Step student Scholarships for Year 10-13

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STEP Student Scholarships for Year 10-13
The STEP program is a Good Samaritan Industries (GSI) initiative, generously funded by the Department of Education’s Non-Government Centre Support (NGCS).

STEP offers work experience opportunities to year 10 -13 students with disabilities, in Good Sammys Retail Stores, the Good Sammys Canning Vale Processing Plant and Warehouse and our Good Sammys Café in Canning Vale.

We recently celebrated reaching our initial milestone of placing 100 students in work experience within our organisation, since the beginning of February this year and have signed up a number of students for School Based Traineeships within GSI. We continue to further assist young people with a disability, to make a successful transition from school to further training / employment. As a part of this initiative, we are proud to announce:

The 2016 STEP Student

Scholarship Program.

GSI is offering ten scholarships of $1,000 to assist students with a disability to access further training and/or employment opportunities, to get a head start in their training and careers.

Previously, students have used their scholarships to assist with course fees and associated costs, as well as to purchase assistive technology to commence and complete further training in a variety of industries, including; Horticulture, business administration, science and technology and trades.
We are writing to request you distribute this letter and enclosed nomination form, to relevant teachers, students and their families for their interest.
Nominations close Friday September 23rd 2016 at 4pm. We will advise all applicants no later than Friday October 14th 2016. Award ceremonies will be arranged in local areas convenient for the successful applicants in November.
We require students to be nominated by their school and that the application process is followed accordingly. Please send all applications via email to: Tanya Matulich the STEP Project Manager This letter and application form can also be sent electronically via email, upon request.

GSI offers a range of services for students through our Options Employment branches. Options range of services which may benefit students with a disability, include:

  • Pre-employment preparation, career planning, interview skills

  • Mentoring Program, to set career direction and make informed decision making

  • Supported Work experience placements, to gain insight into workplace demands and expectations

  • Vocational training, school and work based traineeships and apprenticeships

  • Supported employment, meaningful paid work in a supported flexible environment within our Good Sammy retail stores and warehouse

  • Employment placements, in the open workforce

  • On the job support, individualised tailored support to sustain employment

  • Workplace modifications and assistive equipment, to ensure maximum productivity and performance

  • Non vocational support, reduce barriers to gain and sustain employment

Students can access one or all of these services depending on their individual needs.

Contact our offices for further details on 9463 0562 or visit Best of luck, to all who apply.
Yours Sincerely
John Knowles

Chief Executive Officer

33-35 Bannister Road, Canning Vale, WA 6155 – PO Box 1035, Canning Vale WA 6970

Telephone: 08 9463 0500 – Facsimile: 08 9455 3300

Email: – Website:\options canning vale\options canning vale only\ac\marketing\logos\logo - unitingcare.jpg

ABN: 63 826 265 059

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