Hp network Node Manager I Software (nnmi) Device Support Matrix Software Version: 25 Last Updated: May 25, 2015

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HP Network Node Manager i Software (NNMi) Device Support Matrix

Software Version: 9.25
Last Updated: May 25, 2015

This document provides an overview of the SNMP MIBs and network devices supported in HP Network Node Manager i Software version 9.20. For the latest updates to this information, see sg-pro-ovweb.austin.hp.com/nnm/NNM9.20/devicematrix.htm.

This document is intended to augment the HP Network Node Manager i Software (NNMi) Support Matrix. You can find both the Software Support Matrix (supportmatrix_en.html) and the Release Notes (releasenotes_en.html) at the root directory of the installation media or under the Help --> NNMi Documentation Library --> Release Notes menu in the NNMi console (user interface).

    New in this Version
        NNMi 9.20 Patch 5
        NNMi 9.20 Patch 4
        NNMi 9.20 Patch 3
        NNMi 9.20 Patch 2
        NNMi 9.20 Patch 1
        NNMi 9.20.000
    Supported SNMP MIBs
    Supported Devices
    Known Limitations
        General Discovery
        State Poller Policy
        Layer 2 Connectivity
        Device-specific Issues

ATTENTION: If a specific device model is not explicitly listed in Supported Devices, refer to Supported SNMP MIBs to determine whether you can expect the device to be properly discovered and monitored. For example, many devices that implement the Standard SNMP MIBs or are a new device model in an already supported product line are managed perfectly well by NNMi, even though that model is not yet listed here. To request that HP validate or add support for a specific device model, contact your HP support representative to provide the necessary information.

New in This Version

NNMi 9.20 Patch 5

New Device Support:

  • Cisco ASR/ Cisco 3850: Added support for Interface queue drop polling

  • F5: Add support of the private MIB, F5-BIGIP-SYSTEM-MIB, for basic IPv4 discovery

  • L2 support for HP 5900AF-48XG-4Q-SFP-V2 and other Comware devices.

  • LLDP support request for Huawei S5300 Switches

  • Module CPU and Memory monitoring of Dual stacked HP Switch

Device Certifications:

  • HP Routers MSR930HP\MSR931HP

  • Cisco Me3600x24fsM

  • BlueCoat SG9000 device support

  • Fortinet FortiGate 1500D and 1000C device support

NNMi 9.20 Patch 4

New Device Support:

  • Ruijie Device support involving several models

  • HP TippingPoint Next Generation Firewall(NGFW) device support

  • Hitachi Apresia Device support

  • Bluecoat devices Device support

  • Arista Device support

  • FireEye PS and CMS Device support

  • MRV OPTISWITCH 912 Device support

  • Microsens Switches Device support

  • Corero IPS 5500-150EC Device support

  • Canoga Perkins Device support

  • XKL Device support

  • Palo Alto Device support

  • A10 Device support

  • Aerohive Device support

Device Certifications:

  • HP 5900AF-48G-4XG-2QSFP device profile and certification

  • Alphalink v6.01 device

  • Alcatel Omniswitch 6855 switch

  • Cisco IronPort Model S660

  • Cisco ASR Model 901,903,9010

  • Radware CID devices

  • Tripplite device

NNMi 9.20 Patch 3

New Device Support:

  • Procurve MSM720

  • HP Compaq Proliant ILo devices

  • Hirschmann device support

  • Card monitoring for Avaya devices

  • Cisco ES20 Card, Port discovery support

  • Cisco Stratacom device support

  • Cisco daughter card discovery (see Known Limitations)

  • Cisco Interface optic module(SFP and GBIC) discovery

  • Cisco Catalyst switches - Port speed and duplex mode discovery

  • Virtual IP Support for NetScaler NS9.2

  • Fortigate Switches Cluster HA mode discovery

  • Fortinet HA ContextBased Discovery for interfaces

  • Teldat device support

  • Sageon device support

  • Digi Sarian device support

  • F5 device support enhanced to discover VLAN Ports

  • ESXi 5.1 IP Address discovery

Device Certifications:

  • Opengear device profile addition and certification

  • Motorola SEM device support

  • Juniper QFX3500, SRX1400, EX3300-24T, EX8208, SRX100

  • Ericsson device profile addition

  • Nokia device profile addition

  • HP 2530 device profile addition and certification

Plus, all new device support/certification from NNMi 9.1x Patch 5:

  • Fortinet FG3950B device support

  • Fortinet Fortigate 620B performance monitoring

  • Juniper QFabric device support (see Known Limitations)

  • Juniper JUNOS card support

  • ZTE device support

NNMi 9.20 Patch 2

New Device Support:

  • One Access Device support

  • ZhoneTech Device support

  • Transmode Device support

  • ZTE Device support - Component health and Layer 2 connectivity

  • Fortinet Fortigate Firewall 311-B

  • Improved Layer 2 Connectivity based on Link aggregation between 3Com and HP Proliant Blade switches

  • Temperature Monitoring support in Nortel BayStack Ethernet Routing Switch 2526T

Device Certifications:

  • Cisco IGX 8420 and 8430 Device support

  • Cisco IDSM Device support

  • TippingPoint 6100N and 2500N series

  • Juniper IDP 8200

  • Fortinet FG3950B

  • Yamaha devices

  • Allied Telesys

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