Questions by Mark Franklin, Anthony Bush, and Gail Celio with Dwight Kidder and Charlie Steinhice

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Bayou-a-Drank 2011

Questions by Mark Franklin, Anthony Bush, and Gail Celio with Dwight Kidder and Charlie Steinhice


1. While some of this company’s most famous products were invented by Norman Stingley, Fred Morrison, and either Robert Carrier or Cody Abramson, the driving forces were Richard Knerr and Arthur “Spud” Melin. Its less successful products have included Instant Fish, plastic Great White Shark Teeth, and bomb shelter kits, and this company also confusingly produced boomerangs, crossbows, throwing knives and .22-caliber single-shot target pistol. This company had better luck with the Air Blaster, Huf ‘n’ Puf blowgun, and Roller Racer Sit Skate, and they own such popular names as Magic sand, Super Elastic Bubble Plastic and Silly String. Also the manufacturers of the Super Ball, the Hackey Sack footbag, and the Roller Racer Sit skate, FTP, what is this toy and novelty manufacturer that has had such major successes as the Slip ‘n’ Slide, the Hula Hoop, and the Frisbee?

2. In interviews in November 2011, members of this band expressed an openness to accept as a full-time fifth member Miles Kane, who has frequently joined the band onstage on their traditional finale “505” and was the other half of one band member’s side projects, The Last Shadow Puppets. That band member also wrote all six songs for the soundtrack of the 2010 indie film Submarine. They released a three-song EP of B-sides under the pseudonym The Death Ramps, and “Scummy” was the original title of their song “When the Sun Goes Down”. Singles from their latest album include “Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved the Chair” and “Hellcat Spangled Shalalala,” but they may be better known for songs such as “Crying Lightning,” “My Propeller” and “I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor.” FTP, who is this Sheffield-based band behind the albums Humbug, Suck It and See, and Favourite Worst Nightmare and the single “Fluorescent Adolescent”?

ANSWER: The Arctic Monkeys

3. In “The Fun Girls” episode of “The Andy Griffith Show,” Barney suggests they all go back to Daphne’s house and watch a movie on TV starring this man. This man was banned from entering Britain in 1966 based on his reputation. His reputation was earned due to his association with gangsters, like Owney Madden and Bugsy Siegel, as well as the roles he often played. Joe Mantegna played this man in the 1991 movie Bugsy, while he himself played characters such as “Hood” Stacey, Joe Fabrini and Raoul DeBaere in Each Dawn I Die, They Drive By Night and Bolero, respectively. This actor parodied his suspected mafia connections, playing gangster Spats Colombo in Some Like it Hot, while another earlier role saw him play Guino Rinaldo, who attempts to murder O’Hara, the leader of the North Side gang, at the florist shop that he uses as a base. FTP, who is this tough-guy actor, whose first big break came as the coin-tossing henchman in 1932’s Scarface?

ANSWER: George Raft

4. On April Fool’s Day in 2009, Magglio Ordonez wore this number in right field for the Detroit Tigers, the first time the Tigers had used it since 1974. In August 2011 this number was used in a retirement ceremony in Atlanta, whose other retired numbers include Tom Glavine’s number 47 and Greg Maddux’s number 31, both of whom were managed by that man with this number. In addition to Bobby Cox, two gentleman associated with this number were awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in February 2011 by Barack Obama. From 1942 to 1967 the National Hockey League was composed of this many teams. Retired in Philadelphia for Julius Erving, in Boston for Bill Russell, in St. Louis for Stan Musial, and in Detroit for Al Kaline, this is, FTP, what number now worn in Miami by Lebron James?


5. Parts one and two of this book were originally published as novellas in Analog magazine and earned their author a Nebula award, making its author the first woman to be so honored. Part three contains the discovery that time travel is possible when going between, and is used by the protagonists to bring members of the Weyrs 400 years from the past into the present. The goal is to bolster the numbers of animals and riders who can fight the reappearance of the Red Star's voracious Thread that falls from the skies. FTP, what is this book that tells the story of Lessa and her companion Ramoth, the first in the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey?

ANSWER: Dragonflight

6. An asthmatic as a child and stricken with colon cancer in his late forties, this musician persevered to collect 14 Grammy Awards during his career including a Lifetime Grammy in 1993. His earliest success came as a producer for Jim Reeves at RCA and his clout allowed him to sign and produce his brother-in-law Kenneth Burns, one-half of the country parody duo Homer and Jethro. Despite sharing a jazz sensibility with Willie Nelson, the two clashed over production during Nelson’s days at RCA in Nashville. After giving up the producer’s chair in the mid 1970’s, this musician teamed up with fellow guitarist Les Paul for a pair of all-star albums. FTP who is this self-proclaimed “certified guitar picker” who also won Grammys for collaborations with Merle Travis, Mark Knopfler, and Jerry Reed?

ANSWER: Chet Atkins

7. The first of these restaurants opened on September 19, 1969 and this restaurant has no franchises, as all locations are company-owned. Founder Dan Evins was working in his family’s gas station when he noted that there were few places to eat along the fairly new interstate system, and that the places that did exist were almost always fast food. Menu items include the Sunrise Sampler and Uncle Herschel’s Favorite for breakfast, which is served all day, and chicken and dumplings has been reported as this restaurant’s bestseller. Other items that can be purchased at this restaurant include rock candy, cook books and children’s toys, all of which can be purchased at the “old country store” located at the front of most of these establishments. FTP, what is this restaurant, known for its rocking chair front porch and peg board games?

ANSWER: Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

8. The main character in this movie has to go to the title location from his hometown of Brown Valley, Wisconsin, due to the death of his co-worker, Roger Lemke. One character in the movie, Dean, notes that he is having a perfect moment as he stands drinking in a pool with a trash can lid on his head watching the main character, Tim, make out with Joan. Tim’s boss sends him to the title location for the ASMI convention where he must make a presentation in hopes of winning the Two Diamonds Award. This movie was not filmed in the titular location, instead being shot in another Midwest city, Ann Arbor, Michigan, because of their friendlier tax creits. Featuring Mike O’Malley as Mike Pyle, Rob Corddry as Gary, and Anne Heche as Joan Ostrowski-Fox, this is, FTP, what 2011 movie, in which a naïve insurance salesman, played by Ed Helms, has his world broadened in the title Iowa town?

ANSWER: Cedar Rapids

9. Although his father played baseball at the AAA level, he prefers fencing and soccer, and he claims he only used his tennis racket as a bubble bath frother. On the school front, he recommends never complimenting a teacher on her figure and was once disciplined for getting in a fight with his nephew over the malaprop “coal digger.” A coffee lover with an unexplained fear of butterflies, he once described himself as both an intellectual and a romantic “in one little brown package.” This character idolizes his absentee father, while his step-father is played by an actor who was notably the patriarch of another TV family. Usually seen wearing his burgundy dinner jacket, this is, FTP, what precocious stepson of Jay Pritchett played by Rico Rodriguez on ABC’s Modern Family?

ANSWER: Manny Delgado (accept either underlined part)

10. Along with teammates Miles Simon, Michael Dickerson and Mike Bibby, this player won the national championship at Arizona in 1997. The tenth overall pick in the 1999 NBA draft, this 34 year old guard is going into his contract year, should it ever begin; but, has already made it known that he prefers to stay with his current team until his retirement. That preference is made clear by the seven straight playoff appearances made since leaving the team that drafted him, the Atlanta Hawks, where he failed to make the post-season in five seasons. Clearer still is the vindication of a 2006 NBA Finals loss to the franchise his team defeated in June, justifying his tattoo of the Larry O’Brien trophy he had gotten on his arm prior to the 2010-11 season. The 2009 winner of the NBA sixth man award, FTP, who is this shooting guard for the Dallas Mavericks who put up 27 points in the game six clincher over the Miami Heat in June 2011?

ANSWER: Jason Terry

11. In Oct. 2010, one of this band’s songs was given a shout-out in the comic strip Sally Forth along with pistachio ice cream and John Kennedy Toole’s novel A Confederacy of Dunces. All three original members were sons of American fathers and British mothers met during their respective fathers’ Air Force service. As a duo, they recorded the theme song to the film The Last Unicorn and had one top ten hit with “You Can Do Magic” after the late Dan Peek left to pursue a solo career in contemporary Christian music. Edgier songs such as “Two Roses” and “Sandman” were never released as singles, unlike the lighter “Don’t Cross the River”, “I Need You”, and “Tin Man.” FTP, what is this Seventies soft rock group whose biggest hits included “Sister Golden Hair”, “Ventura Highway”, and “Horse with No Name”?
ANSWER: America

12. This actor had not yet changed the spelling of his last name when he had his first starring role in the 2004 film Oyster Farmer. One of his early U.S. film roles was as the brother of Jonathan Rhys-Myers’ character in August Rush. On the small screen, he spent seven episodes as Kevin Hiatt in season 6 of The Shield and costarred in the short-lived series Moonlight and Three Rivers. In 2010, this actor appeared in a movie where he played a character who meets Zoe, played by Jennifer Lopez, in a taxi and eventually marries and impregnates her. In this actor’s current role, he plays the lieutenant commander of the United States Naval Reserve, whose colleagues include Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua. FTP, who is this Australian actor that starred in The Back-up Plan and that can currently be seen filling the shoes of the late Jack Lord as Detective Steve McGarrett on Hawaii Five-O?

ANSWER: Alex O’Loughlin (or O’Lachlan; pronounced O’Locklin, but accept anything phonetically plausible.)
13. This band agreed to pay royalties to Gang Gang Dance, whose song “House Jam” was not initially credited as a source for this band’s song “Rabbit Heart.” Band members include Tom Monger on harp, drummer Chris Hayden, guitarist Rob Ackroyd, and keyboardist Isabella Summers, whose nickname provides the latter half of the band name. The first half comes from their lead singer, a former member of Ashok who also provided lead vocals in the role of Imelda Marcos for the title track of the David Byrne-Fatboy Slim album Here Lies Love. “Little Donkey”, “Drumming Song”, “No Light, No Light”, and “Hurricane Drunk” are among lesser-known tracks from their first two albums, Lungs and Ceremonial. FTP, what is this British band best known in the U.S. for the single “Dog Days Are Over”?
ANSWER: Florence + the Machine

14. records this running back’s total yardage at 569 with 21 touchdowns and a 3.3 yards per carry average. This does not include totals from his fledgling American Football League career with the New York Yankees, or the 19-game barnstorming tour from his first stint with the Chicago Bears. Those recorded stats were barely better than the one-day total he amassed at the inaugural game played in the University of Illinois’ Memorial Stadium when he was responsible for 402 combined yards over Michigan on October 18, 1924. Not to be confused with a Peter Gabriel song, FTP, who is this legendary running back named as ESPN’s top all-time college football player and inducted in the inaugural class of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1963?

ANSWER: Howard “Red” Grange
15. This word means “secret” in Swahili, while in Old Norse it means “beautiful woman who gives you victory.” This word is male in France and the United Kingdom, but female in most other places including the United States. The person most associated with the company responsible for the product named after this word died the day after it was introduced in its latest form. When asked if it is Skynet, this product has responded that it can’t answer that question. Currently, this product only supports three languages--English, German, and French--and it has limited effectiveness outside of the United States. A little girl inquires of this product what a weasel looks like, and a woman tells it that she is locked out in advertising for this product. FTP, what is this personal assistant available on the IPhone 4S?


16. This artist’s 1992 song “Beauty of a Dream” included contributions from Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, and Phil Lesh, and the song concluded his fourth studio album. October 2011 saw the long form release of this artist’s long-awaited A Map of the Floating City, his first CD release since 1992’s Astronauts and Heretics. That new CD by this musician is the culmination of a web-based social networking game made in collaboration with J.J. Abrams. This musician’s unconventional career track has led him into producing for Joni Mitchell, composing film music for the George Lucas production of Howard the Duck, and creating synthesized polyphonic ringtones for Nokia. However, the best known song by this musician notes that a woman, is “poetry in motion” and features a cameo by Magnus Pyke. FTP, who is this British new wave artist whose primary success in America was the top 5 hit, “She Blinded Me With Science”?

ANSWER: Thomas Dolby or Thomas Robertson

17. This man played a dead body on “Law & Order: SVU,” “N.Y.P.D. Blue,” and “Booker P.I,” and he has also had roles as a tough-guy nephew on Officer Ross Harper on a multiple-episode arc of “Pacific Blue”. This person’s film work includes playing a thug in Head On, and a bookie in Queens Boulevard. His first big break came with the leading role of Tarvold in the late 1990’s series “Viking Quest,” and he later scored a role in the successful drama series “Five Towns”. This actor later tries to leave his contract with “Five Towns” to audition for Melrose Place 2009, a remake of a show he had originally been fired from in 1993. A fan of the New York Mets, this character has a tattoo of the Notre Dame leprachaun on his right leg and follows the rule “floor level or bust” when talking about U2 concerts. In lean times, he makes a living by cooking for his younger brother, Vince. FTP, who is this character played by Kevin Dillon on “Entourage”?

ANSWER: Johnny Drama (accept “Johnny Chase;” prompt for more on “Chase”)

18. The driver of the pace car at the 18th annual Brickyard 400, this University of Washington product drop-kicked a ball into a moving taxi-van during an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman in summer 2011. Despite a shoulder injury suffered in July, she was able to toss out a pitch at a Cubs game and run the Chicago Marathon in August; but not well enough to return to South Florida to play for the now-defunct magicjack franchise of the WPS. She earned a Gold Medal at the Beijing games, shutting out Brazil and vindicating a loss from the prior year’s World Cup, where she was pulled in favor of Brianna Scurry. She again stopped Brazil in the 2011 World Cup on the way to a finals loss to Japan. Seen this season with Maksim Chmerkovsky on Dancing with the Stars, FTP who is this outspoken goalkeeper of the United States women’s national soccer team?

ANSWER: Hope Solo

19. One character in this movie, Jennifer, is supposed to be in an exercise video the next week. At one point the main character uses a pull-tab from a drink can to make a free call from a payphone. At another point, that character in this movie uses a tape recorder to break out of an electronically locked room. The character, David, imagines taking a plane trip with Jennifer, but they actually travel to Goose Island, where they run into a remote control pterodactyl. Planning the trip to France eventually leads to trouble for that main character of this movie when the government becomes suspicious of his travel plans and suspects that he may be a threat to national security. Dabney Coleman appears as Dr. John McKittrick in this movie, which also included Matthew Broderick’s second-ever film role. FTP, what is this 1983 movie, in which David’s attempts to hack into ProtoVision causes NORAD’s computer to start into a launch sequence for nuclear missiles?

ANSWER: WarGames

20. In a song from Guys and Dolls titled “Fugue for Tinhorns”, Nicely-Nicely Johnson adamantly and repeatedly favors a horse with this name over competitors Epitaph and Valentine touted by Rusty Charlie and Benny Southstreet, respectively. For one season of an ABC Dick Clark production, this bandleader and organist led his group as the house band for the 1965 season of Where the Action Is. An origin story of sorts used this title for a 1986 single on Def Jam records that served as the name of a little horsie associated with the mischief caused by Ad-Rock, MCA and Mike D’s meeting. FTP, what is this shared name that also names a Sixties singer backed by the Raiders and a real silversmith whose 18th Century exploits were expounded upon by failed vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin?

ANSWER: Paul Revere

TB. In October 2011, at a casino in Des Plaines, IL, this man was slapped in the head “Biff style” by an older man who mistakenly thought he was cutting in line. While in college at Miami he ranked second nationally in the long jump and in 2004 blocked a late field goal attempt to force overtime in a win vs. Florida State. Now in his sixth NFL season, he’s been fortunate that the other team has only recovered six of his 26 career fumbles. He has a career average 2.7 yards per carry and 13.2 yards per reception with zero rushing TDs and 13 receiving TDs. He also took a missed Giants field goal and ran it back 108 yards, which is tied for the second longest play in league history. His remaining sixteen touchdowns have already broken the league record for combined punt and kickoff return TDs. FTP, who is this versatile three-way player for the Chicago Bears?
ANSWER: Devin Hester


1. One joy of writing trash questions is the chance to give underrated pop culture contributors a brief moment in the sun. FTPE identify the about singer/songwriter/actor Hoyt Axton:

1) Axton’s biggest songwriting success was the 1971 #1 hit “Joy to the World”, recorded by this band who also struck gold with a cover of Axton’s “Never Been to Spain”
ANSWER: Three Dog Night
2) One of Axton’s most prominent film roles was in this 1983 Joe Dante film as Randall Peltzer, the father who bought an exotic pet called a Mogwai in Chinatown and gave it the name Gizmo.
ANSWER: Gremlins
3) The Gremlins cast included Polly Holiday, who starred in a sitcom spun off from the long-running sitcom Alice. Axton wrote and recorded the show’s theme song about the title character’s diner, the Yellow Rose.

2. Name the baller with notable woman issues in 2011, FTPE

1) This forward had a breakout season in 2010-11 for the lowly Nets. In November 2011 he was experiencing a very public breakup season.

ANSWER: Kris Humphries

2) This retired three-point specialist saw his ex-wife included in The Real Housewives of Miami in February 2011. Joe McGinnis brought up a decades-old tryst between this player and Sarah Palin in his book The Rogue.

ANSWER: Glen Rice

3) Out of the NBA since 2007, this former Providence College star and Celtic first round draft pick was featured on the VH1 show Basketball Wives with his wife Jennifer in Spring 2011. By July they had filed for divorce.

ANSWER: Eric Williams

3. FTPE identify these things related to a certain musical name

1) At the 2011 VMA’s Bruno Mars performed a fairly faithful version of this Zutons song that says, “sometimes I go out by myself and I look across the water” and that invites a girl to “come on over and stop making a fool out of me.”

ANSWER: Valerie

10) In a 1982 single this 60’s multi-instrumentalist bent his synclavier into the wistful song, “Valerie” in which he declared himself the same boy he used to be. His song re-charted in 1987 after the success of “Higher Love.”

ANSWER: Steve Winwood

10) This songwriting duo wrote “Valeri” on spec for the Monkees from a suggestion from Don Kirshner to use a girl’s name. They later hit the charts with “I Wonder What She’s Doin’ Tonight?”

ANSWER: Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart
4. Answer these questions about a Ukrainian-American farm girl, turned actress, turned director, FTPE.

1) Vera Farmiga became known to many after playing a counselor in this 2006 best picture winner. Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, and Matt Damon also appeared in this movie.

ANSWER: The Departed

2) Farmiga later starred opposite Peter Sarsgaard in this 2009 thriller that sees an Estonian woman with hypopituitarism pretend to be a little girl.

ANSWER: Orphan

3) Farmiga took a turn at directing a film, starring herself, and her younger sister as her character’s younger self in this 2011 drama about a woman in a close-knit religious group. This movie also stars Donna Murphy and John Hawkes.

ANSWER: Higher Ground
5. Blame Canada, indeed. FTPE name these artists inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame:
1) Although she recently resurfaced with a long-term gig at Caesar’s Palace, this country artist has not released a studio album since 2002’s Up. Her best-known crossover hits include “Honey, I’m Home”, “You’re Still the One” and “Man! I Feel Like a Woman.”
ANSWER: Shania Twain (accept “Eileen Edwards” from Mr. Showoff over there)
2) Ironically, this rock band from Alberta fronted by Mike Reno recorded the U.S. team’s theme song for the 1984 Summer Olympics. Their ‘80s hits included “When It’s Over”, “Hot Girls in Love”, and “Working for the Weekend.”
ANSWER: Loverboy
3) Despite the success of such ‘90’s albums as Phantom Power and Trouble at the Henhouse, this alt-rock band fronted by Gordon Downie only had minor hits in the U.S. with the songs “Courage”, “Poets”, and “New Orleans Is Sinking.”
ANSWER: The Tragically Hip

6. Time for another bonus about an underrated pop culture contributor. Conchata Ferrell was a fine actress before most of you were born, but few people knew who she was until about eight years ago. FTPE:

1) Ferrell finally gained recognition and two Emmy nominations as Berta, the long-suffering housekeeper for the Harper family on this still-extant CBS sitcom.

ANSWER: Two and a Half Men

2) If you recognized Ferrell at all before 2 ½ Men, it was probably as Leona, the motherly owner of this Connecticut restaurant whose employees were played by Annabeth Gish, Lilli Taylor, and Julia Roberts in a namesake 1988 film.

ANSWER: Mystic Pizza

3) Ferrell played Aunt Pam on this 1997 sitcom, a rare flop in ABC’s TGIF comedy stable. The title character, played by Mike Damus, died in the first episode after eating a six-month-old hamburger, and was assigned by God’s cousin Rod to watch after Aunt Pam’s nephew.

ANSWER: Teen Angel

7. Up until the recent handshake deal, many news articles on the NBA lockout have covered the interim plans of top players. But what could have kept the owners busy while we waited? FTPE:
1) Besides his namesake department store and grocery chains, this owner of the Milwaukee Bucks still has a year and change left in his final term as senior U.S. Senator from Wisconsin.
ANSWER: Herbert Kohl
2) This former tax attorney can spend his time managing his other major sports franchise, the Chicago White Sox.
ANSWER: Jerry Reinsdorf
3) Members of this team’s ownership group include Quicken founder Dan Gilbert and R&B star Usher, who grew up in Chattanooga.
ANSWER: Cleveland Cavaliers (accept either underlined answer)

8. VISUAL/TACTILE 1 (Give swatches or attached sheet to the team)

Identify these basic embroidery stitches, FTPE:

1) See “Visual Bonus 1A”

ANSWER: chain stitch or tambour stitch

2) “Visual Bonus 1B”

ANSWER: cross stitch or sampler stitch or Berlin stitch

3) “Visual Bonus 1C”

ANSWER: satin stitch or Damask stitch
9. Harvard Law School has found itself the setting of a few movies. Answer questions about three of them, FTPE:

1) Elle Woods follows her boyfriend to Harvard Law in this 2001 film, the sequel of which takes place in Washington, D.C.

ANSWER: Legally Blonde

2) Student James Hart seeks the approval of stoic Professor Kingsfield at Harvard Law in this 1973 film. This movie stars Timothy Bottoms and Lindsay Wagner and is based on a 1970 novel of the same name.

ANSWER: The Paper Chase

3) In Love Story, this character attends Harvard Law. Played by Ryan O’Neal, this character has a difficult time paying for his wife Jenny’s leukemia treatment.

ANSWER: Oliver Barrett IV
10. TRAVELS WITH CHARLIE: Given Charlie Steinhice’s hobby of collecting counties, it’s only natural that he would try to pin down some pop culture locations. FTPE:

1) Since the subtitle of this country singer’s “Sold” is “The Grundy County Auction Incident”, Charlie can narrow the location down to Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, or Tennessee. This artist also had hits with country versions of two All-4-One songs, “I Swear” and “I Can Love You Like That.”

ANSWER: John Michael Montgomery

2) Nine states could theoretically serve as the location of this whimsical one-act Broadway musical, which won a 2005 Tony for Best Book and helped launch the careers of current ABC sitcom players Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Dan Fogler.

ANSWER: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

3) While there were 18 other possibilities (19 counting a parish), we can confirm Iowa was the setting for this horrible Robert James Waller best-selling romance novel made into a film starring Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep.

ANSWER: The Bridges of Madison County

11. It has been called the best show about an ex-convict. FTPE.

1) Name this show that ran from 1974-1980 about an ex-con turned private detective. This show starred James Garner and each episode began with a recording on an answering machine.

ANSWER: The Rockford Files

2) This amount, plus expenses, was Jim Rockford’s normal daily fee. Counterfeit bills of this amount surfaced in the early 2000s featuring a picture of George W. Bush and phrases such as “WE LIKE BROCCOLI.”

ANSWER: two hundred dollars

3) The theme to The Rockford Files by this noted TV theme composer charted on the Billboard Top 40. This man also composed the themes to NYPD Blue and Law and Order.

ANSWER: Mike Post

12. Identify these first person pronoun songs, FTPE

1) Van Halen scored a chart hit with this ode to a magazine cover girl from the mega selling album 1984. The singer of this song states that he will do the title action “’til your love comes down.”

ANSWER: I’ll Wait

2) A Flock of Seagulls had a hit in 1982 with this song in which the singer is walking “along an avenue” and “never thought [he’d] meet a girl like you.”

ANSWER: “I Ran (So Far Away)”

3) Not your lover, not your friend, Prince added to his Jesus complex with this martyrdom hit from the soundtrack to Purple Rain.

ANSWER: I Would Die 4 U
13. When Hershey’s acquired the North American operations of the Finnish candy company Leaf in 1996, they added some well-known candy items to their already impressive stable. FTPE:

1) This toffee bar originated in Robinson, IL, in 1913, and was sold to Leaf in 1989 after years of infighting among the grandchildren of its namesake founder.

ANSWER: Heath Bar

2) These malted milk candies, originally called Giants, were given their current name in 1949 during the first of two separate stints under Leaf’s ownership.

ANSWER: Whoppers

3) Leaf had bought this Minneapolis-based candy company from Sara Lee in 1988. Their best-known items included the Payday and Zero Bars, as well as a namesake bar with caramel, nougat, and peanuts covered by dark chocolate.

ANSWER: Hollywood Candy Company or Hollywood Brands
14. Identify these comic book titles that feature the work of letterer Todd Klein, FTPE:

1) Klein was originally against the inverted white-text-on-black speech balloons that distinguish Morpheus's dialog in this Neil Gaiman title.

ANSWER: Sandman

2) Klein lettered this parent title by Bill Willingham as well as its spin-off featuring Jack Horner and the Cinderella miniseries.

ANSWER: Fables

3) Another of Klein's current gigs is lettering for this "New 52" rebooted title that follows the crime-fighting adventures of Kate Kane.

ANSWER: Batwoman
15. Answer questions about an early Lucasfilm Games product, FTPE:

1) This was the company's first published video game. A B horror movie parody, you play as Dave Miller who seeks to rescue his girlfriend from the title location.

ANSWER: Maniac Mansion

2) As Dave, you can select two of six characters with special skills to accompany you through Dr. Fred's mansion. Name any one of them.

ANSWER: Bernard, Jeff, Michael, Razor, Syd, or Wendy

3) Name the sequel to Maniac Mansion, in which you try to foil the plans of one of the Mansion's more unusual residents.

ANSWER: Maniac Mansion II: The Day of the Tentacle
16. Name the notable Broadway Stephens, FTPE

1) This legendary composer served as lyricist for West Side Story before writing words and music for Company, Sweeney Todd, and Assassins.

ANSWER: Stephen Sondheim

2) Snapshots is the new work from this composer of Godspell, Pippin, and Wicked. This composed received two Academy Awards for his work on the 1995 film Pocahontas.

ANSWER: Stephen Schwartz

3) In collaboration with Lynn Ahrens, this composer has scored hits on Broadway with Once On This Island and Ragtime, as well as a notable flop with Seussical.

ANSWER: Stephen Flaherty
17. VISUAL 1 (Give attached page with codes to the team)

Answer these questions related to two-dimensional barcodes for 10 points each:

1) Identify the nickname of this version of a High Capacity Color Barcode developed by Microsoft (“Visual Bonus 2A”).

ANSWER: Microsoft Tag

2) Name this type of 2D barcode that has increased in popularity in the U.S. (“Visual Bonus 2B”).

ANSWER: QR code or Quick Response code

3) QR codes were developed by the Denso-Wave subsidiary of what automobile company?

ANSWER: Toyota

18. Hail and farewell, Smokin’ Joe Frazier. FTPE:
1) Frazier is of course best remembered for three epic fights with Muhammad Ali, including the 1971 fight at Madison Square Garden referred to by this name. Rumors circulated after this fight that Frazier had died because of it, prompting Ali to swear he would retire if that were true.

ANSWER: “The Fight of the Century

2) Frazier lost his heavyweight title in Jamaica in 1973 not to Ali, but to this fighter, a gold medalist in the 1968 Summer Olympics. Each of this man’s five sons are named after him.
ANSWER: George Foreman
3) This son of Joe Frazier was a national Golden Gloves champion and a heavyweight title contender, but lost his only title bout to Larry Holmes. He may be better remembered as a first-round knockout victim of future champ Mike Tyson.
ANSWER: Marvis Frazier
19. Identify these things from the film career of Cary Grant, FTPE:

1) Grant’s first big role came in 1933’s She Done Him Wrong opposite this actress. Salvador Dali created a sofa named for this actress in 1938.

ANSWER: Mae West

2) Grant retired at a relatively young age to spend time with his daughter after filming this movie set during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

ANSWER: Walk Don’t Run

3) Grant was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor twice, once for None But the Lonely Heart and again for this 1941 film co-starring Irene Dunne and Beulah Bondi. Dunne’s character begins reminiscing about her past in this movie after listening to the titular song.

ANSWER: Penny Serenade
20. We're not crowd-sourcing for one of the first Gordons on Sesame Street, but name the human character from that show given the actor for 10 points each:

1) Alaina Reed Hall

Answer: Olivia and/or Robinson

2) Sonia Manzano

Answer: Maria and/or Rodriguez

3) Alison Bartlett-O'Reilly

Answer: Gina and/or Jefferson
21. Answer these questions about direct sales businesses, FTPE:

1) Founded in 1980 by Doris Christopher, this company's products are sold by "Independent Consultants" who demonstrate them during in-home Cooking Shows.

ANSWER: Pampered Chef

2) Product lines sold by this Michigan-based company include Artistry cosmetics, eSpring water filters, and Nutrilite health supplements.


3) This company sells primarily botanicals-based skin care products, and though developed in Switzerland, shares is name with a village in southwestern France.

ANSWER: Arbonne
22. Answer these questions about zombies making the news, FTPE:

1) This book by Max Brooks is presented as a collection of first-hand accounts from people during the 10-year battle against zombies.

ANSWER: World War Z

2) Siblings Georgia and Shaun Mason are news bloggers following a presidential hopeful in a post-zombie-rising America in this first novel of the Newsflesh series by Mira Grant.


3) In May of 2011, Ali Kahn posted an emergency preparedness article for a zombie apocalypse on which government agency's blog?

ANSWER: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
23. Identify these sites that you likely visited to write your bonus question referencing that Harry Potter/Inception crossover, FTPE:

1) The largest internet archive of unofficial stories from media properties, this site hosts over 6.6 million stories but currently doesn't permit any that are rated NC-17.


2) This site's name references the title of an essay by Virginia Wolfe, and is a project of the non-profit group Organization for Transformative Works.


3) Re-launched by the creators of YouTube, this social bookmarking site frequently used by fan fiction readers found a lot of its usability disrupted in its September 2011 "beta" version.









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