He could have died in 1919. Instead, he went on to be chairman of the eats committee for his graduation party. (*)

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Ann B. Davis 2008: A Barker's Dozen

Tossups for Butterflies with the Mullets

by Mark Franklin, Gail Celio, Julie Stahlhut, Billy Celio, and Victoria Groce
FIRST PERIOD – "Stay Home" Bonuses in Effect
1. He could have died in 1919. Instead, he went on to be chairman of the eats committee for his graduation party. (*) While at college, he met and married Ruth Dakin, whose father offered him a job. In World War II, he shot down 15 enemy planes, including two that almost crashed into a Navy transport, winning him the Congressional Medal of Honor. For 10 points--name this character that was saved by his older brother, George, when he fell through the ice while sledding in It's a Wonderful Life.

Answer: Harry Bailey (Prompt on Bailey)

2. This band seems to be marketing well to geeks: four of their songs were included in Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360, the lead singer writes the Dark Horse comic The Umbrella (*) Academy, and the band members have been made into action figures. Former member Matt Pelissier is not included, but each figure comes with either guitar picks or prayer cards designed by band member Gerard Way. For 10 points--name this group who sings "This is How I Disappear" and "Welcome to the Black Parade".

Answer: My Chemical Romance

3. The title character is a victim of his own success, undergoing a major life change that reflected his professional attitude. He has to dodge (*) an unpleasant class reunion, a forced wedding to an ugly Mafia princess, and many hateful clients, but fortunately hired killer Johnny Bugz usually misses him and kills bystanders instead. For 10 points—name this animated series that ran only one season on Spike TV, with Kelsey Grammer voicing the titular lawyer-turned-rodent.

Answer: Gary the Rat

4. In this novel, readers learn about the title character's father, Langston, sister Rosemary (*), best friend Tunis Bonneau, and early life in the Low Country. We learn more about the title character's past relationship with Belle Watling and her son Tazewell. We also get to see through the title character's eyes the first time he sees Katie Scarlett. For 10 points--name this 2007 novel by Donald McCaig, the second authorized companion book to Gone with the Wind.

Answer: Rhett Butler's People

5. In 1986, referring to this man, the mother of a recruit said, "We looked through all the media guides, and we didn't know Coach Davis had a black coach on his staff." (*) That then-Iowa assistant is in fact Jewish. He got his first head coaching job at Southern Indiana, and presently he refers to himself as the second best coach in his office, paying homage to his women's counterpart in Thompson-Boling Arena. For 10 points--name this current men's head basketball coach at Tennessee.

Answer: Bruce Pearl

6. She starred as Cleopatra in a London production when she was 20. Her later roles included fairy queen Titania in A Midsummer Night's Dream, (*) Queen Charlotte in The Madness of King George, the voice of the title character in an animated version of The Snow Queen, and the title role in a 2005 TV production of Elizabeth I. For 10 points—name this distinguished British actress who finally won the Best Actress Academy Award for her 2006 film portrayal of yet another royal title character.

Answer: Dame Helen Mirren

7. In November 2007, while traveling through Kingsport, Tennessee, he and 15 others in his RV (*) were arrested on weapons charges, and for marijuana possession. He is a father figure to Lil Wayne, who produced his 2007 album Five Star Stunna. His singles include "Stuntin' Like my Daddy" and "Pop Bottles". For 10 points--name this rapper and founder of Cash Money Records who may have called on a possible relative, Harvey, the attorney at law, to help with his legal troubles.

Answer: Birdman or Bryan "Baby" Williams

SECOND PERIOD – Jackpot Scoring in Effect (unused points carry from previous tossups)
8. A lawyer previously employed in Tampa, he gained a substantial amount of money through presumably illegal means, but managed to hide the exact value from his ex-wife. He and his second wife were driving to their new Louisiana home when they were (*) run off the road by an RV. Both he and his wife Cherien (shuh-REEN) died in the accident, but his name and bank accounts live on. For 10 points--give the identity assumed by con-artist Wayne Malloy featured in a drama on FX.

Answer: Doug Rich (accept either)

9. The marijuana-themed Stoner version had a print run of only 15,000 and sold out in 2006. The latest version capitalizes on the current zombie trend, and includes a new card type, Creeper, in addition to the usual Action, New Rule, (*) Keeper, and Goal cards. Play starts with the basic rules, "draw one card, play one card", but this quickly changes as players collect Keeper cards to match the current Goal card. For 10 points--name this card game from Looney Labs with continuously variable rules.

Answer: Fluxx

10. On the site of the old Kaiser Steel Mill, it officially opened on June 20, 1997, with Jeff Gordon winning (*) the first Winston/Nextel Cup race there two days later. In 2004 to the dismay of NASCAR traditionalists, it took over Darlington's traditional Labor Day weekend spot. Then, in 2005, it took over Rockingham's traditional date, the week following the Daytona 500. For 10 points--name this race track, which some who live in nearby Los Angeles derisively call "Fontucky".

Answer: California Speedway (Accept "Fontana" before last word. Prompt on "Fontana" after last word.)

11. At age 24, she moved from Chicago to Minneapolis and took a job at an ad agency. Soon she changed jobs and began blogging about her experiences in the sex industry. While mocking customers verbally wasn't good for business, her written (*) memoirs about stripping were published in 2005 as Candy Girl. However, her latest work offers only one awkward teenage sex scene, which provides the story's plot. For 10 points--name this Oscar-nominated artist, the screenwriter for the indie hit movie Juno.

Answer: Diabolo Cody

12. Hailing from Glen Dale, West Virginia, as a teen he earned a regular spot on WWVA's Saturday night program Jamboree USA. (*) He signed as a performer with Arista and released his debut album Who Needs Pictures in 1999, which included the singles "He Didn't Have to Be" and "We Danced" and in 2003, he married actress Kimberly Williams. For 10 points--name this 2007 CMA Male Vocalist of the Year, whose recent hits have included "Alcohol", "Online", and "Ticks".

Answer: Brad Paisley

13. This show has a number of nods to The O.C., as they have the same executive producer. One episode parodies the main character's run home in slow motion to his sister's Halloween party to dress as the sandworm from (*) Dune. Another episode has Lester identifying The O.C. on multiple TV screens during a contest among fellow Buy More and Nerd Herd employees. For 10 points--name this NBC show about a computer geek-turned-repository-for-secret-government-information.

Answer: Chuck

14. A recent commercial for this game featured the track "Teardrop" by Massive Attack (*), which is also the opening theme for House, M.D. In September 2012, a bartender named Desmond Miles is kidnapped and taken to Abstergo Industries where he must use a device called the Animus to recreate the memories of his ancestor, Altair. Altair must kill nine figures in 1191 AD related to the Third Crusade. For 10 points--name this November 2007 release, a third-person stealth game from Ubisoft.

Answer: Assassin's Creed

THIRD PERIOD – No Special Rules
15. During his pitching career, he had a brief stint in the American League with the Kansas City Athletics in 1961 and the Los Angeles Angels in 1962. (*) He spent the rest of his 16 Major League seasons with the same National League team. He began broadcasting in 1966, teaming in 1974 with Marty Brennaman. For 10 points--round third and head home by naming this Reds pitcher/broadcaster who, at age 15 became the youngest Major League player in the modern era.

Answer: Joe Nuxhall

16. Warning: Two answers required: On an episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show, Rob learns that Buddy and Sally cannot have a raise due to poor sales of coloring books featuring this duo. (*) Jeremy Northam and Sean Hayes played the pair in a 2002 TV movie. They first appeared together on film in 1949's My Friend Irma, and appeared many times on the "Colgate Comedy Hour" on TV. For 10 points--name this comedy team, after whom a vanilla milkshake is named in Pulp Fiction, who split up in 1956.

Answer: Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis

17. After winning her high school's "battle of the band" contest, her band got to open for the Ramones. When an intense touring schedule strained her voice, she turned to the guitar and played with the groups By Divine Right and Broken (*) Social Scene. Her 2004 album, Let it Die, features the single "Mushaboom", but her 2007 offering, The Reminder, has received more mainstream attention. For 10 points--name this artist whose sing-song single "1-2-3-4" can be heard on a recent iPod commercial.

Answer: Leslie Feist

18. Born on the Isle of Wight in 1974, he lives on a barge in the River Thames with his wife Shara (*) and their two sons, Jesse and Marmaduke. He once held a dinner party on a table suspended from a hot air balloon, after which he saluted the queen and parachuted to the ground. He wrote The Kid Who Climbed Everest about his adventures on that mountain. For 10 points--name this man, who drank his own urine in the Kimberley and drank fluid from elephant dung in Africa, while hosting Man vs. Wild.

Answer: Edward Michael "Bear" Grylls

19. He lives in Racine, Wisconsin, with his dogs Freedom and Liberty. After earning a journalism degree and working at CBS News, he joined his current employer in 1974, and he was first to break the stories of the (*) NASA-NASCAR merger, the 1.2 megaton anti-cancer missile, and baseball's tough new three-strikes-you're-out rule. For 10 points—name this newsman who sounds suspiciously like writer P.S. Mueller, and anchors the Onion Radio News.

Answer: Doyle Redland

20. Scoring 160 points, he was named Most Outstanding Player of the 1959 NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament (*), though his team lost to California in the championship game. He has many nicknames, including "Zeke from Cabin Creek", though he is actually from Chelyan, West Virginia. For 10 points--name this man, who played his entire 1960-1973 NBA career for the Lakers, and who later became an executive for the team, the NBA logo's dribbling silhouette.

Answer: Jerry West

21. Its director shot it on high definition video, having experimented with it while making television series 100 Centre Street, and its writer, Kelly Masterson, (*) credits his theology background for its overall themes. Andy and Hank Hanson, in desperate need of money, decide to rob their parents' jewelry store, but Bobby shoots Nanette, and Charles, the boys' father played by Albert Finney, suffocates Andy in the hospital after he discovers their involvement. Taking its name from an Irish toast, for 10 points—name this 2007 heist film starring Ethan Hawke and Phillip Seymour Hoffman, directed by Sidney Lumet.

Answer: Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

22. Introduced in Miami in 1997, this niche-market beverage is now sold in 16-ounce cans at Target superstores. Some 7-Elevens sell it in (*) slush form, a cherry flavor was introduced last year, and it's now the official soft drink of the National Professional Paintball League, though still most popular among sleepy online gamers. For 10 points—name this hyper-caffeinated, slyly-named "geek beer" whose Guarana and Guaranexx versions are packaged in distinctive blue or clear glass hobnailed bottles.

Answer: Bawls (also accept SnoBawls, the frozen version)

23. He played QB for the Atlanta Falcons from 1977-81, followed by a year with the Toronto Argonauts. He has served as the offensive coordinator for the Falcons, USFL's Denver Gold, and the Ottawa Roughriders, but he returned to old college stomping grounds in 1999 to replace Fred (*) von Appen as head coach. Since then, his team has had six bowl appearances, the most recent against Georgia. For 10 points--name this coach who is leaving Hawai'i to coach Southern Methodist University.

Answer: June Jones

24. Its many spinoffs have included Dan Quayle, cows, satanic cult violence, and Pez dispensers in the (*) toe-tapping fun. Its original soundtrack hit the top 40 in Australia and their native Canada, and they appeared in an ad for Earthlink, but they honor their roots, as their current home still features an updated version of Roger Miller's "Whistle Stop." For 10 points—name this decade-old Internet phenomenon started by Deirdre LaCarte, in which Dixie, Hado, Fuzzy, and Hampton still can't stop shakin' their fuzzy booties.

Answer: Ham(p)ster Dance (accept clear knowledge equivalents)

Ann B. Davis 2008: A Barker's Dozen

Bonuses for Butterflies with the Mullets

by Mark Franklin, Gail Celio, Julie Stahlhut, Billy Celio and Victoria Groce

1. Name these title characters of Neil Diamond songs, none of whom were based on Caroline Kennedy (that we know of) for 10 points each:

(10) She's a poor man's lady and a store-bought woman, but she makes the singer sing like a guitar hummin'.

Answer: "Cracklin' Rosie"

(10) She shines with her own kind of light, and if she "get to know you," it's likely that she'll own you.

Answer: "Kentucky Woman"

(10) With his eyes as black as coal, everyone listens to him preach in a ragged tent on a hot August night.

Answer: "Brother Love"

2. Given a character from a movie, name the person better known for directing who plays the character, for 10 points each. Note: the people who play the given characters do not also direct the given movies.
(10) Claude Lacombe in Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Answer: Francois Truffaut

(10) Colonel von Scherbach in Stalag 17

Answer: Otto Preminger

(10) Private First Class Conrad Vig in Three Kings

Answer: Spike Jonze

3. The 2007 season was woeful for the Atlanta Falcons, but the 1998-1999 season saw happier times. Answer these questions about it for 10 points each:
(10) The Falcons made the Super Bowl at the end of 1998-99 season, but lost to this team.

Answer: Denver or Broncos

(10) The Falcons leading rusher that season, with a slight variation in spelling, shares his first and last names (both required) with the first draft pick by the Falcons in 2007.

Answer: Jamal Anderson (The draft pick spells his name Jamaal.)

(10) This man coached the Falcons during the 1998-99 season.

Answer: Dan Reeves

4. Like sands through the hourglass, these daytime soaps have slipped off the TV screen. Name them from clues for 10 points each:
(10) Running from 1956 to 1984 on CBS and later ABC, this serial, set in the fictional town of Monticello, focused on crime and court room drama, and counted Larry Hagman among its cast.

Answer: The Edge of Night

(10) In this 1975-1989 ABC show, the patriarch of the title family owned a bar across from a hospital in the Riverside district of New York City.

Answer: Ryan's Hope

(10) Running from 1982-1987, this show held The Bold and the Beautiful's current 1:30-2:00 timeslot on CBS before its cancellation. It focused on fictional politics in Washington D.C.

Answer: Capitol

5. Up up down down left right left right B A. For 10 points each:
(10) This cheat code originated with video games from what company?

Answer: Konami

(10) In the United States, this militaristic game is most closely associated with the Konami Code.

Answer: Contra

(10) The code also worked with this futuristic horizontal scrolling shooter from Konami, featuring the catchphrase, "Shoot the core!"

Answer: Gradius

6. Answer these questions about music made available for download, for 10 points each.

(10) This recent album, Radiohead's seventh, was first released as a download with payment on the honor system.

Answer: In Rainbows
(10) This comic wrote the deliberately naughty, freely-downloadable "FCC Song" with the warning that broadcast airplay would incur a fine of a quarter-million dollars.

Answer: Eric Idle

(10) Due to a disagreement with their record label, this band, fronted by former Clash member Mick Jones, released Entering a New Ride freely on the web in 1997, one of the first virtual albums.

Answer: Big Audio Dynamite

7. Given the titles of several documentary or docudrama films, name the subject that they have in common, for 10 points each.
(10) Hearts and Minds, Return with Honor, Brothers in Arms

Answer: Vietnam War (do not accept "John Kerry")

(10) No Direction Home, Eat the Document, I'm Not There

Answer: Bob Dylan

(10) Microcosmos, The Hellstrom Chronicles

Answer: insects (Note: accept broader answers like "arthropods", etc. that show clear knowledge)

8. Name these MLB figures who won't win the Marvin Miller Man of the Year award any time soon, for 10 points each.
(10) This Phillies closer, notorious for a 2006 domestic-violence incident, was involved in a high-decibel cuss-out with a Philadelphia sportswriter in August 2007.

Answer: Brett Myers

(10) This versatile Washington outfielder has been arrested six times for offenses including drug possession, resisting arrest, spousal abuse, and throwing a Gatorade bottle at his teenaged girlfriend.

Answer: Elijah Dukes

(10) This Twin, whose big brother has battled his own behavior problems, earned a 2006 suspension from a minor-league team after hitting an umpire with a thrown bat.

Answer: Delmon Young (brother of Dmitri Young)

9. Answer these questions about the voices behind those Looney Warner Brothers cartoons for 10 points each:
(10) Beginning in 1937, and for decades after, this man gave voice to Bugs, Daffy, Porky, and many others.

Answer: Mel Blanc

(10) Except on rare occasions, Blanc did not voice this character, which instead, was voiced by Arthur Q. Bryan until his death in 1959.

Answer: Elmer or Fudd

(10) On Mel Blanc's death in 1989, Warner Brothers released a lithograph featuring the characters he voiced gathered around an empty, spot-lighted microphone, with this one word caption.

Answer: Speechless

10. Name these McDonald's restaurant staples you might not find in your hometown, for 10 points each.
(10) In Quebec, McDonalds serves not only run-of-the-mill fries, but this messy local delicacy doused with melted cheese and gravy.

Answer: poutine (poo-TSIEN or poo-TEEN)

(10) Though not all North American outlets carry this seasonal beverage, it's easier to find at McDonalds throughout Ireland.

Answer: Shamrock Shake

(10) In Hong Kong, the beef is replaced with pork, teriyaki is your not-so-secret sauce, and there's no word on whether James Clavell liked it.

Answer: Shogun burger

11. Ramone, dead, both, or neither? One for 5, two for 10, three for 20, four for 30:
(5-ish) Jeffrey Hyman

Answer: both (Joey Ramone, 1951-2001)

(5-ish) Stuart Goddard

Answer: neither (he's Adam Ant.)

(5-ish) Douglas Colvin

Answer: both (Dee Dee Ramone, 1952-2002)

(5-ish) Jerry Nolan

Answer: dead (1946-1992; drummer for New York Dolls)

12. Name the Christopher Guest movie based on role played by Catherine O'Hara for 10 points each. Moderator: Do not give correct answers until the end.
(10) Mickey Crabbe

Answer: A Mighty Wind (Moderator: don't give the correct answer)

(10) Sheila Albertson

Answer: Waiting for Guffman (Moderator: don't give the correct answer)

(10) Marilyn Hack

Answer: For Your Consideration (Moderator: go nuts)

13. Name these golden women figure skaters from clues for 10 points each:
(10) During the controversial 1994 Winter Games in Lillehammer, it was neither Kerrigan nor Harding who won Olympic gold, but this woman, on the strength of her dying swan routine.

Answer: Oksana Baiul

(10) In 2002 in Salt Lake, neither of favorites Kwan, nor Cohen captured Olympic gold. It instead went to this New Yorker with a throwback hairstyle.

Answer: Sarah Hughes

(10) Losing the "Battle of the Carmens", she nevertheless won bronze in Calgary. She is now an orthopedic surgeon.

Answer: Debi Thomas

14. Sugar is the new oil, and Cane may be the new Dallas. Answer these questions about the new CBS drama for 10 points each:
(10) Cane centers on this family, who share their name with their brand of rum.

Answer: Duque (Pronounced DOO-KAY)

(10) Like the Ewings had the Barnes, the Duques feud with this rival sugar-growing family.

Answer: The Samuels

(10) This character, played by Jimmy Smits, is Cane's answer to Dallas's J. R. character.

Answer: Alex or Alejandro or Vega

15. The site "Women in Refrigerators" lists female comic book characters that were maimed, de-powered, or killed to advance the plots of their male counterparts. For 10 point each:
(10) The inspiration for the site, Alex Dewitt was killed by the villain Major Force, who stuffed her body in a fridge for this hero boyfriend to find.

Answer: Kyle Raynor or Green Lantern

(10) While also a good (if gruesome) physics demonstration, Spider-man accidentally caused her death by trying to catch her in freefall with his webbing.

Answer: Gwen Stacy (accept either)

(10) What hasn't happened to this telekinetic? She's been dead at least twice, cloned, possessed by a cosmic entity, and kept in stasis in a pod at the bottom of Jamaica Bay...

Answer: Jean Grey (accept either) or Phoenix or Marvel Girl

16. Identify these award-winning works of George "Fifth Beatle" Martin for 10 points each:
(10) Martin received an Academy Award nomination for the score of this 1964 movie.

Answer: A Hard Day's Night

(10) One of his five Grammys was for Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist for this James Bond movie.

Answer: Live and Let Die

(10) A Grammy win not associated with any of the Fab Four was for the cast album of this Pete Townsend musical.

Answer: The Who's Tommy

17. Answer these questions about a recent entry into the National Film Registry for 10 points each:
(10) This film, based on the novel Mute Witness, was entered due to its influential car chase.

Answer: Bullitt

(10) Within 1, in what year was Bullitt released?

Answer: 1968 (accept 1967-69)

(10) Ford is coming out with a 2008 version of this car model driven by Frank Bullitt in the movie.

Answer: Mustang

18. Name these Division I Men's Soccer champions for 10 points each:
(10) In December 2007, this ACC school won its first championship after defeating first-timers Ohio State 2-1.

Answer: Wake Forest University

(10) This Big 10 school won retiring coach Jerry Yeagley his 6th College Cup in 2003.

Answer: Indiana University

(10) This Big West school won their first national title in 2006 against UCLA.

Answer: University of California - Santa Barbara

19. Name these TV personalities who died in 2007, for 10 points each.

(10) This British actor who played Mr. Humphries in Are You Being Served? died on March 8.

Answer: John Inman
(10) Calvert DeForest, who died on March 19, was better known to late night TV audiences under this name.

Answer: Larry "Bud" Melman (prompt on partial answer)

(10) This game-show regular, who died in September at age 83, used a stage name inspired by a character in The Sun Also Rises.

Answer: Brett Somers (born Audrey Johnston; the fictional character was Brett Ashley.)

20. Name these travel guides and guidebooks for 10 points each.
(10) This Edmonds, Washington-based writer's books and PBS series encourage American travelers to experience Europe as "temporary locals."

Answer: Rick Steves

(10) Founded by a British couple and now a BBC subsidiary, this line of independent-travel guides bears a distinctive dark blue logo with a white circle.

Answer: Lonely Planet

(10) This favorite of backpackers has expanded not only into higher-budget travel, but also publishes reference books on music, health, culture, and technology.

Answer: Rough Guides

21. Answer these questions about '90s rapper MC Breed for 10 points each:
(10) This song from 1993's The New Breed also features Tupac Shakur.

Answer: "Gotta Get Mine"

(10) Breed's single "Ain't No Future in Yo' Frontin'" was sampled by this artist in his song "Wicked".

Answer: Ice Cube or O'Shea Jackson

(10) Breed collaborated with this allegedly height-impaired rapper, whose latest album is 2006's Blow the Whistle.

Answer: Too Short or Todd Shaw

22. For 5 points each, given a movie, name the parent and offspring who starred in it. First names are required for pairs sharing last names.
(5, 5) Paper Moon

Answer Ryan and Tatum O'Neal

(5, 5) Halloween: H2O

Answer: Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis

(5, 5) Sylvia

Answer Blythe Danner and Gwyneth Paltrow

23. So you think you know about So You Think You Dance. Answer these questions about the 2007 edition (3rd season) of the show for 10 points each:
(10) She was voted America's favorite dancer.

Answer: Sabra or Johnson

(10) This little sister of the 2nd season winner came in fourth.

Answer: Lacey (Prompt on Schwimmer)

(10) He choreographed the popular Hummingbird and Flower routine for Jaimie and Hok and the Vagabonds with Newspapers routine for Jesus (HAY-SOOS) and Sarah.

Answer: Wade or Robson

24. Give the sci-fi author from books on a 15-5 basis:
(15) Web of Light, Mists of Avalon

(5) The Darkover series

Answer: Marion Zimmer Bradley
(15) Crystal Singer, Decision at Doona

(5) The Dragonriders of Pern series

Answer: Anne McCaffrey

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