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SNM Committee on Chapters

January 28, 2012

Hilton Orlando – Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL

Members in Attendance:

Pam Alderman, CNMT; Ann Marie Alessi, BS, CNMT, NCT, RT(N); Norman Bolus, MPH, CNMT; Nanci Burchell, MBA, CNMT, FSNMTS; David Campbell, CNMT; Fred Fahey, DSc.; Erin Grady, MD; Bennett Greenspan, MD; Elizabeth Hackett, RT(N), PET, RT(CT); Deborah Havens, CNMT, RT(R)(N), BA; Merle Hedland; Gen Hedland-Hill; Jay Hiller, MD; Brenda King, CNMT, FSNMTS; Alan Klitzke, MD; Nancy McDonald, CNMT; Robert McDonald, MD; Nancy McDonald-Deloatch, CNMT; Charles Metzger; Renee Moadel, MD; Frances Neagley, CNMT, FSNMTS; Michele Panichi-Egberts, CNMT; Frank Patrick, CNMT

Lisa Riehle, CNMT; Rebecca Sajdak, CNMT, FSNMTS; George Segall, MD; Marc Sletzer, MD; David Shelton, MD; Anthony Sicignano, BS, CNMT, RT(N); James Timpe, MS, RT (N)(MR); Jean-Luc Urbain, MD; Mark Wallenmeyer, MBA, CNMT, RT(N), FSNMTS; Martha Wilson, CNMT; Ellie Zimmer, CNMT, RT(N)

Staff in Attendance:

Virginia Pappas; Christine Cachuela; Matthew Dickens; Saima Hedrick; Rebecca Maxey; Jenny Mills; Joanna Spahr; Nikki Wenzel-Lamb

  1. Call to Order

Norman Bolus, MPH, CNMT, Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology Editor, called the meeting to order at 12:09pm. Mr. Bolus informed the committee that Michael Middleton, MD, Committee on Chapters chair, was unable to be at the Mid-Winter Meeting and requested that he serve as chair in his absence.

  1. Welcome and Introductions

All Committee on Chapters members were asked to introduce themselves and indicate which chapter they were from.

    1. Approval of Agenda

A motion was made to approve the agenda removing the grassroots outreach agenda item.
It was moved, seconded and voted to approve the agenda removing the grassroots outreach agenda item.

    1. Approval of Meeting Minutes

A motion was made to approve the June 3, 2011 minutes.
It was moved, seconded and voted to approve the June 3, 2011 Committee on Chapters minutes.

  1. Chapter Issues

Each chapter was asked to identify the most pressing challenges or successes within their chapters:

    1. Eastern Great Lakes – It was reported that the EGL will be hosting a joint meeting with Canadian Association of Nuclear Medicine. In addition, the chapter would like to mandate that SNM leadership attend all chapter meetings. It was explained that the chapter must invite the leadership to attend; and, in most cases, when invited, the leadership (or a designee) attend the meeting.

    2. Greater New York – Attendance at the physician meetings have been declining. Most hospitals and institutions can no longer afford to send their employees to CME events. The technologist meeting will be held the beginning of March in Atlantic City. Again this year, there will be a student track, free to all SNMTS free-trial students.

    3. Southwest – The fall meeting was held in Dallas and had a high attendance rate. In addition, the SNMTS will be hosting a roadshow in Tyler, TX in February. The chapter is focusing on keeping attendance up and membership recruitment and retention.

    1. Southeastern – The chapter’s annual meeting in Clearwater this past September was a huge success and they are looking forward to another successful annual meeting this year in Savannah, GA, September 20-23, 2012. In addition, overall, the chapter has been discussing concerns surrounding resident physician programs and jobs for technologists.

    1. Northern California – The Northern California meeting will be held on February 5th. In addition, Northern California will also be participating in the Western Regional meeting in the fall. It was noted that the chapter feels that it is very important to represent the SNM at the regional meetings through discounted registration to SNM members, requesting that leadership attend and speak, and requesting that staff have a booth, or send information to be distributed to attendees. Any requests may be made to Joanna Spahr, Director of Marketing at or to Nikki Wenzel-Lamb, Director of Leadership at

    2. New England – The NE chapter held a joint meeting, the Northeast Regional Meeting, last year and it was successful. The technologists meeting will be held April 13-15 in Plymouth, MA.

    3. Central – The chapter held a joint meeting with the Missouri Valley chapter last year which was quite successful. In addition, chapter members identified a need to get new individuals involved in leadership roles within the chapter and national offices. Several central chapter members attend the SNMTS leadership academy this year and several more will be applying next year.

    4. Missouri Valley - The MVC Chapter had a successful meeting this fall in Lake of the Ozarks.  The technologist section rose over $750 between the silent auction and the trivia night for the student scholarships.  The MVC website is a very useful tool that is user friendly and is an excellent resource tool for the technologist population. The Eastern Iowa Subchapter continues to thrive and the annual spring symposium is set for March 31, 2012.  This meeting is always very highly attended, and has always been a useful tool as far as earning continuing education hours in this area.

  1. SNM Leadership Update

George Segall, MD, SNM President reported that 2012 Mid-Winter Meeting is the highest attended Mid-Winter Meeting in SNM history. Pre-registration for the 2012 Mid-Winter Meeting, closed with 312 registrants compared to a budget of 244, which on-site registration coming in at 137 compared to a budget of 91. Total registration for the 2012 Mid-Winter Meeting was 449 attendees.
In addition, in 2012, the SNM formally welcomed Dominique Delbeke, MD, PhD, as the new editor of the JNM; Dr. Delbeke’s first issue is January 2012. Subsequently, the December 2011 issue was the last issue with Henerich Schelbert, MD. As editor, Dr. Schelbert has graciously served for over 7 years, and has made significant changes to the journal during that time. Most notable, he has been instrumental in ensuring a strong impact factor of 7.022 almost a full point higher than any other journal in this category, including prominent radiology journals such as Radiology, Circulation-Cardiovascular Imaging and Investigational Radiology as well as all nuclear medicine journals, including the European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. This represents a 10 percent increase from JNM’s impact factor from a year ago.
SNM achieved a large surplus in FY2011. At the end of FY2011, SNM, Inc. achieved an operating surplus of $1,358,686 compared to budget of $279,021. Revenue exceeded budget by approximately $597,000, due largely to better than expected results from dues, advertising, meeting registration and sponsorship. Expenses were less than budget by approximately $274,000. For FY2012, the SNM has once again budgeted an operating surplus of $190,795; early projections from the Mid-Winter Meeting and other revenue sources are faring positive and the management team is working tirelessly to ensure another banner year.
Lastly, Dr. Segall reported on the status of the ACGME “minor” revision to the Program Requirements for Graduate Medical Education in Diagnostic Radiology. The SNM sent a letter to the ACGME requesting that the change be put forth through the formal review process. The ACGME sent several notices, the last one indicating that the ACGME Committee on Requirements (CoR) met by conference call in mid-January and reviewed concerns raised regarding the minor revision to the diagnostic radiology requirements.  The CoR has made a recommendation for the full ACGME Board’s consideration.  The ACGME Board will make a final decision as to how it will proceed in addressing all of the concerns raised.  That decision will be communicated to all parties after the ACGME Board meets in early February.

  1. Follow-up and Next Steps

    1. Leadership at Chapter Meetings – Chapters who wish to have SNM (or SNMTS) leadership at their chapter meetings should contact the national office and request their attendance. SNM staff will work with the leadership to determine availability.

    2. VOICE Approval Process – SNM staff will review the VOICE approval process. Chapters were reminded that applications cannot be processed until they have been finalized. Final applications will include all the various components necessary and payment will have been received by the SNM office. Pam Colman, SNM Director of Education, also explained that sometimes reviewers take more time than allotted to review the applications, thus further delaying the process.

  1. Membership Update

Joanna Spahr, Director of Marketing, reported that a new member-get-a-member campaign will begin soon. The focus of the campaign will be on the scientific laboratory professional (associate) category. In addition, Mrs. Spahr reported that the 2012 renewal cycle began in August 2011, and is tracking slightly ahead of this time last year; 3,529 compared to 3,465 in 2011. The budget target for full members for FY2012 is 3,955 members; and we are currently at 3,529, which includes 111 new members. SNM has budgeted to obtain 246 new members in FY2012; to-date 45% have joined (or 111 new members). In addition, international membership is tracking in-line with FY2011; 895 international member’s to-date, compared to 903 international members the same time last year. Other membership categories are also tracking similar to last year. Associate members are at 185 compared to 220 this time last year. Affiliate members are at 84 compared to 99 this time last year and Scientific Laboratory Professionals are at 10 compared to 4 last year.

  1. Chapter Roadshows

Ann Marie Alessi, BS, CNMT, NCT, RT(N), SNMTS President reported that the first SNMTS Chapter Roadshow - Imaging Effectively Through Uncertainty. This is an important initiative for the SNMTS for several reasons; (1) it provides us with a vehicle to communicate to some of the members who are not able to attend the national meetings, (2) it provides our members with crucial education regarding radiation safety, and (3) it allows us to show the importance of SNMTS as it relates to the profession. The first SNMTS Chapter Roadshow, was held, November 19, in Albany, NY. With over 23 registrants, the roadshow was a huge success! The Albany attendees were very excited to welcome the SNMTS and many have volunteered to become involved in future SNMTS activities. Overall feedback from the meeting indicated that 100% of attendees would recommend the roadshow to a colleague, and that the speakers were dynamic and very interesting. The next roadshow will be held February 25, 2012 – Tyler, Texas -- The University of Texas, Health Science Center – Tyler, followed by March 17, 2012 – Des Moines, Iowa - Mercy Medical Center. Registration for both roadshows is now available online.

  1. Adjournment

The Committee on Chapters meeting adjourned at 1:11pm.

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