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Kingdom, H: #3/18991, Private, 3/6th Battalion, & #267096, Private, ‘C’ Company, 1/6th Battalion, Devonshire Regiment, & #229435, Lance Corporal, Military Foot Police, 1914-1920 WO 372/11, Boer War & WW1;

Notes: This is Henry Kingdom who had previously served in the Devonshire Regiment prior to re-enlisting for WW1 Short Service at the age of 35 on 14.07.1915 in Exeter, Devon & was posted to the 3rd Battalion, Devonshire Regiment on 22.07.1915; This Soldier served at Home with the 3rd/6th Reserve Battalion from 31.01.1916 until being Posted to the 1st/6th Battalion, Devonshire Regiment with the Indian Expeditionary Force on 16.02.1916; He served in Basra, Baghdad for a long time & suffered with enteritis in 1916 & admitted to hospital in Amara for 2 weeks; He also did his Provost Training at the Advanced Base in Baghdad during 1917; Whilst on Leave in India in 1918 he had a number of #P11758 recorded? This number also indicated on his WW1 Medal Card & would indicate that he enlisted with the Military Foot Police between 26.06.1917 & 12.12.1917; He was discharged to the ‘Z’ Reserve on 27.04.1919; His discharge documents also show the number #229435 & an unreadable number for a L/Cpl Henry Kingdom, with the correct address, but from the Military Police, Foot Branch; It also shows a #5218 of 2nd Devonshire Regiment as former Regiment served; This number indicates original enlistment towards the end of 1898; In that record the date of discharge is unreadable, as is the Cause of Discharge but it looks as if he had previously served in South Africa; Further research indicates that he had served in South Africa with the 2nd Battalion the Devonshire Regiment as Lance Corporal #5218 & that he had retired on 03.05.1912; Awarded the South African Medal & Clasps for the Orange Free State & Transvaal Campaigns but these may have been forfeited at a later time? (I now understand that #5218 Lance Corporal H Kingdom, Devon Regiment was Discharged on 19.11.1910 under Section 18 of the Army Act & that his King’s South Africa Medal was subsequently Forfeited & Returned on 06.05.1912; WO 100/389); I have no idea why he was ‘Discharged’ from the Devon Regiment in 1910? I believe that he was temporarily transferred to the Military Police in 1917 & appointed acting L/Cpl? (Further research of Colonel Flick’s Devonshire Regiment Diary, reveals a Private H. Kingdon #267096, Serving with ‘C’ Company of the 6th Battalion the Devonshire Regiment being transferred to the Military Foot Police on 12.05.1917); Throughout these records he gives Grants Cottage, Exebridge, Devon as his permanent address; In all, he serves in the Army for a period of over 5 years & 288 days; Henry Kingdom was born in 1880 in Rackenford, Devon, he is the son of Robert Kingdon, a Roads Repair Contractor b.1839 Rackenford & Caroline Were who were married in 1858 in Tiverton, Devon; (This family had a total of 16 children of which only 8 were still living in 1911); In the 1881 Census Henry Kingdom lives with his parents in Holmeade Cottages, Tiverton, Devon; In the 1891 Census Henry Kingdom lives with his parents in Chapel Street, Tiverton; I cannot find him in the 1901 Census records so I presume this is a period when he served with the Devonshires in South Africa? In 1911 he calls himself Harry Kingdom & lives with his parents in Back Lane, Tiverton, working as a Farm Labourer; Medals Card on file for award of the Victory & British War Medals; (Brother of Kingdom, Albert: #3/7024, Private, 2nd Battalion Devonshire Regiment, 1914-1920 WO 372/11/167767, who Died in Flanders during WW1 in1915); (He was the Brother of Kingdom, Frank: #384, Private, Devonshire Regiment, & #1187, Corporal, Military Foot Police, who Died in Service); Needs more research;
Kingdom, H. A: Temporary Captain, #176667, Royal Regiment of Artillery, WW2;

Notes: The London Gazette Issue #37575 dated 21.05.1946, Third Supplement dated 23.05.1946, Page 2448 records that Temporary Captain H A Kingdom of the Royal Artillery was Mentioned in Despatches in recognition of gallant & distinguished services in the Mediterranean Theatre; I believe that this Officer may have lived in East Molesey, Outer London, Surrey following the war; Awarded the 1939-45 War & Star Medals; Insufficient information to identify;

Kingdom, Harold: Sub-Lieutenant (A), Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve; - Died in WW2; Died Aged 20 in an Air Crash during Aviation Training with “HMS Saker” on 18.12.1943 in Baldwin County, Alabama, USA; Harold Kingdom was Buried on 21.12.1943 & Remembered with Honour in Fort Barrancas, Pensecola, Warrington, Florida, USA; His Grave Post Refernce is Section 23, Grave 1999;
macintosh hd:users:peterholden:desktop:harold kingdom sub lt 18.12.1943 usa:pensecola graveyard.jpg
Notes: This is Harold Kingdom who was born on 22.01.1923 in Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales; He was the son of Ernest Clifford Kingdom, born in 1894 in Cardiff, Wales, & who served with the British Army in WW1, & Mary Ann Johnson, born 25.08.1896 in Pontypridd, Wales, who Married in Pontypridd in 1922; At the time of his Death he was living in Pensacola, Escambia County in Florida, USA; His parents lived in Treherbert, Glamorgan, Wales at that time; “HMS Saker” wasa hore based transit accommodation of the Royal Navy which in general became the collective title for personnel serving or training in the United States of America in WW2; His burial cemetery address is Naval Air Station, 80 Hovey Road, Pensacola, FL 32508; Awarded the 1939-45 War & Star Medals; (He was the Son of Kingdom, Ernest C: #8321, Private, Army Cyclist Corps, 1914-1920 WO 372/11, WW1);

Kingdom, Harold F: #16857, Private, Devonshire Regiment, & #245769, Private, Labour Corps, 1914-1920 WO 372/11, WW1;

Notes: This is Harold Frank Kingdom born 1893 in Burrington, Devon, son of Thomas Kingdon, a Farmer b.1861 Meshaw, Devon & Sarah Ann Chapple from Meshaw who Married in 1886 in South Molton, Devon; In the 1901 & 1911 Census Harold F. Kingdom lived with his parents at Leachland Farm, Burrington/Chulmleigh, Devon & prior to enlistment he was a Postman & Farm Labourer; Harold Frank Kingdom enlisted on 11.12.1915 in Barnstaple, but was not mobilised until 31.01.1916, having spent 51 days on the ‘A’Reserve with the 11th (Reserve) Battalion, Devonshire Regiment; He embarked for France on 17.07.1916 & served with the 2nd Battalion of the Devonshire Regiment; He was wounded in the thigh on 27.10.1916 whilst moving from the reserve area to the front line trenches & was returned to England for treatment at the Queen Mary’s Military Hospital in Whalley, Lancashire; Following treatment & recovery he then served in Exeter at the Devonshire Regimental Depot at the end of 1916 before being posted to the 3rd (Reserve) Battalion, Devonshire Regiment in Devonport for 1 month in March/April 1917; This was a Training Unit used to Garrison & protect Plymouth; This soldier also served as #245769 in the 448 Agricultural Company, Labour Corps from 23.04.1917 until his discharge; Private Harold F Kingdom was eventually discharged to the ‘Z’ Reserve on 19.03.1919, Aged 25 years and having served for a total of 3 years & 47 Days, with 118 Days served abroad; He returned to live at Leachland Farm in Burrington, Chulmleigh, Devon, following his Discharge from the Army with a pension; Harold Frank Kingdom Married Annie Cole, born 1892 in Creacombe, Devon, in 1919 in South Molton, Devon; I understand that Harold Frank Kingdom Died on 23.02.1942 in Exeter aged 48, he was living at #73, Buller Road, St Thomas, Exeter at the time; Medals Card for award of the Victory & British War Medals on file;

Kingdom, Harry; #34585, Private, ‘E’ Company, 18th (Reserve) Battalion, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, (2nd London Welsh), 1914-1920 WO 372/11, WW1;

Notes: This soldier served with the 18th Battalion of The Royal Welsh Fusiliers, this was a Reserve Battalion (2nd London Welsh) which was formed at Gray’s Inn in London & moved to Bangor in 1915; It appears that he enlisted on 12.10.1915 but was Discharged under King’s Regulations Para 392 (xvi) for Sickness on 18.05.1916, having never served overseas; This is Harry Kingdon on his Pension Records & his Records Card but there is something very peculiar about his records? On the Discharge Proceedings record it indicates that this soldier had served in the Kitchens as a Cook for most of his service but was being discharged as he was no longer physically fit for war service, although he was declared fit for employment in civilian life; Harry Kingdon gives his future address as #105, Provost Street, Hoxton, London; There are notes in his records which correct his claimed age of 38 years to that of 58 on one page & 54 on another, but I have failed to find any proof of this for any Harry Kingdon on record; In 1916 the medical board assessed his age as bing 54 making him born in 1862; On his Short service enlistment record he claimed to be aged 38 & to be living at #105 Provost Street, Hoxton & that he had served previously with the 19th Middlesex Regiment for 3 years but this Service Battalion was not formed until April 1915; This enlistment was dated 12.10.1915 in Holborn & he gives his Wife as being Constance Sullivan who he claimed to have Married in St Luke’s, Old Street on 10.02.1901 but I cannot find any records for this marriage despite digging through St Luke’s Parish Records; The Army Service record states that he had served for a period of 219 days & was suffering with chronic rheumatism in his legs & hands, caused by a bacterial infection which was aggravated by alcohol & that had originated in Glagow in 1910; I believe that he was allotted the Chelsea Number of #87143; Despite the lack of information I did find a 1911 Census Record for a Harry Kingdon (b.1871, St Giles, Middlesex) & Constance Kingdon (b.1875 in Ireland) working as a Potted Meat Chef; living at #37, Harleyford Road, Vauxhall; There are no other records for either of these people that I can find? Awarded Silver War Badge #151031; Records Card on file; This man needs more research;

Kingdom, Harry: #15894, Private, 9th Reserve Cavalry Regiment, Hussars of the Line & #8354, Private, 2nd Battalion, Royal Irish Regiment, 1914-1920 WO 372/11 – Died in WW1; Private Harry Kingdom #8354, 2nd Battalion, Royal Irish Regiment who died aged 19 on 03 September 1916, Son of W. Kingdom, of Sydling, Dorchester. Remembered with Honour Thiepval Memorial; His panel reference is Pier & Face 3A; (Thiepval Cemetery is generally for soldiers who have no specific grave);
macintosh hd:users:peterholden:desktop:harry (henry george) kingdom #15894 hussars & #8354 royal irish regt:thiepval 05.jpg
Notes: “Harry” Henry George Kingdom was born in 1st Q 1897 in Frampton, Dorset, the son of William Thomas Kingdom b.1865 in Cerne Abbas (baptised 21.01.1866) & Ellen Green from Frampton, who married on 01.01.1894 in Charminster, Dorset; In 1901 the family lived in Sydling St Nicholas, Cerne, Dorset and ‘Harry’ is recorded as Henry Kingdom; In 1911 Census the family lives in the High Street, Sydling, Henry (Harry) is a 14 year old Odd Job Boy for Common Carriers & his Father is a Rabbit Trapper; I believe that “Harry” Kingdom enlisted in 1915 & first served in France on 14.06.1915 until being ‘Killed in Action’ there on 03.09.1916; He is also recorded in the “Ireland’s” Memorial Records 1914-1918 List;; Medals Card on file for award of the 1914-15 Star, the British War & the Victory Medals; (Brother of Francis William Kingdom, #17882, Guardsman, Coldstream Guards, who was wounded in WW1); (Brother of Kingdom, William Edward: Able Seaman, #J78544 & #SS124501, Royal Navy – ADM 188/804/44 & ADM 188/1130/501); (Note also that there is a Henry George Kingdom from Cerne Abbes who enlisted with the Dorset Regiment on 01.10.1887 Aged 18, who is probably an Uncle of our 3 Kingdom brothers? His regimental number is unreadable);
Kingdom, Hector: #S.Z/650, Ordinary Seaman, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, WW1;

Notes: The ADM 171/127 records indicate that a Hector Kingdom was awarded medals for service during WW1; I have failed to identify any Hector Kingdom in the records other than this Ordinary Seaman in the RNVR who had obviously undertaken naval training in his spare time but was not professionally employed at sea? His RNVR number indicates service entry in Sussex (S) & the prefix ‘Z’ indicates that he had joined after the outbreak of WW1 (Z/650); In order to have been eligible for his medal he would have had to have entered a theatre of war or entered service overseas between 05.08.1914 & 11.11.1918; Awarded the British war Medal only; Insufficient information to identify;

Kingdom, Henry: Dorsetshire Regiment, # unreadable in his records; (1887-1893 period);

Notes: Henry George Kingdom baptised 31.05.1868 in Cerne Abbas, near Dorchester, Dorset & who enlisted with the Dorset Regiment on 01.10.1887 Aged 18 years & 4 months, in Dorchester; This is Henry George Kingdom b.1868 in Cerne Abbas, Dorset, the son of John Kingdom, an Agricultural Labourer b.1833 in Halstock, Dorset & Mary Brown from Piddlehinton, Dorset who Married on 16.04.1858 in Piddlehinton, Dorset; In 1871 Henry G Kingdom lived with his Parents in Acreman Street, Cerne Abbas, Dorset; In 1881 Census his Mother had already died & Henry Kingdom lived with his Widower Father at #30, Acreman Street, Cerne Abbas, he was aged 14 & already working as an Agricultural Labourer; At the time of Enlistment Henry Kingdom claimed to have already served time with the 3rd Dorset Regiment; His Attestation Papers also record that he had previously bee rejected as Unfit for military Service due to his being insufficiently developed, however, in 1887 the Army now accepted him; He served in England from 01.10.1887 to 14.02.1889; Malta from 15.02.1889 to 14.07.1889 & Egypt from 15.07.1889 to 23.06.1893; His name as Henry Kingdon b.1869 Dorchester appears on a Chelsea Pensioners List; I believe that he Died on 23.06.1893; The Records have him as being Deceased on 23.06.1893 but I’m not sure if this was a military or a civilian death or even where he died?; I also failed to locate this man in the 1891 Census; (He is probably an Uncle of Francis William Kingdom #16564, Private, 9th Reserve Cavalry Regiment, Hussars of the Line & #17882, Guardsman, Coldstream Guards, 1914-1920 WO 372/11, WW1; & his Brother, Kingdom, Harry: #15894, Private, 9th Reserve Cavalry Regiment, Hussars of the Line & #8354, Private, 2nd Battalion, Royal Irish Regiment, 1914-1920 WO 372/11, who Died in WW1; & his Brother, Kingdom, William Edward: Able Seaman, #J78544 & #SS124501, Royal Navy – ADM 188/804/44 & ADM 188/1130/501);

Kingdom, Henry: Territorial Service, #18035, Private, 319 Prot. Coy, Royal Defence Corps; (Militia, Boer War & WW1);

Notes: Records difficult to read; This is Henry Kingdom born in 1860 -1866 in Chester (I later found a birth record for Henry Kingdom born in 1859 in Great Boughton, Cheshire); I now believe that this is Henry (Harry) Kingdom the son of John Kingdom, a Labourer b.1811 in Bristol & Phoebe Mills b.1820 in Tipton, Staffordshire who Married in Dudley, Staffordshire in 1847; In 1861 Henry Kingdom lived with his parents in St Mary on the Hill, Chester; In 1871 Census ‘Harry’ Kingdom lived with his parents at #178, Handbridge in St Mary, Chester; In 1881 Census Henry Kingdom is a working lodger at #2, Windsor Street in Salford; Henry Kingdom may well have served with the Militia as his name appears on the Service Records List for Militia between 1806 & 1915; This Soldier may have also served as #4498 with the 3rd Battalion The Cheshire Regiment in South Africa during the Boer War; Henry Kingdom enlisted at the age of 49 Years, he was Married & his Service was reckoned from 10.04.1914; Henry Kingdom’s wife’s address was given as Emily Kingdom, #5, Stone Street, Manchester in 1914 but the records for this address have a William Kingdom, b.1860 in Chester, & Emily Susan Kingdom, b.1843 Manchester, living there in 1911, he is a Labourer in a Copper Works; I believe that the name William Kingdom in 1911 records may have well been a mistake by the enumerator; 1911 records also state that they have a son William Kingdom, born 1884 in Manchester, who is a Soldier serving in India; Further searches reveal that Henry & Emily Kingdom lived at #28, Charlotte Street, in Broughton, Near Salford, Lancashire in 1891 alongwith their son William Henry Kingdom born in 1884 so this appears to be the correct family; I did not manage to locate Henry & Emily Kingdom in the 1901 Census; I believe that Henry Kingdom actually transferred from the Territorial Force & served in the Regular Army from 13.11.1917; Henry Kingdom was Medically Categorised as Biii on 29.05.1918; Henry Kingdom was Demobilised for Dispersal on 14.02.1919; Follow up research has a Henry Kingdom Marrying Emily Martin in 1882 in Chorlton, Lancashire; I believe that Henry Kingdom Died in 1928 in South Manchester Aged 68; No Medals Card on file; Awarded the Queen’s South Africa Medal for service with the Cheshire Regiment; This Family needs more research; (Probably the Father of William Henry Kingdom a Lance Corporal serving in India with the 1st Battalion King’s Own Regiment in 1911 Census);

Kingdom, Henry: Unknown Soldier – Deserter in Middlesex in 1838;

Notes: There are UK records for a Henry Kingdom having Deserted from the Army in 1838 in Kensington, Middlesex; Insufficient information to identify;

Kingdom, Henry: Unknown Soldier – Deserter in Middlesex in 1840;

Notes: There are UK records for a Henry Kingdom having Deserted from the Army in 1840 in Chelsea, Middlesex; Insufficient information to identify;

Kingdom, Henry: Unknown Soldier – Deserter in Surrey in 1838;

Notes: There are UK records for a Henry Kingdom having Deserted from the Army in 1838 in Lambeth, Surrey; Insufficient information to identify;

Kingdom, Henry Lockyer: #114720, Chief Petty Officer, Royal Navy; ADM 188/144/220; (1881-1910 period);

Notes: This is Henry Lockyer Kingdom born 24.02.1865 in Morice Town, Devonport, Devon; He is possibly the son of William Kingdom, a Royal Navy Seaman & Pensioner b.1834 in Heavitree, Exeter, & Elizabeth Pengelly/Pengilley, baptised 10.03.1833 in St Thomas The Apostle, Exeter, who Married in Exeter in 1861; In 1871 Census Henry L Kingdom is aged 6 & lives with his Mother (a Naval Pensioner’s wife, Father away from home?) at #1, Keppel Street, Stoke Damerel, Devon; This Sailor’s official naval number indicates enlistment between 01.01.1881 & 31.12.1881; In 1881 Hy Kingdom is serving with the Royal Navy on ‘HMS Impregnable’ the Naval Boy’s Training Ship, as a 16 year old 2nd Class Boy, stationed in Hamoaze, Devonport; I did not find this Sailor in the 1891 Census yet? I cannot be sure but I think that in 1901 Census, Henry Kingdom aged 36 is married to Janet ??, aged 26, from Edinburgh, & living in #29, Victoria Street, Gillingham, Kent, he is a Petty Officer 1st Class in the Royal Navy & they have a daughter Hetty born 1897 in Queensferry, Edinburgh, but the census has his birth place as Plymouth which needs investigation; I also failed to find this family in the 1911 Census; I believe that Henry Lockyer Kingdom Died on 17.12.1957 & was Buried on 20.12.1957 in St James Hospital, Manston, Ripon, Yorkshire Aged 92, at the time he was living in Whitmoor Lane, Castleford; Awarded 1914-15 Star, Victory & the British War Medals; (Son of Kingdom, William: #4570A Royal Navy Pensioner); (Brother of Thomas Sidney Cornish Kingdom #121062 Royal Navy); Needs more research as much missing information; (Probably related to Kingdon, Edwin Peter Pengelley: Royal Navy Volunteer #27890A & Royal Navy #63488);

Kingdom, Henry Norman: #631666, Aircraftman 1st Class, Royal Air Force, 1939-1945 – Died in WW2 – Henry Norman Kingdom #631666, Royal Air Force who died age 18 on 12 September 1940, Son of Mrs. E.M. Kingdom, of Sydling, Dorchester, Dorsetshire. Remembered with Honour in Wyton (St Margaret & All Saints) Churchyard in Huntingdon;

macintosh hd:users:peterholden:desktop:henry norman kingdom #631666 ww2 raf death:wytonsm2.jpg

Notes: This is Henry Norman Kingdom, born 1921 in Sydling, Dorset, the son of Francis William Kingdom, born 1894 in Sydling, an ex WW1 Coldstream Guards soldier & Edith Mabel Norman also from Sydling, who Married on 14.08.1920 in Dorset; The churchyard at Wyton, Huntingdon, contains 24 graves from WW2 & most are buried in a plot set aside for casualties from the nearby airfield at Wyton during the Second World War; Awarded the 1939-45 Star & 1939-45 War Medals; (He was the son of Kingdom, Francis W: #16564, Private, 9th Reserve Cavalry Regiment, Hussars of the Line & #17882, Guardsman, Coldstream Guards, 1914-1920 WO 372/11, WW1);

Kingdom, Herbert: #011013, Private, Army Ordnance Corps & #320705, Private, Norfolk Regiment, 1914-1920 WO 372/11, WW1;

Notes: This soldier first served in France from 01.11.1915; No other information; Medals Card on file for award of the 15 Star, British War & Victory Medals; Insufficient information to enable identification;

Kingdom, Herbert Edward Joe: #B6575 & A9998, Merchant Seaman, Navy, Royal Naval Reserve; BT 377/7/8611 & BT 377/7/28830; Post WW1;

Notes: This is Herbert Edward Joel Kingdom born 03.04.1901 in Plymouth, Devon; he was the son of James Henry Kingdom, a Boatman b.1855 in Plymouth & Elizabeth Ann Pope? b.1861 from Stonehouse who probably Married in 1878 in Stoke Damerel, but this has not yet been proven in my research; (This family had 11 children but 5 of them had died before the 1911 Census & I believe there was an earlier Herbert Joel Kingdom born in 1898 who then died in 1900 aged 1 year); In the 1911 Census Herbert Edward Joel Kingdom is aged 10 & living with his parents at #11, Southside Street, Plymouth, Devon; (He obviously served with the RNR post WW1); I could find no other information; (He is probably the Brother of Kingdom, James: #A5350, #C.5096 & #D4855, Royal Naval Reserve, Merchant Seaman; BT 377/7/37303, WW1); (He is probably the Brother of Kingdom, William (Joel): #143807, Private, Labour Corps, #28246, Private, Oxford & Buckinghamshire Regiment, #21149, Private, Devonshire Regiment, 1914-1920 WO 372/11; WW1);

Kingdom, Herbert W: #37295, Private, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry, 1914-1920 WO 372/11 – Died in WW1; Private H W Kingdom

#37295, 1st/5th Battalion, the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
who died 
on 15th June 1918 during the battles in Cologne, West Germany. Remembered with honour
Cologne Southern Cemetery in Germany, Grave/Memorial reference VIII. D. 8; (The UK Soldiers Died in the Great War records that this soldier had also formerly served as #8/6398, Private, Territorial Reserve Battalion, DCLI);

macintosh hd:users:peterholden:desktop:herbert walter kingdom #37295 dcli:cologne 03.jpg

Notes: Herbert Walter Kingdom b. Thelbridge, Devon in the 2nd Q 1899 Crediton 5b.374; He was the son of Walter Kingdon, an Agricultural Labourer b.1864 Woolfardisworthy, Devon, & Eliza Ann Bristow, who married in 1892 Thelbridge, Devon; (This family were often known by the name Kingdon); They lived in Mill Barn Cottage, Mill Barn Farm, Thelbridge in the 1901 Census; In the 1911 Census Herbert Walter Kingdom is aged 11 & living with his parents at Hope Cottage, Thelbridge, Devon; There are no records indicating when this soldier first enlisted or when he first served in Europe; Medals Card on file for award of the British War & Victory Medals;;

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