2010 Katz Roadshow nominee discussion Guide

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2010 Katz Roadshow NOMINEE Discussion Guide


The Katz Roadshow is a unique hands-on education seminar for contractors, sponsored by building material and tool suppliers. Contractors consistently rave about these shows, and express gratitude toward the dealer hosts. The shows are either “Rough” or “Finish” carpentry clinics, with the following outlines:

Finish Carpentry Clinic

Rough Carpentry Clinic

  • Trouble-free exterior/interior trim

  • Replacement windows and architectural trim

  • Craftsman style wainscoting and paneling

  • Conquering crown molding

  • Waterproof windows and doors

  • Working with engineered lumber

  • Building better decks

  • Radius exterior trim

Note: specific topics may change for 2010. Visit www.katzroadshow.com for more details

What does it mean to be ‘nominated’?

Sponsors are allowed to nominate dealers to host shows in 2010. By fall 2009, a list of finalists will be selected. If a dealer is chosen as a finalist, they will be contacted again by Katz Roadshow personnel to confirm their interest and commitment to host for 2010.

If one of your top dealer choices is unfamiliar with the Katz Roadshow, it is your responsibility to provide them with a brief introduction, point them in the direction of the Introduction video (http://www.katzroadshow.com/Introduction.html) and show them the value of the Katz Roadshow. That way, by the time Katz Roadshow personnel speak with the dealer, they are already familiar and enthusiastic. Any dealer nominees that are not familiar with and enthusiastic when contacted by Katz Roadshow personnel will be skipped in favor of other nominees.

The nomination process ends at the beginning of September. This means you still have time to nominate enthusiastic lumberyards. Take the time to speak with your TOP CHOICE potential host dealers before you nominate them.

Reasons to be excited about Katz Roadshows

Two documents can be found on the Katz Roadshow Collateral page (http://www.katzroadshow.com/support_literature.html), which cover Ten Reasons to Host a KR and Ten Reasons to Attend a KR – familiarize yourself with these documents before you speak with a dealer nominee and/or send the nominee these documents to explain the Roadshow’s value!

When might a dealer host a show?

The schedule for the year is not yet finalized. However, the tentative schedule is as follows:

Tentative 2010 Katz Road Show Schedule

January: Las Vegas (conjunction with IBS???)

February: South (Rough Carpentry)

February: Southeast (Finish Carpentry)

March: Mid Atlantic (Rough or Finish)

March: JLC Live New England: Providence

April: Northeast (Rough & Finish)

May: Mid Atlantic (Rough or Finish)

June: Pacific Northwest (Finish)

June: Mountain States (Rough)

September: Remodeling Show Indianapolis

September: Midwest (Rough & Finish)

October: California (Rough) Shows

What is involved with hosting a show?

  • Accept the Roadshow date assigned – schedules are difficult to change

  • Work with ALL of the Katz Roadshow sponsors in executing the show

  • Promote the show to PROSPECTS/CUSTOMERS – commit to delivering 125+ attendees

  • Provide a SPACE to host the show

  • Provide a FULL, HOT BREAKFAST and a BOX LUNCH to ATTENDEES – including sponsors

  • Agree to host a PRE-SHOW meeting 3 – 6 weeks prior to their event – ALL DEALER SALES/MARKETING EMPLOYEES MUST ATTEND

For budgeting purposes, hosts typically experience $3,000 to $7,000 in costs to host a show.
(For further information, see: http://www.katzroadshow.com/HostGuidelines_09.htm )

What do potential dealers need to do now?

Consider their interest in hosting a show. If selected as a finalist, the dealer’s interest and passion to host an event will be critical in determining if they are chosen to be a host.

2010 Katz Roadshow FINALIST Discussion Guide

Your (Sponsor) actions right now

When you learn that one of your dealers has been selected as a “finalist”, you should contact those dealers immediately to reinforce their enthusiasm. The remainder of this document provides details you can use during such conversations.

What does it mean to be a ‘finalist’?

Dealers chosen as finalists will be interviewed (via phone) by Katz Roadshow personnel. The dealers that express the most commitment and enthusiasm toward hosting a show during these interviews AND, verify their commitment early, will be chosen to host the shows.

What will happen during the phone calls?

Phone calls will be made by Katz Roadshow personnel themselves. Here are their call objectives:

  1. Introduce ourselves: We are the managers behind the scenes for the Katz Roadshow. Let them know that we will be the person that their company will be working with to set-up their show IF they ultimately are awarded a Katz Roadshow.

  2. Let them know they have been nominated and chosen as a finalist by a Katz Roadshow Sponsor. We will tell them the name of the sponsor. Of course they should already know this but this is a good sign to see if the sponsors did their work and PREPPED the nominee or if this was a blind nomination.

  3. Let them know of a possible time frame that their show could occur. Over the next few weeks, final dates will be chosen.

  4. Let them know what is required of them to host a Katz Roadshow (see below, and this is the most important thing to cover with them).

  5. Get an email address to send them all of this info in writing, as well as the link to host yard guidelines.

  6. Set-up a rough call-back time to determine if we’ve accepted them as a KR location host. If you don’t have interest in hosting a KR, “please let us know now so we may save ourselves a lot of work and move on to the next nominee”.

Requirements to be selected as a host (link to website)

See “What is Involved with Hosting a Show” for detailed list of requirements.

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