access to the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

  • As a result of signing the Arrangement was approved EU-Moldova Action Plan on the implementation of the Administrative Arrangement in November 2012 - November 2014. Therefore, based on the above-mentioned plan, SCPES performs daily together with the EU Emergency Response Coordination Centre information exchange on emergencies made in the Republic of Moldova and other countries.

  • Since 2011, by the local governmental institutions, with the support of Service of Civil Protection and Emergency Situations was initiated the activity of 13 rescuers and fire territorial stations.

  • For 2014 are planned the launching of 10 new rescuers and firefighters posts, the first post is already opened in Dubăsarii Vechi, Criuleni covering five towns.

Info about PPRD-East

  • Starting from 2011 the Republic of Moldova participates through the Civil Protection and Emergency Situations Service with other 5countries of the Eastern Partnership within the Programme of Prevention, Preparedness and Responding to man-made and natural disasters in South-East, Moldova has contributed to build capacity in the field of civil protection and disaster management and civil protection mechanisms upcoming EU.

  • Is important to note that the main results were the establishment of national procedures for requesting international assistance through the Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC EU) and creating an environment that fosters regional cooperation and promote European practices in disaster risk management.

  • Within the PPRD-East, Moldova has benefited from an extensive training program in the field of civil protection and disaster management within the 5components of the Programme.

Note: The most important achievements: Study visit on technologies used in the management of civil protection and risk assessment(Italy), GIS training experts at the University of Twente(Netherlands), Training on flood modeling in case of Dam Brake(Slovakia), organized three sub-regional Table Top Exercises, Table Top Exercises, Basic Training and Operational trainings Courses at Fire College in UK, working meetings in Brussels etc.

  • In the frame of developing Electronic Regional Risk Atlas (ERRA), Moldova enhanced capabilities vis-a-vis the modeling and assessment of disaster risks.

  • On 25 March 2014, at the Security School of Service of Civil Protection and Emergency Situations was launched the PPRD-East Info campaign, within were invited several mass-media institutions and children who’s have distributed some brochures about the behavior during disasters.

  • There were also distributed brochures for children and general information about disasters in some kindergartens and schools from Chisinau.

  • The PPRD East Programme video spot was broadcast at various TV stations.

  • The involvement of several authorities in the implementation of the Programme, such as the Institute of Geology and Seismology of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, State Hydro meteorological Service, Agency for Land Relations and Cadaster etc.

  • The initiation of the IInd phase of the above-mentioned Project, which involves the developing of a methodology for risk assessment, communication strategy in exceptional circumstances will intensify cooperation with EU partner countries in the mentioned areas.

  • Based on the performed assessments will be done the detailed risk maps for each locality as well as will be conducted information and public education campaigns on the recommended measures to be taken in order to reduce negative effects of potential disasters and risks of the disasters.

  • Due to the fact that Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova is in the process of institutional and functional reform aimed to modernize, streamline and improve its activity, the adjustment of legislation to the EU standards, taking community experience instructuring and implementing institutional reforms is a priority, and the gained experience from the Programme implementation has given us new opportunities to create and strengthen prevention and preparedness of population in responding to emergencies.

  • Capacity building of reaction of population to the risks is the basic objective, which should be guided by the system of crisis prevention.

  • In the context of last achievements of the Republic of Moldova on international level, the MIA must be a strategic and trustworthy partner in relations with EU Member States, especially due to the fact that we are neighborhood state with the EU, we will focus on the development of international cooperation with EU countries.

Priorities to be mentioned

  • Exchange of experience in training of people for the actions in case of danger or trigger an emergency, information technology, geographica linformation systems, communications and notification systems, which are used in civil protection mechanisms of the EU.

  • Permanent training of Emergency Situation Service staff in prevention and liquidation of consequences of emergency situations through participation in different initiatives, seminars, training courses organized within the EU member states;

  • Sharing of the experience on the organization and functioning of voluntary services in different EU countries.

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