Malevil Robert Merle

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5/26/13: Malevil - Robert Merle

I just bought this book on ebay.  It is one of my very favorite books.  This is set in France, in a castle, and did I mention it is post-apocalyptic in nature.  Survivors try to figure out how to live in a new society where the old rules don’t always apply. Pure fantasy stuff where you figure out how YOU are going to survive the apocalypse, in a fortified castle, with food, and farm animals, and your best friends.  Oh there are battles, a re-working of sexual mores, and everyone has to learn valuable life skills, horseback riding, using bows and arrows—is this just a sexist boy book?  Anyhow I have read it many times, and now that I own it, can read it again.


Download 2.71 Kb.

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