Mainland Girls Soccer Expectations

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Mainland Girls

Soccer Expectations
Before committing to our program, there are responsibilities and obligations each player must agree to in order to remain a member of the team. Failure to live up to these expectations and rules will result in disciplinary action and/or removal from the program.

To have a fun experience with us, you will need to understand:

  • The team comes first

  • Hard work, along with consistent performance at a high level, will make us successful

  • Each player plays a role in building a program. Every one of you is a crucial part to having success. Starter, bench player, JV player, managers, and even injured players all play a role in our team growing and building a future. It may or may not pay off this year but your trust and commitment will pay dividends in the long run

  1. Serious Disciplinary Actions

  • Drinking, drugs, and getting arrested will not be tolerated.

  • Breaking a school rule is not permitted. Vandalism, fighting, and other inappropriate actions within school policy will be handled by both school and team.

  • Hosting parties where underage drinking and drug use is involved. Even if you are not the one caught drinking, if you were hosting the event you will be handled accordingly.

  1. Athletic Expectations

  • Prepared for games and practice (equipment, attire, mental, physical) “Practice like you play, and play like its practice”

  • Respect every player on the team. Each player is important to growing a program. Respecting each other is imperative to building a family atmosphere.

  • Starting positions are not guaranteed. Once gained it must be kept.

  • Good Sportsmanship

  • Engaged in the game. The bench is not the place to catch up with friends. We need everyone to succeed.

  • No cellphones at practice or games

  • Best ability is availability. What is better than that? WORKING HARD.

  1. Attendance

  • The schedule is NOT final. Weather and other occurrences may happen throughout the season. Please be aware that you still will be expected to be in attendance for the new schedule. Be cognizant of this when planning college visits, family getaways, and other reasons that will not be excused.

  • Please be on time. On time would be considered 10 to 15 minutes before designated time given. Quicker we get in the quicker we get out.

  • Injured players are still to show up to practice. If you are injured, please arrive to practice early to receive treatment as you will be needed at practice for various tasks. IN PRACTICE ATTIRE

  • During game players may be asked to film games, be a ball girl, or run the scoreboard; These are not punishments. These are tasks that need to happen for the good of the team and they will be greatly appreciated to those who perform them.

  • Weekend practices are a thing. Whether it be a Saturday or Sunday attendance is still expected.

  • Attendance at practice and games is of utmost importance. Again, best ability is availability

  • JV players are expected to stay through the entirety of the Varsity game. As important information will be distributed to the entire team following the conclusion of the Varsity games.

  • VACATIONS ARE UNACCEPTABLE. A Varsity athlete will lose their Varsity letter, team awards, and/or Cape-Atlantic League/South Jersey/National All-Star honors when missing a game or practices due to vacationing – per Mainland Athletics.

  1. Other Expectations

  • Goal is to maintain a team GPA 3.0. Maintain a proper GPA of minimum 2.0, Maintain a proper attendance in classes, Maintain a proper behavior in classes. Penalty for infraction of any of these school expectations could result in suspension.

  • Participation is encouraged in all team volunteer functions. Booster events is the only way we can raise money for our team (I.e. t-shirts, dinners, trips etc.)

  • Meetings can be scheduled with parents but PLAYER MUST BE PRESENT. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please email me at

  • Injuries must be seen by our trainer first. Family doctors may be seen after spoken to by our paid sports trainer and only if given permission to do so.

  • Fitness test will be required for varsity field players. Performance in this test can only help your chance to a spot on the team. Other factors will be considered as well. Varsity players are a total package of attitude, skill, effort, and game sense.

  1. Family

  • Encourage your teammates. We want everyone to do their best. If we can stick to that philosophy, we will all grow as players and people.

  • Hard work. Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard. But nothing beats talent working hard.

  • Please dress appropriately. Practice attire will be school colors only (black, green, grey, or white)

  • Open door policy for players. I want to hear from you. I want to listen to ideas, thoughts, and questions. I love to talk about soccer and love to teach and to learn. If there are any grey areas I would like to clear those up as soon as possible.

  • Growing and learning is the biggest emphasis. Where we start at the beginning of the season is not where we will be at the end of the season.

  • Commitment to excellence. We will hold ourselves to a higher standard. Just because others are doing the wrong thing does not make it okay for us to do the same. We will persevere through the mud and grow together stronger than ever.


I (please print student athlete’s name)_________________________________________ agree to and understand all of the above stated rules and expectations I must adhere to under the 2016 Mainland Regional High School Girls Soccer Team Expectations and Rules. I am fully aware that I, alone, am responsible for my actions and will accept any consequences for my behavior. I comprehend that if I choose to be part of the program, the team comes first and I will do my best to conduct myself in a manner that my teammates and coaches will be proud of. I also understand that failure to comply with at least one of these expectations can result in being removed from the team.

__________________________________________________Date:______/_______/________ Athlete Signature

I (please print parent’s name)_________________________________________ agree to and understand all of the above stated rules and expectations my player must adhere to under the 2016 Mainland Regional High School Girls Soccer Team Expectations and Rules. I am fully aware that my player, alone, is responsible for her actions and will accept any consequences she may receive as a result of her actions. I acknowledge that although I may not agree with the coaches, they are acting in the best interest of the team and doing their best to provide a safe, respectable, and enjoyable environment for each member of the program. If I have a problem with a member of the program, a decision that was made, or any other issue I will be sure to address this with the coaches in a responsible manner, with prior notification given to the coach. I will conduct myself in a reasonable manner at all team events, being respectful to all that are in attendance especially to the referees and officials.


Parent Signature


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