Hart County Recreation Department Recreation Advisory Board Minutes June 16, 2008

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Hart County Recreation Department

Recreation Advisory Board Minutes

June 16, 2008
Present: Steve Wehunt, Lenford Smith, Derek Cobb, Anthony Lee, Steven Wilson, and Marshall Sayer

Absent: Steve Wehunt and Steven Wilson

Staff Present: Lawanda Curry
Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 7:06 PM by Chairman Lenford Smith.

Approval of Minutes

There was no meeting in May 2008.

Department Report

A. Lawanda updated Board on current department projects and daily maintenance schedules.

B. Terry Roth, Custom Graphics, presented drafts of park signs for the Rec. Dept. Motion to approve draft Model #9 (see attached) w/ silver fox color background (color #406) with black columns, orange letters, and address cut into the base with silver fox letters was made by Sayer with a second provided by Cobb. Vote carried 4-0. Mr. Roth will draft the changes approved and return draft for final approval by the Board.

C. Lawanda will meet with City rep. to ensure signs meets code ordinance for signs.

D. Lawanda updated Board on the Rec. Dept. Maintenance: 1) field equipment (except gator) has been delivered and 2) staff is currently topdressing all fields, in addition to daily maintenance duties.

E. Lawanda updated Board on Rec. Dept. Program: 1) Spring Softball was completed: Merchants won regular season; Pirates won tournament; 2) Tommy English Tournament was completed: Charlie Hustle, team from Atlanta won of seven (7) teams; 3) Fall Softball will offer two leagues: Church and Open Men’s; and 4) Discussed and agreed on the following Youth Football changes (motion by Sayer, second by Lee, carried 4-0): a. use LL model for scholarships, b. sanitize and sell pant pads for $7.00 or parents have option to purchase their own, c. only Head Coaches’ children will be protected in draft, d. Coaching staffs can have no more than one “non-father” volunteer when there are parents willing to assist, e. no coaches on the field during 10 and under games, f. 8 and under – ball starts on their own 30 (no kick-offs), g. all-star players will purchase own uniforms and h. there will be a 10 yard penalty for defensive misalignment, and h. players must have a doctor’s release to return to play.

F. Board finalized approval of By-Laws changes sent to BOC in January (in which Rec. Adv. Board will receive vacancy applications and recommend appointments to BOC). Motion made by Sayer and second by Cobb. Motion carried 4-0. Board advised Lawanda to set-up interviews with the applicants before Board appoints current vacancy.

G. Lawanda informed Board that budget reviews would begin soon and asked for the Board’s support when Rec. Dept. comes before review.

Board Report

A. Sayer informed Board that HC Little League will be hosting Senior League District and Junior League State tournaments.


The motion to adjourn was made by Cobb; second made by Lee, carried 4-0. The meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM

Minutes by Lawanda Curry, Recreation Director
Cc: Board of Commissioners

Jon Caime, County Administrator

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