Gustave Eiffel Francia Óvoda Általános Iskola és Gimnázium Lycée Français Gustave Eiffel de Budapest

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Gustave Eiffel Francia Óvoda Általános Iskola és Gimnázium

Lycée Français Gustave Eiffel de Budapest

Financial Regulations of the Lycée Français Gustave Eiffel de Budapest

Acceptance of these regulations is compulsory for registration at the school.

The tuition fees are set in Hungarian Forints by the Trustees of the Foundation of the Lycée Français Gustave Eiffel de Budapest (LFGEB) and are to be found on the school’s internet site. Some additional fees may be required and are subject to specific regulations.

Article 1- Tuition Fees
The tuition fees are annual fees and are due in their entirety. Yet, payment is quarterly; thus the invoice for the first term (September to December) represents 40% of the annual total and those for the second (January to March) and third (April to June) terms each represent 30% of the total. The tuition fees include the obligatory insurance covering the pupils in the pursuance of all their school-related and extracurricular activities.

In the case of a pupil arriving during the term, the invoice is calculated starting on the 1st day of the month in which the pupil begins. In the event of a pupil leaving the school during the course of the school year, the term that was begun is due in its entirety. Any departure from the school in the course of the year must be notified in writing at least 15 days before the departure date ( In the absence of such written notification to the address specified above, the departure is not formalised and all the fees are due.

In the event of absence of a pupil for reasons such as illness or accident for a period of at least one consecutive month (supported by a medical certificate), repayment on an exceptional basis can be granted by the head of the school upon request of the family.

For families with 3 or more children at the school, a discount of 20% of the tuition fees is be granted from the third and subsequent children and on condition that the first child has entered his 5th year at the school.

Article 2- First Registration Fee
Admission of a new pupil is conditional upon payment of the first registration fee within 15 days following the submission of the registration file. Nevertheless, it is only invoiced with the first payment of the school fees. This fee is not reimbursable and is payable only once for the total duration of schooling at the LFGEB.

Article 3- Examination Fees
Examination fees are invoiced with the 2nd term. The following fees are those of 2017 and are only indicative, as they may be modified at the beginning of the 2nd term.

Article 4- Fees related to the “technology class” in middle school
These fees are charged to all students in middle school (collège) and are invoiced with the 2nd term.


Article 5- Additional Fees

Daycare (Garderie) and Supervised Study:

The fees of the Daycare for children in nursery school and elementary school, as well as those of the supervised study in elementary school are charged per year and calculated on the basis of one hour per week. Nevertheless, this service is invoiced each term. Changes must be made in writing ( before the start of the following term. No reimbursement of these fees can be made and no changes can be accepted during the course of a term.

Extra-Curricular Activities :

Registration takes place in September for the whole year depending on the list of Activities offered. The annual fees are payable in their entirety in the 1st Term according to an invoice established 15 days after confirmation of the registration of the child. These fees are not subject to reimbursement.

School Trips:

School trips are proposed and organised by the teachers on the condition that they are approved in advance by a vote in the School Council. Participation in the school trips requires an acceptance form signed on behalf of the family. Signature implies acceptance of the invoicing conditions of the trip. The charges for the organisation of the trip are due and no reimbursement of these fees can be granted.

Canteen and School Transport:

Parents are required to sign a contract with the relevant external company (Eurest and Premier). Invoices are prepared by these companies. For more information, see the LFGEB internet site.


For children in Elementary School (CP-CM2) books are available at no cost.

For pupils in Middle School (Collège: 6ème-3ème) school books are available against a deposit of HUF 15,000. The deposit is paid at the beginning of the first year of ‘Collège’ and is returned at the end of the last year. At the end of each school year, all textbooks must be returned without exception. Books that have been damaged or lost are to be replaced or paid for by the family. In the case of a pupil entering Middle School in the course of the school year, the deposit should be paid within the first days of schooling at the LFGEB.

Exercise books are provided by the school for the corresponding fee.

For students in Lycée (2nde, 1ère, Tle) families are in charge of providing the textbooks.


The fees for courses taught by the CNED (distance learning courses) are to be paid by the family. The submission of homework is undertaken by the school.


Article 6- Payment of Invoices
The invoices will be prepared on a quarterly basis (end of September, end of January, end of April). by the Foundation of Lycée Français de Budapest (Budapesti Francia Líceum Alapítvány). They are only viewable only by the payer on the following website: Once the invoice has been prepared and is available on the website, an e-mail will be sent to the payer including his/her user ID and a password.
All invoices are prepared in two languages (Hungarian and French) and in Forints by the Foundation of the Lycée Français de Budapest (Budapesti Francia Líceum Alapítvány). The invoices are to be paid to the account of Budapesti Francia Líceum Alapítvány. The invoices are in Forints but payment is possible in Euros in accordance with the Euro amount indicated underneath that given in Forints on the invoice.

It is necessary to state the name of the child and/or the invoice number on the bank transfer order.

- In Forints Bank: Sberbank Magyarország Zrt. Account number: 14100000-15389749-01000001

IBAN: HU16 141000001538974901000001 BIC/SWIFT: MAVOHUHB

beneficiary: Budapesti Francia Líceum Alapítvány
- In Euros 1/ for a transfer in Euros from France:

Bank: Banque Transatlantique Account number: 30568 19904 00020411301 76

IBAN: FR76 3056 8199 0400 0204 1130 176 BIC/SWIFT: CMCIFRPP

beneficiary: Fondation du Lycée français de Budapest

2/ for a transfer in Euros from Hungary:

Bank: Sberbank Magyarország Zrt.

IBAN: HU42 141000001538974801000002 BIC/SWIFT: MAVOHUHB

beneficiary: Budapesti Francia Líceum Alapítvány

3/ A cheque in Euros payable to Fondation du Lycée Français de Budapest and deposited at the

reception with the payment slip detached from the invoice

- In Cash Amount in cash deposited in a branch of Sberbank on the account of the Foundantion stating the

name of the child and/or the invoice number.

Article 7- The Payer
Parents must indicate the name and contact details of the payer when completing the Financial Commitment Form during an enrolment or re-enrolment procedure.

The payer can be one of the parents, another private person, or a legal entity (company, organisation, etc.). If the payer is a legal entity, it is compulsory to sign a Contract of undertaking of the school fees.

It is compulsory to respect the payment date mentioned on the invoice.
Those responsible do not have the right to object to potential compensation being taken from scholarships in case of late payment. In case of non-payment within the deadline and beyond two reminders, the person responsible expose themselves to court action. In case of a non-payment of the payer, the parents are conjointly and severally liable and reponsible for the payment of school fees and they must settle the debt.

Moreover, the school can lawfully decide to no longer accept the child at school as long as the debt is not settled. In any case, no application for re-registration will be considered as long as there is an outstanding debt.


 Máriaremetei út 193-199. H-1029 Budapest

Tel [+ 36 - 1] 275 42 96 Fax [+ 36 – 1] 395 68 58

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