Saturday, March 12, 2016 Tickets On Sale Now!!!

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Saturday, March 12, 2016
Tickets On Sale Now!!!

Don't Miss Out -- Tickets to This Event Must Be Purchased in Advance.

Reserve Your Spot ONLINE NOW at:

Join Us at the Mashantucket Pequot Museum -- at Foxwoods Casino & Resort -- in 2016!

See other side for a preliminary list of auction items.

Call2Adventure! 2016 Live Auction list as well as select "Big Ten" Silent Auction items:

Live Auction
L-01 Ruger M77 Hawkeye Bolt Action “Alaskan” Rifle in .375 Ruger Caliber


L-03 Ohio Archery Whitetail Deer Hunt

L-04 Maine Fall Black Bear Hunt

L-05 Private Catered Game Dinner for 12 Persons

L-06 Ontario Wolf Hunt

L-07 Texas Trophy Axis Deer Hunt

L-08 Namibia Gemsbok Hunt for 2 Hunters & 2 Observers

L-09 South Africa Limpopo Province Plains Game Safari for 4 Hunters

L-10 South Dakota Trophy Whitetail or Mule Deer Rifle Hunt

L-11 Alaska Brown Bear Hunt

L-12 South Africa 'Spiral Horn Slam' for 2 Hunters & 2 Observers

L-13 SAAM Precision & Safari Hunt Combo Course for 2 Hunters

L-14 Norway Mixed Bag Hunt – Moose, Red Deer and Roe Deer

L-15 Argentina Big Game Combo for 2 Hunters

L-16 Idaho Wilderness Horseback Deer Hunt

L-17 British Columbia “Hunter's Choice”

L-18 Texas Predator Hunt for 2 Hunters

L-19 Upstate New York Fallow Deer Hunt for 2 Hunters

L-20 Namibia Plains Game Safari for 2 Hunters

L-21 Schmidt & Bender 1.5-8x42 Stratos Rifle Scope

L-22 South Africa Photo Safari

L-23 Gift Certificate Towards a Bespoke Shooting Suit


L-25 Texas Rio Grande Turkey Hunt

L-26 Idaho Wilderness Fishing Trip

L-27 Maine Snowshoe Hare Hunt for 2 Hunters

L-28 Ruger Mini-14 Target Rifle

L-29 Dallas Safari Club Life Sponsor Membership

L-30 Maine Winter Bear Denning Experience

Big Ten” Silent Auction
BTS-01: Belize Fishing & Diving Trip for 2 Persons

BTS-02: Monterey Golfing Experience with Airfare for 2 Persons

BTS-03: Serbian Roe Deer Hunt for 2 Hunters (or 1 Hunter & 1 Observer)

BTS-04: Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Trip for 2 Persons

BTS-05: Kyrgyzstan Mid-Asian Ibex Hunt

BTS-06: Norway Combo – Roe Deer, Red Deer & Atlantic Salmon

BTS-07: Mexican Jungle Ocellated Turkey Hunt for 1 Hunter & 1 Observer

BTS-08: Napa Valley Backroads & Railways with Airfare for 2 Persons

BTS-09: Belize Jungle Adventure for 4 Persons

BTS-10: Burkina Faso Savannah Buffalo & Western Roan Hunt

In addition to the above, we will also have MANY other exciting trips & items available the day of the event in our main Silent Auction, General and High Roller Bucket Drawings, and Special Limited Ticket Drawings. But you'll have to attend Call2Adventure! 2016 yourself to find out about those...
(Note: Final items and/or individual item descriptions may be subject to change prior to date of event.)

Download 235.36 Kb.

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