H. 264 500w hd wifi remote Monitoring Camera User Manual ( Suitable for ios / Android / Tablet / Computer ) Ⅰ. App software Download

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H.264 500W HD WIFI

Remote Monitoring Camera

User Manual

( Suitable for IOS / Android / Tablet / Computer )
. APP Software Download

( Android Phone ) ( iphone )

1) Mobile Phone users can scan above QR code directly (Android mobile Phone please scan (QR-Android Phone), iPhone please scan (QR-iphone), enter the download page to install.

2) For Android phones, search for APP software named “9527” in Google Play, download the “Plug&Play” and install it.

For iPhone, APP software named “9527” in AppStore, download “p2pCamViewer” and install it.

  1. Enter the URL www.scc21.net into the download interface, to download the appropriate viewing software based on the phone operating system and install it.

Notice: PC version to download or pages viewed when u use the computer, the detailed usage exists in client's help.

. Indicator lights status

Red indicator flashes slowly --- AP short-range/P2P LAN status

Red & Green indicators keep on --- Remote WAN status

Power on the camera, red light will keep on 30 seconds and start to flash slowly. It is AP short-range/P2P LAN status

After finished setting the router’s WIFI, camera will spend 1-2 minitues to search and join the WIFI to enter into the remote WAN status while the Red & Green indicators keep on.
. LAN ( Local Cameras ) Monitoring ( P2P )

1. Under the situation without any internet, power on the camera ---30 seconds --- open your phone’s WLAN function to search the WIFI hotspot signal of camera. ( It needs around 30s-60s for the camera to launch the WIFI hotspots signal )

2. Open the installed APP, click the “Local Cameras” to check short-range/P2P LAN video

. WIFI Wireless Settings, Internet IP Remote Monitoring Mode

(This connection method is suitable for all kinds of routers)
1. Ensure your mobile phone is connected to WIFI internet successfully

  1. On LAN local camera list --- click setting button --- set remoter’s WIIFI information---OK

  2. Input Camera’s ID and password to login

. Checking/Playback the TF card files on mobile phone’s APP

. Motion Detection Alarm

. Reboot/Restore/Update the camera

. Computer Client

. Specs Parameter


5 megapixel CMOS


1280*720P/640*480P Selectable

Video Format




View Angle

90°(Normal lens) / 110°(Wide-Angle lens) Optional

Distance of Motion Detection

6 m straight-line distance

Minimum illumination


Compressed Format


Sound Recording Range


Power Consumption


Storage Temperature


Operating Temperature


Operating Humidity


Type of Memory card

TF card

Maximum Capacity of Memory Card


Play software


Computer Operation System

Windows/Mac OS X

Mobile phone operation system

Android / iOS

Most important customers


.  Question & Answer

1. The remote monitoring is not smooth?

RE: Please select the most suitable definition according to the current network environment. Network data transmission is up to the network speed, sometimes there will be a slight delay phenomenon, it belongs to the normal situation.

2. SD card cannot save files?

RE: SD must be formatted for first use. and select the SD card corresponding storage mode.

3. The device cannot be connected to network ?

RE: Please check if the wireless router is available , and select the proper connection method according to the network nature.

4. The video in SD card cannot be playback fluently on APP ?

RE: It is because of different decoding capacity of mobile phones. You can adjust the definition of recording to fit your mobile phone.

5. The passwords are forgotten. What should I do ?

RE: In case of password loss caused by the trouble, you’d better to modify and save the good password which can help you remember it very well. Because password has uniqueness, a ID number corresponding to a password, so please keep password carefully. Once passwords forgotten, please contact us in time to deal with it, so as not to affect the use of your product.

(Note: The loss of password forgotten is out of warranty service, we will provide a pay-needed maintenance service).

6. Micro SD Card (TF Card) introduction?

RE:If you need to save videos, please insert the TF Card before machine working and video files saving.

The product supports 2G - 32G TF card, and can be recycled to save the file;

It means when the TF card memory is full, the last video file will overwrites the oldest video files (loop recording). The device will generate a "snapshot" folder in the root directory of TF card, video files are all saved in this folder, It will auto-save and as a separate file for every five minutes when on video recording, the file will be named as "current date + time video + video format. "

For example: 20150509115108.hkv

7. All the functions are avaliable on the monitoring software interface?

RE: Not all the functions are avaliable. Part of the functions is applicable to other models. Sorry for the inconvenience




Can not power on

Lower battery. Booting after be charged

Can’t open the TF videos

Please install PC client software, normal play

Can’t check the online video

Check if the network is normal / restart the router

Not remotely / remote camera is not online

Checking if the password is wrong when setting WIFI, or if it exsits some special characters

Did not get the camera online via phone’s APP LAN list when connected with camera’s WIFI hotspot well

Fefreshing the camera’s list or Re-enter the APP after exiting

. Precautions

  1. Application: please strictly comply with relevant state decrees and do not use it in any other illegal purposes at your own risks.

  2. Battery: If not work on a long periods of time, please fully charged before use. Minimum charged per month.

  3. Software upgrade: To achieve better product performance, the manufacturer will make continuous improvement to the software. This product is designed for convenient software upgrade by customers. Please ask your local distributor for the information and upgrading method of latest version of software.

  4. Working temperature: 0 - 45 ℃, please use it under natural temperature. Do not operate it under a temperature that is not adapted for human body.

  5. Working humidity: 20% -80%. please use it under an environmental humidity that is suitable for human life. Do not put the product in a moist working environment since the product is not designed with waterproof function.

  6. Shooting luminance: please use the product in an environment with adequate light sources. Do not point the camera directly to the sun and other superstring light sources to avoid any damage to the optical elements.

  7. Cleaning requirements: please do not use the product in an environment with too much dust to keep the camera lens and other components free of dust that may affect the shooting effect. The camera lens can be cleaned and maintained by wiping with lens wiping paper or glasses cloth.

  8. Other matters: It’s a kind of precision electronic product that should be kept safe from strong impact and vibration. Please don’t use in high magnetic and strong electric field.

  9. Additional information: To avoid entering the misunderstanding, please view the instruction details carefully before proceeding, Please contact your local dealer for other unspecified matters.

Download 32.4 Kb.

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